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Best Jealous Scene Ever

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Initial post: Dec 8, 2012, 7:36:33 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 8, 2012, 6:27:58 PM PST
I am looking for really good jealous hero scenes. I know there are threads on here for jealous/possessive heros so this might overlap a bit but I could not find one that specifically dealt with the scenes in a book. It can be historical, contemporary, paranormal, erotica, etc. I like a jealous hero most of the time but some authors do a better job than others and I really want to see all the different ones out there. Thanks in advance to all my fellow romance readers and happy reading this holiday season! :)

Posted on Dec 8, 2012, 8:53:27 AM PST
One of my favorites is from the In Death series in the book Judgment in Death. Roarke walks in Eve's home office and finds another man, Webster, embracing and trying to kiss his wife. He and the other man physically fight until Eve breaks it up by threatening to stun them. Once Roarke has Summerset throw Webster out, he proceeds to show his wife that she is HIS in no uncertain terms. Such a great scene. I'll have to see if I can post some of the actual writing. So good.

Posted on Dec 8, 2012, 5:51:30 PM PST
Oh yes, if you could that would be great. It sounds like a great scene. Thanks!

Posted on Dec 9, 2012, 1:40:16 AM PST
Prue says:
I love the idea of this thread. I am going to put on my thinking cap and get back to you. I will keep an eye on it for people's suggestions though. Small bump!

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 9, 2012, 10:22:52 AM PST
Campbell says:
Rashell - That scene in Judgment in Death is also one of my favorite scenes ever.....also, there is another book in the "In Death" series where Roarke's ex-lover shows up and tries to take him away from Eve. The ex-lover causes lots of problems between Roarke and Eve.
At one point, Eve comes home to find the ex-lover in Roarke's arms. Eve punches Roarke in the nose, then knocks the girlfriend out.
I laughed out loud.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 9, 2012, 6:30:25 PM PST
LOL, that sounds hilarious! All this talk about Judgment in Death, I'm putting it on my to-read list, thanks!

I can't remember of any good ones I've read, though. *sigh* Don't think I've read a good one at all. :(

Posted on Dec 9, 2012, 8:18:29 PM PST
[Deleted by the author on Jun 10, 2014, 12:21:02 PM PDT]

Posted on Dec 9, 2012, 9:54:00 PM PST
HelenaP says:
I just finished reading (and loved) Linda Howard's "Heart of Fire" and there are several awesome jealous sulks by the hero. :) One below:

"Ever done it in a hammock?"
"Of course," she said, and was vastly pleased with the precise blend of unconcern and boredom that she had managed. Let him wonder about THAT! He hadn't specified which "it" he was talking about, so she felt free to apply her own interpretation. She had definitely slept in a hammock before.
The immediate blase response brought a scowl to Ben's face as he relaxed with the slight swaying of the hammock. What did she mean, "of course"? Did more go on during her archaeological expeditions than he'd imagined? It made sense; people were together for long periods of time, so it would be human nature for their gonads to act up. He was sympathetic to the condition; his own libido wasn't the best-behaved in the world. But the thought of Jilllian swaying in a hammock with some bare-assed, bony-kneed archaeologist wasn't pleasant. In fact, he didn't like it worth a damn. His scowl deepened, and a strange kind of anger flared deep in his belly. The incredulous thought surfaced that he was feeling *jealous*, but dismissed the idea almost as soon as it formed. That was ridiculous. He'd never been jealous of a woman before in his life, and he sure wasn't jealous of Jillian Sherwood. She wasn't even his type. Her main attraction was that she was the only woman available - that, and the almost irresistible urge to show her that he could have her any time he wanted. All he had to do was turn up the heat.
He reached out and nudged her hammock. "Where?"
"Where what?" she murmured, rousing from a light doze.
"Where did you do it in a hammock?"
"Oh. On the balcony of my condo." Knowing that he couldn't see her in the dark, Jillian allowed herself a triumphant smirk. It was true; she did have a hammock on her balcony, and she had, on occasion, napped out there.
He lay in his own hammock and simmered as his image of a bony-kneed archaeologist was transformed into a trendy West Coast type with sun-bleached hair, whose clothes bore all the right labels. On the balcony. IN PUBLIC. Jesus Christ, even he had never done it in public...
In the darkness he scowled at her sleeping form.

