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What would cause you to wish to be reincarnated

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Initial post: May 12, 2010 11:46:50 AM PDT
Question; What would cause you to wish to be reincarnated.

The two reasons we reincarnate is because of the need to keep learning, or the want to keep teaching. What other reason(s) would you wish to come back and live again?

Posted on May 12, 2010 5:01:13 PM PDT
sleepyhead says:
Hello Pro,

I have many regrets about some of the opportunities I didn't take advantage of. I would want to come back and try again.

Posted on May 12, 2010 5:32:29 PM PDT
That wish to return to your life now again is perfectly viable.

Perhaps that is the way it works. We all repeat our lives until we get it right.

Posted on May 13, 2010 12:24:03 PM PDT
applewood says:
From what I've learned from traditional spiritual teachings (Buddhism and Hinduism, being the main ones to embrace such ideas) - we may "choose" to reincarnate to learn and evolve in a larger subconscious sense, but the vast majority of us are reincarnating without choice. It is an unconscious and uncontrolled procress... we are blown by the winds of karma. A fair degree of wisdom and self mastery is required to control the process. And from a traditional (Hindu/Buddhist) point of view reincarnation is not desirable (since it is out of control) - yet it what the more enlightened choose to do to help others become free. i like that idea, choose to do it to be of help to others, the details beyond that become less important....

Posted on May 15, 2010 11:42:57 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 15, 2010 11:53:12 AM PDT
Generally, that would be Hinayana Buddhism for those who aspire to not be rencarnated, working hard toward that goal through many lifetimes. In Mahayana Buddhism some choose to come back who are not as eager to be at one with god and disolve. Why not stay and enjoy the sights, whether they are good or bad. As you say, most do not choose the path and are doomed to be born into situations that they would not choose. Well, I think that as we die our attitude changes to a more open and clear point where we can see more of the larger picture, and if we are open enough, we are able to choose the direction for our next life, without judgment or fear of punishment. But I do think all beings naturaly gravitate toward family bonds when it comes to where they wind up.

Posted on May 15, 2010 4:46:22 PM PDT
sleepyhead says:

I see it more as spirits coming to have an experience. One person is happy to just take a walk around the block, while others aren't happy unless they're climbing mt. everest.

In reply to an earlier post on May 15, 2010 5:17:56 PM PDT
I love the mountains here in the NW. They do call to me. I have never been one with a wish to rule my fellow man. Honestly, I would come back just to be able to plant another garden.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 1, 2010 11:05:01 PM PDT
Essa Adams says:
Two very good reasons to live at all are mentioned in your posts.

---choose to do it to be of help to others
---come back to plant another garden, meaning to me, to leave our corner of the earth more lovely than when we found it.

This is my reason why I would say all right, but frankly, with the terrors of mankind to others, the earth and the animal species, most of the time the idea doesn't thrill me at all. Yet we live and grow and make the best.

Essa Adams
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In reply to an earlier post on Jun 27, 2010 11:19:09 PM PDT
Because that is how we help evolve the Larger Consciousness System, we keep coming back.
Bette S Baysinger
My Big TOE - The Complete Trilogy

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 11:41:23 AM PDT
Mia Soul says:
Sohebel: The Story Of How A Modern Day Woman Discovers A Past Life And Finds Her Eternal Soul Mate
Ditto on what you all said but there's this: I think we miss being physical and experiencing all that is good about the physical world; smell, taste, sound, touch. . .you get the picture. Then there's the thrill of falling in love, the comfort in holding your children close and all of the other events we hold dear in life. All of these things are not happening in heaven (or wherever).

I personally believe that we have some say about what our next life will be about. We control our destiny and we decide what lessons we need to learn to achieve the ultimate bliss. Something about "free will" I believe.

Some of us come back for noble reasons, to right wrongs, or to re-kindle love affairs or all of that. I believe I came back to experience remembering past lives and to then share my story of reincarnation with anyone who will listen.

Christiane Shumake
author of Sohebel

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 9:31:19 PM PDT
Essa Adams says:
About those memories, Christiane.... Do you suppose the memories of how horrendous the experience can be are wiped out so people are more willing to come back. Not to promote the depressing aspect of life, BUT sometimes I feel like the effort is that of running back into a burning building. Then again, sometimes I feel the tender moments and high values of life are all important. Basically, I accept that I am here to serve but I really do wish for that one love in life.

