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on March 16, 2010
We have a lean 2-year-old boy, and we love these diapers. For us they last between 8 months and 1.5 years before we need to replace them, so they've saved us a TON of money. The colors don't fade, and we haven't had any problems with the elastic. The velcro is what usually gives out, for us, but Cotton Babies has a buy-back option for non-stinky, non-stained diapers that just need velcro replacement.

I have to admit, we void the warranty to remove the diaper odor that can occur. We use a combination of bleach and vinegar in separate machine cycles. About three times a month, we put the diapers in a cold soak cycle first with 1/2 the usual amount of soap and about a cup of bleach, and then run them on the normal setting with a hot wash/cold rinse (no soap, and we add vinegar during the wash cycle . . . both cycles are run on the super load setting). Bleach is a base, and vinegar is an acid, so the two can neutralize each other and prevent fabric breakdown. For all of the other times we wash the diapers we follow the same steps, but without the bleach and vinegar. I'm not guaranteeing it will work for you, but our experience is that we get like-new diapers with no smell and no stains.

To address the "rinse in the toilet" question that most people have, we don't. You're not going to remove all solids with that method no matter how hard you try, and it's just too hard to prevent dripping when you carry the diaper out of the bathroom. We remove as much as we can with toilet paper, and let the washing machine do the rest. Squeamish still? Look at it this way: we wash our hands because we believe (rightly so) that agitation and soap can get things clean. But if you're still not convinced, you can always disinfect your washing machine with a quick bleach wash (no clothes) after you've washed your diapers.
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on January 8, 2008
I purchased several bumGenius 2.0 diapers just before my son was born so that we could start using them on his little newborn tush as soon as possible. While we're still experimenting with other cloth diapers and covers as well, I've found the bumGenius diaper to be both super-convenient to use and very well constructed, too. They look a tiny bit bulky compared to the disposables, but they fit very snug and secure on my 8-lb. week-old boy, and they are easy for both myself and my husband to change. My also son seems to be happy wearing them. I took a chance and bought these based on very good customer reviews, and I'm glad I did. Although a bit pricey compared to separate fitted diapers/liners/covers, they are worth investing in if the budget allows, even if only for use when out with baby or when people not versed in cloth diapers need to change (i.e. grandparents). Highly recommended by this first-time mom!
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on January 2, 2008
Before our daughter was born we bought a few of several types of cloth diapers. This is definitely our favorite. It doesn't stain as badly (hardly at all) as the bumkins all-one-diapers we have, isn't size specific like the Fuzzi Bunz we have (which is also nice), when the diaper is just wet, the fleece that lies by her skin is really dry to the touch while the insert can be very wet and it really looks nice, even after three months of washing. I dry the inserts in the dryer, but hang the out side pocket on a rack to dry -- to prolong their life. When my daughter was first born, I felt the insert that came with the diaper was a little too big, so I used the microfiber towels you can buy to wash cars and put those inside instead (A tip passed on by a mother who makes her own pocket diapers). At about two months I started using the regular inserts at night, and now I used them all the time, figuring I can add the microfiber towels as extra if she needs that in future. Also, the fact that these diapers will grow with our daughter is great. I haven't expanded them yet (she's only three months), but I feel its worth the savings. I now have 12 of these and they are well worth the price. I've even trained my husband to connect the velcro tabs so they don't snag the other diapers.

I will admit, to those considering cloth, it is a little gross to pull the insert out or when washing, make sure all the inserts are out and the velcro is attached to the tabs, but a few smelly minutes and quick hand wash are worth it to me overall: I'm not adding to the landfill, especially since disposables are non-biodegradable (practically), not to mention putting human waste in the trash (which isn't healthy), and best of all its a money saver. We figured we'd save maybe a few hundred dollars for our first child (if we compared it to buying the generic diapers), but for the second and (possibly) third it will cost practically nothing for the diapers (I'm doing laundry anyway), so its there you see the real savings. And to wash I don't do anything special. I dump them in, do a prewash and then a heavily soiled wash and they come out great.

I'm planning to buy at least 6 more of these diapers when she grows out of the others we have. Then I won't have to do wash as often.
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on December 21, 2007
These are my go-to diapers for my 3-month old son. I started using these about 6-weeks ago, when we first got them. I love that they do not need a cover. The outer layer is waterproof and sturdy. The inner liner is soft and way absorbent--I can use them overnight and not worry about changing if they are just wet. It's really not a big deal to pull out the liner. They dry in one dry cycle, which is easier on our electric bill than other cloth diapers we use. Not too bulky, and look so cute! The best part is that they are one-size and grow with your child, so you never have to size up! Totally worth the $$.
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on November 25, 2007
I love these diapers. I purchase Happy Heiny's diapers first, and was hesitant to try these second, but I love these the most! My 18-month-old son squirms when we put the other ones on, but he doesn't mind these. We just switched from disposables and these are so easy. I definitely recommend these to anyone. We are expecting our second and can't wait to try them on our newborn!
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on December 27, 2007
This diaper has worked well for us since our daughter was born at 6 lbs in June. It can be stuffed, washed and dried easily, and the fabric stays dry for hours. The one size feature is a great money saver long-term. Very few moisture leaks when the waist tabs weren't closed tightly enough.
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on September 27, 2009
I was spending 75 a month on disposables, and bought 3 pairs to see if these were as good as all the reviews. Converted me. Sure - scrapping the poop stinks, but saving 75 a month on disposables makes that minor chore more bearable. Plus - if you dry out some baby wipes and place one in the BumGenius, the poop lifts straight out! No messy poop to scrape off. You need about 12 pairs to only do laundry every 3 days. I still use disposables overnight - to prevent overnight leaks. Otherwise, were 100% BumGenius. When compared to Fuzzibuns and Little G GDiapers, these are superior to both.
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VINE VOICEon April 8, 2010
I gave these diapers 4 out of 5 stars because I have been happy with them for a year. We bought 24 for our daughter, who has been our only baby to have cloth diapers. They were a bit pricey when compared to prefolds and covers, and even some other pocket diapers, but I heard good things, so I was willing to spend the money. After a year, I am shopping for more diapers. :-(

