Relapse 30 Year Anniversary Sampler [Explicit]

Relapse 30 Year Anniversary Sampler [Explicit]

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    Title by Artist
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1 Blood and Thunder
by Mastodon
2 Wires
by Red Fang
Second Skin
by Dying Fetus
4:42 $1.29
4 Sentence Day
by Obituary
5 Pull the Plug
by Death
6 Black Winter Day
by Amorphis
7 Leaves of Yggdrasil
by Myrkur
8 Say Less
by Nothing
9 Admission
by Torche
10 March to the Sea
by Baroness
11 43% Burnt
by The Dillinger Escape Plan
12 Trojan Whore (Remix)
by Pig Destroyer
13 Scoop [Explicit]
by Nasum
14 Cast Down the Heretic
by Nile
15 Catatonia
by Suffocation
16 Entrails of the Hag Queen
by Incantation
17 Through Silver in Blood
by Neurosis
18 Blessed Black Wings
by High On Fire
19 Ablaze
by YOB
20 Diablerie
by Windhand
21 The Last Leaf
by Monolord
22 Amerijuanican [Explicit]
by Bongzilla
23 From the Ashes
by Gatecreeper
24 Burning Myrrh
by Full Of Hell
25 Ravenous Cadavers [Explicit]
by Exhumed
26 Hymn for the Children of the Black Flame
by Integrity
27 Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter
by G.I.S.M.
28 Expect the Unexpected
by Control Denied
29 Only Ash Remains
by Necrophagist
30 The Anticosmic Overload
by Obscura
31 The Grip Tightens
by Revocation
32 A Waste of Life
by Gruesome
33 Breakthrough & Conquer
by Zombi
34 Board up the House [Clean]
by Genghis Tron
35 A.H.B.
by S U R V I V E
36 Ambo
by The Album Leaf
37 Turn Away the Bad Thing
by Ceremony
38 Away from You
by Boris & Merzbow
39 Parsonz Curse
by Royal Thunder
40 Hierophant
by King Woman
41 Seedless Star
by Cloakroom
42 The Speaker is Systematically Blown
by Author & Punisher
43 Deadweight
by Disfear
44 A Dying World
by Iron Reagan
45 Nuke the Cross
by Toxic Holocaust
46 Super-Stare
by Candy
47 Death Becomes My Voice
by Ringworm
48 Citadel
by Inter Arma
49 Menacing [Explicit]
by Primitive Man
50 Solar Chamber
by Lycus
51 Cognitive Sedation Butchery
by Devourment
52 The Optimist
by Skinless
53 Black Flame Candle
by Devil Master
54 Famine
by Unearthly Trance
55 Bloodspire
by Outer Heaven
56 Conquered and Disposed
by Genocide Pact
57 Hour of Execution
by Coffins
58 Superior Firepower
by Mammoth Grinder
59 Heaven Ablaze
by Living Gate
60 Maggots in Your Coffin
by Repulsion
61 Agorapocalypse Now
by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
62 Fed to the Wolves
by Misery Index
63 Rabid
by Mortician
64 Sugardaddy
by Brutal Truth
65 Rote
by Human Remains
66 Me and the Dog Die Together
by 16
67 Motor-Ready
by Alabama Thunderpussy
68 Avalanche
by Asg
69 Endless Cycle of Violence
by Cephalic Carnage
70 Sooey Pig
by The Cherubs
71 Haunter of the Dark
by Cough
72 Non Coinvolto
by Cripple Bastards
73 Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory
by Disembowelment
74 Opposition/Perihelion; the Coil
by Ex Eye
75 Pillars of Filth
by Gadget
76 The Curse That Is
by Graves At Sea
77 Mudfucker
by Columns
78 We Are the Gore
by Haemorrhage
79 Mithras
by Horseback
80 Shibboleth [Explicit]
by Ilsa
