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on January 26, 2017
Beautifully simple and effective. I'll admit the price tag gave me pause initially, but I was desperate for a solution to inconsistent WiFi throughout my home and constantly buffering Netflix and Hulu. We don't have cable, so streaming quality is important to us. The system came highly recommended by a friend who had similar issues, so I gave it a try. I had tried various routers and range extenders (wired and wireless) in the past, none of which seemed to work as advertised.

First, and most importantly, the system works. It created a single, continuous network throughout my home. I don't have to switch networks when I'm on the patio or upstairs and my online and streaming experience is now what I expect it to be. We have phones, tablets, computers, printers, Sonos, Roku, etc. all connected to a single network and it works awesome.

The packaging was clean and elegant. The setup could not have been more simple. The iPhone app is incredible. It allows me to monitor the network, see which devices are connected, test download and upload speeds, turn on/off guest access, and more.

After several weeks, one of the units wasn't connecting to the network, so I called their support number. It was late on a Sunday evening and I was connected with a polite, English-speaking representative. He tried a few things and in a matter of minutes decided to express ship a new replacement unit instead of keeping me on the line. It was easily one of the best call center experiences I've had.

Absolutely no buyer's remorse here. I'm a fan!
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on January 25, 2017
I had read about these and researched them. at nearly $500 it was a little more that I wanted to spend. I mean I had WiFi, so what would I really get for my money, would I notice the difference. I was having trouble Lifx bulbs dropping off WiFi, and having to restart my router every few days, I tried getting a few range extenders to fill the gaps, but the problem persisted and the speed was only 10 mbs or something like that. So, when I say this go on sale I POUNCED! every few days now I find myself saying to myself, "I love this WiFi".

Changed the way I WiFi. Blankets my whole 3500 s.f. house with 150MB Wifi. allows me to connect my Home office computer to a router with a lan cable and get super fast internet, (I could only achieve ~20mb previously). allows me to connect all my 28 Lifx light bulbs and have NO drop off. allows me to set up guest network, and I have about 48 devices connected to the WiFi at all times, myself, wife and three adult daughters all streaming video at the same time in different rooms without ever a drop or a buffer.

Plus I love the App that lets me monitor all the routers and see the connection speed.
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on December 26, 2016
Before eero, one of our computers would disconnect from WiFi frequently and we had occasional buffering issues with Netflix and Amazon Video on our smart televisions. I should also mention that In the last couple of years we've added two tablets, an Amazon Echo, an Echo Dot, a device that monitors our rooftop solar panels, a Joule sous vide, a Hue bridge and several WiFi-enabled LED light bulbs. Projecting that there will be more smart devices to come in the near future, we needed to act. After researching routers and router extenders, it was decided that the eero system would be our best option. A hefty price break sealed the deal and we purchased a three pack. Since the eero system was put into service to blanket the house, we've had no further connectivity issues. Installation was incredibly simple--all devices connected easily and they work as they are supposed to. As non-techies, automatic updates are a big plus; there is no wondering if our router is up-to-date (if it wasn't, we wouldn't have known how to update it anyway). Unlike our previous routers, eero's appearance is sleek and unobtrusive. We like our eero system so much that we will be ordering another one or two for our vacation home shortly.
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on July 16, 2016
It's truely worth the hype! I have had my eero for a few days now and I am super impressed. My home is over 2400 sq feet and I was constantly restarting my previous router. I always had dead spots and could never run more than 3 devices at once. Now with eero I have 9 devices on wifi with no lags, no buffering, and no slowness at all. I am truely amazed. I would curse my modem, router, and ISP everday because I was constantly power cycling my modem and router multiple times a day. NOT ANY MORE since I have eero! It's worth $500 but I got it for $100 less on Prime Day. If you are experiencing the same issues then get past the $500 price tag. It is worth it.
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on June 11, 2016
We have been battling spotty wireless service in our long ranch style house for 2 years. I was skeptical Eero would be the solution and had a hard time stomaching the high price tag. Within 15 min of it's arrival, I had all 3 stations set up via the simple user friendly app. We have been using Eero for 2 weeks now and life has drastically improved! I cannot praise this system enough. The wireless is perfect and extremely fast everywhere in our house, even with the 10-20 devices we have running. It's even been flawless on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings which were previously the worst. I can get a crystal clear fast connection by my pool and in the basement. No more buffering and no more bouncing b/w the extender and regular network. Eero is a dream come true!
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on April 30, 2016
I recently moved to a new apartment which separated my living room from my office by another bedroom. I previously had no problems with my internet in my last place so I figured it must be my router, so I replaced it with one from Apple. Streaming movies was just annoying with buffering every 15 minutes so I added an extender which helped but it still buffered several times a night, and my smart TV was useless. I was pondering different ways to resolve the problem when I came across the eero on the internet. I knew I would ultimately spend as much money troubleshooting the problem so I figured why not give it a try. So glad I did, no more buffering and the picture quality alone is worth it. And my smart TV now responds with my amazon prime streaming. Absolutely pleased and amazed!
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on April 28, 2016
I purchased my eero after a write up in the Wall Street Journal. I have been very pleased with my purchase, as my download speed has increased by a factor of 6, as measured at the far end of my house. I now have no use for the power adapter system that I had used before, with many buffering interruptions. Now I have no buffering interruptions.

