Medicine is Not a Job! (Kindle Edition)

Excellent! A read for all who aspire to be medical doctors!
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
February 5, 2015 By Egondu Onyejekwe
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This is a very captivating piece of work. It provided an insight to who medical doctors are (or should be). It was easy to read and grasp that being a medical doctor is a 'calling' one should be prepared for. The anecdotes and human examples, not only put a face in each case to the story, but brought it home to those aspiring to be medical doctors that there is no 'clock out' time.

Beyond those listed by the author., I would recommend the book also to parents/guardians and educators of aspiring medical doctors. I will be bold enough to recommend the book to everyone ( indeed anyone who can read or write) since we all encounter medical doctors at one point or the other. Medical doctors need our support, respect and love for what they do ( should do) for us.

What I disliked about the book is that it ended too quickly. Therefore, I will recommend that it should be continued as a series. Thank you

Egondu Onyejekwe

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