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The World's Worst Discussion Thread...Ever.

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Posted on Mar 8, 2012, 4:19:00 PM PST
I'm just throwing this out bout we all down-vote each other?

Surely that would devalue this thread.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 8, 2012, 4:34:13 PM PST
William Smith, re: Jennifer Lopez:

>"where is the talent? "<

She left it in the late '90s. In 'Selena' and 'Blood & Wine' she had showed talent. She still had it in 'Out of Sight', but it hasn't been in sight since.
I wouldn't know about her singing career as "JLo"... I never followed that.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 8, 2012, 4:37:51 PM PST
Sloany: "in another thread I would say something like "J-Lo was gorgeous, so incredibly gorgeous in 'Blood and Wine'"<

Yes, and she acted very well alongside more established actors in 'Blood and Wine'. The same could be said for 'Out of Sight'. After that, I'm afraid she was felled by Madonna-Disorder (rampant vanity and mega-ego.)

>>"Bob Marley is evil"<<

Yes, very UNAmerican too. And Tupac shot himself because he was dumb!

Posted on Mar 8, 2012, 4:42:11 PM PST
By the way... whatever happened to Marky Mark?

I heard that great musician has an acting and producing career now... did he make good there too? I heard that his turn in 'The Happening' was Oscar-worthy.

Posted on Mar 8, 2012, 5:04:28 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 8, 2012, 6:35:57 PM PST
All rappers should shoot themselves because they are stupid.

Stupid, stupid, STUPID!

The results of my mid-life crisis.....
I've had an Auto-Tune device attached to my vocal chords.
I've stopd speling rite, coz thers no tme 2 wste.
I wrote a song and made a clip -

Posted on Mar 8, 2012, 6:31:10 PM PST
Speaking of Oskar-worthy things. . .

In the final summation, Oskar Schindler was a bad businessman. He could have made a lot more for his Country, and been a better patriot, if he wasn't so touchy-feely bleedin' heart. What a sap!

And don't get me started on the old bat Mother Teresa. What a busy-body. . . .

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 5:34:29 AM PST
KinksRock says:
I like the above idea. Because this discussion is worthless, people should be voting "No" for whether commetns add to the discussion. And don't you dare hit "Yes" for this comment, because it's awful!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 8:08:18 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 9, 2012, 8:08:41 AM PST
KinksRock: re the alleged heat of J. Lo--a degree or two above absolute zero, as far as I can see.

That which is obviously perishable and obviously available is not necessarily attractive.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 8:11:26 AM PST
JB: re: J Lo--you have a point there--and so we see yet another career sunk into famous for being famous.

As for the type of dance she does--all she needs is a pole. It has nothing to do with Art.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 8:14:33 AM PST
JB: Two other examples of bad businessmen in films, unjustly praised:

George Bailey in that irredeemable goo-fest It's A Wonderful Life. People like him caused both the S and L crisis and the meltdown in home equity.

What the allegedly "good guys" in Wall Street do is just as reprehensible as stock manipulation as anything Gordon Gekko does. Talk about a film with its head screwed on in the wrong way.

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 8:15:14 AM PST
bella7 says:
I was forced by a male friend to watch J-Lo in "Gigli". Some of the WORST acting I've ever seen along with a stupid plot and ending.

J-Lo wasn't too bad in the movie "Selena" however, IMO.

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 8:42:06 AM PST
M. Flanders says:
I've never been a huge JLo fan, and I tend to resent celebrities who I believe coast by on their looks, but I'm surprised by this JLo discussion. I agree that she's generally over-rated, but I don't think she's devoid of all talent. And I do think she is genuinely pretty.

I mean, I can't believe that I, of all people, am defending JLo, (or referring to her as JLo) but you people are harsh.

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 8:50:24 AM PST
KinksRock says:
"Gigli" was awful. Beyond awful. Even worse than this thread.

But I can't deny that J.Lo. is pretty. I just can't. And her butt makes me wish I was her toilet seat.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 9:14:05 AM PST
bella7 says:
I think JLo is pretty also and in good shape. I think she's past 40.

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 9:20:23 AM PST
KinksRock says:
In the words of Michael Scott, I think she's "bonerific".

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 9:28:14 AM PST
bella7 says:
Or in the words of Wayne and Garth, "Schwing"!!

(Although I am a woman who sexually likes men...women DO look at other woman.)

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 9:32:55 AM PST
KinksRock says:
It is possible for a woman to get a figurative boner.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 9:34:50 AM PST
bella7 says:
I wouldn't go THAT far! LOL

It's more like we look at other women and size them up/compare ourselves to them.

Another 40+ woman who looks great, IMO, is Halle Berry.

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 9:35:00 AM PST
Savage Lucy says:
I call it a girl-boner.

Also straight men can find other men attractive, but admitting so is some kind of threat to their heterosexuality or something.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 9:37:25 AM PST
bella7 says:
I've never been able to get a straight man to admit he looks at other men, but I'm sure they do check out other guys' hair, physique, etc...

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 9:38:58 AM PST
KinksRock says:
I am a heterosexual male, but have admitted to what they call "man crushes". I had one on Sawyer from "Lost" and Grant Show from "Melrose Place". If I were gay, they would give me an actual boner.

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 9:42:09 AM PST
KinksRock says:
Don't forget to down-vote contributors!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 9:43:34 AM PST
bella7 says:
Wow! A heterosexual man who admits to "man crushes". Color me impressed!!!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2012, 9:53:13 AM PST
KinksRock says:
What am I supposed to do? Say, "Gee, I never noticed that George Clooney was good-looking." Not admitting it makes you sound even more gay.

Posted on Mar 9, 2012, 9:53:49 AM PST
KinksRock says:
OK, who the hell is giving positive reviews to people's posts? Only negative here!!!!
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