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on February 11, 2016
I was a little skeptical at first due to the shape of it. But oh my gosh it carries everything and I mean everything I need when I'm out on the road. I'm a flight attendant and so I don't have any liquid restrictions. So I was worried about certain odd shaped bottles and tubes I carry that wouldn't fit. But it all fits! I definitely recommend it to all my flight attendant friends and anyone who travels as much as I do. Don't let the shape fool you. It holds quite a bit. There's a pocket for everything you may need it for. I may just have to order another one. Fits flat right into my roller bag too. I'm very happy. I picked the green because it's my favorite color. You won't regret the purchase!
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– multiple compartments
– quality material
– very slim
– a lot of zippers
– fits in a backpack or small suitcase/overnight bag
– holds everything I needed(sonicare toothbrush, Panasonic razor to name a few big items)

– bigger than I expected/big and flat
– some of the pockets are so small I'm not sure what you would even put in them
– I just hope it doesn't rip over time when I stuff it full of everything

when I would travel I used to just use a clear plastic bag that came with my luggage… You know the one that snaps in. This worked great but when I arrived to the hotel it didn't hang and it really only had one large compartment where everything intermingled. This would sometimes result in shampoos or soaps leaking and perhaps getting on my toothbrush or razor. I was really looking for something that could separate my items, have a hanger built-in, and have no problem fitting in multiple sizes of luggage. I browsed around a lot and landed on the eBags toiletry kit. This works very well because it has multiple compartments, a ton of zippers, hanging ability, it lays flat, fits in most luggage, and appears to be made out of a material that won't rip. I included some pictures with some of the items I put in the bag to help you decide.
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on March 26, 2017
I bought this product about 3 years ago. I travel domestically for 14 days per month for work and abroad, on average, 10 days per quarter for pleasure. I've used this toiletry kit to organize my products every trip. It's held up beautifully, overtime, and still looks exactly the same as when it arrived. It's easy to clean, cheap, durable and oh so functional. More than a few times my products have burst due to inflight pressure changes or leaked for whatever reason and nothing has ever spilled out of the kit soiling my clothing. I love that it packs flat and has a carrying handle. It's super durable, made of water resistant materials, with YKK zippers, and what look to me like reinforced seams. I expect this thing to last, at least, another decade. The only flaws I've found are that it doesn't hold all of my products when I take an extended trip - like a month or greater. But, that's mainly because I'm a product junkie. Also, the removable hook is not useful to me as it's not practical for me to hang the kit in the shower or bathroom. Anyway, it's a great item and I'm glad I bought it. If it ever falls apart or gets lost, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another one.

**The attached photos are what I usually pack for a two week trip. Everything's still kinda grungy because my return flight landed last night.**
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on November 28, 2015
This bag is so great. I've taken it on two trips so far. I pack a lot of stuff and in the past I've used bulky utility kits that I really had to do a lot of planning for to fit in my suitcase. This one lies flat and is the size of a pair of folded jeans. The compartment on the far left is lined with a thick clear plastic and holds side-by-side 5+ travel-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, styling lotion, deodorant, and hand lotion. The far right compartment is just the right size for a toothbrush and full-sized toothpaste. Next to that is an expandable compartment that holds makeup - foundation, compact, brushes, mascara, eye pencils. The middle compartment is very versatile. It has a small zippered net bag for things like dental floss, hair ties, tea bags, advil packets, bandaids, and tiny scissors. Behind that, you can slide in short items such as a box of q-tips and a packet of wipes. And then behind that, there is space for longer things, like for a tube of handcream, 4 oz. of face wash, a full-sized comb and brush. There is yet another mesh zippered bag on the underside of the middle flap that I haven't actually needed, but would hold a deck of cards and a wine opener. I bought the aquamarine color which is bright and vibrant. Love it!
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on January 1, 2017
I usually group my liquids into ziplock bags and wanted something easier to pack up and leave when traveling. So I found this product! The first one I received had a hole along the middle compartment zipper and I had issues returning it with the seller, but luckily Amazon customer service is awesome and helped me out.

