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How To Be a Durable Human: Revive and Thrive in the Digital Age Thr...


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Jenifer Joy Madden
Jenifer Joy Madden
I'm a reporter, journalism professor and community advocate who helps people to live healthy, active, durable lives in harmony with their technology. My DurableHuman website and books remind you of the amazing powers you and your kids have that your smart phones don't.

How to Be a Durable Human is, as the name implies, a how-to with tips, tricks and expert advice for being built to last in body, mind, and spirit, even if you have a busy, connected lifestyle.

I wrote the colorful, breezy Durable Human Manifesto to inspire you on your durable quest. The Audible version tickles your senses with sound effects including a growling lion, twittering birds and giggling toddlers. I narrate and my son plays the theme music on his guitar!
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