Essa Adams
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reincarnation fiction

Posted on Jul 1, 2010 9:44:38 PM PDT
[Deleted by Amazon on Sep 21, 2010 10:25:38 AM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 2, 2010 7:51:38 AM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Feb 15, 2011 11:46:12 AM PST]

Posted on Aug 4, 2010 1:04:13 PM PDT
I agree with Pro Libertate Patriae. We reincarnate until we get it right.

I believe we start our first life as obnoxious self-centered beings, and then we progress from there until eventually we are spiritualy enlightened enough to indeed 'move on'.

Our souls grow with each reincarnation, or pehaps your soul has a specific 'duty' to perform, and until such time as you have fulfilled your ultimate destiny, can you be complete.

I don't believe that it is a random process, I believe we choose to reincarnate and that sometimes many years may pass before your soul reincarnates OR maybe the bright light that all souls are told to go towards at the end of the tunnel is indeed the birthing canal, with the bright hospital lights at the end?

But then again, what do I know. Once reality instead of innocence entered my mind by +/- the age of three, I lost all memories of a previous life.


Posted on Dec 2, 2010 11:59:02 PM PST
S. Sigley says:
Details about past lives are not totally lost...they're still there if you're willing to look!

First off, let me say that hypnotism didn't work for me, at least not the one time I tried it.

Second, Edgar Cayce got it right when he said anybody can do what he did. It is part and parcel of the human/soul condition. Those with persistent "closed" minds will only go so far in evolving from the soul perspective. Keep an open mind and all things are possible. You don't have to go to a past-life regression hynotist or an Edgar can do it yourself through meditation, which is how I mostly became enlightened.

Third, dreaming has many more aspects than just solving the daily problems. Sometimes dreams are a literal reliving of a past life, as I discovered when my brother and I finally found out we were both having the same dream as younger adults. And yes, it was directly connected with this life. It was an extremely unpleasant and violent event that needed resolving in this life.

Fourth, if we were able to remember all past lives past the age of 2-4, we'd all commit suicide from the guilt. You must be spiritually and mentally ready to see your past lives, and do it only one at a time as it can be quite overwhelming, because every action has consequences whether intended or not.

Fifth, ESP, channelling, precognition, out-of-body experiences, etc. are all, again, part and parcel of the human/soul condition. We are all capable of these abilities. The difference is desire (free will) and/or agreement whether it is/was done in the physical or non-physical state...and yes you can be in the non-physical state while still being in the physical state. It's what's commonly referred to as out-of-body.

Sixth, all mainstream religions and the fifth statement made above are intertwined, intermingled and related to one another. For example, Jesus was a real person with a very real message to deliver and indeed, he will come again, because reincarnation is a fact of life. Remember what the Bible said repeatedly? For any who have ears, let him hear. Do you hear the calling? A lot of non-believers think this is all mumbo-jumbo, witchcraft or the like...they're not hearing the true message because of closed minds. They have a lot of growing still left to do and a lot of fears still to overcome.

What I have experienced could literally fill a book.

When you're done learning, you're done living!

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 3, 2010 9:00:40 AM PST
Jeff Marzano says:
sleepyhead says:
[Hello Pro,
I have many regrets about some of the opportunities I didn't take advantage of. I would want to come back and try again.]

There's a theory that people can be reincarnated into any time period past or future or even live the same life over again to try to change something that they deeply regret.

If I recall correctly Edgar Cayce repeated a life experience in the American Old West.

This is a very strange idea if true because it implies that everyone and everything else exists in an infinite number of possible futures.

For some people however the opportunity or desire to reincarnate comes to end at some point.

Once people get into hell that's the end of the road. At least according to Christianity and some other philosophies. Hell is probably something people want, as strange at that sounds.

Elisabeth Haich, in her book 'Initiation', tells how she saw her possible future lives and she had the choice about whether or not to actually live all those lives in this physical world. She chose to live them out.

This was during her experiences with the mysterious initiation process in ancient Egypt. She was able to remember this past life experience in vivid detail.

Jeff Marzano

Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners


The Lives of Edgar Cayce

Posted on Dec 3, 2010 12:07:05 PM PST
Conservation of Quality of Consciousness (QoC) is what is behind reincarnation, we seemingly die, and then live again, over and over learning, and lowering fear/ego to become Love. Each life we arer raised with limiting Belief Systems BS pounding into our Realities which we then have to shed. By the time we are 50 or so, if lucky, we can begin growing out QoC in this life. If we protect our children from as much of the limiting BS as possible, they stand a better chance of getting it earlier, and may make more progress in this life.

