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on July 22, 2016
It works great. It was simple to setup. Just put a little thought about where you place the base units. They are supposed to be in line of sight from one another, but just not being too far apart (15 feet?) is sufficient. The three I have downstairs blanket the upstairs with WiFi now, where most of the rooms would fall short in the past. If I had a problem, I'd move a base unit upstairs.

I have tried all manner of routers like the Nighthawk and other high powered single routers. I am done buying more routers. I'm sticking with this Eero.

If your house is really big, you may want to buy extra base stations. It's not magic, but it's definitely a better setup than any single router solution I've experienced.
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on April 21, 2016
I currently have a Sonic-wall Firewall which manages my entire home’s network, including the Sonic-wall wireless access points. Sonic-wall is connected to our Comcast modem which is in bridge mode. I have always struggled to get access points working on a consistent basis. They frequently drop out or slow down to the point of extreme frustration. I have a central control system with music, lighting, CCTV, and a security system with APPS that are controlled by personal i Pads and i Phones. So it is crucial for me to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection at home. I am not a techie and had to rely heavily on network guys to configure and set up my system. Over the years my family has given me an earful on the quality of Wi-Fi in the house. I spent $$$$ on the hardware and networking experts. I came across eero Home Wi-Fi System while looking for a better alternative. I was very skeptical about eero when I first watched the video. I thought they were trying to sell me snake oil! I called the customer service multiple times to make sure that the product was real and would work as promised. I finally felt confident enough and opted to buy a 3-pack on Amazon. It arrived on time. The packaging was reminiscent of Apple products. The units looked cool and chic! I hooked up the first unit to the Comcast modem (which is in bridge mode for the Sonic-wall Firewall unit), and I plugged the rest into regular electrical outlets. The first unit was configured and worked like magic. The other units were easy to configure also, but I noticed that the signal strength was low. After a few phone calls to customer service agents, I was able to replace some of the Sonic-wall access points with eero units. I converted all of the units to bridge mode. Voila! The units worked perfectly. I bought another 4 units and replaced all the Sonic-wall access points with eero units. They formed excellent mesh and the signal was rock solid. The download and upload speed matched what I signed up for with Comcast, almost 3-4 times compared to my previous set up. Now I am able to use the APPS with great reliability anywhere in the house. My family thinks I am an expert tech guy now (I want to keep it that way). I wish I had these units many years ago. This is definitely a disruptive product in terms of configuration and reliable mesh formation. It eliminates the complex process of configuration and the need for a technical expert. I have had this set up for 4 weeks now. So far I am very pleased with the performance. I have not experienced any drops so far. It also gives the ability to have guest access, which is a cool feature. I think eero works best when connected to Ethernet. I did not try it without Ethernet since I have a pre-wired network already in place, but I am sure the units will do just fine even without an Ethernet hook up.
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on December 17, 2016
I almost gave up on having stable WIFI. We hooked up the Eero and its like magic streaming all 4 roku tv's, 6 cell phones, tablets and problem at all. Fast and stable! Love it!!
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on August 19, 2016
Ok, I've had these in place for a few months now. Long enough to have an opinion.

First of all, they are very "Appleish" in the design and appearance. Even the packaging. It is quite nice. Assuming you have an iphone or ipad to run the app on, the setup is very simple and nearly foolproof. To be fair, I didn't try the Android app but based on other reviews, it appears that the ios app is more refined. They have simplified the product setup (perhaps too much?) and made it a breeze for anyone, even without technical knowledge, to get these up and running quickly and painlessly.

Once the 3 APs are up and connected to each other, "it just works". Bravo! I can attest that these absolutely fixed WiFi dead spots and weak signals throughout my house. I replaced an Asus 802.11ac router/AP with these and the difference has been fantastic. Yes, yes... I know, some of you are screaming about "if you know how to configure.. blah blah blah". I know how to configure it - I've got many many years and all the silly certificates and whatnot. That isn't the issue.

The app has a really nice indicator with status and how many devices are connected. One very nice addition is the speed test. You "pull down" the screen and it runs a speed test and displays the results right in the app. Nice touch. I also like that I can create and share a guest network in seconds with the app. Very nice. The lack of physical ports on the devices isn't that big a deal. A cheap switch plugged into one of those solves that problem forever.

Now for the not so great...

