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Free Books and Chat - Thurs, Dec 27, 2012

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Initial post: Dec 27, 2012, 12:40:54 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 27, 2012, 6:36:26 AM PST
Well, this is a tough day to open - like most of this week. The build up to the big day is over, the presents unwrapped, the papers neatly folded for reuse, or torn to shreds and taken to the trash along with all the now-empty boxes, all the full dishes that once covered the table, emptied to Tupperware, washed and put away, and most, if not all, the guests gone home. While the tree lights still sparkle, and a hint of evergreen still wafts through the air, a bit of the glow is gone. We've had a day to collapse in the chair and simply scroll through the Kindle forum posts, and even though we might feel a vague need to be productive - well, don't know about you, but I am not quite ready to let go of Christmas past and start thinking about the resolutions I need for the New Year.
Going to quote Andy Rooney on this one:

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly.

So, to pass the time between the old and the new, let me pose a question of the day (with nods to Suze) - did you have a Kodak moment this season? I mean, that one special moment, small or large, that tickled your heart or your funny bone, that you will remember next year when you think about Christmas past? They don't always happen, you know - but when they do, it's magic.

I admit, I don't have any big moments, but will remember the generosity of my friends who made room in their week before Christmas to help me finish out emptying Dad's house, despite having full schedules of their own to manage. Especially the light in their eyes when they would find a treasure in my trash, and go "really? you really don't want this? - and then hustle off, arms loaded down with their finds. Not to mention the huge grin on my face as I sent out 53 emails with Santa notifications. And of course, smurphy's son chopping pizza with a used saw so she wouldn't have to cook dinner certainly rates.....

If you feel like sharing a special moment from this Christmas season, please do, otherwise, no need to rush into the New Year, sit back, join us in the Kindle lounge, where whatever you would like to snack and drink is available, and free books abound. Post a link, post a thought, we just like hearing from you.

And - thanks to Chaya for reminding me! Some of you may have holiday memories to share that don't involve wrapping paper, red-suited fat men with beards, and babes in a manger. We want to hear about those too. The season is about goodwill to all.

Happy birthday to Silvara Wilde!

Links to daily free book sources:




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Book Discussion:
Our next book discussion is on January 10, 2013 about the book NOT FREE In Deep Voodoo (Mojo, Louisiana humorous mystery series #1) NOT FREE also found in NOT FREE Love Can Be Murder (boxed set of humorous mysteries) NOT FREE

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Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 12:56:35 AM PST
Cozies up in the loveseat next to Terry awaiting to hear stories. All this while thinking to myself try having Xmas 8 nights in a row and we will see who wins the race to the vodka lol. I've nothing to contribute story wise but I'm good for a giggle......or two....

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 1:05:42 AM PST
An Unlawful Order (The Chase Anderson Series Book 1) military mystery featuring a female Marine, and Hawaii

While I refuse to contemplate weight loss cookbooks before the weekend,this cookbook looked interesting..
Mexican Vegetarian Cookbook: Quick, Easy & Delicious Vegetarian Mexican Recipes

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2012, 1:40:56 AM PST
Now Terry, ....We can contemplate weight loss books... I've lost 13 pounds since Thanksgiving!!!

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 1:49:57 AM PST
ebook addict says:
This was supposed to be free yesterday according to the Free-Partay email from Indie Authors, but it was $2.99 then. Has now changed to free but the cover is gone that showed an 8-book bundle. Looks like if contains 7 Folds of Winter, The Rush, Rook, Ambush, Anatomy, Pet Holiday Miracles, Pet Whisperer, and Hacked. Several other Carolyn McCray books are currently free if you visit her author page.

Reader's Feast: Something for Everyone (A McCray Collection) An ecclectic mix of some of McCray's bestsellers. The perfect gift for the voracious reader.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 1:52:40 AM PST
ebook addict says:


A romantic novel about two people who fall in love in 1960's England. Tragedy separates them. However two decades later their paths cross again.

Wendy is an attractive lady in her early forties. One day whilst out on a shopping trip her whole world is turned upside by a vision from her past - Peter. Could it possibly be conceivable that the man she was so in love with twenty years earlier and the person she thought was dead suddenly reappear?

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 2:10:17 AM PST
ebook addict says:
Was in such a hurry to post the free books that I read your intro too fast. Saw Kodak moment & was thinking this year, not this season. Guess I am already thinking about new years. Anyway, since directions were posted in yesterday's thread on how to put picture on profile, I decided to get rid of that awful default generic silhouette & posted one of my Kodak moments from our big vacation.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 3:04:21 AM PST
Tyger0902 says:
For a Kodak moment was actually a picture that my nephew took. For the first time in 17 yrs my sister and her family decided to visit the in-laws now down in Miami. They were taking pictures down A1A and at a bridge my sister wanted a picture of all the big yachts so she asks my nephew to take a picture. He doesn't take a picture of the view with the yachts he takes it of a taxi. lol When she asks him why he did that he said "well, both of you work for SafeRide and that's a taxi service". Oh, the logic of a 17 yr old boy.

