That's Why God Made The Radio (Audio CD)

Appropriate coda to a 50 year old career.
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June 11, 2012 By Dwayne T.
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When I listened to this CD, the first thing I noticed was that it SOUNDED like the Beach Boys. It's unmistakable. The second thing I noticed and appreciated was how this CD was MATURE. There's an appropriate mix of nostalgia and melancholy for a group celebrating its 50th anniversary. Which brings me to an appropriate comparison. I'm going to compare this album to Paul McCartney's latest works. The problem with Paul these days is that he hasn't seemed to mature or grow as a songwriter. He's still trying to churn out the same type of pop that he built his career on. Which leads me to believe that he doesn't really put himself into his lyrics / songs.

This Beach Boys CD looks back fondly at good times and looks forward wistfully to a future that recognizes it's short. It's perfectly OK for a 70 year old songwriter to acknowledge life will soon end. That's what I expect from someone of that vintage. Brian and the Boys do such a good job of that on this CD. The trademark harmonies are there. Some songs are catchy (the title tune, especially). Others are slightly sad, examining a life / career now almost done, namely the three song suite that closes out the CD. It sounds like a coda for a CD and career.

Who else from the '60's could do a CD like this? Certainly not McCartney or the Stones. Definitely not the Who. Just Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.

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