Posted on Dec 9, 2012, 10:00:56 PM PST
Brother's Keeper has a jealous scene where H catches h with another guy and he goes beserk.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 9, 2012, 10:06:13 PM PST
HelenaP says:
Who is the author of Brother's Keeper? :)

Posted on Dec 9, 2012, 11:52:24 PM PST
Mo says:
I have just started the IN DEATH series - me being a total anti-Nora Roberts person - and I am LOVING it - can't wait for the jealousy scenes ...

Posted on Dec 10, 2012, 3:11:35 AM PST
Seofin says:
It might not be an intense jealous scene but it is funny and it was the first one that popped up in my mind when asked for a jealous scene. It's from Neighbours from hell series; Perfection. The hero has a sexual relationship with the heroine, a heroine he feels is a little beneath him (he's a jerk of course but a lovable jerk), he wants a perfect woman so he can feel good about himself (insecure lovable jerk;) plus she can't even cook!! Which is a huge thing with the Bradfords.... anyway, he finally comes around, sees that he loves her and goes on an inner rant with himself.... and it's hilarious. Among things he says:

"She also wasn't the type of woman who made men drool, besides him, and got the attention of every guy in the room, but that was okay because none of them should be f***ing looking at her anyway."

Love that book.....

Posted on Dec 10, 2012, 3:52:12 AM PST
BethB says:
Luke vs Ren, fighting over Ava in Rock Chick Revenge is pretty good. Actually, Luke's reaction to Ava and any other man even looking at each other.

Posted on Dec 10, 2012, 8:55:18 AM PST
tag says:
I love Max's reaction in Faro's Daughter, when he thinks Deb married what's his name.

Posted on Dec 10, 2012, 6:05:58 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012, 10:14:54 PM PST
I thought I would throw one of my favorites in since I started the thread. This will be long so forgive me in advance. Hopefully you guys will think it is worth it!

I have more than one book with my favorite jealous scenes but just recently read this book again. It is a HP called The Spanish Groom by Lynne Graham. I don't think you can buy it on Kindle by itself but it does come with one other story in kindle format: A Convenient Arrangement: The Italian's Wife\The Spanish Groom. This one and Bond of Hatred are my favorite by her.

There are a lot of jealous scenes throughout the book because the h (Dixie) had a crush on another guy (Scott) before she became closer with the H (Cesar). This book is actually pretty funny because the h is really sweet and the H is really rich, sophisticated and cold (at first) but not around her. LOL. They knew each other through Cesar's uncle but the H did not like the h at first. They get closer because they are pretending to be engaged for the Uncle's sake. I will just do a few jealous scenes.

The first scene Dixie just got a makeover:

In the act of lifting a brandy goblet to his lips, Cesar froze.....
Suddenly self-conscious, and mortified by the way she had gaped at him, Dixie got all hot and bothered. "Is this going to take long? I don't want to miss Scott."
"Dio mio...he's unlikely to miss you." Brilliant dark eyes scanned the fit of the T-shirt, the skirt outlining her tiny waist, then dropped to the shapely legs on display outside gym for the first time. "That bloody stupid woman!" he grated abruptly. "You look like a bimbo! That neckline's too low. That skirt is too short."
In frank dismay and surprise, Dixie gazed back at him. "The skirt's only three inches above my knee-"
"Totally inappropriate for Jasper, and even more inappropriate for doing Scott's washing," Cesar completed with withering bite.

The next scene, Dixie just got a letter from Scott (who she just considers a friend now but the H thinks she still has a crush on him) BTW, "Bruce" is Cesar's executive assistant:

"Can I have my letter back. please?" Dixie stammered.
"Be my guest." Cesar returned the letter with precise cool and strolled across the room to join Bruce. "Would you like some coffee? Help yourself. I need somebody really grounded around me at this minute, because whether you realize it or not, the most major event of my bride's day is now taking place. And this thrilling, unexpected joy, so thoughtfully provided by my stepsister-in-law? A letter from Scott."
"He's never written to me before Cesar" Not really listening, believing that he was teasing her again, and Bruce's presence quite passing her by, Dixie was busy tearing open the envelope. "oh, no!"
"He's dead?"
"Don't be silly Cesar. Scott wanted me to go round to his flat so that the repair man could fix his washing machine...But he's actually given me his phone number over there!" Dixie shared in genuine surprise. "Imagine that!"
"The computer's using every line in the house at the minute," Cesar delivered flatly. "And it costs a fortune to ring New York."
"You're right. And then there's the time difference," Dixie muttered vaguely, automatically glancing at Cesar, as if she expected him to clarify that seeming technicality for her.
"Time differences confuse the hell out of me. You'd have to look it up...haven't a clue where. Get the hell out of here, Bruce," Cesar raked softly to his convulsed executive assistant, who, having emerged from sheer incredulity, was no struggling desperately hard not to laugh.