By the way SafeRide is not a taxi service it's a car moving service where you call them if you had too much to drink and for a fee they will transport you and your car to your house. Cheaper than a DUI. They work in female/male teams so if you have a male client the male drives the car home with the female driving their own car and vice versa.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 3:20:46 AM PST
Tyger0902 says:
I just realized what time it was as I've been reading. I need to go to sleep as it's past 6 am but I want to finish this book. I'm reading a library book that I got last night ***NOT FREE NEVER GONNA BE FREE****Insurgent by Veronica Roth and I don't want to put it down.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2012, 3:59:56 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
@ TNT regarding Mexican Vegetarian Cooking. When i need to make Vegetarian tacos I use paneer. You will soon see why I mention this.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:05:18 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 27, 2012, 5:10:29 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
Many of you may have noticed that I volunteered to send recipes for an entire North Indian Meal that can be made at home. i forgot how big the list gets. So I am posting part one today. I will try and post the 2nd part by Saturday. Depends upon RL. For those of you who are not interested in these, you may blame Chaya...:) giggle giggle.


An Indian Dinner.

While I married into a vegetarian household I have not turned vegetarian. However, I have come to greatly appreciate vegetarian meals. Not like the boiled soggy veggies in western vegetarian meals but awesome full of flavor vegetarian. When I was still in a joint family (another topic another day)
my MIL (who ran the kitchen because 1. 2 woman cannot share a kitchen and 2. all the meals downstairs were vegetarian and it was her kitchen) We would have 1. Lentil dish 2. one gravy vegetable 2 two dry vegetables 3. 1 or 2 chutneys 4. katchcumber salad plate 5. home made yogurt (I never liked yogurt until I had hers). 6. Fresh made flat breads (phulka or paranthas or pooris) 7 In addition there would be achaars available (vegetables or mangoes pickled in mustard oil and spices. 8. Papad or papadoms thin lentil crisps that you roast or deep fry and eat with the chutney. The can be purchased in Indian Stores. I like the plain or the garlic one.

If we had guests there would be more appetizers and chutney and achaars.

So for the first part of my menu I am giving you a chicken appetizer, Accompaniaments, Main Vegetarian Dish and a Dry vegetable. Please let me know if you would like part two which I plan to offer a flat bread, rice dish, gravy mutton dish, and a dal.

Once again I apologize for any that are not interested in this space. you won't hurt my feelings my American BIL always ate at McDonalds after one of my Indian Dinners.

ETA AGAIN: Once again I learned how to cook Indian using the following cookbook. Only a couple of the recipes come from there, but for beginners it is the best.

NOT FREE NOW An Invitation to Indian Cooking NOT FREE NOW

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2012, 4:28:07 AM PST
Janine says:
4Nbahu you are making me very hungry now please post away have a friend that taught me how to make Indian food only thing I think I make really well is my curry crab were told by our friends that will join us next week in the bush I have to make it one night I make that with coconut milk and a beer.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:33:40 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 27, 2012, 5:15:53 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
In North India fresh coriander leaves (cilantro, Chinese parsley) is used as a garnish on everything. Personally I hate the flavor so I don't use it. In addition you will almost always find a green chutney on the table. It will either be coriander or mint or the two combined.
Green Chutney:
 1 cup of fresh mint (leaves and stalk) OR 1 cup of fresh coriander (leaves and stalk) OR ½ cup fresh mint AND ½ cup fresh coriander
 1 fresh green chili sliced
 2 flakes of garlic
 ½" piece of ginger
 ½ tsp salt
 1 tsp Lemon Juice (fresh is best)

 Thoroughly wash all of the fresh items.
 Wait until all items are dry.
 Throw away any thick stalks in the greens.
 In a mixer/grinder make a paste of the ginger and garlic.
 Add leaves, green chili , salt and lemon juice.
 Mix until a thick paste.
 Taste and adjust for salt/lemon/chili
 Cover tightly and place in refrigerator. Can be used for up to three days.

Katchcumber Salad:
You will find this all over as a prelude to the meal.

1-2 Firm Tomatoes sliced into circles
1 small onion sliced and rings separated
1 cucumber sliced into circles.
4-6 Green Chilis. (just put these on the plate whole, Indians eat them raw like that, not me)
1 Lemon
MDH Chunky Chat Masala (if possible) red chili powder if not.

