Customer Reviews: eBags Slim Packing Cubes - 3pc Set
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on December 2, 2011

Keeps a suitcase organized, can't rave enough about that.




I bought this set along with the eBags Packing Cubes - 3pc Set both in Grasshopper. At 3 X 5 X 14 their size is actually a bit awkward for storing toiletries and not well suited to clothes, but they do span those long empty spaces that will appear in larger suitcases. As far as capacity, they can hold 2 pair in 6 rows of rolled medium size, medium weight adult sock for a total of 12 pairs or maybe 4 light weight tee shirts.

My biggest concern is durability. These bags have a noticeably thinner material and a blackish, foam like backing that rubs off and doesn't wash well. Furthermore, whatever thread was used shrinks, making them resemble scrunchies, so I'm worry the stitching will pop next time they are used. This is very different from the larger bags, which took the wash fine, have no blackish foam backing, and are a heavier material. Those I fully recommend (in fact, I just bought more of the medium and large when they went on sale), these I have reservations about.
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on October 8, 2011
I cannot say enough about this product! My husband stumbled across them before we took our (then) 14 month daughter on a trip to Disney World. I was looking for a way to keep all of us, but especially her, organized on the trip and luggage too. Particularly since we were changing resorts half way through. We bought 2 sets of these (one in Raspberry, one in Black) and the slim pack. My daughter's clothes all went into one of the medium cubes, my husband's stuff in the Black, mine in the Raspberry. We knew who's stuff belonged to who, which made it so easy to unpack in our resorts! The slim packs were used for a lot of my daughter's consumables (diapers, wipes, snacks) in the back pack/carry-on we used in place of carrying a bulky diaper bag through the parks and on the plane!
The cubes made the suitcases so much more organized, her snacks and diapers fit perfectly in the luggage and on the say home we are able to put souvenirs in the suitcases safely (no worrying about them slipping around!)
On our road trip this summer to Oklahoma (from Chicago), we used them a little differently, packing things we needed on our halfway point into the Raspberry ones, and the stuff we needed for the bulk of our trip (the 3 days in OK) in the black. We knew which cubes we needed where!
I even use them at home. The slim packs still are great for organizing the diaper bag and now that she's potty trained, we use them in her "bye bag" to keep her spare clothes handy! I store my "holiday socks" in one of the small ones, my sweaters in one of the big. And of course, they get used for every trip. I'm going to buy another color for my daughter to have her own when she gets a little bigger and has bigger clothes to pack!

These. Things. Are. AWESOME!
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on August 2, 2011
Q: Who knew that a thin piece of material and a zipper could make traveling more enjoyable?

A: The makers of the packing cubes and some of the customers who bought them!

Pencil me in the "Love them" column.

They helped me limit the amount of items I packed (I've always been an over packer), organize items better, keep things more wrinkle-free, keep the suitcase interior neater, made it easier to divide things up to travel in two suitcases (checked and carry on), keep items from getting messed up if my suitcase gets searched at the airport or port, find items easier, find items when not unpacking (one night pre-cruise hotel stay) and unpack at my destination (cruise ship).

I originally purchased - One 3-piece set of eBags Slim Packing Cubes and two 3-piece sets of eBags Mixed Packing Cubes (set includes 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small). Upon receiving them, I decided a couple more large sized bags would come in handy for dividing our clothes between cases, so I put in an order for one 3-piece set of eBags Large Packing Cubes.

I love all the sizes. There are so many uses for these bags...the majority of which I hadn't thought of until I saw the enclosed suggested uses sheet that was inside the shipment.
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on January 20, 2013
This is my second purchase of eBags Packing Cubes, it is an addition to the classic 3-piece set (One each: Small, Medium, and Large) and I've purchased other items designed/sold by eBags with great results every time.

The gusseted nylon shell is well designed and mesh top lets the clothes inside be gently compacted while the quality YYK zippers have yet to snag or jam after several years of use with the original set. This slim cube set has the same components and includes three of the same size, they are about 14" long, 5" wide, and allow for 2.75" of expansion. They are too shallow to use as shoe bags but will hold a pair of sandals/flip-flops nicely.

I intend to use this set of slim cubes for storing multiple small items, such as one for socks, one for underwear, and another to hold ties and belts when traveling. This model isn't wide enough to fold shirts, slacks, or blue-jeans into but that's what the medium and large bags in the Classic Set are for--and why these are a nice complement. (With the classic set, I use the large packing cube for several shirts and a sweater, the medium packing cube holds two pairs of folded jeans, and I decide to use the small one for either my socks, underwear, or undershirts, and it only holds a few. These slim cubes make room for socks and underwear in one, undershirts and accessories in the other.

The long & slim size is good for duffelbags, roll-on suitcases, or a large backpack.

Aside from helping to organize a suitcase or travel bag these cubes make airport inspections much quicker, choosing a wardrobe for the day quicker and less stressful (when the sweater you want to wear is on the bottom of your suitcase and to pull it out, you have to unpack/repack the bag again), keeping items from shifting/bunching at the side of a suitcase, and if you're staying a few nights in one location, you can move the packing cubes from your suitcase/travel bag to a dresser drawer or table and have your items neatly organized as if you were at home.

Highly Reccomended.
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on February 5, 2015
The product description and photos are misleading. I thought I would be receiving 3 slim packing cubes of the same size, but it's actually 3 different sizes. The smaller 2 are too small to pack many clothes, except maybe a few pairs of underwear. I reordered thinking it was maybe just a mistake, but the same thing happened. I will be sending these back.
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on June 28, 2009
I travel for work constantly. These cubes help me sort travel items and find things easily and quickly when I arrive at my destination. I have always hated travel items floating around aimlessly in my bag and never being able to find the adapter plugs without pulling everything else out first! You may also consider the larger cubes for your laundry while on trips.
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Cannot say enough good things about these durable organizers. They are made for luggage packing, but they could be used for lots of other uses such as stuff in the car, stuff for the gym, stuff for craft projects, stuff for office supplies, picnics, sewing supplies, art supplies, etc. etc. Each kid could have their own chosen color to organize themselves at home or on a trip.

