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on April 12, 2012
fits my 4S perfectly.. when I first saw it out of package, I thought "there's no way this thing is actually staying on my phone". there's almost no clip or lip that can grab onto the edges. but after about a week of heavy use, it has yet to budge. pretty impressive

it looks stunning, but it provides little to no shock protection. not necessarily a bad thing, but this is definitely not a case for anyone with butterfingers. it's hard plastic and fits very snugly against the phone. so don't buy this case if you think it will protect it from drops.

the only protective advantage it has is that it adds some extra grip. it has a really nice feel to it. smooth, but still a enough grip to make it feel more secure in your hand than with no case at all.

the only con I can think of is that the case itself is a tiny bit thicker than the lock button protrudes from the phone. in other words, the lock button sits probably half a millimeter lower than the lip of the case. which makes pressing the button tricky. but after about a week, I've gotten use to it and it doesn't really bother me.

note that there is also no lip to provide screen protection when setting the phone face down. the edge of the case on the face of the phone is perfectly level with the screen surface. so I recommend using some of a screen protector for a little extra protection if you're planning to ever set your phone face down. the protector I'm using is: PhoneDevil / MediaDevil Magicscreen screen protector: Crystal Clear (Invisible) edition - For Apple iPhone 4 / 4G (AT&T/Verizon/Sprint) and 4S / 4GS (2 x FRONT screen protectors)

all in all, it's a really nice case and I recommend it to anyone who doesn't need extra shock/drop protection.
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on March 24, 2012
To be clear, this is a review for the Elago Breathe S4 2 case. If you look online (or for video reviews) you will most likely come across the original Elago S4 Breathe case. This is an updated version that Elago has brought to the market very recently. The differences between this updated S4 case and the original are subtle but important. The original S4 case has a silver plate logo on the back, a 'lip' around the front of the case that semi-protects the front of the iPhone if you lay it on a flat surface, and sports sharper edges. The updated S4 (The S4 2) has a more subtle logo on the back that essentially disappears within the case, the edges are more rounded, and there is no longer a 'lip' which means you will have no protection from the surface itself when your iPhone is face-down on a table, etc.

I opted for the updated model, and I'm glad I did. All the edges are rounded and give off an more streamlined look and feel compared to the original model. The fact that there is no 'lip' doesn't bother me one bit. I'm not really someone who puts their iPhone face-first on a surface when it's out of my pocket. The hard plastic provides a nice grip. I certainly feel it makes the iPhone less slippery compared to when it has no case. This case however provides no protection if you were to drop your iPhone and have it land face-first. It's really a case meant for people who want something that will cover the back of the iPhone and provide a better gripping experience. If you want or need serious protection, I recommend an Otterbox case or something from Incipio and the like.

Ideally this case is for people who hate using a case in general. The iPhone 4/4S is a seriously slim smartphone and this case is perfect for people who want a little protection but need to or want to keep their iPhone's slim in appearance and feel. Despite the fact that I now have almost a dozen iPhone 4 cases, and the others ones provide more protection, I'll probably opt for this case every day because it looks and feels awesome.
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on October 27, 2013
My hubby is pretty picky about iphone cases. He had an Otter case but it was too difficult for him to get it in and out of his pocket at work. He got this one and it seems to be perfect for daily use. It's vented to keep his phone cool when playing videos, it's slim and slick enough to go in and out of his pocket easily but the holes in the case offer "gription" when holding the phone. It seems to offer a respectable amount of protection against everyday use and the occasional floor impact. My husband still plans to use his Otter case when skiing and dirt biking, though.
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on January 27, 2012
Easily the best of the thin cases I've tried for my iPhone. This case adds no noticeable bulk or weight to the phone whatsoever. The blue (or "Jean Indigo") case has a great matte/soft-touch feel to it, so the grip is nice and there are no camera flash issues.

I've used an Incipio Feather, an iFrogz Luxe Lean and a Speck Fitted case, and none of them have the same quality as this one. Only caveat (for some) is that this case does not have a lip that comes up over the sides, so no laying your iPhone screen-side-down with this case. Not a problem for me as I don't do that anyway. Also, sometimes little specks of dust or crumbs can get stuck in the perforations, but a little slap in your hand cleans them out. Great case!
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on May 12, 2012
To start off, I'm pretty picky about my cases- it can't have any added bulk to it, needs to be slim and sleek & this time around I was shopping for a case with a pop of color. This case.. for it's price point, totally fit the bill. I've had it for a week now, just to test it out and make sure that no color rubbed off. So far so good.. color is still in tact, looks just as new as the day it arrived after being thrown in & taken out of my purse. Fits like a glove, easy to take off & it doesn't disturb any protective film if you decide to put one on. Only drawback- (but this is with any case that doesn't have a tacky feel to it) is that I have to make sure I have a firm grip on the phone- it can be slippery at times... but then again.. I've been nicknamed "butter fingers" by my hubs... so go figure. =P Overall, an excellent buy!
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on November 23, 2015
I bought two of these: one for iPhone 5; one for iPhone 4.