Posted on Feb 15, 2011 11:29:07 AM PST
Brian says:
We do not re-incarnate because we wish so. We reincarnate because we have not advanced ourselves enough to proceed further alond the path of our spiritual growth.
There are spirits who observe us and read about us from the book of life, and once we die, they make the decision whether we need to go back to learn some more (which is true for almost everyone), or if we are advanced enough that we can proceed with our cosmic evolution towards God.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 15, 2011 2:41:38 PM PST
We reincarnate because we need to learn more about what it means to be love, and this is a very uiseful learning lab for those interactions. When we "die" what we are, nonphysical Consciousness, continues. This can be known as Conservation of Quality of Consciousness, or how evolved our bit of it, Consciousness, got during past and that life. What we ARE continues in this type incarnation, or something else if we have learned all we can from this learning lab. This is just ONE frame of Reality, one VR "place" to do the learning in. There's a lot of Reality out there, and there is also no out there out there. ;)

Be Love, that is the answer. Someone told me that.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 25, 2011 11:25:45 AM PST
From what has been extracted from Reincarnation books and other methods of gaining knowledge, who is the authority of where we go and what situations we are directed to, after we pass? Most people, have no idea of what to do, after the last breath. Who calls the "shots", after this happens, authority and leaders? How do these beings get in charge and what are the rules they use? What free will do we have, and whom is the highest of the most high in regard of what IS?

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 25, 2011 1:23:59 PM PST
Well Wanda, I can answer your questions while at the same time hoping not to come off as an authority because authority is no longer required for each of us to be "good" people, and we all have the rights and responsibilities of free will as individuated parts of One thing to know truth. This One thing we are all parts of I'll call Consciousness so we can talk about it. When I say "Consciousness" what I "mean" is a nonphysical digital information system, so we can be on the same page to start. So we are All One Consciousness, in the model I am using to try to answer your questions, because they are very important questions to have an understanding of what "happens" when we die here. With that said here goes.

Each life here is like putting on a costume of a player so that our Individuated Units of Consciousness IUOC can interact with other IUOC to learn how to be Love, or what I call EVOLOVE, although there is a band by the same name, really. :) Consciousness as a system is evolving towards Love, and we as parts of it our doing our little parts of interacting, gathering the feedback from the free will choices we have made, and hopefully learning to be more outward pointing in Love, the Evolove kind. So death here is "just" an end to that player, BUT the information or data that represent that player to his/her loved ones still exists where the loved ones can access it when they want to, if they understood death in this bigger model I am using here.

Okay so all our lives here we are experiencing stuff, and being told to believe Authority which means "god" of course, when the stuff we experience does NOT match what we are told to believe about EVERYTHING, even besides the god stuff, everything about Reality is told to us to believe on authority rather than we being allowed to question, and build out own Reality from our actual experiences. So say someone dies with a belief in the most popular god myth, what happens then?

Basically it would be "them" that player or character waking up like in a dream, because dreams are also just a different stream of Consciousness data each of us customizes per our experiences with "stuff" here, so they wake up in someplace sort of dream like. Depending on how strongly they held their belief systems as "real" what happens next is they experience a comforting, or at least familiar scene such as "home", then they would probably see what they would expect to see before being gently helped into realizing that the physical is an illusion, and that they are actually nonphysical digital information as part of the Larger Consciousness System. That "Love" people experience at near death experience is the nonphysical realm that is more real than this is, really. There are IUOC that help people transition because it is a big shock to many who are really stuck in the physical being all there is, and all the different myths.

Understanding that death only effects those still here, that those that die really are getting ready to start over again with a different suit, and that the suit they left is still accessible personally to loved ones can change the fear factory we now live in, in my opinion.

So, no authority, we are grown up and can be good people by knowing that we are responsible to other for the effects of our choices on them, on their Reality, and there is no one taking that. People do have different levels of responsibility for their choices, like my son who has autism, he is less responsible, but I am MORE responsible in turn (in my opinion). Animals also are IUOC with way less responsibility because they have less "Decision Space", as does my son, or someone with other such issues. We, as IUOC have more responsibility to protect them from anyone/thing trying to abuse/harm/limit them.

