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KTT9 Afterparty!!!

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In reply to an earlier post on May 19, 2012, 2:56:56 PM PDT
JJ says:
Oh, well that makes a little more SENSE!!! ;-) I thought you lived in the LAND OF 1,000 DANCES...I mean...TREES!!! Ha-ha!

Well, it's a little bit of both...but I'll have fun...I think. You're welcome to JOIN ME, although I can't provide a place to stay each night...or plane ticket to get here!!! LOL. ;-)

See you all later...I'm off...for a while.

In reply to an earlier post on May 19, 2012, 6:59:19 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 22, 2012, 7:31:44 AM PDT
Skyrim has better graphics and dragons but I like the quests less. Oblivion is almost as pretty and more open in a way because the terrain is not as rough in most places. I like the quests better, especially the main quest. The expansions are both really good and I really like the DLC mage's tower, Frostcrag Spire. In truth, though it suffers from old graphics, I like Morrowind best in terms of quests and even exploration. It has two expansions. I wasn't that keen on most of Bloodmoon because I' m just not into werewolves but I really liked Tribunal which is set in the capitol of Morrowind and is a sequel of sorts. It will play on the 360 and the GotY edition is pretty cheap. All 3 games have amazing music.

Posted on May 20, 2012, 9:42:25 AM PDT
Happy Sunday! Did anyone get to see the annular eclipse? I saw one many years ago, 1984 I think. It passed right over where I was. My husband had tried welding at the farm so I took the welder's helmet to look at it. It was so cool. When it was as total as it was going to get everything went dusky grey. But not like sunset where all the colours are warm, this was mid-day and everything was silvery, with little circles where there were sun reflections. It's kind of fun to take a leaf and prick a little hole in it then let the sun shine through to make tiny circles on the ground.

In reply to an earlier post on May 20, 2012, 2:45:19 PM PDT
Samaya Young says:
Howdy all.

Good to hear you'll have fun.
Oh, I would, if I could. I assure you. :-)

In reply to an earlier post on May 20, 2012, 2:49:22 PM PDT
Samaya Young says:
Right back atcha. And nope, didn't get to see it. :-)

Posted on May 21, 2012, 10:42:22 AM PDT

I can't help though I'm dragging today. I stayed up too late finishing an anime series (Story of Saiunkoku - cried like a baby at the end) then woke up early. I was achy from working in "the room upstairs" (you should hear ominous music) yesterday. I don't feel like doing much of anything so I guess I'll put off today until tomorrow. Can I get a do over?

Posted on May 21, 2012, 1:50:04 PM PDT
Bummer, Robin Gibb died. That leaves only Barry.

In reply to an earlier post on May 21, 2012, 2:33:37 PM PDT
Samaya Young says:
Howdy all.

Loooooong day again, but stuff should lighten up a little by now. *sigh*
Finished the effing trees at last. Hah.

Why ominous music? Is there something ominous about "the room upstairs"?

In reply to an earlier post on May 21, 2012, 2:35:33 PM PDT
Samaya Young says:
Poor Barry. It's gotta be tough.

In reply to an earlier post on May 21, 2012, 8:19:59 PM PDT
Yes, the upstairs room was the studio but since the hurricane and aftermath 6 years ago it has become a black hole sucking all the accumulated stuff of my life and concentrating it. I believe it has attained reproductive capabilities. If it is sentient it is malevolent.

In reply to an earlier post on May 21, 2012, 10:09:49 PM PDT
JJ says:
Kematu or Saadia??? I love that SKYRIM has moral PARADOXES that you AS A PLAYER have to figure out. I keep getting distracted on side quests and don't continue the main story!!! Right now I'm INFILTRATING a castle in order to open the gates...I'm so bad! ;-) I'm a level 9, though...nice to get away from 5.

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 7:27:57 AM PDT
I did that one 3 times! The first time I did it my way and came in from a different direction and completed the outside and went inside from the opposite end. When I opened the gate no one came in and the guys were still sitting around their campfire grousing so I went in where they said and came out where I was supposed to and opened the gate. Then we got in a fight and i hit one of them and they got mad so I started again and cleaned out the whole outside before I went in from the back so they came in to a completely free fort but were they happy? Not particularly. I would have liked to hear a "Hey, thanks for saving everybody and cleaning out the vermin". bah, ingrates.

I never actually finished that quest though I tended to side with Saadia. I never actually made it to the cave to hear the other side of that story. I wish sometimes there were better choices though. I have not done a bunch of quests because of that. By the time I had to begin the thieves guild I had already helped all the people in Riften and didn't want to set up the Dunmer raised by Argonians. I just failed the whole thing and got into the guild anyway.

As for sidetracks, well, that's what this kind of game is all about. It's trekking through the wilderness and seeing a black shape on your compass and running off to see what it is and falling into a whole different place than you were intending to go. Even now when I have discovered nearly everything to be found at least once, I'll come on a place from a different angle and at a different level or character type and it's a whole new experience. I have a new level 11 full mage right now and yesterday I came on my first dragonlair by accident. I couldn't even decide which one it was then realized I was coming to it from above and behind when I had always come through the mine at Northwind Summit before. I'm using companions this time, too and that's been interesting. I let Lydia clean out Cragslane Cavern for me and all I had to do was finish off the last guy before he saw me.

Posted on May 22, 2012, 8:09:12 AM PDT
C. Wright says:
Having a garage sale Fri & Sat really put me behind. Now I need to sort through the leftovers and make all those decisions again - keep, donate, remove price tags - so my car will fit back into the garage!

I just hoed the garden for the first time, trimmed off the dead leaves on 6 blueberry bushes, and draped netting over the one blueberry bush that has thousands of berries - which have started to turn blue, and the birds have discovered them.

