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For the older crowd : Best/favorite flip (B) side of a 45.

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In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 7:21:37 AM PDT
Severin says:
GT, 'Eleanor Rigby' and 'Something' were A-sides, not B-sides.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 7:31:47 AM PDT
I thought Eleanor Rigby was the b-side to Yellow Submarine. It was kind of a double A side anyway, I guess.

Another one:
Paint Box -- the Rick Wright-written b-side to the Pink Floyd's third single Apples and Oranges

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 7:33:55 AM PDT
E. Dill says:
<<For the older crowd: Best/favorite flip (B) side of a 45.>>

Define older...(kidding)

When I think of 45's and B sides, I think of the 50's. Why? Because by the time the Beatles were with us, the single meant nothing to me. As a matter of fact, I remember buying David Marsh's "The Heart of Rock and Soul" where he listed his "best 1001 singles" and I kept wondering where such and such a song was and it wasn't there because it had never been released as a single. Who knew? I surely didn't know because I hardly ever even SAW a single by then.

But, a "later" single I did become aware of was, of all people, Melanie's B side to "Brand New Key", a song I could do without. It was "Some Say I Got Devil" and it gives me chills to think of it even now. I've told this story before and I'll try to make it brief.

I lived atop a tavern for awhile after being discharged from the Army at the end of 1971 after 7 glorious years. Even though I was living on unemployment I was paying rent, etc. and occasionally going downstairs for a beer. I decided, one day, to go down the block to another tavern whose barmaid was a friend of my older sister. She was the spitting image of Susanne Pleshette and had a deep voice like her too. Very quickly, our schtick together involved taking turns feeding the jukebox with quarters and she ALWAYS played, as one of her selections, that B side of Melanie's. The song got to me very quickly and I began to play it too. She was a beautiful but troubled soul and her troubles included booze, drugs, bad men and having children she didn't take care of, mostly because of the booze, drugs and bad men. At one point she actually moved into an apartment next to mine and was living with another loser. Eventually, I got a job and a nicer apartment and lost track of her. I know she lost her kids. I think of her sometimes and that song.....


Some say I got devil
Some say I got angel
But I'm just a girl in trouble
I don't think I'm in danger
Don't think I'm in danger
No, I know I'm not in danger
But some have tried to sell me
All kinds of things to save me
From hurting like a woman, and crying like a baby
Something like a woman, crying like a baby

And all the things that I have seen
Qualify me for a part in your dream
Qualify me for this dream

And though I'd like to tell it
Exactly how I feel it
Somehow the music
Hides it and conceals it
Hides it and conceals it
Oh, it hides

And all the things that I have seen
Can be hidden in a part of my dream
Gonna hide it in my dream

Some say I've got devil
Some say I got angel
But I'm just this girl in trouble
I don't think I'm in danger
No I'm not in danger
No, I know I'm not in danger

I'm sure I can come up with some older stuff from the 50's that are not quite as painful to me.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 7:48:23 AM PDT
Severin says:
Rare Goat, you are correct sir, so still technically it's not a B-side. It also means that Ringo had a A-side long before George did with 'Something.' I didn't know that before looking it up.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 7:57:28 AM PDT
" Time" was the B side to " Us And Them"

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 9:01:13 AM PDT
E. Dill says:
Here's some 50's B Sides I liked:

