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on January 2, 2012
 Update October 2012:

This is one of two reviews of Elago mobile device stands. I recently bought an elago P2 Stand for tablets, can now compare both for suitability for smaller smart phones and larger smartphones. Watch the video for a more in-depth discussion.

This is a very attractive stand, well-suited for nesting a smartphone for video calling, or multimedia player. The cable management holes in the back work as well for audio cables as for charge/sync cables. In this review, you'll see that I replaced their small sticker on the backrest with a iPod Nano screen protector to give a bit more soft surface area for whatever I put on the stand.

Others have claimed this stand tips over easily. I hope I demonstrate in the video that this really depends upon WHAT you put in the stand. Take a look, ask any questions in the comments, and as always please click "Yes" if this review helps you in your shopping.
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on August 21, 2016
This phone stand is just beautiful. It is well constructed,made of aluminum, and very useful. The silver aluminum matches the color of my mac book pro and it just looks nice when you put the stand and the mac right next to each other.

It is made of premium aluminum. It is very well constructed. Very smooth and light. It does’t break or get scratches when you drop it.

Now, there are numerous features of this stand that are very helpful and useful. First, the silicon pads on the bottom of the stand and where you put your phone prevent from the stand and the phone getting scratches. They also prevent from your phone slipping off and the stand sliding off from the table. The two holes in the back of the stand are for cable management. You can out the phone charger into the holes and charge whenever you need to.

The stand is big enough to work with phones that have cases. I tried without the case and with the case and both work great. Also, the angle of the stand is 40 degrees which makes it really convenient to use the phone when it is on the stand. The screen is easy to see and it is in the perfect angle.

This stand also has cooling efficiency. Since it is made of aluminum, it cools the phone when it is hot.

1. well constructed
2. fancy and beautiful
3. cable management is great
4. works with case/ wo case
5. silicone pad
6. cooling efficiency

1. not found so far

I was provided this product at a reduced rate or free in exchange for my honest opinion as set forth above -based on my interaction with the product.
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on December 22, 2015
I bought both the Ecandy and an elago M2 stand. They are simular and both have certain advantages. The Ecandy is good because of the slot design for the cord which allows you to plug in the power while holding the phone in your hand and then settling it into the stand whereas the elago has a hole in the back of the stand to thread the power cord through before you plug in and place it in the stand. The Ecandy uses 2mm thick aluminum whereas the elago is 3mm. Also, the elago has a longer and wider base so that it is more robust. The elago CAN in fact hold my old iPad if I want and not tip over. The Ecandy cannot even though it says it "Holds your samrtphone or tablet in portrait or landscape mode". For my iPhone 6 however, both work fine and the Ecandy is $10 cheaper. One complaint with the Ecandy is the closed front bar where the power chord must drop into. The problem being that if you have the phone standing up (using a thin cover or no cover), it is hard to push the home button because the bar gets in the way and unlocking with your fingerprint means lifting the phone up to gain better access to the front button. What I have done is cut the front bar out as you can notice in the photos. It was easy to do but you really have to wonder why the front does not have a simular design as the elago in that respect. Both of these stands have room for phone covers. I'm using my highly recommend elago leather flip case but it looks like there is room for thicker cases as well. It looks like both stands could fit up to 15mm (or approximately 5/8 inch) thickness. Both can be used with lightning or 30 pin connector.

Verdict: Both work but I give the edge to elago. It is better built and can hold weight better if needed. Consider how you are going to place the phone. If you are necessarily going to be using a loose cable, so to speak, then the Ecandy might be more convenient.
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on December 2, 2014
This stand is amazing and looks very sleek and modern while holding my iPhone 6 Plus at my desk. The build quality is very high, albeit simple. I was searching for a stand that would allow me to charge my iPhone, but would still hold the phone without being plugged in after the charge was complete. This fits the bill. I'm not sure why some other reviews claim that their phones fall off the stand when they answer it or try to text with it. My giant iPhone 6 Plus stays put in the stand while I use it, and the balance is perfect.

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is for the same reason that so many others have pointed out. The "arms" of the stand that hold the bottom of the phone are metal and have no protective covering, and I've already scratched the case of my phone by constantly picking it up and putting it back onto the stand.

Buy this stand. It's awesome.
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on July 27, 2016
My wife Loves it!! When I surprised her with the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold I knew I had to get a matching stand. I came across plenty of the on Amazon but found myself coming back to the Elago M2 because of the previous reviews and I the rose gold color seemed to match better than any of the others I was considering. It is truly beautiful, has a great feel of quality and weight to it and it won't scratch your phone when using it. Definitely can't go wrong with this stand thats for sure. Im planning on getting the Black or the Dark Gray to go with my iPhone.
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on June 23, 2016
Finally I got a stand for my iPhone 6! I was looking for a simple, modern, simplistic look stand for it to fit my setup and this is great. The angle is PERFECT and the quality of the stand is out of this world! I love the pads it has so that your iPhone doesn't get damaged. This stand is very well thought with holes in the back for you to run your charging cable through the stand. Instead of having your phone on your desk and have it get damaged really easy you should get this stand plus it looks great on your bedside table. The color fits perfectly with my Apple products and my friends always confuse Elago products as if they were from Apple. I wouldn't really change much about this stand, this is definitely what I was looking for and I'm very pleased with it. Some nip picking I'll point out is having more silicone padding on the bottom of the stand for it to be fully stable. Apart from that, it's the best stand out there!

- Perfect angle.
- Solid and great quality.
- Run through cable hole.
- Silicone pads to prevent scratches.
- Compatible with all smartphones.

- None so far.

I wanted to get this smartphone stand because my phone was getting slowly damaged when I placed it on my bedside table. Believe it or not everytime you put your phone on a surface it gets a small hit and it either gets damaged or gets scratched. Apart from that, having to reach the cable and plug it in again its annoying. With this stand my smartphone game got 10 times better. Easy place and plug in less than 3 seconds without a hassle. I'm loving the stand and hopefully I don't have to change it anytime soon.

The seller supplied me with this product for a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All opinions on this review about the product are based solely on my own experience with it.
If you have any more questions about this product, please don't hesitate on asking me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I hope you enjoy your purchase!
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on December 3, 2016
This is perfect - simple, clean lines. I decided to buy this one because I felt it was more versatile than the ones with the chargers built in. Everyone at work loved them - I bought a few more for my team and may get some for Christmas presents too.
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on April 14, 2017
Used for mount for old iPhone that I now us for streaming Sirius through my stereo system. Perfect minimalist mounting option.
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on October 5, 2017
This stand is exactly what I hoped for and wanted. Excellent quality. it even has rubber pads to protect your phone as it sits in the stand-SMART!
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on November 30, 2014
I love this stand and the color matches the case I bought. It is very sturdy for charging phone or watching tv. Also would like to mention that both the charger and cord for headphones can be used at the same time while in the vertical position. All u need do is line up the headphone plug with the hole in the stand & there is plenty of room for your charger. Would purchase this one again, very classy.
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