Customer Reviews: Flip Individual: 1 One-Size Snap Closure Diaper Cover & 1 One-Size Stay-Dry Insert - Moonbeam
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on December 23, 2010
I bought a bunch of BumGenius 4.0 which I LOVE. I am using them on 2 1/2 yo twin girls. Prior to this my cloth diapering experience was pinned prefolds and one cover or another. BGs seemed so EASY... and they are, but I wish they held more pee.

I wanted to try a few of these as I was intrigued by the idea of a one size cover so I could still do prefolds (which hold more pee than a BG). But I tried some of the Flips inserts, too. I tried the stay dry and the organic as well as some of the econobum prefolds which, while not sold to be used with this cover, work just fine. The Flips covers is just a bit higher quality than the econobum cover IMO.

The organic inserts hold the most pee, followed by the econombum. I don't feel like the stay dry holds as much pee as a BG 4.0 even though it is supposed to be about the same. None of the 3 holds as much as a premium prefold, but the econobum and organic will get you through a generous 2 hours, while the stay dry gets dicey as you near that mark. (Bear in mind this is with 2 1/2 yo kids - obviously younger kids will pee less) In all it's a pretty easy, compact (as far as travelling) way to diaper.

The cover itself is nice and stretchy - a little bigger I'd say then the BG, as with a BG I use the biggest setting on one girl and the second biggest on the other, whereas with these I do second and third biggest. It doesn't covered a pinned premium prefold as nicely as I'd like, but it DOES cover it (and my husband says it's because I pin funny :-P ) I think it would work even better with a smaller baby in an infant sized prefold.

I am happy to have 2 of these, with a variety of inserts - not sure I will buy any more.

I am updating this to say I now LOVE these as covers, but not crazy about the flips system. I have found I don't really like the bumgenius on my young (7 months and small for his age) baby - too bulky and completed to fold them small. A prefold and nylon pull-on pants has always had top billing for me for absorbant + super trim. But pull on pants can be annoying to pull down. The flips covers are super trim as a cover - velcro wraps are stiff and bulky - and are working very well over a pinned infant prefold on the smallest setting. They will also fit through a range of sizes. I have got a few more flips, and 2 econobums which are ALMOST as nice but not quite, and I love both covers with prefolds. As far as the systems go, organic if you really want to hold pee, but the stay dry insert makes an awesome doubler, in a prefold, for an older baby. LOVE these covers.
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on March 10, 2011
Flip Diaper covers and inserts are made by the same company that makes Bum Genius and Econobum. The flip cover is essentially a bumgenius 4.0 without a pocket. The econobum cover is also the same size, but has had some features removed (snaps are horizontal instead of vertical, no flap to keep the insert in place). I had an unsuccessful attempt at cloth diapering with Bumgenius 3.0, and was hesitant to try the flip, but I am glad I did. I have now been using the flip diaper and stay dry inserts for the last week with my 5 mo old, and I am quite satisfied.

- The stay dry insert feels only slightly damp against my babies skin, even when it is soaked. I have not noticed any skin irritation. I think it does a better job of "wicking" moisture away than a pocket diaper because all the layers are part of one unit, and definitely feels dryer than a typical prefold.

- No Leaks. I have had many leaks with pocket diapers, as the inner layer seemed to conduct the stool towards the edge of the diaper. With the flip, if my baby has a massive BM or wets a lot, there will be leakage around the insert onto the cover, but because of the gap between the insert and cover, it never reaches the border of the cover around his legs or back.

- No red marks. I have not found that I need to tighten the diaper so much that it leaves marks. The elastic around the legs and back is very stretchy.

- Not Bulky - for a cloth diaper, this is one of the less bulky ways to go - the inserts are relatively thin compared to a prefold. Once on, it is similar in appearance to a pocket diaper such as Fuzzibunz or Bumgenius.

- More Affordable than AIO or Pocket - Although it may not be completely obvious, you can save quite a bit of money by getting the Flip vs. the Bumgenius, even though they are close to the same thing. The reason why is that you can usually use the Flip Cover through at least 2-3 changes. The stay dry inserts are $5 per insert. The cover is $11 if you purchase it with an insert. That means that for about $26, you can buy enough for 3 changes. Bumgenius pocket One size cost $18 each, which means it would cost %54 for 3 diapers (about twice as much). This system is more expensive than prefolds and covers, as you do need quite a few covers, and the inserts are not as cheap as prefolds...but I think the quality and convenience are comparable to the more expensive pocket diaper systems - Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius.

- No stuffing diapers. I found it annoying to have to ready my diapers in advance. With flip, there is no need, just lay the insert on the cover, and flip down the top to adjust the size.


- For my heavy-wetting baby, I change the inserts every 2-3 hours. I don't see how even 2 of these inserts could get him through the night. I am still using a disposable diaper overnight. It is just not worth it for me to change him every few hours and wake him up. I am not sure any other pocket system would be much better.


