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on March 10, 2016
I dunno what all the hype is about. EOS doesn't seem to work all that great, I'm constantly having to reapply it and I mean constantly. For the price it should work a lot better. It does taste/smell good on your lips but I'll stick to the stuff that doesn't taste as good but last much longer and is way cheaper anyway. These made nice stocking stuffers but I wasn't really impressed. Also, the shape, what's up with that? It's totally impractical. Its too big and lumpy to keep anywhere, and it loves to roll away from you any chance it gets.
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on July 7, 2015
I have dry and sensitive lips(ans sensitive skin in general),so I have tried quite a few lip balms and chapsticks.Heard so many good things about the EOS lip balms that I had to try it.

I got to say,I understand the hype about these spheres. The egg-shaped packaging is different and cute,it has many different delicious flavors,and it is natural! I loved the sweet mint(nice cool tingly feeling and the smoothest of the 5) and summer fruit(smells super yummy).

They felt better when I first started to use them though.When I got halfway done with the summer fruit one,it started to feel more oily and wouldn't last too long on my lips.Also,the dome shaped balm inside the container makes it hard to use the last bit.It goes from a roundish tip to an almost flat circular surface,so I would be pressing the whole half container in my face to get some balm on my lips(it gets messy).

Overall,it is a nice natural lip balm in a cute container.I'd buy more flavors in the future,but in the meantime,I'll also be trying out other lip balms until I find the one I really love.
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on March 6, 2014
All the flavors are great, but they are much cheaper in the stores! The stores also have the other flavors, like lemon and blueberry, at the same low price as the others. Do not buy the lemon drip online at all, it is no more expensive in the stores. I found my lemon drop in Target.
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on October 27, 2016
One of my favorite lip balms. The shape is very unique. Love how smooth my lips feel after using this. Love the different colors & scents. They are not very strong scents, which is what I look for in a product. I look for natural or organic products as much as possible. This one is a go to.
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on August 15, 2013
I have extremely dry skin and that is also the cause of my extremely dry lips. Since I've been using these(about a month) I haven't had chapped lips once. Minimal peeling on my lips. They really are the first brand of lip balm that has worked for me. The flavors are yummy smelling and don't taste too bad either. I gave the mint to my mother(never been a fan of that smell) and the passion fruit to a friend. Now that I know what flavors I prefer, I can order just those.
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on May 14, 2014
i had a single mint flavored EOS lip balm that i loved using for years, so i decided to go crazy and get this 5 pack to add to my collection...

i was disappointed when i fist received them because these spheres are VERY hard and waxy, difficult to apply to your lips and not very moisturizing. the product didn't 'glide on' to my lips at all, i had to rub it in and apply it very hard, over and into my lips to get some sort of rub off. my old mint one was great because i had 'broken it in' and used it down until the product went on smoothly.

ANYWAYS, essentially all the lip balm product at the surface of these 5 is kinda dried out & waxy, so all you need to do is take a butter knife or a pocket knife and slice the rounded bit at the top of the sphere off (JUST THE VERY TIP, LESS THAN A CM), then you get to all the softer product and that works great, goes on really easily. i recommend doing this if you have no patience to break your lip balm in by applying it normally, lol.

the flavors are good and they're fun to mix up, this product isn't life changing or groundbreaking, it doesn't cure cold sores like Carmex and it wears off pretty quickly, but the shape of the packaging is just too cute and fun they're worth buying. ;)
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on March 20, 2014
My roommate got me turned on to this lip balm. It doesn't leave a nasty taste or anything, it also smells nice. The only thing is that if you're putting this in your pocket, it looks like you're hiding a ball. Naturally, it's much easier to find in a purse or bag, as opposed to the traditionally shaped chap stick. eos is unique, and I like it. I'm partial to the green one. My roommate's favorite is the purple. Try all of them, though, because everyone is different.
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on April 6, 2014
My daughter got me hooked on eos lip balm...I think I have all the flavors just about. They last well, stay on a long time (so you aren't always having to add more every five minutes, lock so they don't fall open in your purse, and are large enough that you think you are getting what you pay for. The only downside is the shape if you want something for pants pockets....but luckily, they also make the balm in a tube like ordinary chapstick. Love it.
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on October 7, 2017
Bought these to throw in gift bags for Christmas. They were appreciated for sure. I still buy them and use them. They definitely moisten your lips and heals.
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on February 6, 2014
I had a rather annoying and ongoing problem with chapped lips in every single type of weather and season I have been through (Eastern Pennsylvania).

I have tried most types of lip balm from all the major brand names and some I couldn't remember the names of if I wanted to, but none of them worked except EOS. As recommended by a coworker of mine.

These are incredibly girly looking and I couldn't care less because they actually work, however, as a man who does not carry a purse they are a bit awkward for retail space in the pocket, I just tell everyone I'm really happy to see them all the time, I also carry a small tin of tea in my pockets sometimes so some days I'm EXTREMELY happy to see everyone.

The only other product that's ever worked for my dry lips is straight vasoline, not any gloss or tube, just straight up nasty vasoline, so I am quite happy to find something else that worked.

Natural ingredients is always a thumbs up- seller was quick, product was in perfect condition, would recommend to everyone with lips.
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