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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
dancing in dreams
Format: Audio CD|Change
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first off, the connections being made that brought me to this album, i was lead to believe it was an 80's album.

that being said, upon first listen the songs have the right sound to them, if a little too miami sound machine and nu shooz for me(lol).

i guess the only thing that brings it down for me is the vocals, that style, while suited for st. etienne or dubstar, for this kind of music that pitch perfect singing leaves alot to be desired. then she goes off key from time to time as well.

but the music's nice enough, it might grow on me, but the vocals will surely not.
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on August 20, 2005
I was first introduced to this music in the mid 80s, when I was a DJ in various clubs in Milan. I was sent a 12" EP of "Where Have the Feelings Gone", by one of the record companies here in Italy. My first reaction was "this is very intereseting mix of music". It sounded like a Van Halen guitar solo, Eno sound effects, Annie Lennox voices on top of a Tears for Fears kind of rythm groove.This was an instant favourite in the clubs when I played it. Soon after a whole album was available called "The Fatal Embrace". To me this album sounded like a mix of 70s progressive rock and 80s modern rock. Later that year I was finishing my degree in film, and had to make a complete short film as a final project. My film was called "La solitario Vita" (The Lonely Life), and used two songs from The Fatal Embrace disc, "Where Have the Feelings Gone" and "On Throught the Night". Both songs had a mysterious mournful quality that fit the scenes in my film perfectly. I believe that there is a second album "Faith in a desperate Place", but seems to be out of print. Most people would most likely consider "The Fatal Embrace" the classic album. Although they are not one of the more popular bands, many people here would consider one of the best. The "Dancing in Dreams" CD has many of the original songs plus six others I have never heard, I think this is a "Best of" - Reissue. This is a great value, as it is almost a double album, the sound quality on the CD is far superior to the old vinyls. After finding this album I got interested in this music again and found my way to their Website, where I found some free unreleased material (Songs From the Lost Shoebox). All in all a very good CD.
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on August 6, 2005
Back in the 70s and into the 80s, listening to the radio was an exciting experience for me. It seemed new and interesting music was always coming out. I was one of those people, who, if they heard something they liked on the radio, by the end of the day they bought it. Now listening to the radio is like background music in a shopping mall ("oh, wow, let's hear 'Hotel California' again"). I still like to discover new music, but it is not so easy anymore. Luckily. Amazon makes it easier. I usually follow links on lists and check out downloads, 'til I find something I like. "Dancing in Dreams" turned out to be something I liked. Actually, my daughter found this album through some downloads. Her iPod playlist included a few of their songs, so every day we heard them. At first, I thought she was playing Eurythmics or The Motels. By the end of the day while lying in bed, I heard those songs echoing in my head, so I bought the CD. I have to say this is an extremly catchy album. Musically, I agree with most of the other reviews. It is for the most part 80s modern rock with their own spin (great hooks, hip-shakin' beats, soulful vocals, electric guitar energy and biting lyrics). Also a bit heavier and more unique than most bands of that era. There is not too much background info on them, but they seem like a somewhat obscure band from the 80s with a single or two. It's amazing that they were not more popular in America back then. Being the huge music fan I am, I am suprised I did not find this years ago. If you are the type of person who likes more than one type of music, you'll like this.
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on May 8, 2006
Finding this CD on was like running into an old friend after years spent apart and picking up right where you left off. I had this album on vinyl in 1989, loved it then, then lost it in a break-up with an old boyfriend, who took it along with his LPs. For years, I could never find it in record stores, then it finally showed up on Amazon, and I had to get it before it disappeared again. I love, love, love Tell Me What You Want to Do - it was my best friend's and my theme song for a whole summer, and we would put it on and blast it out my apartment window. I also really, really like Under Your Spell and I Don't Listen (When People Talk) - great eighties dance tunes with loads of vocals to sing along to while you dance around your room (or in front of your mirror - admit it, you do it). Also terrific are Barbarian Lovers' remake of Brother Louie, and the synth-pop songs On Through the Night, Burn for You, Neon Nocturne, and Where Have the Feelings Gone. As you can tell, I really dig this genre of music. Welcome back, Barbs - now how about a new CD before I wear this one out?
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on April 14, 2006
In my opinion this is a pretty influential album.. In it's day it was a bit of an enigma, few knew where to place it musically. I would not really call it "New Wave" but cause of the time period it sort of landed there. I can hear influences of The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Eurythmics evan Sade at times. Although they are fairly known in the U.S. they are much more widely known in Europe. This album is a collectors item (check google, the vinyl sells for over 100 dollars). BL are one of the better electronic/rock bands of the 1980's. They blend smart and interesting lyrics with what was then a very modern sounding electronic feel like no one has ever done before or since. This record has some very original songs and concepts, it also sounds good loud, or in headphones. How I miss those Simmons drums! "Words in the Wind" is one of my fav songs on this cd. The record sounds very fresh today but it still rocks and is far more advanced than people realize.
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on October 26, 2005
Despite their attempt to move away from this style of music, Dancing in Dreams really is Barbarians most exciting album, and I think their best. The stark bleakness of most of this project is what drew their core audience to them in the first place. And since this album, they and their audience have "matured". But this album touched a nerve with many people; people who hear their feelings being spoken about in these moving songs. The original album (The Fatal Embrace) cover features a famous black and white photo by Weeje. The cover for this version in a moody color painting. And then you listen to the music: moody but melodic. Then you hear the lyrics: deep and mournful. Even if you never heard of these songs, you only need to read the song titles and look at the cover to tell right away that this is not about rainbows and kittens. This is about individuals who are dealing with derpessing issues, inner conflicts, and uncertainty. Raindreams, Words in the Wind, Where Have the Feelings Gone and On Through the Night are about things that make up most peoples worlds.
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on April 8, 2005
In the early 1990s, I spent two-and-a-half years writing and living in Copenhagen, and became familiar with Barbarian Lovers' music, and some of their spin off projects through the radio in various parts of Denmark, where the band was very popular on the airwaves. Dancing in Dreams brings me back to that cathartic and creative period in my life in a big way. Favorite songs include Burn for You, On Through the Night, and Raindreams, as well as their first single (if I recall correctly from hearing them interviewed once on Radio Aarhus, I think), Where Have the Feelings Gone. If it were possible to burn a hole in a CD from playing it too often, my copy would evidence a serious dependency on the Barbs and their ethereal music.