- I find the flip covers are slightly nicer than the econobum, but the inserts are much nicer. I bought some econobum covers to work with the flip inserts, and it seems to be fine.
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on July 10, 2011
Since I couldn't make up my mind what brand or style (all-in-one, pocket and diaper cover) to order and got a big variety. I got two covers - Flip and Thirsties. While both do an exellent job I tend to grab the Flip cover first. I like that it has pockets in the front and back that are big enough for the insert to be tugged under. Thirsties have only one in the front which is rather small. Also the missing back one makes putting the insert in a bit more complicated, however I never had a problem with the insert sticking out in the back. I prefer the vertical orientation of the snaps on the Flip covers over the horizontal one on the Thirsties. Since you have a wider closure area the cover stays on better and closes better around the legs. I like that you don't have to wash the cover after every use. Even compared to all-in-ones and pocket diapers Flips are my favourite choice of cloth diapering for the day, however at night I use an AIO with an extra insert since both Thirsties and Flips will not hold up to more than 6 hours of use even with two inserts together (haven't tried 3). And just a little suggestion to make things even easier - I bought some flushable super thin liners that I put on top of the insert and can be removed with #2s so no messy clean-up.
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on May 17, 2012
I absolutely love these covers and they've worked great, but don't use my inserts anymore. I instead use prefolds that I close with a Snappi(these are awesome!). I find I hardly ever get leaks this way. The inserts just lay in there and unless you can get a really snug fit on the cover and your baby isn't doing runny poops anymore, you'll probably be ok, but when mine was a newborn, the poop just got all over the cover. Sure, you can wipe the inside of the cover off, but if you get any on the fabric side (which is on the outside and lines the leg openings), it will make a mess and you'll want to go ahead and wash it. Anytime my baby gets poop on the cover, I just go ahead and wash it instead of wipe it down so it's always clean. I prefer the Butternut color because it most easily hides newborn poop stains. I had gone with some gender neutral light colors at first, but they look pretty stained and gross now. The butternut always looks new for me. I have 5 covers and don't use my inserts except for backups in my diaper bag or emergencies. The inserts also don't clean as well as cotton prefolds. From now on I'm only ordering the covers separately. has them at a great price.
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on December 22, 2011
The Flip Diaper System combines the best qualities of all in one diapers and separates. Having used prefolds, fitted and AIO's in the past, I wanted a system that would be convenient to put on a squirming toddler, fit my infant without too much bulk and dry completely in one cycle. Astonishingly, Flip diapers met all of these criteria.
The "one size fits all" claim is accurate. I used them simultaneously on my one month old infant and on my 2 year old toddler. They did not leak with the infant and did not leave red marks on the toddler. Even though I had two in diapers, we only had to keep up with one set of diapers - brilliant for two exhausted parents.
The system is simple: You simply lay the insert within the shell. No uncomfortable snaps or stuffing. Even when wet, the insert barely changes shape. When I ran short of inserts I was able to use a prefold with the shell. Overall, the diaper has a low profile allowing your child to move easily without bulk between their legs.
As to quality, having used and laundered these regularly for 9 months, they have not stained, faded, lost snaps or frayed. I could not be more impressed.
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on March 5, 2012
My son is over 2 years old, and our flip covers are the only ones holding strong. My only drawback when he was younger and had liquidy diapers was that it doesn't have a double gusset at the leg. However the other brand we purchased that had gussets are falling apart and ripping at the snaps.

I also like that it is not lined with anything on top of the PUL because I can reuse the cover if he only has a pee diaper. I used the cover with cotton prefolds to save money. Then I used the stay dry inserts when he was around 6mo-1 1/2 yr old. Now I'm back to the larger size cotton prefolds, since he is older and completely soaks through the flip inserts. These covers have lasts all 2+ years with hardly any signs of wear.

The most economical option is the buy 15 covers, 3 dozen small prefolds, and 2 dozen large prefolds for later. I also ended up with some stay dry inserts that came with some of my covers before I realized I could buy them separate and save money. My sitter seemed to like the convenience of those before he got too big. You might need a smaller size when baby is born, but I would use disposables for a couple of weeks, and maybe buy a few tiny covers from another brand to get you through those first few months.
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on December 18, 2012
I've tried several cloth diaper covers and they have all leaked until now. Unlike many other diaper covers, the Flip is a one-size fits all and it works. We adjust the cover to our baby's size and it really does prevent leaking.

I really love that you do not have to buy the Flip insert or any insert for the cover, we use the regular Gerber brand cloth diapers from Target. I am even able to place 2 pre-fold diapers in the cover for nap time and night time. You also do not have to use Snappi's or diaper pins. The diaper just fits right in the cover and you put it on the baby just like a disposable diaper. You don't have to worry about trying to get a baby on the move to sit still while you pin a diaper on them.

