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Adddictions: What do you wish you could quit or lessen 3 2 hours ago
Here it is... The Official VGF Game of 2016 Game! Cast your votes! 3755 2 hours ago
Ouch! Sony is losing its grip on the indie market! More troubling news for Sony 11 3 hours ago
More bad PR for Sony, calls indie games irrelevant 18 6 hours ago
Indie dev: "Our contacts at Sony are not as reliable as those at Microsoft, to be honest," 1 6 hours ago
Titanfall 2 can render at almost 6K on Xbox One X 12 6 hours ago
PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man has the power to help them reach 100 million units in console sales by bringing new people into gaming 13 7 hours ago
OT: Do not see Transformers. It's terrible. 23 7 hours ago
Forza Motorsport 7 Preview – Reason Alone to Buy An Xbox One X 7 8 hours ago
OT: TV question... 15 9 hours ago
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