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  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

After 25 years of international business travel, I only recently discovered packing cubes. Honestly, I thought they were a gimmick until I tried them. If you take trips where you're moving to a different city/hotel every couple of days, packing cubes are terrific, as they let you "unpack without unpacking" -- i.e., you can remove the cubes to get at your stuff, but still repack your suitcase in under a minute the next morning just by popping all the cubes back in place. They also keep items (especially business shirts) neater, and they're very handy when a security screener needs to go through your bag. My packing cubes paid for themselves the first time I had to go through a secondary security screening at the airport.

In terms of specific brands and models of packing cubes, I prefer the eBags medium-sized cubes over the Rick Steves cubes. Two of the eBags medium cubes fit perfectly side-by-side in a typical 21" carry-on roller-style suitcase (e.g., the eBags TLS mini or the Rick Steves 21" carry-on roller, both of which I use), whereas the Rick Steves smaller cubes leave a lot of extra space on the sides. Also, the eBags cubes are shorter (about 3" vs. 5" for the Rick Steves cubes). Personally, I prefer to use more of the shorter cubes, with different types of items in each cube (e.g., shirts in one cube, underwear in another, etc.), rather than stuffing a lot of different stuff into a larger cube.

Having said that, packing style is a matter of personal preference, and others may prefer the deeper and smaller Rick Steves cubes, so the real question is quality and durability. Both the eBags and the Rick Steves cubes are well made, and the zippers on both work well. I think the eBags cubes will be more durable over time, though. The Rick Steves cubes are mesh on all sides. The eBags cubes use a very light, solid fabric (like parachute clothe) on the sides and bottom, with mesh on the top so you can see what's in the cube. I think the parachute cloth (which is reinforced with mesh) will last much better than pure mesh, and it doesn't get snagged on things as easily. The fabric doesn't add any discernible weight relative to all mesh, as far as I can tell. I also like the handles on the eBags cubes -- nice feature.

Whichever brand you get, it's worth the investment. Packing cubes really do make travel easier. My only wish is that they weren't so expensive.

UPDATE 4 July 2012: When I wrote the above review, I speculated that the eBags cubes would be more durable. Sure enough, the mesh of the Rick Steves packing cube has torn around one of the seams, but the eBags cubes (which I've used more heavily) are still going strong with no signs of wear.
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on February 13, 2013
I'm so glad my world-traveler friend introduced me to these. She even loaned hers to me for a trip so I could see for myself. Now my partner and I have 4 sets (a couple sets with the variable sizes). Great for packing everything in whatever your organizational method is, and then just pulling out the bags at your destination. I just plop them in the dresser if I'm in a hotel for a couple days, and definitely on a cruise with limited storage space for clothes. I only regret that I didn't discover them 35 years ago when I went to Europe for the first time. (Well, maybe they didn't make them then.) They don't compress clothes like an airbag type thing, so don't expect that, but I can put about 15 ladies t-shirt or light weight shirts in one bag! Pack one with your "emergency clothes" to put in the bottom of your carry-on and everything stays neat and clean. There is a famous travel writer who has his own brand of these but the e-bag is actually somewhat better, if only for the colors. Incredibly versatile.
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on February 24, 2012
In order to pack efficiently and fast, these cubes are very comfy. I would prefer it they'd be of a bit more harder material, but i suppose this product is meant to be soft. Currently you can essentially pack this cube into a football shape, because it fits as much as you have strength to push in :). Maybe if they'd be harder i'd complain that i want them to be softer, because currently i can shove them in any angle or position in the suitcase, which is actually a huge plus. I like that the mesh material on top allows air circulation and zippers have comfortable long tags on them. They glide well and so far haven't broken (more than a year of active use). We have different colored sets for every family member, the wife (me) has red, the husband black and the baby pink. Very easy to distinguish when using them while traveling.
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on November 21, 2011
I used these primarily for travel. The benefits are absolutely obvious for smart travelers. If you need something from your bag, you no longer have to sort through a bunch of loose clothing. It's nice to compartmentalize.