There are different sizes available. I primarily use the slim packing cubes in my luggage for socks, underwear, vitamins, miscellaneous and electrical cords. There are two large zippers to access zipping from either side. The slim size fits well by laying on the side edge (4 across in my 26" spinner, two-sided luggage) or stacked up in the one compartment type luggage.

Each cube has a 'handle' which if needed can slip over a hanger in the hotel room. Also, keeping the cubes packed inside your hotel dresser drawer makes it easier to repack back into the luggage. Lastly, TSA tends to put things back the way they found them after they've riffled during their security searches.

Highly recommend these packing cubes. I have the cheerful grasshopper green. Hubby has the black for all his do-dads.
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on November 16, 2012
I bought one set of small, med., and large and one set of 3 slim cubes because I'm going on a tour in January that requires frequent moves from hotel to hotel. I am somehow unable to really pack light or to live out of a suitcase without having to totally refold and repack every day. Everything ultimately gets wrinkled and it is time consuming. So I took the cubes on a "test run" on a one week trip to Paris and I will never go on a trip without them again--even where I'm unpacking for the week. I was able to pack a "just in case they lose my luggage outfit" in the med. size cube, along with some other essentials, threw it into my tote bag, and everything arrived unwrinkled. I packed my underwear, accessories and toiletries in the slim cubes and just popped them into a drawer in the hotel without unpacking them. Likewise the sweaters and t-shirts in the large cube. Packing to come home took half the usual time. The large cube is good for a medium suitcase that you check--probably too big for a roll-aboard or other type of carry on. I thought I was a pretty good packer but I'm definitely a convert to the cubes!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 4, 2016
General comments on eBags packing cubes: Love these packing cubes! We have multiple sets of these - ones in green for me, ones in blue for my husband, and ones in yellow for our adult daughter (the various colors help when we all travel together). I have used them on multiple trips with a great deal of success. I like to pack light and travel with only a 22 inch roll-aboard and my purse/personal item. These have been wonderful in making that transition to packing light.

I can either roll or fold my clothing and then put them in the cubes, using them to compress the air out of the garments. I can also use the smaller ones for corralling chargers, power cords, jewelry, toiletries if I want. The bags are very well made and seem to be able to take a lot of strain along the seams without any damage and the zippers are strong. It is very important to me to be able to see the contents of the bag, so the mesh allows for that, plus gives the fabric in my clothes the opportunity to breathe.

I have used these in my small roll-aboard as well as in a small day pack that I used as my only luggage on a shorter trip. Since the day pack has one big, open compartment, these were critical in organizing my belongings and packing/unpacking was a breeze. If your luggage needs to be opened by the TSA screeners, these also keep your belongings from going everywhere as they look through your bag. I also like the fact then when in a hotel room (that may or may not be clean), you can put these directly in the drawers. I have always be hesitant to do that, particularly with more personal items, since I am a bit of a germaphobe.

A couple of personal preferences: 1) I chose brighter colors so they are obvious when scanning the hotel room upon departure.. Less chance of inadvertently leaving them behind. 2) I also have found the small/medium/slim cubes to be the best for light packing. The larger ones take up so much room that they don't utilize the space as well. If you travel with large suitcases, I am sure they would work for you.

Packing tip specific to the slim cubes: I usually take the slim cubes and pack underwear, socks, leggings, scarves, thin t-shirts, pjs in them. I then place the thin side down into the valleys created by the trolley handles. By doing this, the side with the handle is facing up which allows me to pull it out easily. It also is a good way to not waste the space in the valleys that would be lost if you start by just laying loose items into the bag. There is about an inch or so left between the cubes (when looking down onto the open suitcase). I use these spaces to stash mesh bags of power cords/chargers, some extra snacks or gum (also in a mesh bag), a small jar of powdered Tide, inflatable hangers, a small daypack, and any other smaller items. The slim cubes are short enough that I can place shoes at one end and a small or medium packing cube of pants and jeans placed on its side at the other end.. I still had enough room on top of everything to lay my bathroom toiletries bag and 3-1-1- liquids bag, with a fleece jacket zipped in the top compartment. By using this method, I was able to pack for two weeks in London, Cape Town SA, and a 4 day safari near Kruger Park (all requiring slightly different clothing). Obviously I did some laundry in the sink, but I actually had more clothes and miscellaneous items than I needed. Packing cubes made all the difference. I can't recommend them highly enough!
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on December 28, 2012
I live on one coast and the love of my life lives on the other which simply means I fly, a lot. And that's not even counting any trips I take for work. These packing cubes have become indispensable. I love them!

They are a fairly awkward size and initially I thought to myself "What am I going to use these for?". That was until I fit them into my carry on luggage. It fits perfectly! (will upload picture later). I've seen some complaints about the strange size in other reviews and I would agree, if you're using checked baggage look at other sizes. For carry on luggage, these are absolutely perfect.

Speaking of carry on, these are incredibly light weight so no worrying about extra fees for heavy baggage (or simply lugging that thing across the airport!). They're also incredibly durable and come with a handle for easily pulling them out, carrying them around, or whatever you need to do. I love the open mesh window so I never forget what's in them.

I use mine for 1)underwear 2)socks and 3) dirties of aforementioned usually. Other ideas are shoes (worked great for me), odds and ends, souvenirs, and large bottles like full sized shampoo and conditioner bottles.
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