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In reply to an earlier post on Nov 21, 2010, 8:21:49 AM PST
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Hikari says:
@mr. baker
in regards to getting 'bummed' at work . . .no such luck! Unless I want a good bumming from my married lady colleagues, the three gay men on staff. There's Mike, the maintenance man, but he works nights, mostly, after everyone has gone.

My Zero of One stalker does hit other people, too, but it's hard not to think he's got it in for me specially when I read through 6 or 8 pages of commentary in the Potpourri thread and the only two posts dinged in all that are mine. Oh, well . . guess I've made an impression! In a forum like this negative attention is better than none.


I kind of liked Bitter Moon, actually, at least in parts. At the time I first saw it, I was an expatriate in a foreign country so in that sense I was like the main character played by Peter Coyote and I was also rather like our travelleing couple, stuck between destinations. I'm a sucker for Paris on film, and the early bits of BM made Paris look wonderful. Loved the buses, the cafes, Peter Coyote's apartment,the whole thing. Of course, as it wears on and the relationship turns dark it got harder to watch. Some of Polanski's humor is charming and adds to his narrative (a memorable scene of toast popping up in the kitchen at the precise moment that Peter Coyote pops one off himself was funny) . . . but the more serious it got, the more painfully self-conscious it got, until we get to the part where they are playing an alleged sex game with him in a pig mask. That was the nadir--if this is how really swingin' sexually-daring, pushing the envelope people behave . . we should be going "Wow" not laughing our ascots off. I had the same reaction during the orgy scene during Eyes Wide Shut. Not impressed or even grossed out so much as amused that this was supposed to be the pinnacle of unfettered human sexual experience.

That sex scene in D&TM is hardly worth mentioning because it's so brief, but Roman just had to stick something sexy in irrespective of whether it went with the tone of the rest of the piece. I guess as a depiction of the boredom of marital sex (hers), it was meant to show the emotional gulf between this couple in the calm right before the storm. I thought the whole movie sold the premise of a thrill it couldn't deliver. Sort of like Bitter Moon. On the whole, I prefer 'Frantic' to either. Roman was admirably restrained in that one. Harrison could have had any number of chances to boink Emmanuelle Seigner while she was offering comfort to a distraught man looking for his wife, but he didn't. Interestingly, the femme fatale, played by Ms. Seigner in both movies gets killed off. If I were her, I'd want my husband to tell me why he gets such a kick out of killing me off in every one of his movies I appear in.

Roman definitely has a type: his current wife is strongly reminiscent of his earlier leading lady, Nastassjia Kinski.

Posted on Nov 21, 2010, 9:29:02 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 21, 2010, 9:37:26 AM PST
Hikari says:
(The Millennium Trilogy, Part 2)
2.5/5 stars


I'm sad to have to give this movie this rating, but if I fall asleep twice while it's on it can't be very compelling, can it? I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and expected more of the same. The first was a very taut thriller, with an easily identifiable plot and set of conflicts . . . this one I can only call flaccid and opaque, with a labyrinthine plot dealing with sexual trade of women, which may have been easier to develop and keep straight on the page, but onscreen it is very difficult to follow. There is an extended scene of girl-on-girl action, however, which will no doubt motivate many guys to put this one in their Queue right now.

At the end of the last installment, investigative journalist Mychal Blomkvist (Michael Nordqvist) and computer hacker Lisbet Salander (Noomi Rapace) had solved a 40-year-old murder case, narrowly escaped death and become lovers. The second part opens 18 months later. Blomkvist is still in Stockholm, running his news magazine, Millennuim, but Salandar has disappeared and neither he nor anyone else has heard from her. Lisbet has been travelling, and having recurring flashbacks of bad stuff from her past, including the rape at the hands of her legal guardian. A brash young reporter on Blomkvist's staff pitches an article about the sex trafficking industry. No sooner does he get the green light from his editor than he and his girlfriend are brutally shot. Elsewhere in Stockholm, Lisbet's rapist is also found shot in his office. A gun at the scene of the young couple's murder has Lisbet's prints on it. The rest of the story is Lisbet trying to find out who is framing her for a triple-murder, while independently, Blomkvist and his staff are making certain shady characters very uncomfortable with their investigation. The two protaganists reunite in a harrowing scene at the end, which sets up Part 3, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

