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gDiapers Disposable Inserts Case, Medium/Large/X-Large (13-36 lbs)
Size: Medium/Large/X-Large (13-36 lbs)|Unit Count: 128|Change
Price:$50.41+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 22, 2017
I normally cloth diaper with BG and CB pockets and inserts, but switch to disposable during trips because it is super bulky and doesn't travel well. Also, figuring out a wash routine is not something I wanna do while on vacay. However, I hate disposable diapers because they're ugly and feel so flimsy. Came across these disposable inserts and figured I could give them a try for our next trip. I like that they're more environmentally friendly and less pricy than regular disposables and I could still use my cute diaper covers! There was a bit of leakage when I stuffed them inside my BG pockets (possibly the fault of the relaxed elastic so I'm gonna give it another shot with a newer), but it worked great with my Rumparooz and Nicky's diaper covers. They're a bit wide, so I just have to stuff the edges in to prevent wicking. Other than that, they've worked great and are less bulky than my layers of regular inserts.
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on May 1, 2017
These are great! I loved using GDiapers from newborn to 12 pounds (newborn - small), then only moved on because I have different brands for different sizes. While I would recommend the whole system for cloth diapering, I'll limit my review to these inserts:

These are extremely absorbent!!!! Using one of these in a gDiaper, they'd last between 3-6 hours (depending on how much of that was sleeping, i.e. through the night). My baby is now 6 months old in size 2/Medium diapers in cloth/disposable, but I am using up the rest of my NB/S size gDiaper inserts inside my AIO cloth diapers.They're great for when I know I need more absorbency for longer spans of time, HOWEVER, I do not cloth diaper at night since he sleeps 10-13 hours.

Only 4 stars because they're more expensive than buying disposables. While I'm concerned about the footprint of disposable diapers, my money only goes so far. There aren't many other options just like this on the market, but the only reason I used them as long as I did is because I found someone selling the rest of their stash for a few bucks. The good thing is, usually you can sell these for just under retail if you need to.

I recommend this product.
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on June 21, 2016
Best diaper system. We love the flushable inserts. By using the inserts, we eliminate our diapers going into a landfill, and we eliminate water usage and heating associated with cleaning cloth diapers all the time (not to mention the huge time suck). We just flush diapers each time we need to use the restroom, so no extra flushes either. This is a wonderfully earth-friendly choice for diapering. We are currently using these for our second child, little to no diaper rash. Plus, you can double them up for nighttime - no leaks.
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on November 6, 2015
These inserts are great all around. They are very absorbent and the entire gDiaper system works well. We use these inserts mostly at night time because we find they absorb better than our cloth inserts. If the insert is strictly pee, then we throw them into our compost (using a garbage can inside to minimize trips to the compost) and they are broken down quickly and help provide a large amount of nitrogen to the pile. Stool inserts are tossed in the trash can and I am confident that they will break down much quicker than the 7 year average that it takes for conventional diapers. Additionally, you can supposedly flush them down the toilet after swishing them in the water to get them to break down, but we do not do this as we have had problems with our pipes backing up just from a couple of facial tissues.
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on December 27, 2014
We use these with gDiapers gPants and really like them. We use six gPants and 12 BumGenius All-in-One Freetime diapers for all our diapering. The disposable inserts with gPants are my favorite on-the-go diaper because the inserts travel nicely in the diaper bag. We simply toss the insert when finished. The insert has a thick pad and thin trim. The padded piece measures 10.75" long and 4.75" wide. The thin trim boosts the dimensions to 12.25" long and 6.25" wide.

These lose one star for two reasons:
1) The thin trim I mentioned is not even on all sides. This piece is important to keep the leg piece of the gPant dry. The trim needs to be a bit bigger on the long sides. We often have slight leaks onto the leg band--not usually enough to get on Charlie's clothes, but enough to have to change the cloth cover.
2) We often find little gel balls on Charlie's skin after he soils these inserts. Not sure what the story is there, but I find it mildly disconcerting.

Amazon subscribe-and-save is the only way to go if you decide to use these inserts. Great value!
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on August 27, 2015
The gDiaper Liners are easy to use with the cloth diapers I sewed myself. I basically have a plastic shell that I put a prefold in for a soaker. I was going camping and couldn't use prefolds, so I brought these - they worked great. They keep my baby as dry as a regular disposable, but I got to use my regular diaper shells (the outer part of the diaper). He was very comfortable and dry. He slept great in them. They are VERY absorbent and very BIG, so they caught all of the BM. I would highly recommend this product. I didn't try composting them, but feel confident they won't sit in a landfill forever - I let one get VERY wet and it did start to break down, but on the whole, they didn't start to break down while he was wearing them.
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on December 14, 2016
We switched to gdiapers after we discovered our newborn had extremely sensitive skin and all the disposable diapers we tried led to a horrible rash. We love gdiapers! The disposable inserts do not irritate her skin and are great for night time use. We use the cloth inserts primarily during the day but we keep the disposables in the diaper bag as well. I would recommend the gdiaper system to anyone looking to try a cloth hybrid diapering system.
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on January 23, 2016
Our family has chosen to go the g-diaper cloth diaper route the great majority of the time, but these disposable inserts are really helpful when it comes to older baby's overnight diapers and when baby is sleeping on long car rides and it would be terrible to pull over and wake her up just for a diaper change. It's never a good feeling for me to throw away a diaper, but these make me feel ever-so-slightly better. And if they're just wet, they can be composted!
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on September 6, 2017
I love my diapers. I am very sad that my little one will grow out of our newborn sized diapers, and I'm hoping the next size is just as easy to use with these disposable inserts. So far they have been great, super absorptive, and very slow to leak.
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on August 16, 2015
It is really sad that these gDiaper disposable insert did not work for us. My son developed a bad rash with these on the first use and it continued to get worse even if I change him every 2hrs. I thought I could resolve the rash with diaper cream so he can continue using these but I had no luck. I had to stop using these or my son's rash will get even worse. It took a week after stopping its use before the his rash healed with a special concoction I found on pinterest. Anyway, I wish I just bought a small pack to try first before buying these...
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