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on March 18, 2015
I ordered two of these bags for a family trip last summer. We went on a two week trip to France to visit friends. I love efficiency packing, and the challenge of packing for a 2 week trip in only carry on bags is actually my idea of a good time. Using packing cubes, I was able to do that without an issue. Had the weather been remotely normal for August in France, I would have been golden...but unseasonably cool temps and lots of rain necessitated purchasing a few more items of warmer clothing for myself and the kids than what you see pictured in the original pack (see photos). I was able to fit the clothing I purchased there in the bag, so the bag would have accommodated the full requirement of clothing, it was only my initial packing that was inadequate, not the bag itself.

I packed a single bag for myself and our two children (ages 3 and 1). The second bag was my husband's. Mens clothing always takes up more space, so he needed an entire bag for himself. I've attached photos of the contents of the bags, as well as how it fits on me. I'm 5'7" with a small frame. I didn't take a photo of my son's clothing before I put it in the cube, but it was comparable to my daughter's kit and also fit in one small packing cube. I was able to pack 4 small cubes (2 for me and 1 for each child), 3 mesh pencil cases packed with underwear and swimsuits, toiletries and makeup, laundry supplies, a hair towel, 3 pairs of shoes, an extra scarf, belt, travel hair dryer, journal, and travel documents. I also folded a tote bag into the backpack, and I used this as a go-to bag on the long flight. Diapering supplies, snacks, and blankets were kept in the storage compartment of a Kelty child-carrier pack. Since that pack had to be stored overhead, I pulled out my tote bag, took a few supplies from the Kelty pack, and moved them into them into the tote, which fit nicely under the airline seat with easy access to these immediate supplies. When on the move, we were able to remain hands free.

The versatility of carry options allowed us flexibility as to how we carried the bags and our children. I cannot tell you the peace of mind that came with truly having everything I might have needed in the cabin with us. Comfort-wise, this bag is not as comfortable as a true backpacking backpack, but I don't think its reasonable to expect that and to have the flexibility this bag provides as a piece of true luggage. It's a trade off, and well worth it. Having hands free on a long trip was a godsend, and the lack of retractable handle-associated hardware really frees up a lot of space inside the bag, in comparison to a roll-aboard style carry-on. Imagine navigating international airports with two little ones and the associated toileting/diapering/eating...handsfree is a must.

I've also used this bag and filled it up for just myself for 4 day trips to weddings. In those instances, the focus is less on efficiency and more on having everything I need for different events/activities/+more beauty supplies than I use in my everyday wear. From reading other reviews, it seems that the company backs its prodcut to the hilt. I am confident these will get a lot of use in our household, and be durable enough to see our kids through their first "grown up" trip across the pond, years down the road.
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on April 27, 2016
I've never purchased a backpack on Amazon before. This is a first time. I actually looked up a lot of backpacks for traveling and all of the reviews led me to this bag. Why this bag? This bag has everything you need in a backpack and a suitcase. This bag has an accordion style packing system that allows you to pack enough stuff in it and still look like you have very little in the bag.

Looks: This looks like your regular every day style backpack but, its a bit bigger than it. This bag is perfect for the weekend trip or if you're traveling to another continent.

Size: This bag is perfect for people that don't want to check a bag at the airport. It does have the ability to fit in the overhead compartment for both domestic and international flights. This is great for people that are looking to save money on baggage fees(I am one of them). This bag does accommodate enough room to use packing cubes(I highly recommend using those as well!!!!). You still have enough room to pack a bit more with the packing cubes in place.

Overall: I don't know what I would do without this bag. I use to use a large roller suitcase now, I let my girlfriend use that and I use this and I couldn't be any more satisfied or happy. Seriously this is the perfect bag/backpack for the traveler, especially the traveler going to Europe trying to save a dime.

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on May 26, 2011
Debated back & forth on whether to purchase this or the Rick Steves convertible backpack for my son's 3 week trek through Europe. Saw the other seemed to have quality issues, so I took a chance on the ebags Mother Lode Weekender, as I was impressed with their lifetime warranty. The twisted poly material seems very durable (looks in appearance like ballistic nylon, but smoother), and the black makes for an attractive bag. Seams are well reinforced, and there are lots of carrying options. Padded straps are very comfortable. Didn't realize when I ordered that it came with a separate padded strap that you can attach to carry over your shoulder if you choose. Also didn't know that it had an expandable zipper option, which is what I was hoping for. Outside pocket is also very deep, so plenty of room for packing. Lots of large & small storage compartment areas (even a pull out water bottle holder) - possibly more than one would use, but good to know they're there, as are the built in dividers. All that can only help keep one more organized & make it much easier to get through security. Four outer compression straps can really cinch down your pack. Plenty of room for his 15" laptop, if he takes it, although that would add to the weight. The only concern I have would be whether the heavy plastic clips will withstand the test of time, but I imagine if not, the warranty will take care of that. There's a great video on the ebags website that shows you how to best utilize all the compartments/features.
Follow-up: One year later - we have used this bag on a few different trips (I borrowed it when my husband & I went to Italy last fall. We took that, 1 small rolling bag & a drawstring bag for a 10 day trip & were set). The backpack really is well made; I was very impressed & have recommended it to others without hesitation.
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on October 6, 2014
I have now used this backpack for about a year of traveling North America, Europe and Asia, and in most respects it is perfect. I have lived out of this backpack for over 6 months at a time, having room for everything I need.