There was a meaty story in here, perhaps, but the whole sex trafficking angle had very little action and was resistant to filming. There was a lot of sitting around the editorial offices of Millennium talking. In general I try to watch foreign films in their native languages, but in the case of this series, I recommend using the excellent English dubbing because it is dialogue heavy and you'll want it. The two main characters made such a good team last time, it is a shame to see them split up, and this installment suffers for it. Noomi Rapace as Lisbet is compelling onscreen; without her to interact with, Nyqvist is considerably less so. The actor is likeable . . he just doesn't do much or emote much. Maybe it's the Scandinavian reserve. Speaking of which, the location shots of Stockholm look very nice. But there is a definite difference in the production values of this a European film (if Scandinavia can be considered European) and a big budget Hollywood release. The European aesthetic is generally to go much smaller and more muted, so even a production like this, that obviously had a lot of money spent on it and did boffo box office in its own country had something of an intimate, independent-feature air. Again, maybe it's the Scandinavian temperament, but the acting is much more low-key than the material probably calls for. In life or death situations such as these, I wanted to see the drama writ a bit larger. The first story had a much smaller canvas; this one went a lot bigger, and I don't think altogether successfully. I was expecting a lot more of Lisbet's backstory than we got the first time; we see pieces in flashback, but not as much as I had expected.

After viewing the first chapter, which I thought was an unabashed success, I questioned the necessity of mounting a huge Hollywood production. I thought making an "American version" immediately on the heels of the very successful original (the trilogy was released in Sweden in 2009) was a bit insulting. However, I see that there may be merit in making the subsequent chapters more accessible to a non-Scandinavian audience, if, as I expect, they will shoot all three novels in the series. Daniel Craig will be able to bring more charisma to the part of the journalist, ensuring that he will not be completely overshadowed by his Lisbet, which is how the dynamic plays out in the originals. The character of Blomkvist is a stand-in for his author, Steig Larsson, also an investigative journalist, and I think Larsson envisioned that the two characters would be roughly equal in terms of the storyline, maybe even with a slight edge to Blomkvist, with Lisbet more a supporting character. Rapace has become the breakout star of this franchise; safe to say that a Daniel Craig-Rooney Mara pairing will perhaps bring the dynamic more in line with the author's vision. A Craig version will also give us a crazy-buff journalist that Stieg Larsson could never have dreamt of. Michael Nyqvist's physicality is much more in keeping with a normal human male in an essentially sedentary job, not a demigod. Craig's Blomkvist certainly works out more.

I will watch the third one as soon as it's available, but am revising my plan to purchase all three movies in the trilogy, at least until I see what this new version can do. I will buy TGWTDT though, because I thought that one was outstanding.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 21, 2010, 11:41:37 AM PST
rick tan says:
lol yea, i still can't evaluate "Fire". i was high off "DT" going in and then like u said, fire was super convoluted like overly so.

so thats kinda crap, but noomi still carries the show. i gotta watch it again basically. i hope they get DC to brawl with the brute dude.
now that u mention it, i agree to an extent about the merit of the american trilogy. swedish DT will still be way better but then maybe they can clean up Fire.

it's alot like u said, DC can definitely overshadow Rooney, and thats good and bad. noomi did 6 months prep and training, rooney jumped in to filming immediately.
who knows if she even read the books. if u watch the interviews, noomi basically had complete control of what her character did and the director was like
aight do whatever u want. wouldn't be surprised if we see the DC show, cuz Rooney ain't rdy.