What I love:
Super absorbent: We tried these on our 2.5 year old just before he potty trained. He was a VERY heavy overnight wetter and with the toddler inset and doubler, we didn't have any leaking issues as long as we changed him as soon as he got out of bed. He used to destroy Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs overnight, so that was very impressive for us. I think he had some light wicking maybe once, but just enough for a seam in his pajamas to be damp.

Easy to Clean: The layer of fabric that sits against the baby's skin is very easy to clean. We've been using these for a year and all the insides of our diapers are almost perfectly white. We've never bleached the diapers themselves, so I am impressed with the ability of the liner to stay white!

Daddy / Daycare Friendly: Because of the pocket design, I could take these out of the dryer and prepare them all again. I just put the insert back in, lined it up, folded it in half, and my husband or sitter could take them right off the diaper stacker just like a disposable. They don't have to mess with anything like most prefold / cover diapers.

What I don't like:

Very detailed washing instructions: I am glad I had to wash these (particularly the inserts) a few times before we were able to use them because I felt like I was doing something wrong or forgetting a step every time. I ended up taping the instructions from the BumGenius website above the washer. Maybe I was paranoid, but the money I spent, I didn't want to destroy them by using the wrong detergent or wash cycle!

Quick to Wear: When I did the math, what I spent on these diapers (24 of them) was what I would have spent on 2 years of disposables. For me, that was more than acceptable because while it seemed really expensive up front, it meant we would be saving money in the long run unless our daughter potty trained VERY early. Our boys were potty trained at 30 months, and 40 months, so 2 years would be amazing for our daughter. Now, a little less than a year afetr using them, they are wearing a lot. The velcro isn't as catchy as it used to be. I dried them slightly warmer to encourage the hooks to curl back up as BumGenius recommended, but it didn't change anything. The edges of the seams where the velcro tabs and the velcro strip are sewn onto the diaper are getting raggedy or as with one diaper, unravelling completely. I have had 2 diapers where the top back seam has come completely undone, which makes the diaper unusable because that's the seam that secures the back elastic. My daughter isn't terribly big, nor are we particularly rough with the diapers, so it seems a bit ridiculous for this sort of wear and tear, even with daily use. I have joined a Cloth Diaper swap to try to get some feel for other types before we make another big investment, and it seems I am the lucky one in the circle - most of the other moms who use the BG's have had the same problem in less time.

If you've got the money to spend, these diapers are very good. They contain blowouts very well, are absorbent, easy and convenient for other care providers, and aren't terrible to look at. If you're trying to cloth diaper on a budget, or don't want to have to expand your stash in a year, I would check out Thirsties Duo Wraps, gDiapers, or another prefold / cover combination. We've added 2 gDiaper covers and 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps to our rotation in the hopes of holding on to the BG's until she potty trains, but at this rate, I think we will probably be buying more Thirsties and gDiapers!
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on November 4, 2008
The best cloth diapers i've tried so far are the bum genius one size pocket diapers. They retail for $17.95 a diaper on amazon. com (although i bought mine when they had them on sale for $12.00 each) They are the best diapers I swear. They don't leak (unless you leave them on too long and they over-fill) and they keep baby's bum nice and dry. It's amazing. They're also super easy to wash. You just wash them with a free and clear detergent and some baking soda... oxy-clean is also supposed to be great on those. But try not to use diaper rash cream on them because it won't wash off easily... it just stays on there like a stain. And always, always use the laundry tabs unless you want a whole wad of diapers when you take them out of the wash. lol. They're velcro, so you have to be careful with that. The other cool thing about these diapers is that they are adjustable so that they can grow with your baby. I think it's just awesome. One other great feature is the stretch fabric on the velcro fasteners. It makes the bum genius diaper similar to disposables in ease of use. These diapers also dry well and quickly in a regular dryer. I take these diapers out of the dryer and they're completely dry, not even damp. Of course you want to make sure to pull the insert out of them to wash, that way they'll dry faster. I'd recommend these diapers to any friend considering cloth diapering. They are the easiest to use. I almost look forward to washing them!
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on April 20, 2008
These are so much better than the first cloth diapers we used that I don't mind using them. Easy to change and they don't leak easily. They take a long time to dry so turn around use time means you need several sets. I also like how they adjust.
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