Customer Reviews: eBags Packing Cubes - 3pc Set
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on October 10, 2010
These are great packing cubes. I purchased the grasshopper color to compliment my Eagle Creek packing cubes. The material and the dimensions are slightly different than the Eagle Creek but I use both interchangeably. The mesh is great for both seeing whats in the cube and breathability. I recommend packing cubes to anyone using carry on luggage and/or wanting to be organized. I use the medium sized cube packed in an Osprey Backpack for an entire weekend away. Handles a 2 dresses, 2 capris,4 shirts, bathing suit and cover-up, underwear, swimsuit with room to spare.
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on April 24, 2008
This was my second set of packing cubes - my fiance stole my first set because they are so useful. When traveling, they keep everything separate and can do double duty as laundry bags on the way back. When not traveling, I use them as a sweater box. Very useful.
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For our last trip overseas, I bought the plastic bags that you put your clothes in and squeeze the air out of in order to condense the size. For my purposes, they worked well, though 1) they are a bit awkward to use, 2) they come from Target, and 3) they lack any aesthetic taste.

Then I found these eBags.

I'm not even sure how I came across them; probably by surfing Amazon one night while bored.

Anyhow, people were praising these bags as if they were extra leg room on an eight-hour flight.

So I bought them.

I bought the 3-piece packing cube set (raspberry, which isn't a bad description of the color, though it lacks any sign of masculinity ... should that be a concern for you).

The bags are sturdy, with a zipper that goes all the way across the top, and all the way down the sides. There is also a hoop on the bottom, should you want to hang the bag from a closet, shower head, or a tree.

They are lightweight, but durable, with two see-through mesh screens on each side. Thus, your belongings are tastefully covered, but you can also look inside to see what you put in there. The mesh also helps you to compress the air out of the bag, though not as efficiently as those Target plastic bags.

These work well for organization, as you can prioritize where you put what. As such, they are more for convienence than for allowing for more room in your suitcase/travel bag.

Anyhow, I've used them for local trips and they work well. I was hoping for better compression ability---there's a reference to my plastic Target bags again---but they get the job done.

Happy and safe travels!
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on March 26, 2013
These packing cubes have revolutionized the way I pack and travel. I used to pack by throwing articles of clothing into a suitcase (my clothes, kids' clothes, bathing suits, shoes, etc.) over the course of two days and then having to take everything out of the suitcase to inventory what I had and had not yet packed. Upon arriving at our destination we would dump the suitcase and sort through the piles of clothes to find what we needed.

Now... each family member has their own color packing cube - it usually takes 3-4 small cubes or 2-3 large ones per person for a week's worth of clothes. I know by looking at the cubes what is already packed and can easily sort clothing by person once we arrive at our destination. The cubes fit easily into a suitcase and add almost no weight to your luggage. They have handles on the one side so they are easy to get in and out of suitcases, and can be thrown into the car or carried around loose easily. These bags are also great for storing off-season clothing.

Regarding bag sizes:

SMALL (3 x 11 x 6.8 in): I use the small cubes for baby/toddler clothing or for adult socks, underwear, etc.. I can fit about 4 pairs of pants and 4 shirts/sweaters (more if they are thin or warm-weather items) in one small bag; or a weeks worth of adult bras & panties; or a weeks worth of socks. On summer trips, I use a small bag for the kid's bathing suits so the swimming gear is all in one place. Then when we unpack the bathing suit cube to swim, I put dry clothes into it and put it in the pool bag so we have it handy after they are done swimming. This size is good for isolating 1-2 complete kids' outfits (pants, shirt, undies, socks, sweater) in case you are making an overnight stop on your way somewhere and only need to unpack one change of clothes instead of busting out the whole suitcase (or even for keeping an extra change of clothes in the trunk of your car for every-day spills/accidents). I slide them into my suitcase (standard carry-on size rolling suitcase) handles-up you can fit 5-6 across. This is definitely the most versatile size cube and the one I use the most.

MEDIUM (3 x 9.8 x 13.8 in): The medium bags are a good match for children's clothing. I usually use medium cubes for my 5-year-old's clothes. I can fit 4-5 pairs of pants and 4-5 tops in one medium bag (I pack the stack of pants and stack of tops side-by-side). This size is also good for adult dresses - you can fit 1-3 dresses in a bag, depending on size/season. You can fit about 4 medium bags in a standard carry-on rolling suitcase.

LARGE (3.2 x 12.8 x 17.5 in): I use the large bags for adult clothing (4-5 pants and 4-5 tops or several bulky sweaters and jeans). I usually use one or two of these bags for my pants, shirts, sweaters, etc. and then use small or medium bags for the rest. You can usually only fit 2 of these large cubes into a suitcase. They are pretty big bags, and start to become unwieldy if you pack them really full - and at that point I figure I might as well just put the clothes directly in the suitcase. However, this would be a good "overflow" bag if your suitcase is full and you still have items left to pack. I will sometimes pack 2 blankets in one of these large bags and throw it in the bag of the car for our trip. I have only 2-3 of the large cubes and that is plenty.
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on December 15, 2011
I liked everything except the dimensions. There are 3 bags with the following dimensions.