Posted on Nov 22, 2010, 9:25:35 PM PST
This movie isn't the last one that I saw, but one that made an impression on me:
"The Great Sinner", starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner
Ava gets interested in gambling at the casino. Gregory walks in and at first he isn't for it, but he keeps watching Ava play and then he sits down and plays. At first Gregory keeps losing, but he tries again and this time he wins one game after another to where he has won $235,000. He is not satisfied to quit so he gambles away all of his money. He doesn't win and the game is over. He still wants to play and he yells out a number and a color. The game is over and he leaves. He can't get his mind off of the game and everywhere he looks reminds him of that, so each night he goes back to the gambling hall to play. Gambling has taken hold of him to where one night he comes home and talks to his wife and he isn't the same person. His eyes bulge out alot. His craving for gambling gets worse but he goes back home and talks to Ava and feels terrible about what he had done, to where he cries on her lap. He leaves the house and walks to a cathedral and goes in and walks the isle up to the altar. He looks up and sees a statue of Jesus hanging from the Cross. He kneels down and spreads his hands out to pray.

Posted on Nov 23, 2010, 12:27:41 PM PST
rick tan says:
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Posted on Nov 26, 2010, 10:15:42 PM PST
jmgirl says:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - 7/10 stars

I liked this movie a lot, but didn't LOVE it. I did love Cate Blanchett however. Her performance reinforced all the reasons I love her as an actress. Brad Pitt could have leveled a better performance IMO. I wanted to know more about how Benjamin felt about his circumstances. There were moments when you just knew that he had to be hurting inside, but it was hard to see that in Pitt's performance.

It was a sad but beautiful story about love, loneliness and the importance of cherishing the time that we're given.

It was a little too long, but lovely to look at. The cinematography was magnificent. I'm not somebody who hates all the special effects in movies today, but it was really refreshing to see the effect of SUBTLE CGI (meaning that the effects enhanced the story rather than taking precedence). And the use of light and shadows, especially during the close ups, was brilliant and added to the illusion of age nicely.

It jerked a few tears out of me and even a couple of giggles. It got to where I kind of looked forward to hearing all the ways that old man got struck by lightning, lol.

Overall it was a really good movie. Worth the watch. I'd recommend it to anyone who liked Forrest Gump or The Time Traveler's Wife.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 27, 2010, 10:56:00 AM PST
rick tan says:
jmgirl says: 7/10

yup. rating breakdown

Cate Blanchett bein the boss 5.0

Real Brad Pitt bein obscenely hot in this for about 10 mins 1.9

forgettable everything else 0.1

Posted on Nov 28, 2010, 1:17:05 PM PST
jmgirl says:
Mockingbird Don't Sing - 3/10 stars

This movie was based on actual events. It was the story of a girl who was neglected and abused at the hand of her father from age 1 to 13. Her trauma was so severe that when her dimwitted mother finally got her out and into a hospital she couldn't even speak.

It played like a made for tv movie. The only decent performance was from Tarra Steele who played the abused girl, Katie. Any story of child abuse pulls out emotion, but this movie could have resonated a lot more had it actually centered around the victim. Instead it focused on all the adults who let this poor girl down. A scientific research team specializing in language development was given a grant to study her. They exploited her in order to make a name for themselves in the scientific community, and ditched her when the money ran out. Social services pushed her from one foster home to the next constantly placing her with caregivers who had no idea how to deal with a child who has an abusive background.

The story had potential to make a real impact, but felt more like a documentary about problems in our foster care system.

Posted on Nov 28, 2010, 1:17:53 PM PST
jmgirl says:
I'm trying to decide what to watch tonight. I'm in the mood for suspense. Netflix has several suggestions and I've narrowed it down to two.

Presumed Innocent with Harrison Ford


Before and After with Meryl Streep

Does anyone have an opinion?

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 28, 2010, 1:26:16 PM PST
[Deleted by Amazon on Feb 23, 2011, 8:22:56 AM PST]

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 28, 2010, 1:58:34 PM PST
jmgirl says:
Okey dokey, thanks.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 28, 2010, 2:11:53 PM PST
[Deleted by Amazon on Feb 23, 2011, 8:22:56 AM PST]

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 28, 2010, 3:09:34 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 28, 2010, 3:12:10 PM PST
'Before and After ' is a good movie. I laughed at the first time I saw it (also laughed at 'Sophie's Choice', another good movie I was too immature to appreciate!), and since have grown to like it very much.
Don't remember anything about the Harrison Ford movie.
So, watch both!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 28, 2010, 3:45:28 PM PST
Roman85 says:
"Presumed Innocent" is good.....but it isn't one my favorites....I sense you will figure out who did it....I did

Posted on Nov 28, 2010, 6:02:21 PM PST
jmgirl says:
Presumed Innocent - 6/10 stars

A Prosecutor is accused of murdering a colleague who he just so happened to have slept with in the past.

