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Actiontec PWR211K01 200 Mbps Powerline Home Network Adapter Kit
Actiontec PWR211K01 200 Mbps Powerline Home Network Adapter Kit
Price: $35.23

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this device!!!, September 14, 2012
This is a truly amazing product! Like many others, I have an excelllent wireless network with a dual-band 802.11n wireless router. It is wonderful and works perfectly....if you are within range of the router. It was impossible to locate my router centrally within my house, so this device allows me full speed ethernet anywhere in my house. I connected one of the two devices to an open port on my router, and took the other device to my office.

Currently, I have a home office set up inside an RV that sits out on my driveway. The RV does not have any power of its own (long story), but I have a 50ft exterior-rated extension cord running from an exterior plug on the house up through the floorboards of the RV. I put in a 3-plug T joint and plugged this unit into one of the three receptacles. I have a power strip for my computer, task lamp, cell phone charger, and other desktop power essentials plugged into another receptacle on the T-joint. It works like an absolute DREAM!

I almost cried after I connected an ethernet cable between the device and my laptop and launched and was able to get 100% of the speed out in the RV that I get from my desktop computer hardline connected to the router over 100 feet away inside and on the other side of the house!

When I'm done working, I can unplug the device and bring it into the house and use it for the 2nd blu-ray player in the back bedroom (ethernet ONLY!), or to ensure good solid network connectivity for the laptop if the wireless signal is bad in the "nether" parts of the house.

This device is a real game changer for folks that have wireless reception issues inside their house! It saved me from having to climb under the house and install an ethernet swtich and 200+ feet of ethernet cable, or having to buy a high-gain antenna or wireless signal enhancer/repeater.

Thanks Actiontec!!

Thomas Guide 2004 Metro Monterey Bay: Including Monterey, Santa Cruz & San Benito Counties (Metropolitan Monterey Bay)
Thomas Guide 2004 Metro Monterey Bay: Including Monterey, Santa Cruz & San Benito Counties (Metropolitan Monterey Bay)
23 used & new from $15.04

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Where are the Metro Maps?, February 14, 2005
Let me start by saying that I LOVE Thomas Brothers, used to love Thomas Brothers maps until the "hostile" takeover by Rand McNally. Well, it may not have been hostile, but it has been hostile to the quality of the product.

I had a 2001 edition of this street guide, and absolutely loved it, kept it in my car, and used it extensively. I wore the darn thing out, and needed a replacement, and the 2004 edition was the most recent copy.

I was SHOCKED when I opened up my new atlas to find the Metro Maps section COMPLETELY missing! A whole useful feature which helped to provide context to the maps is TOTALLY gone! This GREAT section of the guide provided about 25 maps with detail of every square mile of all three counties, with major roads and highways shown in great detail. On these metro maps, detail map numbers and coverage areas were provided, where appropriate.

Now I am forced to use this totally silly and ridiculous "PageFinger Map" which is apparently supposed to give me the context I need to find the detail map I needed. Where I used to have 25 pages of map context to help me locate the detail page, now I only have ONE! With my old map, I could go weeks of never using the detail map pages because I spent my time in the outlying areas. My new street guide is totally useless in the outlying areas.

If you ever travel outside of the detail area provided by this street guide, you are out of luck, there is no map coverage provided. Monterey and San Benito counties are very sparsely, and the non-metro areas of the county provide a great deal of recreational activity opportunities. You'll need another map if you want to find your way around these areas. In fact, I might recommend the 2001 edition of this VERY SAME ATLAS! It was a very nice atlas, and this new very STINKS!

Mastering Jakarta Struts (Java Open Source Library)
Mastering Jakarta Struts (Java Open Source Library)
by James Goodwill
Edition: Paperback
35 used & new from $0.01

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great book, makes it simple, October 11, 2002
This was a great book. It talks in great depth, not only about Struts, but also about J2EE in general. I would have called myself an upper-intermediate Java programmer when I picked up this book, but an a total newbie to J2EE. I put away my "Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages" (Hall) and "Enterprise JavaBeans (Monson-Haefel) books that were far too difficult to read in favor of this book's simple approach.
It was AWESOME that he went through each and every one of the Struts JSP custom tags, describing their usage, and the attributes of each tag. I found this incredibly useful.
I agreed that the examples in the book were real-world, and I found them effective in helping solidify my understanding. I was especially pleased with the time he spent on database access. This is documentation that is hard to find with Struts (and, frankly, with many Java application frameworks).
But, there were some difficulties about the book that I didn't quite understand:
1. His database-access code is poorly written. He doesn't reuse any of the JDBC code. He isn't writing a book on a JDBC persistence layer API, I realize, but it made things difficult to follow as I focused on the code deficiences. An exercise for the reader to develop, I guess.
2. The code, as it is written in the book (and downloaded from the web site) doesn't execute without exceptions upon deployment to my JBoss container. If you're going to publish code in a book as an example, it really should compile and execute without modification. Otherwise, you should indicate that it doesn't execute unless you first do steps x, y, and z.
3. Chapter 5, on Views covers in good depth how to use the JSP pages as data gathering mechanisms (subheading "JSPs that Gather Data"), but doesn't cover AT ALL how to present that data. I guess he assumes we all know how to present it! In chapter 11, he covers how to use the <html:iterate/> custom tag to iterate over the result sets obtained from a database query, but there is no real detail in the book about it. I would imagine that 98% of us will be using this mechanism HEAVILY, and felt like it deserved a better treatment within chapter 5.
4. He didn't cover ANY of the M of MVC. He lumped all his JDBC code into his Action classes, which doesn't seem like good design to me. Also, it seemed like he made an assumption that Model = Database. This isn't exactly the case.