Next scene is right after. Cesar has agreed to let Dixie phone Scott that night.

"You're homesick? Oh, Scott, how awful!" Dixie sighed with loads of sympathy, while watching Cesar ram back the sliding patio doors with what struck her as quite unnecessary force. "Tell me about the New York office. But you're really smart too Scott, don't let people intimidate you," she urged supportively as Cesar hovered several feet away with the most strange aura of controlled menace, his lean, strong face rigid, bright eyes mere slivers of silver. "Of course you'll cope. I know you'll be absolutely brilliant. You can do anything you want to do!"
Cesar suddenly strode past her into the kitchen. The door slammed. Dixie flinched. She heard a dulled thud, a muffled oath and then an unholy silence stretched. She stared in real dismay at the closed door. Was Cesar okay? Had he fallen and hurt himself? The door opened a crack again and she relaxed slightly.
"Dinner? Oh, I'd love that," Dixie assured Scott, rather eager to get off the phone now.
As the kitchen door crashed shut again, Dixie concluded her call.
She sped into the kitchen. Ashen-faced and breathing rapidly, Cesar was leaning back against the units, blood dripping from a cut on his left hand. "oh, your poor hand." Dixie moaned in instant agony for his suffering...She hauled over a chair and dragged him down into it. He looked as if he was about to faint. It was his thumb, quit a deep slash. "This might need stitches-"
"Nonsense, it's nothing."
"how on earth did you do it?"
"I...bumped into something on the wall," Cesar advanced, with brooding grimness and eyes as unreadable as a black wall.

LOL. Yes I have more. I am taking a break from studying and really forgot how much I love this book! The next scene Dixie is about to tell Cesar that she is pregnant.

"...I'm afraid I've got something really serious and shocking-well, very shocking to confess, and you're not going to be very happy about it. In fact, I think you're likely to be really annoyed, and I want to say not in advance that this is understandable-"
"Scott flew out to Spain and you sneaked out and slept with him..." Cesar slotted in rawly.
Dixi's lashes fluttered up on incredulous dark blue eyes. She couldn't have responded to such an outrageous suggestion had her life depended on it.
"Madre di Dio, anything of that nature, keep it to yourself, because 'annoyed' won't cover it. I'll kill him!" Cesar swore in a voice that fractured between visible clenched teeth.
"What's the matter with you? Have you been drinking or something?" Dixie inquired tautly.
"no, but I badly need a large shot of alcohol," Cesar confided jaggedly as he lent forward and wrenched open the drinks cabinet.

In the next two scenes it occurs to Dixie that Cesar might be jealous of Scott after he yells at her after paying the hotel bill and seeing how long her phone calls were to him so she asks him. Hilarious!

He really was obsessed with Scott. She couldn't think how she had failed to notice that before. And he genuinely was angry that she had chatted that long to Scott on the phone. Was he jealous? Jealous of Scott? And being Dixie, in the grip of an astounding idea, she instantly asked him outright.
Dark color accentuated Cesar's fantastic cheekbones, lashed sweeping down on bright slivers of silvered outrage. "Porca misera! Don't be ridiculous!"

Dixie asks him again when she wants to see Scott one last time just to explain that she had gotten married and that is why she had not been in touch. Cesar says No. Here is the last scene that I am posting:

"I don't want you anywhere near him. I think that's personally reasonable," Cesar drawled.
"Well, I don't," Dixie muttered ruefully. "I don't think it's reasonable at all. Nor do I think that you should behave as if I need your permission."
"You're my wife," Cesar breathed chillingly, like a domestic tyrant. "You should care about what I think."
"It's not like Scott's an ex-boyfriend or anything. I would understand if you were jealous-"
"I'm NOT jealous!" Cesar gritted with predictable ferocity. "Jealousy would imply that I regard him as a threat. Why would I consider an immature twenty-two-year old car fanatic a threat?"