**The Pros**: Almost everything; the layout, zippers that lock, easy access to laptop & liquids when passing through airports, durability and much more.

**The Pro tip**: Get the eBags Packing Cubes. The medium sized ones fit perfectly in the main compartment. I would recommend getting a 3 pack of the Medium ones, and the combination pack with 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large. I use the 4 mediums for my clothes and a few other things in the main compartment. The big one I will bring in the main compartment as well. While empty at first, clothes will gradually move from the medium cubes into the larger one as laundry. The small cube I'd recommend using for electronics, adapters, charger, etc. Either place it in the outer compartment if you need easy access, or inside one of the medium cubes in the main compartment.

**The Con**: It's only one thing missing that would make this backpack 100% perfect, but it's kind of a biggie. The lack of a decent hip belt. Most of the time it's not an issue (when carrying the backpack for up to 60 minutes at a time), but the backpack was really killing me when I did a 4-5 hour trek to cross a Timorese island. I wish eBags would at least offer this as an accessory. Although it's not needed for most shorter trips or urban trips, it's reason enough for me to consider a competitor such as the Tortuga backpack if this one ever needs replacing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 16, 2015
OVERALL RECOMMENDATION: Do your travels a favor and ditch your rolling carry on luggage in favor of backpack-style bags like these and/or the Rick Steve's convertible bags (both of which are great and have their own strengths, see below). We travel for work and internationally for pleasure a lot, often fairly rugged trips under challenging conditions. I cannot imagine doing so without the ability to throw all of my luggage on my back in a bag like this. Plus they have turned into invaluable ice skate bags, ski gear bags, etc. We have 8 or 9 backpacks like this in heavy rotation for our family for various purposes, and three of them are well-loved eBAGs like this (both full carry on, and daypack sized for the "personal item" that is usually allowed)

PROS of this bag:

- Carries far more than a regular carry on

- Efficient use of space with compartments and zippered sections.

- Worried about bedbugs in hotels? We are, and you probably should be too (yes, they live in even in some of the best hotels). We always throw our clothes in the wash & dryer on high, and toss these bags straight in the dryer on high setting for 10 minutes, immediately when we get home from any trip to completely eliminate the potential for infesting our home with those critters. Plus these bags can be collapsed and kept in the bathroom in hotels more easily than rigid backs (bedbugs are less likely to hang out in bathrooms)

- Great back support, and comfortable to wear. I do not have a great back -- I seem to throw it out every year or so. I can handle two weeks of clothes and supplies jammed in this bag easily enough. It has more structure than the Rick Steve's bags (which I also like), so is better for your back, as things do not tend to shift down to the bottom and backwards.

- Incredibly strong; they seem indestructible, and have held up for years for us without any problems


- None that I know of. This is a great product with innovated design that makes travelling easier. I LOVE it!


- If you decide you MUST have a rolling option, at least get a soft-sided backpack rolling carry on bag, which companies (including eBAGS and Rick Steves, are increasingly offering.) Make no mistake -- the rolling backpacks entail big compromises compared to these: they are way more expensive and have parts that can break; you can't fit nearly as much in them; the wheels add considerable weigh; you can't throw them in the washer or dryer to protect against beadbugs. But it is certainly better than a regular rolling bag for many purposes, including use on cobblestone or dirt streets, crowded areas, or when you need your hands free for any reason, it can be very useful to have the option of getting your bag off the ground and onto your back, even if you ultimately use the wheels most of the time. I did give in and purchase one Rick Steve's Rolling Backpack for my young daughter who wasn't ready for a filled backpack on her back, and it has been a good bag for her.

