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Free Books & Chat - Sat & Sun, May 24 & 25, 2014

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Initial post: May 24, 2014, 2:45:57 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 24, 2014, 2:47:10 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
Good morning all and welcome to Free Books and Chat, Saturday and Sunday, May 24 & 25, 2014

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Business first....

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You are welcome to join us for conversation.
However, self-promotion or posting a link to your book in this area is against Amazon's TOS. If you're looking to promote your work, please go to the "Meet Our Authors", many of us check there as well.

.........THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING THE RULES..............

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╰❈╮Link to the FB&C Group Cookbook thread:


╰❈╮Birthday and Anniversary / Template / States - abbreviations and time zones / Slang / How To Link:


╰❈╮Link To Yesterday's Thread . . .

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Posted on May 24, 2014, 2:47:29 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
*¨) ¸.**¨) ¸.**¨*
(¸.*´ ¸.*´*' ~* ⊱✿⊰ FB&C Start Schedule:

Kajola - Monday, May 26, start time 11pm-1am EDT
Kajola - Tuesday, May 27, possibly 2-day thread if Monday is slow

Open Dates:
Wednesday, May 28
Thursday, May 29
Friday, May 30
Saturday, May 31

*** Please consider volunteering to be a thread starter ***

Choose an available day, copy/paste schedule into a post and add your info.

************** We'll help you through it! **************

Posted on May 24, 2014, 2:47:49 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
. ⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰ . ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰

The next book discussion is scheduled for Thursday, June 5th, 2014 at 6:00pm PT.

The book selected is Beatrice Munson by Lorena Bathey

Unfortunately, it is NOT FREE right now but it is lending enabled.

. ⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰ . ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰

Posted on May 24, 2014, 2:48:18 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
. . . . . . . . . . . .╰♡╮ Thought of the Day ╰♡╮ . . . . . . . . . . . .

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.

Ambrose Bierce

Posted on May 24, 2014, 2:48:38 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
11 Vintage Slang Terms That Need To Make A Comeback

Sometimes we think the modern use of language has become something of a joke. With texting that limits us to 140 characters, using emojis and Snapchat, who needs proper words?

There's no doubt times are a-changin', and you might find yourself confused with new age slang terms like #winning or everything being "epic." How is it that being "down" means you agree? Or that "selfie" was the Oxford Dictionaries 2013 word of the year?

Frankly, we think slang terms of decades past are far superior, and it's a time for them to make a comeback. We asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter what vintage slang terms from their youth they wish would make an appearance today. Here are some of the ace words they just can't get enough of:

1. Groovy.
Meaning: Awesome.
Because without it, "Wild Thing" wouldn't exist. And it's just so fun to say. Groovy.

2. Swell.
Meaning: Excellent. Fabulous.
As in "Gee whiz, that Ellen sure is swell!" Adorable.

3. Radical.
Meaning: Cool. (Not extreme.)
Because sometimes you just want to sound like an 80s surfer dude.

4. Scram.
Meaning: Get out of here. Immediately.
The only thing we had to say to our younger brothers and sisters growing up.

5. Neat.
Meaning: Cool. (Not tidy.)
Feel free to put your own spin on it. Like "neato keeno" or "neato torpedo."

6. Funky.
Meaning: Cool or stylish. (Not smelly or stinky.)
Because you'll love the confused look on your kids' faces when you say it.

7. The bee's knees.
Meaning: Used to tell someone they are simply the best.
It's disputed as to how this phrase came about, but many sources agree this was a flapper-era phrase coined in the early 20s. Similar nonsensical terms were "the flea's eyebrows" and "the canary's tusks." We can see why those didn't stick.

8. Cool beans.
Meaning: Agreed.
Because sometimes cool just isn't enough.

9. Tubular.
Meaning: Excellent. Incredible. Terrific. (Not something shaped like a tube.)
The ultimate 80s slang term. Saying it will remind you of big California waves, surfboards and big hair.

10. Hot to trot.
Meaning: Eager. Ready to go.
This one's a bit naughty. "He's hot to trot, with a different date every night of the week."

11. Wicked.
Meaning: Ultra cool. Impressive. (Not evil.)
The Brits might have us beat on this one. It's a commonly used phrase in the UK... and Harry Potter and his friends love to use it. Especially Ron.

Posted on May 24, 2014, 2:51:09 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
The Sky Used to be Blue: a Silo story (Karma)
Karma lives in a Silo deep beneath the earth. She isn't sure of much else... only that the wallscreen shows an outside view that is barren and swirling with toxic clouds. Most of the other residents seem content. Except for the ones who jump to their deaths from the hundred-level spiral staircase. And the ones who are pushed.

After the doctor prescribes a special medicine and tells her to avoid tap water, Karma begins to remember a very different world. Despite the fog in her mind, she is convinced that something came before. Such memories are dangerous to talk about, or even to think about.

She must figure out who can be trusted. The doctor... her husband... or no one at all.

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 3:30:47 AM PDT
Thanks for the start, Susan. The video was really neat! I was there, seems like just yesterday.