Aww...he is sooooo jealous! He finally admits it at the end. Hope you enjoyed and keep the posts coming!

Posted on Dec 10, 2012, 8:30:22 PM PST
Love Left Behind by S.H.Kolee. The hero Jackson was very jealous and possessive a lot of the book, especially when the H and h got back together. Some people thought he was way over the top (just the way I love it). When the H & h broke up for 5 years he left their apartment the way it was, did not change anything. He made it seem like she was still living there. He also put up a shrine to her in the bedroom. He could not get off unless he pretended it was her, which did not go over well with the women he dated. When they get back together he had many jealous moments thinking about the men she dated during the time they were apart. (She only had 2.) He was by that time a famous actor and had women hitting on him all the time but showed no interest in anyone else when she got back together with him. He was willing to give up his career for her. While making love after they got back together he refused to wear a condom because it "felt too good to pull out" that he "needed to be apart" of her. Just loved him, obsessive behavior and all. Description below is taken from goodreads.

It's not everyday that you get to move to New York City and reinvent yourself. I was tired of being boring, predictable Emma Mills. I was convinced that my life would be totally different in the Big Apple.

And I was right.

Jackson Reynard was irresistible and I had no plans on resisting him. Jackson was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome and I was more than happy to let him sweep me off my feet. I expected a summer fling but instead I got a heart-stopping romance. I realized that I had met the love of my life. I just didn't realize that sometimes love isn't enough.

It's hard enough getting over an ex. It's even harder when he becomes Hollywood's next biggest heartthrob and his face is plastered on every magazine cover. But the hardest part? The hardest part is when he thrusts himself back into my life and won't let go of the past.

I survived losing the man I loved the first time. I don't think I'll survive it again.

Posted on Dec 10, 2012, 9:01:35 PM PST
B. Lim says:
Love Left Behind by S.H.Kolee is this a series? I hope is not one of those installment.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 10, 2012, 9:13:56 PM PST
Campbell says:
Mo, I don't care for Nora Roberts' books, either.
HOWEVER - When she writes as J.D. Robb - it's like a whole different thing. I love the "In Death" series. And, Roarke.....sigh, he's a great hero.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 10, 2012, 9:27:29 PM PST
ambrosia says:
B. Lm: Love Left Behind is NOT an installment book. It is complete. Very fun (totally unrealistic) jealous hero.

Mo: Warning - i love the In Death books, but they are primarily mystery, not romance. (even if Dallas and Rourke's love is a primary element).

Posted on Dec 10, 2012, 9:35:51 PM PST
B. Lim says:
ambrosia thank

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 11, 2012, 12:03:33 AM PST
Mo says:
D. Campbell/Ambrosia - yeah, was a bit disappointed that Roarke was in so little of the second book but I do enjoy mystery also so I suppose it is the best of both worlds and when Roarke does show up I am never disappointed.... I might give some of the later books of Nora a chance ...

Posted on Dec 11, 2012, 12:15:19 AM PST
HelenaP says:
I agree that Nora Roberts's books aren't as good as the J.D. Robb ones, but she does have a few that I did love. Highly recommend "Birthright", "Hidden Treasures", and "Private Scandals".

Posted on Dec 11, 2012, 12:16:00 AM PST
HelenaP says:
I also liked the hero in "Blue Smoke" very much.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 11, 2012, 12:56:29 AM PST
Mo says:
Magelet - will check them out but with 41 books in the In Death series it might be a while ... can she really hold my interest for 41 books? Will keep you guys posted.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 11, 2012, 1:24:44 AM PST
ambrosia says:
Mo: I have to admit that while I was an avid In Death fan, I've sort of fallen off the wagon after Innocent In Death (In Death, Book 24) (the book where Dallas decked Rourke's ex-girlfriend, mentions by D. Campbell, above).

I'm not sure what caused me to take a break from Dallas and Rourke. Maybe i just got tired of them? This also coincided with me getting my first Kindle, and I've found that there are some authors that I haven't been reading as much now that I read on the Kindle. Maybe these authors are more readable in hard copy?? ( I have also been reading a lot more pure trash, now that I'm not embarrassed by the covers!!! LOL).
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