Customer Reviews: eBags Small Packing Cubes - 3pc Set
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on June 5, 2013
For international vacations which involve changing hotels frequently along a tour route over an approximately 10-day period, using these cubes has relieved the strain of keeping my touring life organized. I bought two sets (1 small, 1 medium) and these worked very well. Here's how I used them: Small: (1) all lingerie, socks, camisoles, bras; (2) hair brushes and rollers (3) one travel book, pens and post-its, maps, etc. I.e., a mini-travel desk. Medium: (1) t-shirts (2) scarves and other accessories wrapped individually in tissue; (3) don't remember what I did with the third one at the moment.

In addition, I purchased two other sets of containers: (1) a set of sturdy, heavy clear "ziplocks" packing envelopes; (2) a set of colored mesh zippered storage bags which were used for electronic cables, etc.

The packing cubes and the ziplocks and mesh bags together provided a complete method of organizing the contents of my suitcase so that I could see what was contained in each and nothing was loose and lost anywhere in my bags.

I was afraid I would be sorry to have invested my limited funds in these items but they were overwhelmingly rewarding and I am so glad I took the chance on them. It made a huge difference. Prior to using these, at the end of one of these international tours, I have in the past felt tired of hotels, drained, and I might even say eager to return home. These travel items eliminated the agony of packing and unpacking with every hotel change, and also made daily dressing and grooming quite easy.
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on January 31, 2013
While I purchased these for a trip, I found another great use for them. I prepack my workout clothes for the week in advance, storing each day's in a separate cube. Every morning, I can just grab one and throw it in my gym bag, knowing it contains everything I need (no more forgetting socks or other essentials). It really streamlines my morning routine and prevents me from making the excuse that I didn't have time to pack my bag so I can'tgo to the gym after work!
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on June 17, 2013
I bought these for a three week backpacking trip and they were a perfect way to organize my things. All three of them fit snugly into my average-sized north face bookbag. They are also nice for a carry-on suitcase. If you roll your t-shirts, can cram about 4-6 into each one (although i wear a size small). Great size but a bit pricey in my opinion.
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VINE VOICEon October 31, 2013
I cannot begin to sing the praises of the eBags packing cubes enough - these things are incredible for packing! I went on a trip last a couple months ago and did not use them and had such a difficult time locating my stuff in my suitcase.

I just packed for my latest trip where I have a very strict luggage count and weight limit and figure that the best way to compact everything is to use the packing cubes. I have them in a variety of sizes. And I keep wondering what I am missing since everything is so compact - guess I have room for souvenirs!

The bags I have are:

- Small - perfect for rolled underwear; I got 8 pairs rolled into each cube
- Medium - managed to roll up six t-shirts in each pack
- Slim long - perfect for rolling up socks - I fit 12 pairs into the cube
- Slim small - I use to hold my make-up and medications
- Slim medium - perfect for toiletries
- Large - rolled up three pairs of pants and two pairs of shorts in one cube