Since I wrote the above review I have added an extension to my house at the opposite end to where the Comcast cable enters the house. My original placement of the eeros was line of sight use of the three to have a strong signal for streaming video in my family room. When I added the extension to my house I added another cable entry point in the extension and purchased a modem and Netgear router. I found that the router speed was far less than I was accustomed to with the eeros in the rest of the house. So I took the middle of the house eero, reset it for the new modem and installed it in the new extension. I found that my internet speed was three times faster in the new extension (85mps), while I suffered no loss of signal speed in the family room, despite having removed the center house eero. My old system involved the use of an Airport Extreme router with three extenders. It often quit for no apparent reason, requiring rebooting of the router and all extenders. I have not had to reboot any of the eeros since they were installed. I have a strong signal throughout my house and the only time I experience buffering is when my cable is at fault. Needless to say I am very pleased with the eero network.
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on March 11, 2016
Has greatly improved my wifi experience! I was dubious about this product when I first heard about it. I read five or six reviews and saw their tests and still thought....yeah, I will be wasting money. The review that changed my mind was someone that had Comcast, and lived in an older building with the type of walls I do. Reviewer mentioned how this improved the service and does not blame Xfinity for the problems as much as he used to. That intrigued me enough to spend a decent amount of money.

Got the box and had a small issue with setup. While setting up the first unit by the router, there was a failure message after I named the location for it. Stated it could not locate it any more. I tried a few times to figure out how to reset it, before I realized that it was back online and working well. Not blaming the system for this - minor issue that I easily resolved. Had the whole setup done in 20 mins...and most people would have it done a lot quicker than that.

Here is the con - and the reason for 4 stars. I did email Tech support. I mentioned in the email that the eero speed test on the computer site was a bad link. (I could test it on my phone, but I really wanted to test it on my laptop in different parts of the apartment. I also asked if there is a detriment of putting the units too close together. Some parts of eero stated they should be 40 feet away, but when one of mine wasn't being located that far away, it recommended putting it closer and said 30 feet away. So, I was curious on since I was only using two of the three units, what would be the negatives of having them closer together and using three. I think it was three or four days later I got a reply that my network speeds are great and they recommend not changing the setup. That is good info to have, but it didn't answer the two issues. 1) speed test link on their site is not working 2) what is the negative of putting them closer together. This may seem trivial and if I could give 4.5 stars, I would...but if I email with questions, I kinda want the answers - especially if the app and site gave two different distances, and the site provides a link that does not work.

Back to positive stuff: My internet since moving to this apartment and switching to the demon spawn known as Comcast has been horrible. I couldn't watch Netflix at certain times of the day, and even had buffering issues on Youtube. Sometimes basic loading of sites were annoyingly long. Set up this unit, and have had no buffering issues at all. I am getting the download speeds for the actual internet package I bought. Very easy set up. For someone that lives online, and gets most of their entertainment from online, this is a blessing. Even my PS4 has no trouble staying online (with gameplay or even just downloading updates).

