Designing with Progressive Enhancement: Building the Web that Works for Everyone (Paperback)

Good book with good information
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July 18, 2010 By John Mahoney
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I liked this book, it is well written and puts emphasis on accessibility issues which should be important to every designer. The first few chapters carries just good common sense stuff that if you have much experience you might not need but it's good basic data for review. For instance how to use the alt tag, avoiding inline JavaScript, using well constructed foundational markup.
The book is based on an approach to web design that is gaining acceptance and becoming important as more devices access the web.

You build your page starting from a solid markup foundation adding functionality at each stage of development always testing with accessibility in mind at each stage of the process. The authors cover some good stuff when confronted with what to do when you run into a problem of adding functionality at the cost of accessibility.

The authors write with a nice flowing prose and keep it interesting. They stress proper foundational markup, best practices for scripting and adding multimedia, and rely on newer standards whenever possible. The book offers some good code samples that you have to download from the site.

Recommended reading.

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