 Wash and dry all the vegetable carefully before slicing as this is a raw salad.
 Place the sliced vegetables on a plate in a nice design
 Sprinkle with a little Chat Masala or a bit of red chili powder or even black pepper.
 Squeeze the lemon over the plate.
 Sprinkle salt to taste

People just take slices of what they like off the plate like an appetizer. You may also add carrot, radish, kohlrabi. If the circles water too much then you can just quarter the tomatoes and make sticks of the cucumber and other vegetables EXCEPT THE ONIONS.

After eating spicy food any dairy product will help settle all the rumble in the mouth and tummy. We always have plain yogurt or raita with Indian Dinners.

Serves 4.

16 oz of your favorite plain yogurt.
¼ tsp Freshly roasted and ground cumin.
½ tsp Salt or to Taste
½ tsp Black Pepper or to Taste

Chop (do not grate or the raita becomes watery)

1 Cucumber finely chopped
1 Small onion finely chopped
1 Tomato deseeded and finely chopped.


 Pour yogurt into large bowl.
 Mix in Chopped vegetables (if someone doesn't like one of the vegetables leave it out. )
 Add salt, pepper, and cumin to mixture.
 Stir and taste.
 Adjust to taste.
 Garnish by sprinkling a bit of the ground cumin on top. Some people garnish with red chili powder, but that defeats the purpose of the raita to me.
 Serve chilled

*In a pinch I've been known to leave out the cumin.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:40:07 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
To make authentic Indian food Garam Masala is a necessity. The amounts of each spice differ according to family to family, city to city. I usually have MDH or Everest Garam masala in my kitchen, however store bought Garam Masalas tend to have too much red chili for my liking. So if you have time and inclination make your own and just store it in a tightly closed jar. It will last a long time.

Garam (hot) Masala.

In North Indian Cooking garam masala is very important. There are various premade ones MDH and Everest are two companies that come quickly to mind. However, they tend to have a high red chili powder content. If you have problems with chilis it is better to make your own. While there are many recipes the following is a good basic one.

Garam Masala (Basic)
Green Cardamom Seeds (split green pod and scoop black seeds) (4-6 pods)
2 ½ tsp Black Peppercorn
3 Tbs Cumin Seeds
4 Tbs Coriander Seeds
2 5" Cinnamon Stick
1 Tbs Clove

(to personalize you can also add bay leaf, Black Cardamom Seeds, Dry Ginger Powder, Nutmeg, Mace, Star Anise, Dry Red Chili)


 On medium low heat dry roast whole spices (except cardamom seeds) until fragrant. Do not use high heat or the outside of the spices will burn and inside will be raw.
 Set aside and let cool. (if you choose to add other spices you can roast the bay leaf, mace, star anise and red chili)
 Cardamom seeds and Ginger powder can be added to the cooled spices.
 When spices are cool combine all desired spices in a dry grinder.
 Grind until a fine powder.
 Store in an airtight container.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:41:53 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
This is a favorite especially in the winters.. Technically it is an appetizer, but can be used as a main.


(technically this is an appetizer, but when we were in the US we served it as a main. If serving as a main don't cut the breasts in half. )

6-8 people
Preparation time 24 hours
Cooking Time 30-40 minutes

6 legs skinless
3 Breasts on the bone skinless cut in half

*Indian don't eat the skin of the chicken

Chop and turn into a Paste:

1 Medium sized Onion
6 cloves of garlic
2" fresh ginger peeled
3 Tbs lemon juice

For the red coloring if you have access to an Indian Store use Kashmiri or Deggi Red Chili it is mainly for color and has very little heat. If you don't use red food coloring


** Other than the coriander, cumin and garam masala if you are missing some of the spices below don't worry about it.

8 oz yoghurt (if you don't use yoghurt, add more lemon juice and oil)
1 tsp Garam Masala
1 Tbs ground Coriander
2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground turmeric
¼ tsp ground mace
¼ tsp ground nutmeg
¼ tsp ground cloves
¼ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground black pepper
4 Tbs Oil (mustard, olive, vegetable whatever is in the house)

¼ to ½ tsp red chili powder or cayenne powder (depending on how hot you like your food)


One onion sliced into thin rings, separate the rings.
Whole Green Chilis washed and dried
Lemon wedges.
Chat Masala (optional my favorite is MDH Chunky Chat Masala)


 Lightly Score chicken pieces. (2 or 3 slices nearly to the bone)
 In a large bowl place the paste and chicken pieces.
 Make sure all the chicken pieces are coated with the paste.
 Leave for 15-30 minutes in the refrigerator.
 Add the marinade mixture.
 Make sure all the chicken pieces are coated with the marinade.
 Leave in the refrigerator until the next day.
 Turn several times in the marinade.