Chuck Berry - AROUND AND AROUND (A Side Johnny B. Goode) (1958)
Screamin Jay Hawkins - LITTLE DEMON (A Side I Put a Spell on You (1956)
Johnny Burnette & The Rock n Roll Trio - HONEY HUSH (A Side The Train Kept A-Rollin (1956)
Bo Diddley - I'M A MAN (A Side Bo Diddley)(1955)
Link Wray - THE SWAG (A Side Rumble)(1958)
Flamingos - GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART (A Side I Only Have Eyes for You)(1959)
Little Richard - SLIPPIN & SLIDIN (A Side Long Tall Sally)(1956)
Buddy Holly - EVERYDAY (A Side Peggy Sue)(1957)
(I tried to skip this because it was Holly getting poppier...but it is infectious regardless)
Buddy Holly - NOT FADE AWAY (A Side Oh Boy!)(1957)
Jerry Lee Lewis - YOU WIN AGAIN (A Side Great Balls of Fire)(1957)
Buddy Holly - I'M LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE (A Side That'll Be The Day)(1957)
Willie Mae Big Mama Thornton - NIGHT MARE (A Side Hound Dog)(1953)
Elmore James - CATFISH BLUES (A Side Dust My Broom)((1951)
Johnny Cash - GET RHYTHM (A Side I Walk the Line)(1956)
Little Richard - I'M JUST A LONELY GUY (A Side Tutti Frutti)(1955)


Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 10:24:13 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Aug 8, 2012, 10:30:10 AM PDT
There are too many awesome b-sides by artists like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blur, Kate Bush, etc. to pick just one or even ten. Sometimes the b-sides are better than the a-side, or cuts on the albums! I had a thread on which band had the best b-sides on the classic rock forum a while back. The Beatles were mentioned the most often, if I remember. Not a surprise, and it's consistent with the mentions I'm seeing on this thread. "Rain, "The Inner Light", "Yes It Is", "Revolution", "Old Brown Shoe", "I Am The Walrus"'s *really hard* to pick the best Beatle b-side.

"Eleanor Rigby" was the b-side to "Yellow Submarine" in the US even though it still went top ten. It was a double A-side in England and reviews at the time seemed to take "Eleanor" more seriously than "Sub", so it's probably thought of more as an A-side over there than it is here. Ringo didn't write "Yellow Submarine" so technically it's not "his" A-side, although he does sing lead and that did predate George's A-side.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 10:28:09 AM PDT
I see the no-voter is in full force on this thread. Whatever.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 11:27:58 AM PDT
E. Dill says:
@Michael Topper:

<<I see the no-voter is in full force on this thread. Whatever.>>

I usually get at least ONE no vote from my resident stalker. He follows me from board to board to lay one on me. I respect his stick-to-itiveness. Unless he's changed his ID, he seldom posts on music boards I know. He only stalks me to give me a vote. Why? Here's my best guess:

1. One time, a long long time ago, he mentioned, in a friendly way, that we probably had the same collection (we had liked a lot of the same music on a couple of posts.) I replied that we probably didn't, since I often buy marginal music on the cheap to "round out my collection" and most people, I'm guessing, aren't that obsessive. I WAS, in effect, mocking my OWN collection. He was insulted, it seems and that began his stalking.

2. Periodically, I'd make a comment or two relating to politics on a music board. I remember during the past Presidential election writing a few. He, being an arch conservative, was NOT happy with my liberal point of view. He mentioned how I ALWAYS talked politics on music boards. I told him I'd studied my posts and found less than 1% even hinted at a political point of view.

And that's it. Oh, I've also allienated a few posters who think my posts are too long....especially any post asking for a list or a favorite something or other. They'll accuse me of making lists from books. When I tell them I only listed what I have, they accuse me of bragging about my collection.

I've made some great friends on message boards, no doubt.


In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 1:01:49 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Aug 9, 2012, 8:08:24 AM PDT]

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 1:14:50 PM PDT
"Old Brown Shoe" is my favorite song George ever wrote, actually, with the Beatles or solo.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 1:25:23 PM PDT
Severin says:
Siouxsie & the Banshees had a lot of B-sides, bonus tracks and soundtrack songs to fill the 3 CD set "Downside Up" and the earliest ones are excellent. 'Voices (On the Air),' '20th Century Boy,' 'Drop Dead/Celebration' and 'Eve White/Eve Black' are just a few. They loved B-sides even when they had to churn one out without preparation, they went into the studio and experimented.
Downside Up