I used this with my carry on luggage for an international flight. The toiletry bag took up one half my luggage with one end curved up slightly (doesn't lay flat). It had room for one t shirt or so on top of it. It's rather big (I thought it was smaller via images online) and heavy once everything is loaded. I didn't use the hanging function, but I have a feeling it won't stand up well. None of my products leaked, so I can't say anything about the plastic lined compartment. There is a bit of tetris involved to get everything flat and zipped. It held enough essential product for 2 people.

It takes more planning to pack since it requires it's own space vs my old pack and toss into whatever space I had. It's overall okay, it's nice to have everything in one bag, but I would prefer something more sleek with better dimensions. I think it should do well in larger luggage, but if you are looking to travel light with just a carryon + backpack, then it might not be for you.
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on March 25, 2016
This is this first toiletry bag that I've bought in this flattened shape, which was the attraction to begin with. I like it. Makes packing much easier. Just used it on a trip to Europe and found it quite convenient. Great organizer. I never found my stuff coming out when hanging like some reviewers complained. Of course I tried not to overpack it and used smaller bottles, easily enough for a two week trip. For my makeup brushes, pencils, etc., I used Kokuyo NeoCritz pencil case (also on Amazon) which worked out great because all you need to do is unzip the case and it stands up right on the sink! All in all, I like this pack it flat toiletry case. Nice quality at a fair price.
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on February 1, 2013
This bag is the exact width of a carry on sized bag and work with their packing system. It's actually larger than I need for toiletries so I use the side pockets to carry all my small items like chargers. The hook is too small to go over many poles in various bathrooms.
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eBags makes great stuff, and I purchased this after buying a number of packing cubes. I wanted a lower-profile toiletry kit, but was concerned (as a woman who has lots of "stuff" and also packs my SOs toiletries when traveling) that it wouldn't fit everything that's typically in my 3-fold standard toiletry case. Not so!

It's a bit less "organized" than I like (pockets and pouches galore is my standard preference), but there are enough compartments to separate things out sufficiently. Seems well made and all the zippers and pulls are heavy duty.
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on September 26, 2016
I bought this to add to my backpacking collection for when I travel abroad. I wanted a toiletry kit big enough to hold all of my things in one place so that when I'm going back and forth to hostel bathrooms, I can just bring one thing with me. This fits the bill for that. It's big enough to handle my overpacking tendencies but it's well-designed and flat so that I can more easily stack it in my backpack on top of other things. The side zipper pockets can also expand if you want to add extra space.

The only reason I knocked a star off is because it's not designed particularly well for flying. The watertight plastic section on the side is long and narrow rather than wide, so it means that you can't just stick your Ziploc bag in there and pull it out easily. My Ziploc fits nicely in the center section, but I'm using that for other things. The minor annoyance of having to take things in and out of a Ziploc when flying definitely isn't enough to dissuade me from buying this.
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on January 28, 2018
This is the BEST toiletry bag that I have ever used. It has lots of room to store all my cosmetic needs ( and I have many). The end zipper case was large enough to fit my electric tooth brush case and two small tubes of tooth paste. The other zipper end fit four ( I use different brands of mascara ) tubes of mascara, two eyeliners pencils, a brow pencil, a lash comb, and two lip pencils. Next to this zipper section, I fit four containers of BareMinerals 0.03 oz size. I was also able to fit a case with my make-up brushes in the middle compartment. There was still plenty of room left for other miscellaneous items. This bag fit into my suitcase easily. I did not have to unpack the travel bag to use the items inside. It made cruise traveling so much easier and kept all my items organized. I plan to buy another one of these travel bags to organize my medicines and electronics and other items for traveling instead of a bunch of clear containers that have to be constantly packed and unpacked and reorganized.
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