81 The Impetus Bleeds
by Indian
82 Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)
by Inverloch
83 Crown of Electrodes
by Iron Monkey
84 Presage of Emptiness
by John Frum
85 Arc of Extinction
by Locrian
86 Hope Smasher
by Maruta
87 Light Mind
by Miracle
88 Sodden Jackal
by The Obsessed
89 Concept Unification
by Pinkish Black
90 Slow Dancing to This Bitter Earth
by Publicist UK
91 Leviticus
by Rwake
92 The Seventh Seal
by Sumerlands
93 Victims of a Bomber Raid
by Trappist
94 Four Teeth
by True Widow
95 Jock Powerviolence
by Weekend Nachos
96 Culminate
by Wrong
97 Abrogation
by Ulcerate
98 Lathe of Heaven
by Usnea
The Horse and Sparrow Theory
by Victims
3:41 $1.29
100 Two Lane Blacktop
by Zeke
101 System Error [Explicit]
by Zonal
102 Infinite End
by Arcadea
103 In a Casket's Ride
by Black Salvation
104 Fruitcake
by Brain Tentacles
105 Naked Freak Show [Explicit]
by Abscess
106 Inanimate
by Abysmal Dawn
107 Gethsemane
by Agenda of Swine
108 Radio Hit
by Anal C*nt
109 Radiate and Recede
by Anatomy Of Habit
110 Pursuit
by Antigama
111 Entropy
by Atriarch
112 Once and Never Again
by Benümb
113 Hustling the Coroner (To Overlook the Strychnine) [Explicit]
by Birds Of Prey
114 May Her Wrath Be Just
by Black Anvil
115 Bring Me Darkness
by Black Tusk
116 Pron Store Stiffi [Explicit]
by Blood Duster
117 Broken Teeth
by Bloodiest
118 Cuddling
by Brian Posehn
119 Reversers
by Broughton's Rules
120 IV
by Buried Inside
121 Soundtrack to the Worst Movie Ever
by Burnt By The Sun
122 I Hold Vertigo
by Burst
123 Mainline
by Buzzov•en
124 Bottom Feeder
by Call of the Void
125 Gum Under the Table
by Car Bomb
126 Wait for Amateur
by Chris Connelly
127 No Faith
by Circle Of Animals
128 over & Over
by Christian Mistress
129 Have Patience
by Coalesce
130 The Interloper
by Coldworker
131 Defeater
by Coliseum
132 Ghost of Teeth and Hair
by Cretin
133 Lowlife
by Cryptic Slaughter
134 Brooding Hex
by Culted
135 Buzz Saw Effect
by Davie Allan
136 Four Corners
by Daylight Dies
137 The Machine [Explicit]
by Dead World
138 Death Breath
by Death Breath
139 The Storm Before the Calm
by Dekapitator
Domestic Prison [Explicit]
by Disrupt
2:01 $1.29
141 Railroad Cancellation
by Don Caballero
142 Zx
by Dukatalon
143 Appeared at First
by Dysrhythmia
144 Magnetic Field
by East West Blast Test
145 Don't Kill the Vibe
by Ecstatic Vision
146 There Was Blood Everywhere
by Embalmer
147 Sentencing
by Enemy Soil
148 When I Get Low, I Get High [Explicit]
by Exit- 13
149 Altar of Slaughter
by Expulsion
150 Npon [Explicit]
by FaceDowninShit
151 Sacrilegeous Defilement of Deranged Salvation
by Father Befouled
152 Backstabber
by Flesh Parade
153 The Wrecking [Explicit]
by Fuck the Facts
154 Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
by General Surgery
155 Hatestomp [Explicit]
by Genocide Superstars
156 Lost
by God Macabre
157 Requiem for X
by Goblin Rebirth
158 Suffocation of the Last King
by Graves of Valor
159 Beast of Bourbon
by Hail! Hornet
160 The Anvil Will Fall
by Harvey Milk
161 Buried in Light
by Halo
162 Delicious Gory Fun