As part of the Larger Consciousness System we have free will absolutely, they go together or there would not be any evolution from free will choices made to get feedback from.

The highest good is to the evolution of the Larger Consciousness System towards Loving Intent, in the My Big TOE model that works for me.

Thanks for asking. I hope this information does some good.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 25, 2011 1:59:38 PM PST
Jeff Marzano says:
There's a theory that before we are born we see our life's plan laid out in front of us.

Consciously we don't remember this plan. But the super conscious does remember and it gives us glimpses of this plan in the form of intuition.

The philosopher Plato talks about some of this at the very end of 'The Republic'.

He says when a new cycle of mortality begins everyone chooses from a pool of possible lifetimes.

Those who are blinded by greed and lust choose to become tyrants in this world.

The philosophers choose more wisely and with more moderation and restraint. One of the points of 'The Republic' is it's the philosophers who should be running society, the world, etc..

Then the Sisters Of Fate take all of our choices and weave them on their loom into the fabric of destiny.

"Hearken mortals. Another cycle of mortality is beginning. Choose your geniuses."

Perhaps a cycle of mortality is tied in with the great 25,800 year astrological cycle which will come to an end on the precise date of 12/21/12.

Perhaps this will be judgment day as we all now must reap the consequences of what we have sown over many lifetimes.

This idea is perhaps something that can give people peace of mind as the trials and struggles of life arise. Somehow we chose to enter into this world for whatever reasons.

This is important in the sense that if someone feels that life is causing things to happen that they don't think they would have ever agreed to they could be wrong about that. Maybe they did agree to it for reasons which are hidden at the level of the super conscious.

Also when people feel pressure to do something in this world but they feel some resistance to doing it maybe their intuition is correct.

To discover and know what that plan for our life is would be a very valuable thing to know I would say. This is one of the goals of philosophy and religion in my opinion. It's all part of 'finding God' whatever that statement may mean to each individual.

When we see some of the things that go on in this world it's hard to imagine that people really wanted it.

Some people enter this world to do evil and lose their souls. It's important to remember this and be aware that those people are always out there.

Satanism. Witchcraft. Those are doors that will cause people to start crossing paths with those who are on the dark path.

Those are just two of many doors that lead to that path.

Drug use and addiction is another as people search for happiness in the wrong ways and start crossing paths with criminals.

Jeff Marzano

Posted on Feb 25, 2011 3:28:07 PM PST
This is fear based Jeff, religion is based in fear too, and so not good. God is one of three myths, but Reality is bigger than any of them, and more loving too as it is information evolving towards Love, after all, not judgemental. :) You mention a bunch of belief system based biases, but you are under those limiting belief systems too since you oviously think they have "power" (hint, they don't unless you believe they do). We live in a punishing male dominated Reality which may go towards a nurturing encouraging type Rality when woman, or the feminine, comes into the place where changes come from.

Posted on Feb 26, 2011 5:47:04 PM PST
Jeff Marzano says:
I basically disagree with everything you said.

If God is one of three myths what do you think are the other two ?

Many people see no value in religion nowadays I guess. This is completely foreign to my life so once they say that they start losing credibility for me as far as talking about important philosophical questions.

Once they say God is only a myth this puts them even farther outside of my beliefs.

As far as religion being based only on fear that's another rationalization people use to justify their own lack of belief and lack of interest in religion.

You sound like you believe in yourself above all else. This is one of the cornerstones of atheism.

It sounds like you are talking about the types of theories that are in that book The Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown has offended the gods with that book.

This world is a scary place at times in many ways.

I just watched an episode of Modern Marvels about weapons of mass destruction. We'd better hope that Al Qaeda doesn't get their hands on an atomic bomb. A piece of enriched uranium the size of a soft ball would create an atomic reaction similar to the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima if they can figure out how to shoot it off.

People today are afraid about many things as our world seems to be constantly bordering on the brink of collapse from one day to the next, whether it be an economic collapse, military conflicts, etc..

Jeff Marzano

Posted on Feb 26, 2011 6:41:22 PM PST
I should have been more clear, all three gods of the three organized religions are based on myth. Sorry about that. I don't believe anything. I know what I know, I know that I do not know everything, and I know that there are some things that I do not even know that I do not know. That pretty much covers it.
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