This movie wasn't quite what I was expecting. I only read the brief synopsis on Netflix and figured he would go on the run like in The Fugitive. Nope. This was a courtroom drama all the way. It was a movie that relied very heavily on dialogue, so it's a good thing the script was so good, lol. I liked the pace. It never seemed rushed, nor did it drag on and on.

Michael was half right when he said I would figure out whodunnit. I considered a certain character before the halfway point, but decided it was more likely someone who came into play later. Turns out I was right the first time. (Trust your instincts, folks!)

Overall it had me guessing and held my attention. It's a good one to watch if you're in the mood for a mystery.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 28, 2010, 6:09:10 PM PST
jmgirl says:
Good advice.

LOL! When were you immature? You strike me as an old soul.

Posted on Nov 28, 2010, 9:01:07 PM PST
Hikari says:
Last week I attempted to watch Jennifer Aniston's LOVE HAPPENS and failed. Being a glutton for punishment, tonight I cued up THE BOUNTY HUNTER. Believe it or not, but Jenn did yet another movie in 2010, THE SWITCH. I will not be viewing that one under any circumstances.

Our bounty hunter of the title is Milo, played by Gerry Butler. He and Aniston's Nicole are recently divorced after a very brief marriage because of her laser-like focus on her career as a journalist. Nicole favors the regulation journo uniform of the Woodward-Bernstein school: Teeny tiny black dresses, three inch heels and a Wonderbra. Aniston looks fantastic, and entirely appropriate: for covering Fashion Week at Bryant Park. For running through really seedy areas of Atlantic City, NJ in the quest for a story about a murder among drug dealers? Not so much. Milo has been down on his luck since the divorce and his bail bondsman gives him a plum assignment: bring in his ex-wife to the tune of $5000. Nicole is wanted for hitting a police horse with her car and failing to appear in court. Milo thinks he's in for some easy money. Not.

One can only think the filmmakers were paying a sort of homage to the buddy-road movie bounty hunter classic, MIDNIGHT RUN. I shoulda watched that one tonight instead. In my considered opinon (considered after watching at least four of her craptastic 'rom-coms' back-to-back-to-back-to-back) is that it's time for Jenn to retire while her ovaries are still viable, pick herself out a nice sperm bank donor, have a kid and become a Pilates instructor in Santa Monica. I think she'd be great at it. Please, please, Jenn! Don't inflict another one (or four) of these on us! Why do I persevere in watching Jenn Aniston rom-coms, you may ask? Fond memories of Marley & Me, I suppose. Or just the hope that the next one will be the one where Jenn really finds a defining film in the lighthearted genre, like Renee Zellweger did with Bridget Jones. A rom-com is the hardest type of film to pull off really successfully and that's why we have so many bad ones. Jenn has good hair but really bad script karma.

Gerry Butler is kind of the Scots male version of Aniston--an attractive, likeable screen presence that can't seem to find a decent movie. Let's just say I'm reevaluating how bad THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was in light of this latest project.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 29, 2010, 12:07:11 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 29, 2010, 12:11:01 AM PST
My soul might have cobwebs on it now, but it wasn't always so. I used to watch things like 'Die Hard' and 'Under Siege 2' all the time. I didn't go through any religious conversion, and I still watch action movies all the time; what happened around 15 was a sea change - I started seeing movies, music, nearly everything differently. Maybe it WAS a sort of religious conversion: non-sectarian.
Then I became a stickler for entertainment that offered something more than momentary excitement. As the late, lamented professional Presidential Candidate Pat Paulsen said: "I've upped my standards. Now, up yours."...One thing you cannot justifiably call me is a snob: I like all sorts of movies, every genre, every style (I even liked 'Cloverfield', in spite of the motion-sickness-inducing shaky-cam style, which I usually find repugnant). My taste maybe strange, but I never look down on a movie based on it's brand...for example, a "brainy" acclaimed movie like 'Becket' or 'The Ruling Class', I consider close to torture. Or any Peter Greenaway film. On the other hand, I love Corman films like 'Eat My Dust' and Russ Meyer and many "exploitation" films (50's-60's & 70's - best decades).
I have no principals when it come to movies, only preferences! I prefer an older Italian drama to modern Pixar animation, for the most part.
An important rule of thumb for movie appreciation is to not limit yourself to any one or three or five Types of movies. So many people get stuck in appreciating only modern sci-fi, or Judd Apatow-style comedies, whatever the case.

