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Its wonderful.. Sits in a box on my shelf beautifully.

10 others also recommend for nas

Great units - worked in my QNAP NAS with no problems.

10 others also recommend for nas

…Worked well with my Synology NAS.

10 others also recommend for nas

Excellent nas i like this

10 others also recommend for nas

I listened to our local tech and made the purchase for the Synology +918. The features included in this machine is beyond my needs, however as a resident nerd, I couldn't help myself. I purchased this unit for Future flexibility. I am impressed with the ability to connect all of my computers - Mac, and PC to this unit and access my data quickly. So far so great.

10 others also recommend for nas

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Its wonderful.. Sits in a box on my shelf beautifully.

NAS Drives

Both drives arrived safe, sound, and work great within my Synology NAS.…Seem to operate a little faster than my other Synology NAS with Samsung 5400 drives in it.


Great upgrade to my Synology NAS.

Silly question, these DON'T have to be used for NAS/RAID. Can be stand alone?

They are recommended for NAS as designed by the manufacturer. They can work stand alone or in RAID configurations. They can work on NAS or also on Desktops (even if the Desktop motherboard supports RAID, they can be configured on RAID). Just consider that this drive is 5400 rpm which is slow for a Desktop PC but not necessarily true for a NAS. These Drives are designed to be 7x24x365 on when other type of HDD are for normal use (few hours a day) but they are faster (i.e 7200 rpm) I hope my comments helps to address your question.

Can this drive be installed into an external HD case and used as a single drive media server or does it have to be installed in a NAS case?

There doesn't seem to be an indication that this drive had to be used as a NAS setup. My personal application is a NAS setup but is used primarily as a media host for an Apple TV2.

NAS very NAS drives.

These drives work great.


i have 2 of these drives in a raid 0 on a freenas box. they seem nice and quick. no problems moving large video files around on my network now.

Great for a NAS

Threw this in a single bay Synology disk station, worked great. Stays cool, it isn't noisy, it stores lots of data.

Are these drives "NAS-Ware 3.0" ?

No, 2.0 when I bought them in April.

what does nas stand for

Network Attached Storage

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Need space - jump to 8tb, save time.

Great units - worked in my QNAP NAS with no problems.

I've had hugely good luck with the Toshiba disk drives over the years

…This was a great price for NAS-rated 7200 RPM drives (I'm using them in a home NAS that now has 5 6TB drives in it).

Still working

…These drives are still working well and I read/write on them daily in my 8 bay NAS.…

will this work on my device Dell Inspiron 5680 Gaming Desktop ?

This drive is designed for use in a NAS, not a desktop. The desktop version is the X300 series.

is this price for one thing?

I paid $169.99 for one of these drives. A lower price than other NAS drives of similar capacity.

The most affordable NAS drive you'll ever find anywhere!

I've only used this drive for less than a year but it works well. Its speed is faster than average and I have not witnessed any issues.

Don't overlook Toshiba for well priced NAS grade hard drives!

…I also have Seagate IronWolf, HGST Deskstar NAS, and WD RED hard drives.…I keep these drives in a Synology NAS in my office and I like quiet and cool drives.

Cheap and best HDD for NAS

Cheap and best HDD for NAS

does it come with migration software?

Negative, I use 6tb version in NAS storage. I use Carbon Copy Cloner for migration. You will receive drive and documentation only. Regards.

Want to put into USB enclosure, will Rosewell 308 model works? If not which one I need to buy to work like external hard drive with the enclosure?

I don't know much about USB HDD enclosure, but I think this Toshiba Nas HDD should work with any enclosure.

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Five Stars

…Worked well with my Synology NAS.

Im not a fan of WD drives but working well

…The red label drives are running fine in my NAS for the past month with no issues to report.…

Received Well

…Have inserted 1 HDD into my NAS and it runs well. Will try the other HDD when my NAS has completed rebuilding.

when I put it in the laptop, do I need to configure it as a external storage, without NAS HDD?

no you can set it up the same as any other regular hard drive

is this for laptop

Yes, it is a 2.5" laptop size hard drive, but is designed to be used in a NAS. It will work in a laptop but its intended purpose is for 24/7 NAS devices that accept 2.5" hard drives.