We used to cook over a charcoal grill to get the flavor and then finish in the oven to make sure it is done. If no grill just use the oven. Basically cook the chicken until it is done. About 30-40 minutes. Don't baste.


 On a plate place the sliced and separated rings of onion.
 Cover with the Chicken
 Add a few more rings of onion on top.
 Sprinkle with Chat Masala (optional)
 Place lemon wedges around.

(If you are making individual plates place a lemon wedge on each plate. Squeeze the lemon juice over chicken just before eating, and the onions.)

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:43:50 AM PST
4Nbahu says:

This is a peas and fresh cheese dish. It can be a side dish or a Main dish for vegetarians. If you have access to an Indian Store buy the paneer (I know of no Western equivelent) If you don't have access to paneer you can make it at home very easily or you can just substitute mushrooms)

Makes about 14 oz of paneer.

½ gal of Whole Milk
1 tsp Lemon juice OR 2-3 TBS yoghurt OR ½ tsp vinegar

 Bring the milk just to a boil.
 Add souring agent.
 Within seconds you should see the curd separate from the milk whey, if you don't add a little bit more of the lemon juice, yoghurt of vinegar.
 Simmer for a couple of minutes until it looks like all the curd has separated. You will see white chunks floating in a pale yellow/green liquid.
 Using a cheese cloth or a very thin very clean kitchen cloth line a colander. Poor the mixture through the towel and colander (save the whey and use it for anytime liquid is needed for vegetable or dal as it is a very good source of protein)
 Wrap the curds in the cheese cloth and press out excess whey.
 Place on a plate and cover with something heavy for about a half hour.
 Voila you have homemade cheese that can be eaten as is, grilled, or used in a variety of dishes.

Matar Paneer

Serves 4 people

200 gms (7 oz) Paneer (can use mushrooms instead)
1 cup shelled peas (frozen is fine) (canned is not)


 Cut paneer into 1"cubes.
 Lightly Fry until outside is slightly golden
 If you don't like deep fried. Then just add in raw cheese.


2 Onions chopped finely
3 tomatoes skinned and chopped
3 flakes of garlic
1" piece of fresh ginger chopped or shredded
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp turmeric (optional)
1 tsp salt (or to taste)
1/4 tsp red chili powder (or to taste)
1 tsp garam masala
1 cup of whey/milk/water
2Tbs Oil
1 tsp Corn Flour/Starch
¼ cup water


 Dissolve corn flour(starch) into 1/4 of water and set aside
 Heat oil in a pan. (medium heat)
 Add one cumin seed if it pops then add the rest if not wait until oil is hotter. If oil is smoking or seed turns black turn heat down.
 Once the cumin turns slightly darker brown then add in garlic and ginger stir constantly to keep anything from burning
 Add onions and cook until clear
 Add tomatoes (can be chunky or liquidy up to you)
 Add whey/milk/water
 Stir in all of the dry spices and simmer for five minutes.
 Taste
 Add extra salt/garam masala/red chili powder to your taste
 Simmer for 5 more minutes
 Add in peas and simmer until tender (depends on whether fresh or frozen was used) (add more liquid if necessary)
 Stir in corn starch mixture and bring to a boil. (thickens the gravy)
 Return to simmer
 Add in paneer (fried or raw) and heat through (about 5 minutes)

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:45:46 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
DRY POTATOES: From Madhur Jaffrey's book
This sounds boring but it's not. Many times we have just taken Sookhe (dry) aloo (potatoes) on trips. We also take either pooris (puffy fried bread) or paranthas (flat bread with lot's of buttered layers) . We make little rolls and voila a fast lunch.

Serves 6-8

7 potatoes boiled in their jackets, cooled and skinned. (undercook a little)
10 Tbs mustard oil (any vegetable will do)
1/8 tsp asafetida (smells like dirty socks but makes things taste good)
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp black mustard seeds
12 fenugreek seeds.
3 whole dried red peppers
½ tsp ground turmeric
1 ½ tsp salt (or to taste)


 Dice potatoes into about 1" cubes
 In a large pan heat oil (mustard gives an authentic flavor but any oil will do)
 Add asafetida
 Then add cumin and fennel stir and wait ten seconds (until they start popping)
 Add mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds wait ten seconds
 Add Red Peppers stir until peppers darken
 Add potatoes, turmeric and salt.
 Carefully cover the potatoes with the spicy oil mixture.
 Fry for about 15 minutes until edges have browned slightly.
 Check for salt.