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 8:32:07 AM PDT
JJ says:
Maybe sell some your stuff on our old friend...AMMY??? ;-)

Yes!!! The blueberry bushes here are in full bloom...with BERRIES!!!.....obviously...blueberries are a big thing down here...we have blueberry EVERYTHING...milkshakes, smoothies, snowcones, etc. :-P

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 8:39:54 AM PDT
JJ says:
I recommend finishing the SAADIA quest...there are about 5-6 different ways you can finish it...I think...and I ran into a LARGE MORAL DILEMMA!!! Who's telling the TRUTH?!?!? I still don't know and look forwar to playing that mission a different way...later.

Once I get INTO the castle, I start to get about 10 PEOPLE...Lydia is SO utterly useless, too...she dies so quickly these days...

I've BEEN with the COMPANIONS...for a few days...I prefer the bounty missions...although the VAMPIRE ONE was fun fun fun!!! ;-). Do you know the SECRET of the COMPANIONS yet?

So what exactly do EXPANSION packs do??? Do they add missions...locations...dogs...???

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 11:10:46 AM PDT
Samaya Young says:
Howdy folks.

Wonderful day at home, working in the yard, yay!

Ah. That type of room. Better be careful and take a crucifix, or something, along. ;-D

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 11:12:42 AM PDT
Samaya Young says:
Can you believe that I have never been to a garage sale? I would love to see one of those some day. *sigh* I can imagine them being a lot of work, though. :-D Hope it worked out satisfactory.

Am jealous of your blueberries. Ours didn't survive the last summer.

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 2:01:11 PM PDT
Yes, JJ, I know about the Companions, that's why I didn't do them. I am so not entranced with werewolves and the Skyrim ones are ugly. You really need to sneak into dungeons to check things out. The final room in nearly all bandit dungeons is a serious fight with many strong foes. Lydia should still be okay if you are just level 9. Followers don't usually die in fights unless you kill them yourself. There are quite a few vampire quests. If you are not a werewolf then be sure to check your active effects afterwards to be sure you haven't become infected with Vampirism. If you do then go to a shrine or slurp a cure disease right away since you only have 3 game days to cure yourself.

An expansion adds a new area, a new major quest and usually many small ones. In Oblivion, The Knights of the Nine is just one long involved quest with side quests to complete it and at the end you get some good weapons and a superior suit of armor. Shivering Isles takes you to the realm of Sheogorath and it's complex, surreal and insane as it would be considering Sheogorath is insane. Frostcrag Spire is just a downloadable wizard's lair up in the snowy mountains with lots of perks magically speaking. The first announced Expansion for Skyrim is due this summer. Other than knowing it is called Dawnguard nothing else has been announced. It will be available as DLC on the Xbox for 30 days before PC and PS3 get to have it.

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 4:18:57 PM PDT
C. Wright says:
Garage Sales: They take a day of prep time (finding stuff, pricing stuff), then two days of sitting at a card table in your garage (hot and bored), while being nice to strangers who paw over your stuff (asking if you'll give them the whole box of cross-stitch canvas for XX dollars).

Sold $26.50 Friday. Sold $100.66 Saturday. But then I ventured out to the neighborhood and spent $56 of that! Got some brand new leather boots (Tony Lama's) for $30, but they are too large and I will need to wear extra socks or put in some Dr. Scholl's something-or-others inside. Hubby talked me into them, said I "need" them to wear to the Carrie Underwood concert we just got tickets for. Then to decide what to do with the leftover items - toss them, reintegrate them (I still might need them), or donate them.

In the end, every time we do this, we say, "Never again! Just donate the items and take the tax deduction - you get more value that way." But do we learn? No. It's still kind of fun to feel like you've earned extra cash and emptied out an area of the basement so now it's not so cluttered!

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 4:23:00 PM PDT
JJ says:
I've been shopping all day...getting ready for the upcoming SUMMER HEAT I went by BEST BUY to pick up the latest NANCY DREW adventure game Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen...what can I say?.....I'm a little kid at heart...anyway...I had previously been at SAM'S CLUB...where I saw the Game of the Year version of OBLIVION...for 20 doll hairs...but I told myself "Self, walk away."

Anyway to make a long story short (too late), when I was in BEST BUG buying the TOMB game, I saw OBLIVION again...and couldn't resist...I mean...who could???

The End

In reply to an earlier post on May 22, 2012, 4:23:45 PM PDT
I sold some books, anime and games on Amazon last month and I just saw that I have a deposit of $90. for the month. That ain't bad! I had a couple of hard to find anime and a hard to find DS game that made the difference.

Posted on May 22, 2012, 4:23:55 PM PDT
We moved seven years ago, and after getting our house ready to sell and cleaning out everything to move into a smaller place, it looked so nice I was tempted to stay. (Not very tempted, since I was trading a 45 minute commute for a 15 minute commute.)

It's a good idea to clean things up. You should probably donate them, or at least some of them.

In reply to an earlier post on May 23, 2012, 11:11:06 AM PDT
ok, wake up everybody. Has the summer heat hit everywhere and slowed people down? Don't fight it. Stay inside in the a/c (or get some a/c) and post nonsense.

This will be for Teresa since she posted last. (but I'm not saying from wince it came.)

The different branches of Arithmetic -- Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.

Posted on May 23, 2012, 11:17:02 AM PDT
This will also be for Teresa. A Tangled Tale It's MATH, Teresa.

In reply to an earlier post on May 23, 2012, 2:09:26 PM PDT
Samaya Young says:
Hiya all.

Sounds like fun, regardless.
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