This is a best buy for the money!

Probably the best buy for NAS and small RAID arrays.…

Have a SFF NAS need.. This is a great choice. in the 1TB size.

…I max out my Gbp/s Lan when moving large data to the Nas.…

Great drives.

I ordered four of these to populate a small Synology NAS device.…

Can I use it with the lenovo g50-45

i just did some quick research and you can either use an ssd or the hard drive you memtioned. wd red 1tb nas hard drive. i actually have it inside my ps3.

Will this work on yhe xbox one

If the XBox one interface is SATA then it should work fine. The difference between the WD Black and the RED is the rating. RAD is designed for 24/7 operation in a NAS and Black is designed for Desktop PCs, although testing labs say they are almost identical in performance and longevity. WD warranties the RED for longer time period than the Black.

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Perfect remote conection

Excellent nas i like this

The Utiimate NAS. Great OpSys.

It's a great product. It works as advertised. Excellent quality. Recommended.

Great starter NAS

Very impressive for my first Nas.…

I want to place the nas on the floor about 6 feet away from me sitting at my computer desk. will i hear the nas making noises? is it relatively quiet?

Goodmorning the nas have 2 speed for for air flow. Personely my nas is directly on my desk and is not problem for noise.

What is tbe advantage of a NAS over home network sharing ?

To the best of my knowledge, the home network sharing is for all PCs and devices on your local (home) network. You have limited if any access to it outside of "OneNote". The NAS has several advantages over the home network. You will be able to access all of your data (music, movies, games, etc.) from anywhere you have internet access. (Even smart phones can access the NAS with the app). I bit the bullet and went full tilt with two 10 TB internal and 2 8 TB external drives on my NAS. I can watch my movies or listen to my music from anywhere.

Great NAS for the money.

Works way better than the buffalo, easy to setup and pretty fast for its low power consumption.

Great NAS for beginners

Fantastic NAS system for beginners, already thinking about upgrading

Easy to install and use

A great upgrade from my old NAS.

Can i use 4 wd red 3tb nas hard disk drive with this station?

I don’t see why not. I used 2 WD gold drives in my 2 bay enclosure.

Can i put all my itunes music on here where everyone in my family could have access to both locally and remotely and with mac & pc? thanks.

Absolutely, that's what NAS is for.

See what customers said about nas

TO NAS or not to nas...

I listened to our local tech and made the purchase for the Synology +918. The features included in this machine is beyond my needs, however as a resident nerd, I couldn't help myself. I purchased this unit for Future flexibility. I am impressed with the ability to connect all of my computers - Mac, and PC to this unit and access my data quickly. So far so great.

Beast of a NAS!

Awesome product, it can handle most anything I throw at it. Very low power consumption. Highly recommend.

Amazing NAS

Great starter NAS have really enjoyed my short time with it.… Highly suggest for folks looking for a first time NAS

I want to get 2 bay nas for backup and surveillance (4 cameras), can i do this or will i need a dedicated nas for surveillance?

You can do both at the same time with this Nas.

if the system dies and the HDs are good, can you put them in a new synology nas and still have your data?

Probably assuming the data is not corrupted. You should also be keeping a separate backup of data on the NAS.

Great NAS

Bought as a replacement to a ReadyNAS NV+ that had just eaten one too many power supplies. Thusfar, I love it. It was easy to set up, share amongst the computers in my house. I've not had a lot of time to futz with it, but I looking forward to spelunking through the amazingly rich inventory of applications.

Nice NAS

Great and fast little NAS.

Great NAS

A compact unit that is easy to get up and running. I did have a few questions during installation, but Synology was excellent in answering them. Good customer service.

Is it possible to put existing hard disks with data , from mycloud wd4100 to the synology nas without format ?

You can use usb, but if you are asking if you can put the bare hard drive in the nas then no, the synology will format them.

which hard drives are compatible with this nas?


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