Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for Kindle Fire, Black (will not fit HD or HDX models) (Accessory)

Customer rating 1.0/5.0
November 17, 2011 By Amazon Customer
51 out of 65 found this helpful

I ordered this case for my kindle fire and it arrived yesterday with the new device. I pre-ordered two devices, one for each of us, and immediately knew I might be let down with this case. The feature that attracted me to the case was the fold back cover that could be used to prop the kindle fire while in use. It only props on the horizontal so that feature isn't useful while reading in the vertical position. Turns out that the weight of the fire makes the stand design completely useless. The elastic band that secures the cover closed also seems like it won't be long lived. I ordered a different one for my wife after less than 12 hours of use. I do not recommend this product an it is a terrible value for the cost.

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