The price seems a bit high, but for the situation I am in, and for how much I am online, I am 100% fine with the price of this product.
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on April 25, 2016
My wife and I have an older, all masonry house with an addition that we occupy a great deal of the time. I mention this as that was our challenge. Location of a singular router could never satisfy seamless WiFi through out the structure. If we located router in the original structure, the newer half was shielded by the impenetrable all masonry wall. If we located the router in the newer addition, then vice versa. We knew there was no single unit solution. We also spend a great deal of time in the back yard...some 60 feet from the house.
We do not game, work a home office, and TV or video is limited to watching baseball...a lot of baseball! We are not very savvy with the details required to install our own mesh type system. So we were condemned to creating/buying a solution. We bought the doo dads that were going to boost, stretch, span, and solve all our WiFi woes. This then that...nope, that didn't work. How about this antenna? No difference. Nothing that could be purchased and simply placed existed to solve our situation. Until Eero.
My wife had run across an article in the paper (crazy, huh? Well, it was the digital version!) discussing Eero. I took a look and read/researched all that I could. There were some complaints about the cost. It was a stretch, but I figured if it actually worked 50% better than what we had, then it was less money than all we have spent so far on a system that supplies very sub par WiFi! Before we purchased the Eero, I rather whimsically sent an email to their support including a floor plan our structure and desires from the WiFi system. I nearly fell out of my chair when there was a personal response some 3 hours later! Whoa...people answer support email? Really? It actually contained details of usefulness on where, how, and why to do what. I responded with another diagram proposing the placement of Eero units. They responded ...AGAIN! OK. I am sold. I will buy this! I purchased a 3 pack. I knew we needed one each in the two halves of the house to cross the original dividing wall. The third I would try on the patio in an attempt to send a signal to the backyard.
We have a combined modem/router that we own. So first challenge was to log into the router and set it for bridge mode. Easy enough. We did have a limited amount of Ethernet CAT5 run through the structure. We set the first Eero (I like to call it the master as it configures things) in the newer half supplied by CAT5 from the bridged modem and then CAT5 downstream to our switch, both in the basement. We had previously downloaded the set up app and BOOM! We had WiFi in that half of the house. A second was placed (wireless) some 30' away in the older half, with signal fairly "line of sight" through a hall. BOOM! That half has WiFi! The third was placed on patio (wireless) and BOOM! The patio is humming! All worked flawlessly. We have some 14 devices being served. Even the Wemo works which had always been a persnickety little device!
The patio installation did not exactly serve the backyard area as we had hoped, but we knew it would be difficult. In an attempt to improve this situation, I had installed a CAT5 cable from the switch in basement to the patio. We "forgot" the patio Eero and moved it to a higher location on patio and plugged it into Ethernet. After it found the network and was all happy, BOOM! We had WiFi in the back yard...some 60' away! Last evening we streamed ball game audio and and MLB highlight videos without buffering or glitches.
We knew that 3 Eero would likely not service all of our structure due to it's dense and awkward arrangement. So yes, I bought another 3 pack! We have not installed the second 3 pack as yet, but suspect these will supply the balance of house...with ease.
To recapitulate:
Eero works. If you would like a very simple network without having to learn all the technical details to build your own, this is it. We now have coverage at speeds that match what we are paying for from our ISP. I read all of Eero's site listing ranges, how to locate, etc. I can confidently and honestly say, it performs better than advertised. The signal is reaching farther than recommended. We are overwhelmingly happy with our Eero purchase!
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on August 9, 2016
Very happy customer here! I first heard of the eero system from the Cult of Mac podcast (if you're an Apple fan and haven't heard it yet, I highly suggest you give it a go). One of the podcasters was raving about how the eero had massively improved the wifi coverage in his home, and I was instantly intrigued. My house is about 1,300 square feet and the modem sits in one corner while the Apple TV sits in the diagonally opposite corner. Before eero, shows on Netflix, Amazon, etc. would constantly pause to buffer, which of course can be quite frustrating. The price tag for the three-pack eero system is a hefty one, no denying that, but I justified the purchase because I had some Amazon gift cards that covered half of the cost...and I'm very glad I made that purchase! Setup was so easy: download the app to your phone and it walks you through in a matter of minutes. It's suggested that you place your eero devices within sight of each other, but the physical structure of my house makes that impossible. I have one in each opposite corner, plus one in the hallway in the middle of the house. It works perfectly! I will note that the first day I used the system, I noticed a couple of times the blinking light on the devices that indicated loss of connectivity. However, during that first night the system did its initial software update (so cool that it does it on its own!), and ever since then it's been running flawlessly. Strong wifi signal throughout the house, zero loss of connectivity, zero spontaneous Netflix bufferings. If you can swallow the cost of the device, stop thinking about it and just buy it!
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