This has enabled my bag to be much more organized, so I won't have to take everything out and pile it up while looking for something - just take whatever you need for the day from each pack and return it to your bag. I also pack and empty large cube to hold any soiled clothing until I have a chance to launder it.
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on July 23, 2013
I recently bought a couple of eBags sets for a 2 week trip. The LARGE fit 3 maxi dresses and 3 other dresses with a couple of flat shoes tucked in. The MEDIUM held three pairs of pants, two pairs of leggings, and a light weight jacket. The small I got with the three piece set and liked how much it held, so bought another set of the small. One SMALL held 6 tops, the second had workout gear (including swim suit, outfit, and shoes), a third held underwear. I am not a small woman; all clothes were extra large and the shoes size 10. The last small held my flying "kit" that includes my kindle and things to help me be comfortable or sleep on the plane. It all fit in a rolling carry on and a backpack. I didn't have to work to get things in or out. The zippers worked extremely well and I loved the handle side that makes it simple to lift in and out. It kept me organized the entire time. I never had to reorganize, sift, or sort. It was the easiest trip I've ever taken. Love, love LOVE these bags! Giving a set to everyone I know who loves/needs to travel.
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on December 25, 2012
I love these things. I bought this set and I bought the set with the 3 different sizes. It's really great for traveling and keeps everything organized. In these small ones I used one to keep all my cords/chargers/converters which was awesome b/c it kept everything together and I used another one to keep all my socks (i was able to fit about 10-12 pairs). Stop thinking about it, pull the trigger and buy these
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on April 13, 2013
I often take quick trips where I need to be organized. I also take long vacations where I want to get as much clothes in without too much shoving in. This addresses both situations. Bought several sizes in different colors to share with parents. This way we have different colors to indicate what kind of clothes is in each bag and different sizes to fit our various size bags. Sturdy- two years of squeezing items in with no tearing or zipper issues. Perfect- don't travel without them.
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on July 29, 2014
I bought the larger ones for clothes and these small versions for miscellaneous camera and computer gear and cables. Works well enough. When I get to the airport security check point, I pull my laptop and also my cable bag(s) so the TSA agent can more easily see what's going through. Before I knew better, I used to jam all my cables into the various pockets in whatever bag I was using. Unfortunately, if you're also traveling with cameras, batteries and chargers and whatnot, that mess of equipment makes it hard for the screener to see everything. This often required a second or third pass through the X-ray machine or even a physical search, causing me to miss a flight. So, now, I organize my stuff into these smaller bags and put them in the grey bin separate from my cameras and laptop. Having a place to put these packing cubes, especially somewhere where you can easily remove it and then get it back in the main bag, means moving more quickly through security.
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on September 14, 2016
A well-traveled friend recommended these packing cubes, but I thought: won't they just take up more space in my bag and add weight? Well the truth is they are so thin they won't decrease your suitcase's capacity, and using NINE (9) of them on my last trip only added 1.3 pounds. SO what makes them so great?
1. They organize your clothing, shoes, underwear, socks, outerwear, toiletries, you name it!
2. They simplify packing, and keep your clothes neat and prevent a lot of wrinkles/creases you often get from other packed items.
3. They make it MUCH easier to unpack and repack your suitcase, especially if your trip involves packing and unpacking more than once, like hotel to ship, ship to hotel, etc.
4. Instead of transferring all of your clothing to hangers and drawers which is time consuming, you simply move these cubes from your bag to available drawers, shelves, or wherever. Instead of twenty minutes it will take you less than two!
5. When empty (like at the end of your trip) they flatten out completely, leaving room in your suitcase for your laundry bag.
6. They come in lots of great colors.
7. The picture shows the cubes I used to fill my large (28") suitcase.
review image
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Cannot say enough good things about these light weight durable packing organizers.
~ lifetime warranty!
~ made out of eBags' techLite diamond nylon material.
~ includes premium specially made zippers with corded pulls for rigorous opening and closing.
~ seams are fully finished so won't damage delicate fabrics.
~ mesh top panel for easy identification of what you have in each bag,
~ part mesh ventilated, so most air poofs out of the bag as you close your luggage.
~ convenient webbed handle on each bag - hang on a hanger in a hotel room or a child's hook in their room.

Luggage use: I have two two-sided spinner luggage, one is 26" and the carryon is 19". I have packed for an up to seven week overseas trip using nothing but filled eBags; large, small, slim cubes and the highly recommended eBag toiletry kit. Every bit of space was utilized in my suitcases. The only items outside of an eBag was a coat and an extra pair of shoes.

The eBags Slim Packing Cubes organize all my electrical cords, plethora of vitamins and supplements and are handy size for underwear and socks. These particular cubes can be packed on their side for extra room luggage, 4 across the 26" spinner suitcase.

~ These smaller packing cubes are used to organized socks, underwear and smaller items. I used one to bring some of my alcohol markers for spontaneous art inspirational moments.
~ keeping the cubes packed inside your hotel dresser drawer makes it easier to repack back into the luggage.
~ TSA tends to put things back the way they found them after they've completed their security searches.

These are made for luggage packing, but they could be used for lots of other uses:
~ such as stuff in the car,
~ stuff for the gym,
~ stuff for craft projects,
~ stuff for office supplies,
~ picnics,
~ sewing supplies,
~ art supplies,

Each kid could have their own chosen color to organize themselves at home or on a trip.
Love these versatile packing cubes - lots of home and office uses with vibrant colors to choose from.
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