Because this is simplified for anyone to get it up and running and even manage it, it lacks some advanced features or tweaks. I have some wireless devices that are a little bit finicky. A thermostat for example works like a champ on 2.4 GHz but has erratic connectivity on 5. Don't know why, it just does. The app would benefit from an "expert mode" or something like that where I could define those things. I also would like to have the option to define the channel being used. If that is some kind of magical "we pick the best one for you" type of thing, I'd like the option to see that data. Finally, lets talk about the price shall we? This is a pretty expensive product. You could get the same "mesh" functionality from Ubiquiti's UniFi or use some power-line devices if you just need to connect a couple of devices away from your modem. WiFi range extenders are a cheaper option although they aren't nearly as slick or reliable.

Then we have this awful moment; The 2 devices that aren't wired directly into my modem would randomly disconnect and show a red status light. They'd come back after 30-60 seconds but this constant up/down cycle went on for days. Instead of fussing with it, I fired up the app, navigated through the help section and emailed support with the information requested. Then --- crickets. No acknowledgement, no reply, no help. searching some internet forums, I'm not the only one to have this issue. I basically had to remove everything and go through the setup routine all over again while moving the 2 wireless APs around a little bit to get a better signal. Not exactly sure why it ran fine for so long then suddenly became unstable, but it did.

I thought the lack of any response from support may have just been an oversight so I followed up the original ticket with a second request. Nothing again. Unfortunately, it appears that email support is non-existent. I didn't call the phone number but, I don't think I should have to. These are not cheap by any measure. Maybe the time, money, and effort put into the pretty packaging would have been better spent ensuring that customer support was top notch. I'd rather the product came in a brown paper bag and get stellar customer support than pretty packaging but nobody to answer my email.

Overall, if you care about aesthetics and you want to cover a large area with seamless WiFi, this is a great product. If you are more price sensitive, take a look at some of the alternatives. And finally, if you are not comfortable with suspect customer service, you may want to wait while, what I assume are growing pains, are resolved before you purchase.
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on September 10, 2016
Eero is unquestionably the most reliable piece of networking equipment (if you can even call those 'fancy little white boxes' that!) I have ever bought. It is easy to set up (yes, your dad can set this up without your help!), works like magic, and most importantly, I don't hear complaints from the family of "slow internet" or dropped signals, ever since. It is night and day from the age of all that Linksys/Netgear we have been buying for a couple of decades! The app is minimalistic and yet fully functional. Having the same "SSID" throughout the home and devices makes like very easy... I am most proud of this impulsive purchase of mine - better than any other!
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on January 16, 2017
Wifi magic! Years of Comcast spotty Internet. Hears about this. Easiest thing ever! Harder to change batteries in a flashlight. Works great!
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on November 25, 2016
I have tried many extender router, different brands from cheap to the most expensive ones, somehow all of them always gave problems such as disconnected many times, signal lost, super difficult to do the setting etc. Eero was my one last attempt, and it worked like magic. Very easy to install even for people who knows nothing about router setting, just install the app, tap tap tap. Signal strong, no disconnection, simply work. I had a problem before and tried to contact the customer support, their response was super, I got personal help one on one who patiently helped me find the problem. One downside though: it's expensive, but compare to what I have spent with many brands that now just stay in my drawer, I say Eero is definitely the best investment!
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on June 23, 2017
Magic. Simply works. Don't buy a copy. Wifi is eero's focus and it shows.
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on January 23, 2017
WORKS LIKE MAGIC! set up is 1,2,3!!

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on September 7, 2016
This Thing Is Idiot Proof. It took about 30 minutes to read the instructions, download the app on my Android phone, and set up the three white boxes. I'm covering a very large home. I'm picking up good signal in places in the home that never had signal. On a good day, I'll even pick up signal outside the home in the garden. Replaced a Netgear N900 and a Netgear Wifi Extender. I set the Netgear N900 router into Wireless Access Point mode and turned off the wireless with the front panel switch, then wired the Internet port to one of the ports on the Eero, so I could continue to use the USB flash drive plugged in to one of the two USB ports on the N900. It will also function as a 4-port wired Ethernet switch. I plugged the Magic Jack phone into the 2nd ethernet port on the Eero. I named the Eero network (SSID) the same as on the N900 and used the same password. Everything immediately accessed the new Eero network. I had to rehome the devices that were using the wireless networks on the Netgear Wifi Extender. Easy peasy. Congrats to the Eero peeps for making a great invention.
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