P.S. Check out the cool cover of Brother Louie - great vocal!!
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on April 16, 2005
I was born in 1975, so my exposure to important music from the 80s was quite limited. I lived under the false assumption for many years that the best music that era had to offer was punk rock. However, I have been heavily consuming music from the 1970s- 80s and onward for the last several years and fell head first into Barbarian Lovers.

Finding them was like finding those old shoes in your closet: completely unexpected, but wonderful nonetheless. In my opinion, this is, for me, is the culmination of much of the 80s sound. Every song is unique and memorable. From the opening note to the last note, I am never boored. As with all good music, Dancing in Dreams is not limited by the era in which it was recorded. It is still fresh and original 20 years later.
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on July 12, 2005
I had the original vinyl version of this (Fatal Embrace) when I was at art school in England years ago. I usually don't like this kind of music that much, but I like this album a lot. I will call this 80s Synth-rock/New Wave (for lack of a better term). Much of the music from that era was a drum machine a few one finger keyboard melodies and a monotone singer. What seperates this from the rest, is a soulful singer, real guitars playing real solos, vocal harmonies and good musicians in general. The only other bands I like from that era are Tears for Fears, Sade and Depeche Mode. The majority of the music I listened to back then, I don't like today, but Barbarian Lovers held up well for me. This album sounds very modern to me, looking back it was well ahead of its time. The original album only had 8 songs, this one has 13. I don't know if it was remastered, but the CD sounds much better than the vinyl. If you are looking for something new from the past or present, this is worth looking into.
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on March 5, 2005
As a fan of all types of music, I don't recall this band at all. I bought this album because of the downloads I got. I must say this is really a great album. It's hard to put into a definitive category, I guess Synth-Rock would be the closest. I hear echos of Eurythmics to Pink Floyd to Depeche Mode. The album description says that this is from the 80's, but it sounds like a very contemporary record. A lot of what is considered Trip Hop/Chill Out is evident here as well as some styles I have never heard before. Some real great atmospheric songs here, too. If you are looking for something truly original, this is it. It's too bad there is only one album; I'm sorry I did'nt find this years ago.
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