11" x 6.75" x 3"
27.9cm x 17.2cm x 7.6cm

13.75" x 9.75" x 3"
34.9cm x 24.8cm x 7.6cm

17.5" x 12.75" x 3.25"
44.5cm x 32.4cm x 8.3cm

I somehow felt bad when I received the product due to the photo and missing dimensions. Otherwise the product quality is just great, which is why I refrained from returning.
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on November 2, 2011
I echo what all the other reviewers have posted. Recently used 1 set of a small, medium, and large eBags with a 22-inch carry-on. They worked great! As another reviewer has said, "if you cannot travel for a week with what you can fit in these three bags, you are carrying too much." I have already ordered another set for my wife.
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on July 5, 2009
I was hesitant about the usefulness of these cubes (or packing cubes in general), but they really did make packing easier and more efficient. The eBags ones are made of thin material--light but durable, with high-quality zippers that haven't even threatened to jam yet.
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on May 14, 2012
I have been using various packing cubes for a number of years. I ordered these as a great way to have a color-coded bag system. At the time of the order I was very frustrated due to lack of data--I was suspicious that the "large" was too big, but I could not see enough product information to tell.

I have just received two sets of these. The "large" is VERY large. You would need to have a VERY large suitcase to make this a logical way to pack, and by putting many different things into one of them, you lose the entire benefit of organization. The other two are the correct sizes and are "ok", but not of the quality of Eagle Creek or Rick Steves (which I didn't expect) or Target--which I was hoping for. If they were all usable sizes, I would keep them, because they would probably do the job adquately.

I will sadly be returning them if they don't charge a big return fee--I really wanted "grasshopper" and "red"!

In general, the correct sizes of packing cubes are the most efficient way to pack! I didn't try them when they first came out because I was afraid I would "lose" all those edges and spaces in between where I could put so much, but the cubes have worked out incredibly well for moving about. It may be less important if you are only going to sleep in one place, but I still use them for that as well because I can organize tops, pants, undies, etc. (and they stay nicely folded). I can still put a few things things in between (like flip-flops, etc.). They also work to compress if you overfill the cube, press down, and pull the zipper closed--You can probably compress an inch if the bag is well packed.

For moving about--there's nothing to match it. No searching for anything--it's all in it's own small "drawers". And going home is so simple; empty as many as it takes and pack your dirty clothes in those and combine clean things. At home, all you have to do is take the correct cubes to the laundry room and sort! Seminar over...
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on July 5, 2012
I had never used packing cubes before and bought these for a 6 week trip to Europe. I was a little concerned about the size of the bags since I am 6 foot and over 250 lbs and have larger xxl clothes. However these worked great. In the small one I had 5 pairs of underwear and 5 pairs of socks, in the medium one I had 7 shirts, and in the large one 3 pairs of shorts 2 pairs of pants, one swim trunk and one long sleeve shirt. It is amazing how much you can fit in these, and the more tight fitting it is the better because the clothes don't move around and are therefore less wrinkled. You do have to figure out the best way to fold your clothes so that they fit the shape of the cube efficiently. We stayed in over 22 different hotels and these made it easy to to pack and unpack, especially for one night hotel stays. I would just pull the 3 cubes out of my bag and toss them in a drawer or closet and be done (my brother who was traveling with me did not use the cubes and he was constantly disorganized and his bag looked like a mess all the time). The cubes also make it much easier to deal with your suitcase or travel backpack when in tight quarters such as a sleeper train. You can get to things in your bag without fumbling through all your clothes. I will always travel with these from now on. They were a life saver. They are also well built. I had many things break over the 6 weeks of hellish European travel (including, planes, 30+ train rides, too many subways/metros to count, buses, boats/ferries, and rental cars, as well as dragging a wheeled bag over miles and miles of cobbled stoned streets), but never had a problem with these. The zippers, the mesh, the seams are all high quality and I can use them for many more years and trips. The only issue with using these is one of functionality. AS you use your clean clothes from each cube, you don't want to put the dirty clothes back in with the clean ones. So I found myself placing dirty clothes into other small bags that got larger as the cubes got smaller until I could get to a laundry mat . I am going to buy a second set in another color, and use the first set for clean clothes and the other color for the dirty clothes which should help with this problem.
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on June 20, 2015
These packing cubes are awesome! I bought them to organize my medium size L.L. Bean duffle bag. I've had the duffle for 5 years and hated packing in it until now. I packed my items in the large cube, baby items in medium and flip flops and slippers in the small for our hospital stay when baby is born. As a family of almost 9 I can see us using them for day trips to grandparents house, etc. they are truly a space saver. What a great gift for anyone as well!!
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