The cover has a liner that you can wipe clean between changes so you do not have to have a new cover for each diaper change. My daycare requires a new cover for each change so we have to wash our covers every night (or buy more) so it was another huge benefit that Flip diaper covers do not require a special detergent or washing instructions.

We did also buy 1 Flip insert and it works great. However, do to the expense of the insert we are going to stick with our pre-fold diapers. They are just as easy. If I knew cloth diapering was this easy I would have started before my baby was 7 months old (and saved a bunch of money!).
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on June 24, 2011
My wife and I decided to use cotton (pocket) diapers be we are both product designers and liked the features and economy the offered. So the first thing we did was to read a lot of reviews and talked to many people who all seem to contrasting views, so in the end we bought a few of each style diaper and tried them ourselves. The results:

1. FuzziBunz (one size) these leaked on our newborn despite him being in weight range and trying all the possible settings. When I contacted FuzziBunz customer support I was told that "maybe he is too small" (despite being in the correct weight range). We also spent a lot of time adjusting all of the elastic points trying to find something that wasn't too tight (leaving red marks on his legs) vs. leaking and just when we find it he would grow and we would start again.

2. BumGenius (one size) these functioned pretty much the same as the FuzziBunz except that they don't have all the elastic adjustments, which we thought was going to be a negative, but turned out to work better than we thought. The pad inserts were also a little bigger than the FuzziBunz which gave them a bigger look (to an already big looking diaper)

3. Flip (one size) When I was at the store there looked like the worst one because it didn't have all the bells and whistles of the other pocket diapers, and really just looked like a shell for the insert. And as it turns out this is our favorite for just that reason. Unlike FuzziBunz and BumGenius pocket diapers with the sewn in polar fleece liner the Flip can be reused several times before washing. That is because it IS just a shell for the liner. So as long as the soil is only on the liner and either does not soak through or you rinse it off you can simple put a clean liner in and reuse it. This is not the case 100% of the time, but more often than not you can. This also makes it much easier to change and keep him in cloth when on the go, and we've not tried them, but you can also get disposable liners for the Flip.

Bottom Line:

Everyone is different and has different likes/needs in products, but for us the Flip is by far the best product for how we live. If you can afford it I would encourage you to buy at least 1 of each product and try it for yourself, as well as looking on Criagslist for used ones that you might try first before making the investment in 8-10 of the ones you like.

You can also look on Youtube for many videos on how to sew your own liners from fabric available at most fabric stores, but I found the cost in materials to be not much of a savings of just buying them. And frankly, once the kid arrives sewing is about the last thing you have time for!
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on January 12, 2012
I knew that I wanted to try cloth diapering with my 3 month old, but was overwhelmed by the idea so I decided to first do a trial with multiple brands. I expected to like the AIO or pocket diapers the most, but I immediately fell in love with the Flip diapers. I quickly returned all of the other diapers, ordered a few Flip Day Packs (snap closure) and I've never looked back.

Reasons Why:
- For me it was key to find a one-size diaper(to avoid the pain of outgrowing one size and needing to buy more of another size & for the cost savings) and I really like how well the fit and adjustability of these covers allows for that.

- The absorbancy of the stay-dry inserts is great (no leaks yet) and they're holding up really well through multiple washings. I haven't had any problems with the insert staying in place either.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can easily shake the dirtied liners free from the cover directly into my wet bag without ever having to touch them & can then lay out the cover to use again next time! (I prefer to switch back & forth between two covers because I find it easier but you could definitely keep using the same one until it becomes soiled.) Maybe I'm a nancy, but I find it pretty gross to pull soiled liners out of pocket diapers.

- I've seen that some people complain that the cover almost always gets soiled after a poopy diaper, but I don't have any issue with this. The majority of other covers (pockets, AIOs etc) have to be washed after EVERY use but with these you can at least re-use the non-poopy covers.

- I've also read that some complain about how long it takes their cloth diapers to dry, but I find that these dry quickly! The inserts dry in one dry cycle on medium (with a dry towel added to help) and the covers dry in a couple of hours hanging from a rack in my basement.

- As is the case with most/all cloth diapers these are a little bulky, but not overly so.

- No one from my husband to my nanny to my parents have had any trouble diapering my son in these - they're so easy!

- Last, but definitely not least, these are cheaper than the majority of other cloth diaper options I looked at. I went into this willing to pay more to get the best diaper for my needs and was thrilled to end up liking one of the cheapest best. I'm able to exclusively cloth diaper using 3 Flip Day Packs and doing laundry every couple of days.
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on September 27, 2013
I like that you can change the insert without having to wash the cover every time! It means you can survive on fewer covers, which I really like, and you don't have to wash as much. Plus, they dry super fast! I really like the cloth inserts and we never have any leaks.
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