The iPhone 5 flavor fits nicely, is nice and thin. The front edge sticks out just about 1/16" past the front glass surface of the iPhone 5 so there is protection if you drop this face down.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 flavor does not extend past the front face of the iPhone 4. If the iPhone 4 lands face down the glass is hitting the ground. I would not buy this case for an iPhone 4.
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on February 13, 2013
I don't like to start off reviews like this but with the subject of some of the negative reviews, I kinda do.

The case has holes in it. It's Built that way. It's Very Thin and Light. It's Built that way. It's not an Otterbox. People who bought this case and with the assumption it is a great protective case did not do their research.

It is not a case for someone who drops their phone often or does not take care of their phone.

I purchased the Elago S4 Breathe2 case after the family upgraded to new iPhone 4's this past January. I was in charge of finding protective cases for each phone. Different from the others in my family, I was not looking for a solely protective case. My criterion for a case were:

-Relatively thin and light, not bulky adding addition mass and volume to the phone
-Aesthetically pleasing (to each his own)
-Unobstructed access to sleep/power, silent, volume, and home buttons, and cable port
-Clear openings to prevent interference of back camera (flash glare), front camera, bottom speaker/microphone, front ear phone speaker, and 3.5 jack operations
-Snug fit to phone
-Ability to add 3rd party screen protector film (some cases this is an issue)
-Good stars and good reviews
-Single unit, one part, solid construction

I have been using the case for just short of a month and am both pleased and perturbed by aspects of its design. Following is a list a Pros and Cons regarding the cases features after a month of use:

- Easy access to all ports, buttons, speakers, microphones, and lenses. Curvature of the cases frame around the previously stated items also adds to the flow and aesthetic design.
- For being such a small and thin case it fits very firm and snug to the phone. Surprisingly rigid case.
-The "Soft Feeling" material/texture/color of the case is tactically appealing. Is less slip-able compared to naked iPhone. Texture is reminiscent of nice book binding.
-Very little additional mass/volume compared to naked phone.
-Very Sleek design

-Biggest of two issues is readily apparent after a short time of use. A result of having holes uniformly through the case is dust and material collect in the holes and onto the back of the iPhone. I have taken the case off 2 or 3 times to find it polka dotted with dust and gunk.
-Result of collected of dust and gunk is scratching of the glass on the back of the iPhone. I have found two very small scratches on the back pane of glass. This may be of little concern to some who my think " Whose gunna take my case off to look at the back?", but I think it is an important observation for those researching.
I recommend buying any back film protection with this case because of this issue.

I bought this case knowing a couple things. The front screen is not as protected as could be with a lip over the surrounding front edge of the front glass. This might be a defining safety factor for some.

Overall I enjoy this case but I may purchase a secondary case with a protective lip over the front edge of the glass.

If your looking for a similar aesthetic/case texture with more protection check out Elago Glide cases. Same " Soft Feeling" case textures with mix-match color custom ability.
Otherwise research these brands: Incipio, Otterbox, and Speck.
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on December 1, 2014
After wearing out an original Elago Breathe on my iPhone after it absorbed several drops onto pavement and cement, it was time for a replacement.

This new version of the Elago Breathe case is much better than the original, and so far the best case I've ever used for the iPhone.

The manufacturing tolerances are incredible, and the fit is flawless. They really nailed quality on this one. It feels like a part of the phone, and feels even better than Apple's own cases for the iPhone. Absolutely recommended.
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on January 8, 2013
I am tough to please when it comes to phone cases. I do not want anything bulky, nor do I want any plastic or silicone on the front of the phone. For that reason, my past three phone cases have been Elago. I love the slim-fit feature, and I think the price is awesome. The phone case fits like a glove, and I love the the style of the 'breathe2' case. I have received many compliments on it. Others have complained that it is too slippery, but for me it works great. I keep it in my purse and it never slides out...I can see however, that it could potentially slip out of a pocket. I highly recommend this case, or, if you're not into the "breathe" look, the regular elago cases. I happen to think the "breathe" case gives a bit of style, without being overbearing.
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on March 28, 2014
If you want a slim case it doesn't get any slimmer than this! I wouldn't say it provides much, if any drop protection but thats not why you buy this case. I feel like it protects the glass edges and having dropped it several times it tends to break the corners instead of the glass which works for me.

I bought this case because it protects against scratches with the very minimum of bulk. Afterall whats the point of a beautiful phone design if its put in a bulky case?

This yellow is vibrant.
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