Regarding the quality of these bags, having bought from several other brands, and of several other sizes, I've got to say these are the best I've used. I use them in my MEI bag, and I usually pack two at the bottom of the bag with clothes.

I do think that these are great for clothes. However, I don't use them for toiletries or for other misc. travel items. I need something a bit smaller for that. So you may want to get a variety pack or diversify.
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on January 2, 2013
These packing cubes have made it so much more easy to unpack and repack a suitcase! I have different sizes, but use the Medium the most for my clothing. Two Medium packing cases fit nicely side-by-side in a carry-on suitcase. I can pack 3-4 days worth of clothes in 2 cubes. Since these cubes help keep clothes from shifting around in a suitcase, I find that my clothing does not wrinkle as much. The cubes are lightweight and take up very little additional space. I would highly recommend them.
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I got these to organize a large single compartment backpack while traveling. Only downside is if you ever need to have your bag searched, they will ruin your meticulous packing and search through these too - but there's really no way around that... Very handy to keep the clean clothes from the dirty.
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on January 18, 2012
I purchased these for an upcoming fishing trip to Patagonia, where we will be changing lodging every 2-3 days. This is a repeat trip and I was searching for an alternative to the constant packing and unpacking, which results in all the clothing ending up in a mess. Each of the medium size is sufficient to hold 2 days of fishing clothing, underwear, and socks (mostly nylon) and appears to be a perfect solution. They appear well made and are very light weight. I now have everything pre-packed by location (numbered 1-3 on the outside). Wish I'd discovered them a few years ago. The medium size is perfect for this, but if you have bulkier clothing such as jeans and heavy cotton shirts, you would probably need the large size. To give you a perspective on the medium size, four of these will nicely fill a roll-on suitcase.
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on October 30, 2012
I bought the mixed-size set with vague notions of organizing my bags, and they work better than I'd hoped.

I pack one day's clothes in each medium cube: pants, polo shirt, underwear, socks, and have a bit of room left over. I use a small cube for light clothing sets (same as previous, but shorts instead of pants).

My carry-on is a medium duffel bag, which handily carries a full day's clothes, a light clothing set for sleeping (mesh exercise shorts and a t-shirt), my toiletry bag, with about half the bag left for whatever else I might want to carry on. The medium cubes fits horizontally perfectly, the small fits cross-wise. A Maxpedition Tactical Toiletry Kit (although I'm not sure what makes it tactical aside from the manufacturer) is very close to the size of a small packing cube; I will probably get one so that it stacks better than my old-style toiletry bag in the duffel.

My suitcase is packed much the same, just with more cubes.

The great part about this is that it's easy to pull just one set of clothes out if you're switching hotels or otherwise on the move. Also, I repack the worn clothes and lay those cubes face-down; that tells me clean (face-up) or dirty, as well as providing a bit of a barrier (in case of being sweaty or something).

The only downside is they do feel kinda flimsy, and have small zippers. These wouldn't take well, I think, to being overstuffed. Given my one day per cube packing, though, I just don't see it being an issue.
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on May 12, 2013
The dimensions, as per the label, for the 3 piece set are:
Small cube - 11" x 6.75" x 3";
Medium cube - 13.75" x 9.75" x 3";
Large cube - 17.5" x 12.75" x 3.25".
The color I got - tangerine - is a bright yellow-orange. Really vibrant. Haven't used them yet but I think they will work out well.
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on November 30, 2012
I bought these prior to a month long trip to China. I wanted to conserve luggage space, and these bags do the trick nicely. It will reduce clothing bulk, especially for sweaters and coats, to one third the normal volume.

It's true that the slide tab comes off too easily, but it's simple to re-attach.

My only disappointment is that the maid at our first hotel in Beijing must have thought that the bag was a throwaway, because when I returned to the room, it was missing. After returning from the trip, however, I immediately ordered another set.

This is a simple solution to a common travel problem.
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