There's a world of variety out there. And the market is as free as you choose to make it. Seek and ye shall discover...various wonders to behold!

I hope this hasn't come off like a lecture. I never thought about it much before. I do have very strange taste!

Posted on Nov 29, 2010, 6:55:09 AM PST
Jersey Girl says:
I could probably keep this thread going for the rest of my life. I watch at least two new movies a week. New being one I haven't seen yet or a new release.
This weekend I finally got around to watching two of my Netflix movies that I had for over a week. With Thanksgiving I just didn't have the time. Up first

The Invisible 1/5 stars
This one started out ok..not promising but not bad enough to give up on in the first ten mins. It is about a high school boy who has a run in with the bad crowd at school (lead by a girl) and continues to have problems with her. We learn that she acts the way she does because her mom is dead and her new stepmom doesn't like her. So she does what any teenage girl would do and threatens fellow classmates and robs jewelry stores with her boyfriend. She has a falling out with her bf and he calls the police and turns her in for the jewelry store burglary and for some strange reason it enters her mind that her classmate (the boy) turned her in. So she has her gang of friends beat him up. She decides to join in and after she is done he stops breathing. Then we are taken to the next day and the boy is in class trying to answer the teachers questions. It soon becomes apparent to him that no one can see him. It basically goes on from this point and he finds out that the girl that attacked him can hear him. He soon realizes that he isn't dead yet and tries to get the girl to help have his body found so that he can live..yeah it just fell apart after about 30 mins into it. Skip this one

Rob Roy 1995

3/5 stars
Why so low? I just couldn't sit still through this. Maybe I was distracted or maybe it was the horrible dvd quality. It was so snowy,blurry and atrocious that it was distracting. Liam Neeson stars in this along with Jessica Lange as his wife and Eric Stoltz is his best friend. I really didn't finish this and turned it off after an hour. Anyone here seen it? Should I reattempt another viewing? I am thinking of waiting to watch the Blu version when it comes out. Maybe then I can concentrate better.
Today I will be watching Bottle Rocket with Owen and Luke Wilson. I will be back with my review for that one.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 29, 2010, 7:36:31 AM PST
jmgirl says:
JP Baker
LOL! I can't believe I just sat through that whole lecture!! Haha, just kidding. I really do see what you're saying. I admit it's a little harder for me to expand my horizons when it comes to books and music, but with movies it's so easy. It's part of why I like this forum so much. Every so often I come across a post that reminds me that there is so much more to explore. There are movies and genres I never even would have considered before. I've gotten some really good recs from people here. All I have to do is ask. Now if I could just get you to recommend a movie that is actually available!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 29, 2010, 11:49:10 AM PST
Hikari says:
Re. the 'remake' of TGWTDT, it may be even worse than we thought--I was reading a blurb about Rooney Mara and it said she was going to portray "Lisbet Sanders" in the movie. I sincerely that is a typo on behalf of the website. There is no need to be changing all the names along with the nationalities. So I guess the journalist played by Mr. Craig is gonna be, what, "Mike Bloom"? Arrrrrrggggghhhh. And just when I was coming around to the idea that the remake might not be so bad!

Mara beat out the likes of Natalie Portman & Ellen Page for the part. I think Natalie could be scary-good. Did you see her do a real bad-a$$ rap on SNL as Angry, Potty-Mouthed Natalie? Ellen Page . . .nahh. She's got the right physicality I guess but I'm not convinced she can do much more than variations on "Juno". Something so yuppie-self-conscious about her; she's like a young Jeanene Garofalo to me and a little of that one goes a long way, too.