by Hemdale
163 That's an Axe
by Hero Destroyed
164 Elysium of Dripping Death
by Hooded Menace
165 Riverbeds Hewn in Marrow
by Hope Drone
166 Horns of Steel
by Howl
167 Weeding out the Thorns
by Human Remains
168 The Severed Inception
by Inevitable End
169 The Invisible Landscape
by Joel Grind
170 Blackpowder
by Jucifer
171 Vicious Slaughter
by Kill The Client
172 Enlightened to Extinction
by Kingdom of Sorrow
173 Circle of Guilt
by Krieg
174 The Fist of the Leng Tch'e [Explicit]
by Leng Tch'e
175 Build No System
by Liberteer
176 Tapias De Cementerio
by Looking for an Answer
177 Poisoned Altars
by Lord Dying
178 Moment 1
by Lull
179 Sacrificial Hire
by Magrudergrind
180 Kill It Skin It Wear It
by Man Must Die
181 Evil Dead (Rehearsal Early 1984)
by Mantas
182 Woodpecker No. 1 (Remastered)
by Merzbow
183 Anguish [Explicit]
by Mindrot
184 Within and Without
by Minsk
185 The Serpentine Scrolls
by Morgion
186 Sacrificial Rite
by Morta Skuld
187 The Left Path
by Mose Giganticus
188 Brothers in Slavery
by Mumakil
189 Compelled by Mediocrity
by Murder Construct
190 Mourning
by N2K2
191 Inevitable Extinction
by Noisear
192 Ritually Abused
by Num Skull
193 Sanity is for the Passive
by Nux Vomica
194 Goat Skull Crown
by Obliteration
195 Voices from the Grave
by Opprobrium
196 Finite
by Origin
197 The Battle of Geeheeb
by Pan.thy.monium
198 Forever My Queen
by Pentagram
199 Rehashed
by Phobia
The Scourge and the Gestalt
by Poison Blood
3:40 $1.29
201 Draw Back a Stump
by Primate
202 The Satisfying Dead
by Putrid Pile
203 Balkanized
by Pyrrhon
204 A Tale of Tales
by Rabbits
205 Hypertension
by Razor
206 Putrid Serenity [Explicit]
by Regurgitate
207 Superior
by Rotten Sound
208 Grab a Shovel (We've Got Bodies to Bury)
by Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
209 Succubus
by Satan's Satyrs
210 Their Control
by Sayyadina
211 Il Funerale Di Bonnie
by Scott Hull
212 Shadow from Mordor
by Sacrilege
213 Essence of Heresy
by Serpentine Path
214 It Was Just an Accident [Explicit]
by Soilent Green
215 Apparition
by Spawn Of Possession
216 It's Complicated
by Steve Moore
217 A
by Subarachnoid Space
218 Silt
by Terminal Sound System
219 Morgagnic Anatomics
by The County Medical Examiners
220 Throwing Stones
by The End
221 Closing In
by The Great Tyrant
222 Chlorine and Crystal
by The High Confessions
223 Wooded Altar Beyond the Wander
by Titan
224 Merrimack
by Tombs
225 Father of the Flower
by Trial of the Bow
226 Primordial Uncarved Block
by Tribes Of Neurot
227 Prescription Culture
by Ultramantis Black
228 Vihan Lapset
by Unkind
229 Ripped off Face
by Uphill Battle
230 Audio Processor
by Vverewolf Grehv
231 The Insane Brightness
by Vidnaobmana
232 Methlab Machete Massacre
by Viral Load
233 God Phones
by Voivod
234 Vanguard of the Morning Star
by Weapon
235 Within the Light of Fire
by Wolvserpent
236 Death's Door
by Bastard Noise & Sickness
237 Au Régal Des Voraces
by Psywarfare
238 Dolemite [Explicit]
by The Soul Rebellion Orchestra

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