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 2:52:23 PM PDT
@Donald J.Nelson: I *love* the "Juju"-era b-sides "Follow The Sun" and "Congo Conga". I was disappointed the CD remaster of the album did not include them as bonus tracks.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 3:07:37 PM PDT
Severin says:
"Juju" and "Kaleidoscope" are my 2 favorites by them. Those 2 B-sides are on the 3 disc collection. Actually it's 4 discs but the 4th is "The Thorn" EP which only has 4 tracks. There is also a BBC set, 3 CDs and 1 DVD, like the Kinks set coming out next month.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 3:14:40 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Aug 8, 2012, 3:15:28 PM PDT
Didn't Siouxsie also release her cover of
"Supernatural Thing" at that time?
I think it was the flip of "Arabian Knights"...

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 3:22:05 PM PDT
Severin says:
Yes, that's right. 1981. It's also on the "Downside Up" set.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 3:24:04 PM PDT
Thanks, D - yep, "Juju" is outstanding.
The late John McGeoch from Magazine
on gits.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 3:35:38 PM PDT
Severin says:
Siouxsie said of McGeoch: He was easily, without a shadow of a doubt, the most creative guitarist we ever had.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 8, 2012, 3:40:19 PM PDT
And she's had Clock DVA's J.V. Carruthers
and Robert Smith. That's some nice praise.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 3:44:17 PM PDT
@Donald J.Nelson: the McGeoch triptych of "Kaleidoscope", "Juju" and "Kiss In The Dreamhouse" is amazing and my favorite period of theirs, no question. Although "Juju" is my particular favorite. I've heard some of the BBC tracks from that era and they are superb.

Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 4:15:37 PM PDT
Zaplightning says:
The first 45 I owned was Alice Cooper's No More Mr. Nice Guy. Whatever the song was on the flip side, that's my pick.

Posted on Aug 9, 2012, 3:08:32 AM PDT
E. Dill says:
More B Sides from the 50's (I still have trouble thinking of singles from, say, the mid-60's on. Did I ever actually BUY a single from 1965 on? I don't think so.

Eddie Cochran - DON'T EVER LET ME GO (A Side C'mon Everybody)(1958)
(I love the weird falsetto background)
Elvis Presley - TREAT ME NICE (A Side Jailhouse Rock)(1957)
Fats Domino - HONEY CHILE (A Side Blueberry Hill)(1956)
Carl Perkins - HONEY DON'T (A Side Blue Suede Shoes)(1956)
Peggy Lee - YOU DON'T KNOW (A Side Fever)(1958)
Muddy Waters - YOUNG FASHIONED WAYS (A Side Mannish Boy)(1955)
Elvis Presley - I WAS THE ONE (A Side Heartbreak Hotel)(1956)
Ray Charles - COME BACK (BABY) (A Side I've Got a Woman)(1954)
Everly Brothers - CLAUDETTE (A Side All I Have to Do is Dream)(1958)
Little Richard - HEY HEY HEY HEY (A Side Good Golly Miss Molly)(1958)
Bill Haley & His Comets - 13 WOMEN (AND ONLY ONE MAN IN TOWN (A Side (We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock) (1954)
(The most memorable thing about this song is the guitar work)
Elvis Presley - BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY (A Side That's All Right) (1954)

NOTE: As with later singles, some actually did not HAVE an A Side and a B Side, especially some issued by Elvis, Little Richard, etc. I tried to only list those where one side WAS the chosen "hit".

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 9, 2012, 3:30:06 AM PDT
Hey Hey what can I do by Zep
Demon's eye by Deep Purple
Freaks by Marillion

Posted on Aug 9, 2012, 8:17:44 AM PDT
tmoore says:
Another favorite of mine is
Down Behind the Lines - Royal Guardsmen - (B-side of Snoopy For President)

I Don't Even Know Myself by the Who is also a big favorite - that one I did hear first on the single rather than on an album.

Posted on Aug 9, 2012, 12:10:55 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Aug 9, 2012, 12:17:47 PM PDT
Crazy - Men At Work
2 Late & Fear Of Ghosts - The Cure
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