If they'd shot this 25 years ago, I'd say that Jodie Foster would have been a shoo-in. That's what the part needs--a Jodie Foster type. A really, really brassed-off Clarice Starling with shoe-polish black hair and a nose ring. Not altogether convinced that Jodie at 50 still couldn't kick Mara's patootie in this part.

Hope I get to come back and eat my words, but for that to happen, Miss Mara would have to equal or better Noomi Rapace. Snowball's chance of that happening!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 29, 2010, 1:14:09 PM PST
>"Now if I could just get you to recommend a movie that is actually available!""<<

Sorry, jmgirl, I forgot that my previous recommendations fizzled out on you in the availability department.
I'm not sure if these are all on Netflix (at least one or two MUST be, I figure!):

▬ Melodrama / Soaper: Strangers When We Meet
▬ Documentary / Performance: Fados
▬ Historical / Adventure: Ride with the Devil
▬ Foreign Drama / Spiritual: Ordet [VHS]
▬ Suspense / Noir: Bad Influence

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 29, 2010, 6:34:12 PM PST
jmgirl says:
Actually, ONE of your other recs was available. It will be here this week. I'll probably post here after I watch it.

I'll check out the others as well. Thanks, JPB :)

Posted on Nov 30, 2010, 6:50:47 AM PST
Jersey Girl says:
Ok..I ended up watching another movie yesterday. Rescue Dawn with Christian Bale and Steve Zahn

My rating 3.0/5.0 stars

This is the true story of Dieter Dengle. He is a air force pilot in Vietnam who gets shot down over Laos and taken as a POW. He is tortured and taken to a camp where they have other POWS. Some of them have been there for over two years and are skin and bones. Right away Dieter can only think of escape and encourages his fellow POWS to join him. Three of them decide to go along. Now where the movie falls weak to me is after they escape,Bale and Zahn go one way and the guy who looks like Charles Manson and another guy go the other way. Then you never see those two again and nothing is ever said about what may or may not have happened. Did Dieter never know and that is why we don't? Anyhow the rest of the movie is with Bale and Zahn traveling through the jungle and hoping to be spotted by American planes or copters to be rescued. Worth a watch..or even repeat viewings. I cannot complain since I payed $5 for this Blu at Wally World. I also must say that the Blu Ray picture was very sharp and colorful. It made you feel like you were standing right there watching Bale run through the jungle. The sound was ok..but there is a TON of whispering in this film. I know that realistically the POWS would be talking to one another like that but as an audience it is a little hard to constantly be straining to hear..and yes I do have surround.
Today I am going to actually drag myself to Blockbuster and rent Eat,Pray,Love and Going The Distance..if they actually have them. They are dorks over there and will not reserve movies for you. They get rude if you ask too. I hate Blockbuster but Netflix won't have them until around xmas break and then hubby will definately not watch Eat,Pray,Love. It probably won't be worth my always.

Posted on Nov 30, 2010, 7:01:39 AM PST
Jersey Girl says:
I am also going to rate my purchase of last week.
Avatar Extended Collectors Edition

3.5/5.0 Stars

Everyone has probably seen it. I basically want to go over the extended scenes. The opening is completely different and shows more of Jake Sulleys life on earth and he talks more about his brother. I like the new opening much better. The other added scenes are of some more creatures,Sigourney Weavers old school on Pandora where she used to teach,maybe a minute longer on the love scene and then the final addition does not even fit in. In the original,when the Na'vi warrior gets shot and falls from the chopper the last you see of him he is falling but you are just to assume he dies. In the extended (now mind you this is after Jake is not in his avatar anymore) all of a sudden he is inexplicably back in his avatar and they are all gathered around the warrior as he is dying. It just didn't fit in the movie..that is why they cut it in the first place. I got this version more for the special features and still have to watch them. I must say that the picture is gorgeous and amazing and so is the sound. If you are wanting to show off your system then pop this one in the player. I also think that if you already have the original and really don't care about special features,the extended scenes alone are not really necessary to make an additional purchase IMO. I cannot wait to see the Back To The Future Trilogy that I ordered yesterday to see the picture upgrade everyone raves about.
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