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AWIR–T—About What I Read...TODAY!: Owned by a Journaling Bookworm,...




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J. D. Dyola
J. D. Dyola
JD Dyola is passionate about designing journaling tools, and believes that journaling supports continual personal growth and healing. This conviction led her to share JD Dyola Journals ❤™ with you, and pour love into every volume. JD is the author and designer of multiple journaling resources, including:

♥ The 4-T™ "for TODAY" Series--A series for chronicling what happens to you each day: what you learned, read, and makes you grateful.

♥ The 4-H™ "por HOY" Series--The Spanish edition of the 4-T™ Series.

♥ The My Cleanse Keeper™ Collection (MCK)--Journals to detail your health journey, as you undergo a detox. Note: These books are just journals and are not intended to replace treatment or medical advice from a qualified physician.

♥ My Life, My Thoughts, My Journal: JD Dyola's Celebration of Life Collection™--Several series that can help you tell YOUR story, and

♥ My Journal, My Journey, My Color: JD Dyola's Celebration of Color Collection™--In this collection, each series offers various shades from the color spectrum. Pick one that appeals to you and start your colorful journaling journey. ♥

JD Dyola Journals ❤™ are informational only and contain JD Dyola's opinions. They are not designed to provide health, psychological, or any other type of therapy or guidance. Please consult a health professional for any issues that you may be facing. JD Dyola is not responsible for any consequences resulting from journaling or using the informational content on this site or in her journals.

Follow JD and visit for updates and JD Dyola's blog. Thank you for your interest and support!
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