COMPARISON of eBAGS convertible vs. Rick Steve Europe Through the Backdoor backpack bags:

- After years of devotion to the Rick Steve's Convertible Backpack bags (sometimes available on Amazon, and always available on his Europe Through the Backdoor website), we have made the switch to buying these eBAGS when we need more these days. I can fit a bit less in the eBags, and they are a tad heavier, but they also feel somewhat better on our backs because they have more structure to them, thereby keeping the contents from shifting down to the bottom when put in a backpack position. The eBags look a bit smaller and more professional, and the fabric stays looking nicer/newer on them. That said, if you are on the market for two bags, I would recommend getting one of each type. They both are good innovative bags, so a lot of it is a matter of taste. My husband has a strong preference for the eBAG, and I find that I am pretty happy with both, sometimes needing the extra size flexibility on the Rick Steve's bag to the superior weight distribution benefits of the eBag.
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on February 16, 2017
Wasn't sure about this bag but I wanted to try it. I survived a 2 1/2 week trip around Europe in the middle of winter with this bag! Definitely invest in packing bags/cubes as well, because they really can keep you organized with a backpack and lots of items. There were so many compartments, and I was able to use TSA locks to securely store my items in my bag. Highly recommend if you don't need a true backpacking bag. It also fits in the overhead and under seat compartments in airplanes, even when stuffed full!

Side note: my entire family was jealous and is planning to buy these.
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on September 8, 2016
The best travel bag hands down. I spent a summer in Europe and after researching tirelessly, I finally purchased this bag. It was perfect. Now my family owns three. I don't check luggage, ever. I spent six weeks with this bag and a small messenger bag and it was completely adequate. On shorter trips I take only this bag. The compartments are easy to access even when reaching into an overhead bin on a full flight. The pockets are incredibly useful, and the option to safely carry a laptop is wonderful. It packs like a regular suitcase. The compression straps on both the inside and outside are ingenious. And there's always that moment when you have a much needed water bottle, but need to be hands free - viola' - a water bottle pouch pops out and on you go. The handles on the top, side, and bottom front are another piece of brilliant design. It's so easy to grab and move. Nothing is better than to throw it on your back and travel across country, through train stations, up and down stairs and cobbled streets. Plus, there are some places where you don't want your luggage to touch the ground. I will never haul a roller carry-on around with me again. E-bags, please, never stop making this bag.
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on July 29, 2014
My hubby and I couldn't decide between this pack and the osprey farpoint 40, so we decided to get one of each for our 3 week treck through Europe. We were in planes, trains, cars, and buses and this bag held up great. Fits tons of stuff without difficulty and we really only had it partially loaded. Only complaint was that this pack truly lacks when it came to padding and support. The waist belt is essentially worthless and the shoulder pads get loaded down pretty quickly. It's fine for short amount of time but after 3 miles of walking, our backs were screaming. That being said.. Although I loved the price, compartments, looks and overall user friendliness of this bag, for our next trip we will be trading in the mother load for 2 osprey packs with good shoulder and back support. The osprey farpoint 40 wins out!
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on January 20, 2016
In addition to being the most versatile and easy to carry pack/bag/suitcase I own, eBags' customer service can't be beat. I lost one side of the chest strap and contacted eBags to see about purchasing a replacement. I was fully prepared to pay for the small strap, but they said they'd cover it under the lifetime warranty (I bought it 4 years ago). An hour later, I got an email saying they didn't have the strap I needed in stock, so they're sending me a whole new pack. Today the pack arrived.
They've earned my business and then some. eBags will be my first stop for ay sort of bag or pack I might need, assuming I ever come across a situation the TLS isn't perfectly suited for.
FWIW, I routinely use this for overnight trips, and as my carry on when flying. I can pack for up to 5 or 6 days without having to use the expansion zipper. Well designed, well built, and backed up by state of the art customer service.
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on August 27, 2016
This bag is amazing! My boyfriend and I got these bags for our two week trip to Europe. It was clearly designed by someone who travels often with the different pockets and easy accessibility. We loved how easy it was to carry all over and it fit all of the storage on planes, trains, buses, etc. We were so happy to have such a durable, comfortable bag on such a long trip.

It is about the size of a small carryon, rolling bag, I've provided a side by side picture. It is easy to fit in storage bins. The straps on each side help narrow the bag if needed. Since the bag is canvas, it is really easy to squish down. There is a mesh pocket on the inside of the bag that I used to carry 3 sandals, 1 pair of sandals, 1 beach bag, 2 swim suits, and a rain jacket. The main compartment held a lot of cloths, I recommend getting the packing cubes along with this bag for optimal storage. There are two straps that lock down the cubes, which really frees up a lot of space. I was able to back 2 large packing cubes and 1 medium cube in the center of the bag, plus my bulky headphone case, toiletry bag, inflatable neck pillow bag.

I loved all the different pockets that allowed for easy, yet accessible storage of documents, chargers, personal items. I stored a small cube in the front pocket without an issue. Plus there is another pocket in the back, which could be used for a laptop, but I used it for my dirty laundry bag. I would put in the laundry and roll up the bag, it wasn't even noticeable while carrying. In another front pocket, I stored the shoulder handle and a waterproof bag cover.
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