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on July 16, 2015
I'm a fan. This thing does its job of protecting this now ancient product in a way that makes me feel comfortable taking it on trips.

The only real downside is a bit of the L and R buttons towards the center of the device gets covered in plastic, meaning its not quite as satisfying to press those buttons as it would have been if the manufacturer had somehow designed the case different; but in their defense the case doesn't have very many places it can cover while also leaving the UMD drive accessible, so maybe they had to (unlike other reviewers I haven't had problems opening the UMD drive).

One other minor thing I'd have changed- though it doesn't really affect much- is the silly window that lets the screen protector fold up. I bought this to protect the screen so the option of uncovering it doesn't appeal to me, and I worry a bit that it may be possible to push the screen window down against the screen and scratch it (so far this has not happened).

Another positive of this device is the power button- which IMO is stupidly placed in a position where its too easy to accidentally press it, especially if you're holding down the R button with one hand to execute CQC attacks in Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker- gets covered up by a lot of plastic which makes it a little difficult to press normally but impossible to press unintentionally.

Finally this thing is cheap. I'm really glad I bought this as it was just what I was looking for.
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Enthusiast: Guitaron July 7, 2012
This case is great - WAY better than any silicon case... It keeps your PSP cleaner and it looks MUCH nicer. It is easy to install and un-install, has proper openings for all needed buttons, a swing open door for the UMD slot, and a swing open door for the front screen for easy access to clean (you don't need to open it to play since it is clear)... This is, however, as long as you are a person that takes care of your electronics and also, you should have a travel case to protect the whole thing when not in use, since this is plastic and the screen can get cracked.
If the PSP is dropped, this case certainly has enough to it that it will absorb shock and protect your unit, but it will most likely break the case... the case is very inexpensive though, so it's not a huge loss if that is the case. With the silicon protective cases, they stay in place in case of a drop but would not protect as much, and they aren't as nice looking nor do they keep your PSP as clean.
So, buy this if you take care of your equipment and you should also have a travel case to put the unit away in.
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on August 1, 2014
Protects the psp perfectly. Also if you happen to have large hands this will probably help you hold it more comfortably. Only problems are that sometimes dirt and gunk can somehow get under the case and it's ugly, and the plastic door that attaches to the umd drive door is seemingly supposed to open with the other door but doesn't. I reckon this is the best case out there for the psp though.
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on May 11, 2009
I'm giving this a 4 star purely for the fact that I got my DS clear case at SF Jtown for only $1.50 lol. That said, this thing works quite well. Fits my PSP 3000 like a glove (and that's surprising, since this thing is supposed to fit both 2000 and 3000, but I believe 3000 is a bit slimmer?). The plastic isn't as cheap as I originally thought. At least, it's actually thicker than the DS case I got at jtown. I like the fact that it's crystal clear, so I get to see the pretty glossy Piano black of the PSP (despite what everyone says, i quite like the black!) I also like that there is a screen cover, and since it's clear, it's absolutely not needed to open it up to play. If i realized how useful it was, I might have not even bothered to buy the 5 set screen protector for the PSP. I know for a fact I'm not taking this clear case off ever (unless it breaks).

All the openings of the case are well placed, even plugs for my earbuds fits nicely (I've read reviews elsewhere that apparently it's hard to fit the plug in there, but I don't think that's true, unless you happens to have one of those L shaped plug end, then maybe?).

There are only two problems I have with it. One is the left side plastic seems a bit weak/flimsy (basically the back plastic near the mem stick entry. I'm assuming it's because they had to keep the mem stick entry part open, but the other end that's also open isn't as wobbly. Not that big of a deal, but I would've liked it to be less wobbly and more solid like the other side (it's the same construction, so I don't understand why one side's okay, the other's not!). Otherwise, i'm a little annoyed at the UMD cover on the back. It opens nicely, but a bit flimsy (feels like I'm going to break it at any moment), and trying to snap it back is a bit more work than snapping back the actual UMD cover. On the ohter hand, the nice thing is that so far it doesnt' look like the cover is very loose and so it might just open at inopportuned time.

This is a really great PSP case imo. After seeing what happened to my friend's DS (she didn't get a case/cover) compared to mine which I did buy that case (on a whim) at Jtown, i realized just how important these things are to my handheld systems. Just looking at my cellphone tells me what happend to THAT... My only complaint is the price, as $4 + $3 S/H is more than an equivalent at jtown would've been. The only thing is, I don't remember seeing a PSP case at jtown, so that's why I resorted to buying online (that, and I'm not heading there in a while).

So yeah, bottom line is, I would definitely recommend everyone with a PSP to get a case for it (regardless if you have a carrying case for it or not).
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on February 14, 2014
Hello! I got this for my PSP 3000 and it fitted perfectly, below I'll explain what people want to know.

It covers the ENTIRE PSP 3000, except for the L/R and other buttons of course.
It has a flap for the Screen and the UMD Drive.
It has a stand on the bottom so you can watch/play movies/games.
Very durable, nice and is really clear so there is no problem with the light glaring into like some people have said.
It's cheap at the cost of $4.70 (well when I bought it, that is).

Just to make sure you get a legitimate one, buy from "Everydaysource", I bought one from them and it came in fast and was in a box. I don't think it will fit on the PSP 1000 or 2000 but it DOES fit the 3000 very nicely with no shaking or rattling. Highly recommended!
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on August 11, 2015
The case protects my PSP from scratches on the screen and on the console itself.It works very well and I would recommend this to anyone who owns or is going to buy a PSP.
review image
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on June 22, 2014
I heard this product protect the PSP 3000 very well, for both the screen and the outside, it's easy to put together, and easy to remove it whenever you want to clean out the dust from the PSP before you place black the protector screen/case.
I really like the color of it that which is only clear color.
I would recommend this product to anyone that has a PSP 3000.
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on October 6, 2015
The plastic PSP case is a perfect fit, with cut-outs wherever access is needed. The screen is covered and there is hinged door allowing the UMD compartment to open. A side benefit is the plastic material the case is made of is much more "grippable" in the hands than the material the PSP is made of, making the PSP a lot easier to handle.

I suggest putting on a pair of rubber medical gloves and using a soft flannel cloth with a very light amount of 50% rubbing alcohol to clean the PSP screen and all surfaces front and back before putting the plastic cover over it, because if you put the cover on with any fingerprints or smudges on the PSP, it will be annoying and you will have to take everything off to clean it.
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on February 8, 2015
Protects my PSP just fine (I drop it a LOT). So far it hasn't broken or cracked, which is surprising considering it seems so cheap. I love how it has flaps for easy access to disk switching and cleaning the screen. It barely took any time to get used to the feel of it on there, and wasn't really in the way of the buttons. My only concern is it's hard to open the flaps when they're clicked in place, and it squeaks a lot. Whenever I open/close it, I feel like I might accidentally break it, but so far that hasn't happened.
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on May 3, 2012
This hard case does what most other hard cases I have seen do not. It provides easy access to the UMD door to change games. The case also preserves the original form factor and dimensions of the PSP nicely. Adults who find that the PSP is on the small side for their hands will find this case meets their needs almost perfectly.

Two important things to note:
The case being shipped does not have a flip up screen panel, as pointed out in one of the user submitted photos.
The case does not have a notch cut out allowing access to the memory card.

I like the lack of flip up screen panel fine, but I have two memory cards, one for game saves and one for movies/photos/music. A little careful work with an exacto knife and a file will quickly put in a notch for accessing the memory stick without comprimising the case.

Averall this is a fantastic case at a great price.
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