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 4:42:09 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
You were at the Central Park concert?
How cool is that? :)

Posted on May 24, 2014, 4:48:50 AM PDT
Yes, I don't like large crowds, but it was worth it! It was really swell :-)

Posted on May 24, 2014, 5:49:33 AM PDT
robb says:
I would have loved to have gone to a S&G concert.

Thanks Susan. I never used Bees Knees but all the other slang is something I used. Thanks for the trip down memory lane

Posted on May 24, 2014, 6:08:43 AM PDT
Susan, another great start. Thanks for doing it..
Now, I've got to scram off to work..
Be back later...

Everybody have a groovy day!

Posted on May 24, 2014, 6:25:30 AM PDT
☀ Suze says:
Very neat start, Susan!

What was it like to be a clam shucker??

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 6:46:59 AM PDT
The concert was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I was in graduate school in Florida, and my boyfriend was in grad school at Columbia in NY. So I took the train up, arriving Friday (couldn't afford to fly). We went to the park early on Sat. to get a good spot, and spent the day cold and wet, afraid they would cancel due to the weather. But it cleared up enough just in time. From where we sat, S and G were tiny little figures, but the sound was good and the music incredible. Talked to a lot of nice people during the day, sharing food and drinks. Sunday I took the train back to Florida and felt like it was all a dream.

Posted on May 24, 2014, 6:58:54 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
Good Morning - Tipp, Robb, Sandy and Suze.

Just back from grocery shopping.
It's pretty nice out today.
Need to go visit my aunt who is back in the hospital but other than that, maybe some vegging on the deck today.

@Suze - Clam Shucker -- I worked at Milford Jai Alai at a raw bar. I liked it alot, though I also liked gambling alot at the time, too :)
I'll tell you one thing. I don't eat clams. Once you open a clam the wrong way and slice through the belly? :)

Posted on May 24, 2014, 7:15:35 AM PDT
robb says:
I know jai alai is a sport and I know it is a crossword puzzle word but I must admit it is not one I have watched.

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 7:22:56 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
best job I ever had.....

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 7:55:31 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 24, 2014, 8:08:13 AM PDT
robb says:
Interesting. Thanks.

Not something that is played in this area.

Posted on May 24, 2014, 8:46:07 AM PDT
Susan🌎 says:
Far Horizons (The Emigrants Trilogy)
Book One of The Emigrants Trilogy: The Highlands of Scotland, 1819. On the eve of his departure for the New World, Allan MacDougall asks his beloved Harriet to wait for his return, when he will be established and able to marry her. When his father discovers his intent he insists it is dishonourable, and so Allan must free Harriet from her promise even as he vows to remain faithful himself. Through years of hardship, heartache, tragedy, and betrayal, Allan and Harriet cling to the love that first brought them together--yet it is the treacherous doubts of their own hearts that could prove to be their undoing, and drive them farther apart than ever.

Written by a USAToday bestselling and award-winning author, this book was previously published in hardcover and has been fully edited and revised. Find out more about Kate Hewitt's books at

Far Horizons is a sweeping saga that will take you from the Highlands of Scotland to the untamed Canadian wilderness and the bustling streets of Boston. Based on actual events, it celebrates the strength of a promise and the enduring power of love.

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 9:03:56 AM PDT
Sally in SA says:
Oh gee Tip, how fantastic. You see what we miss out here in the sticks?

Posted on May 24, 2014, 9:17:22 AM PDT
Sally in SA says:
Susan, thanks for the certainly took me down memory lane and I still use a lot of that slang. Some I'm not familiar with, and have never heard of jai alai.

My hand is much better thank you Sandy. Still a little swollen and painful but definitely on the mend. Darn cat!!!

I have just got back from my sister where we spent the day watching her two grand children at hockey trials for their provincial teams. Field hockey you would call it:) It's been a really beautiful sunny day. Tomorrow we will be off to watch my GS's playing soccer. I'm not sure what I would do with my time if we weren't a sport mad family:)

Posted on May 24, 2014, 9:20:24 AM PDT
Sally in SA says:
I know that many people have stopped posting for various reasons, but this is not like Red and her absence is very worrying. I hope there is nothing wrong.

Posted on May 24, 2014, 9:43:52 AM PDT
Mieko* says:
I often use 60s slang..but going back further...well I hope I don't use way old slang.

I missed the 'you would be surprised to know that my first job' was~so: I knelt and dug potatoes for 2 weeks each year in September to earn school necessities. All of us kids in the country were given 2 weeks off from school to do that.

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 9:44:05 AM PDT
Not that I am a stalker by any means, but redandwhite did log in to Shelfari the other day. I hope she is well and will return to us soon.

Posted on May 24, 2014, 9:50:48 AM PDT
Donna, that's good news about Red, thanks for letting us know. I thought it was strange when she didn't post on Tuesday and I have gotten more worried as the week has gone on.

In reply to an earlier post on May 24, 2014, 9:57:46 AM PDT
I know when she returns, or if she is lurking, that she will appreciate our concern. If she is going through something, I hope that she can feel our support just as she has supported all of us in the past.
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