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on December 3, 1999
Because I'd read another of his books, my expectations were high when I began reading Joseph Sinclair's latest book, "eBay the Smart Way: Selling, Buying, and Profiting on the Web's #1 Auction Site. I was not disappointed.
Particularly in the area of selling on e-Bay auctions, Sinclair answered ALL my questions ... great answers to questions about selling that hadn't even occurred to me to ask. Whether you expect that your e-Bay experience will be a one-shot deal or you are going into an on-line marketing business, this book will be a great resource.
While I'm just ramping up the sell side of my e-Bay activity, I've been active on the buy side for some time. I wish I'd had the information from Sinclair's chapters on buying on e-Bay about a year ago, ... my success rate would have been a lot higher.
This book is a must for e-Bay novice or veteran, buyer or seller. If you are into marketing on e-Bay in any serious way, you should not be without it.
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on May 18, 2000
this book was a disapointment. though very easy to read, it provided only a superficial definition of the many aspects of online buying and selling. there is no reference value to this book. i would recommend this book only for the individual that has no auction or online experience and is wondering "what is ebay"? for the more literate or experienced user, try the official ebay guide written by laura and michael kaiser. again ....... this book was a great disappointment.
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on May 23, 2014
I have all the other books on how to do Ebay but this one is the most comprehensive. Everything you will ever need is here in this book.Learn tips and tricks that the other books don't have. If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro this book has something for you. Well worth the money. It is a great reference book to have on hand or even give as a gift! Great book period. I have been selling successfully on Ebay for over 10 years. You won't be disappointed.
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on July 31, 2014
This was a helpful book for establishing an eBay account to sell incidental products, but I discovered it was unnecessary. eBay does a fantastic job of telling its participants how to accomplish objectives. I sold a motorcycle and bought a big scooter on eBay - both very positive experiences - without this book.
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on April 24, 2004
I bought the second edition of this book sometime ago to use as a reference for starting a business on Ebay. I found the book to be very easy to use and full of useful tips and information. I bought this book when I wanted a updated reference for my ebay business. This book, like the prior edition is easy to use and will help you no matter if you are a Ebay newbie or seasoned pro. Yes there is a lot of general busness information but most likely you are looking at starting a business on Ebay so you need a convenient source for both issues. I am very pleased with this book and highly recommend it.
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on May 5, 2000
The most incredible auction I ever saw on eBay was under "HOT" items (meaning it had over 30 bids) for "a wee bit of good advice." I couldn't resist, so I checked it out. Yes indeed, some fellow was selling a few minutes of advice and counsel to the highest bidder.
My purchases were primarily books, but I made some foolish mistakes when I started buying on e-Bay. By the time I bought Sinclair's book, I was a seasoned eBay buyer and seller, but after reading his book I realized there was still quite a bit that I didn't know.
If you're going to spend more than $50 on eBay in your lifetime (which by definition would include everyone in the Milky Way Galaxy) you need to buy this book.
Good layout, good size, easy to read, simple writing style, yet very informative and a fantastic price - considering the potential savings (and profit) from following his advice.
The part I loved best - you don't have to be a computer genius to read and comprehend what he's telling you. My computer literacy is a few notches higher than Daisy's. (she's my dog) And I was able to follow pretty much everything Sinclair is saying.
And there's also a section on how to protect and defend yourself against fraud.
It's over 400 pages and is fully indexed. Lots of good graphics too.
Seriously - if you do more than a couple eBay transactions per year, this book is needful and valuable. As much for buyers as for sellers.
I'd have saved myself close to $100 if I'd bought it before I started trading on eBay.
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on November 6, 2006
An excellent book for E-Bay sellers (or buyers) -- a fine listing of almost anything you can think of to sell, and the approx price of them. I found it to be very useful for my e-bay business.
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When I bought this book, I was already a seasoned eBayer, but Sinclair's information was most helpful. I wish I'd bought it BEFORE I started playing on eBay. His information could have saved me a bundle of dough.
If you're going to buy more than $50 on eBay, his book is an invaluable resource.
And it's written in very understandable language. I'm about as computer literate as Daisy, but I was able to understand and grasp everything Sinclair talks about. (Daisy is my dog)
It's well laid out - easy to reference and easy to read. I keep it by my computer and use it frequently.
It is easy to make some costly mistakes at eBay. The price tag on this book makes it a big chubby bargain. I highly recommend his book for anyone planning to venture out on the choppy waters of on-line auctions.
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on May 6, 2000
If your new to ebay, this book is probably everything you need, but if you understand how it works, save your money for something else.
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on July 19, 2000
(NOTE FROM REVIEWER: I WROTE THIS REVIEW BACK IN 2000; EBAY HAS CHANGED SO MUCH IN 4 YEARS THAT SOME THINGS MAY NOT APPLY ANYMORE. FOR INSTANCE, THERE IS NO LONGER A NEED TO KNOW HTML LANGUAGE TO DRESS UP AN AD. WHAT FOLLOWS IS THE REVIEW AS WRITTEN 4 YEARS AGO.) I bought this book because I was interested in getting into ebay and it was the perfect book. Not only did it have the basic information that a beginner needs, but it is also a great reference tool for people who are seasoned (like I am now). I buy and sell on ebay and it has great tips for both buyers and sellers. It tells you the best way to bid to get an item for the lowest price. When to bid, how to know what to bid, how to outfox your competitors. I continually refer to the book when I am listing an item for sell to find out how to dress up my ads with bullet points, colored titles, and paragraphs (instead of the one paragraph that ebay allows you when you don't know HTML language). Mr. Sinclair tells you how to know what to set as the opening bid, when the best time to list an item is, and how to attract bidders. He also tells you how to deal effectively with other ebay members, inlcluding those who don't honor their bids. The book is full of inside tips that you can't find on the ebay tour online. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in getting started with ebay, or a seasoned ebayer who would like to learn how to be a more successful buyer and/or seller. After reading this book, you can definitely do it the SMART way.
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