Plain Zeera Aloo:
If in a hurry or don't have all the spices, you can make the above with just the cumin (double the amount), red chili peppers and salt. Do everything else the same way.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:45:53 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 27, 2012, 4:47:52 AM PST
redandwhite says:
Good morning everyone, (well afternoon for me) and thank you TerryInTexas for the start today, I am one of the lucky ones that has taken a couple of extra holiday days and don't have to go back to work until 2nd Jan - so I am able to both read the thread, looking forward to reading about everyone's Kodak moments, buying free books and perhaps reading some that I have 1-clicked.
For me I think that my best kodak moment was when I was much younger and my sister was a trainee nurse and she was due to go on duty on what we called a split shift which meant that she worked during the middle of the day - thereby having to leave half way through our family christmas lunch, during the big turkey meal and just before the Xmas pudding she left the table to get changed into her uniform dress, black stockings and black lace-up shoes, belt with silver buckle, starched neck band and starched carefully folded ornate headdress all topped off with a black cape. A family member drove her to the hospital and came back to eat Xmas pud. Half an hour later the phone rang, yes it was my sister asking if someone could come and collect her - since she actually had the day off and the split shift was on boxing day !!
The above makes me sound as if I was born in Florence Nightinggales time but in fact this story comes from the 1960's England. The uniforms for young nurses were awesome.
Edited for spelling

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2012, 4:47:45 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 27, 2012, 4:51:30 AM PST
I readily accept all blame lol. I'm so excited!! I love Indian cuisine as I've previously stated but very limited with laws of kashrus. It's a huge gift you're giving because I can't ask a recipe to help with substitution ideas. Many Jewish women use soy milk for everything that requires dairy but I'm not a big fan.

I'm not online from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown so will probably miss the recipe. Don't forget me! I can teach you some Jewish cuisine your in-laws won't turn down for Donalds ( yucky lol ).

ETA Janine what's in the bush?

ETA 4N chaya rubs hands together as the printer prints!!! Ty!!

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:51:20 AM PST
Scarlett859 says:
Well... I'm almost current... I just have half of yesterday's thread to go through... I'll join y'all eventually

Becky - Just wanted to mention another Louisiana book that is free today only
Catch Me If You Can (Romantic suspense, New Orleans Trilogy book 1)

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 4:54:04 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
As per the Kodak moment. This year has been strange. It didn't fell like Christmas until I saw hubby wearing his gift. He had looked at the warm track suit with that "well that is boring" look. But we live in a house with no central heating. It is now 13C or 55F. He was just resting in his normal sleeping kurta and he got up and put on the track suit. He came back looking sheepish, but at least he was warm.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2012, 5:04:39 AM PST
Oy vey! No heat? Does it get much colder? Kurta is like tunic? Have you developed a heavy accent from years spent listening to Hindi? It didn't feel like Xmas here either but for different reasons lol.

Indian preparation for meals is labor intensive no?

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2012, 5:28:42 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
The first time you purchase all of the spices.. it hurts. I have been used to Indian grocery conditions so I forget things like add a can of chopped tomatoes :). It never reaches freezing where I live, but it gets near. We have room heaters but I dislike them. I'd rather wear layers instead of going hot to cold hot to cold. inside the house. My family says I have a bit of an accent, but I don't hear it. :)
Kurta Pajama can be worn for sleeping or worn outside. usually made of cotton or for occasions fancy ones will be of silk.

Kurta, Long shirt with long sleeves. very loose hangs to around the knees.
Pajama Loose fitting drawstring pants. Legs are straight cut usually used for sleeping
Churidar a drawstring pajama that narrows and is form fitting at the calves and loose around the hips. Churidars are normally worn with fancy kurtas outside the house.
Kurti a short Kurta just below the backside. Usually worn with jeans.

Kurtas and Kurtis are worn by both men and women.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012, 5:29:58 AM PST
Scarlett859 says:
I have a question, if y'all don't mind....

The cloud reader... is that something I have to download or sign up for? Or is it automatic when you have a Kindle registered to your account? I have 3 devices registered but no Kindles. I haven't downloaded the Kindle for PC either. My mom had the Cloud but she also has (now) 2 Kindles.

Any help would be appreciated.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 27, 2012, 5:32:47 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
@Scarlett859 the cloud used to be called archives. What it means is that Aunt Ammy holds your content (in the cloud) until you need it. If she has two kindles on one account then she has one cloud. If she has two accounts then two clouds.

You can put a single book from one cloud on several kindles, kindle apps registered to one account.
You cannot mix between clouds and different registered accounts.
I hope this was helpful.
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