Offerings: A Worship Album
Offerings: A Worship Album
Price: $10.15
144 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible CD, Third Day is in top form, August 21, 2001
This CD reminds me why Third Day is hands-down, my favorite contemporary Christian artist. Not only are they awesome at taking the deep truths of Scripture and turning them into incredibly relevant contemporary songs that show their musical skill, but they are wonderful worship leaders as well. So much Christian music today is so weak, and without depth. Third Day is an anomaly in that regard. Their lyrics are deep, and obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit.
The musical style of Third Day is awesome for those of you who haven't heard them. They are everything good about the Black Crowes without the worldliness. Mac Powell's voice is awesome!
Someday I hope to meet the members of Third Day and praise the Lord together with them. If nothing else, I'll meet them in heaven, and we will worship God together forever. Until then, I will worship the Lord with this CD!

MTV Unplugged
MTV Unplugged
Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $7.49
644 used & new from $0.01

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Quintessential CD, you have to own it, May 16, 2001
This review is from: MTV Unplugged (Audio CD)
This is just a great CD. All of my favorite Maniacs songs are on this CD. I own a number of Maniacs CDs, and this is by far my favorite.
A lot of times artists will play around a lot when they play live with the rhythms and sound, and it totally changes the way the songs sound. This CD is a rare exception of this back trend in recorded live music. The music sounds even better than the studio recordings.

Offered by Lunch money
Price: $7.49
625 used & new from $0.01

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great musical quality, poor answers to the world's ills, May 14, 2001
This review is from: Spirit (Audio CD)
I love this CD. She is obviously gifted in her ability to write music and sing. I love the combination of guitar and vocal. She has a great folk sound, like the Carole Kings and Carly Simons of decades past. I listen to this CD over and over again, it has a great sweet sound that soothes my work day.
As a Christian, however, my review of the lyrical quality here is obviously biased, but I feel very valid. She is obviously pandering to a view that any spiritual point of view is good as long as you're spiritual. This is naive. The world's ills are not solved by "positive thinking". I love the statement on the back of this CD, "We are loved beyond our ability to comprehend". So true it is...although it does seem sad to me that Jewel does not totally embrace the God that makes this love and "Spirit" she sings about possible.

Better Is One Day
Better Is One Day
Offered by Carlsen Enterprises Inc.
Price: $17.33
69 used & new from $0.01

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Christian CD I have ever heard!, April 19, 2001
This review is from: Better Is One Day (Audio CD)
Prior to hearing this CD, it was the first time I had heard any of these worship songs. I have listened to a lot of Christian music, and this is by far the best collection of Christian music I have heard anywhere, much less worship music. Man, how awesome it would have been to be in the Fort Worth Convention Center during the Passion 1999 conference this CD was recorded at!!! You can hear it on the CD....the people there were CRAZY about the music, they were totally into worshipping Jesus! Hallelujah!
I love Matt Redman's music, and the best songs on the CD, in my opinion, were the ones written by him....Better Is One Day, The Heart of Worship, to name a couple.
If you don't own this CD, buy it as soon as you can. If you love worship, and long to be in His presence, this CD will take you there. I listen to it at work, have probably heard the CD through about 500 times, no exaggeration. It never gets old.

The Game of Life: Collectors Edition Tin
The Game of Life: Collectors Edition Tin
Offered by TheToyVault
Price: $44.99
4 used & new from $29.98

44 of 46 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great game, cruddy construction, January 4, 2001
I grew up playing this game, and really enjoyed playing it. I love the idea of going through the game and making money, learning about different professions. The educational value of the game has really grown over the last 15 years too. Now you get to choose your occupation, and salary through cards. I have to say that I'm faily unimpressed with the "Life Tile" feature of the game, though, it has no application in the real world.
If I could change one thing about the game, I would make it so the game didn't FORCE you to get married or have children, and change things so that there were advantages of doing that.
Unlike the original board game, the durability of the game box leaves much to be desired. The tin the game comes in is almost impossible to close correctly. And the old game with the plastic cars worked fine, putting in the pegs for the people in the car. This game has a metal car, and the pegs don't stay in the car very well at all. Also, because they had to fit the game into a square box, the game board folds into quarters, and the spinner you spin to move swings on the board. The spinner has always been a pain (get a 10-sided die and roll that instead!), but this spinner REALLY STINKS!
If I could make a suggestion, don't spend the money to get this edition of the game, get the normal board game instead.

Go The Distance
Go The Distance
26 used & new from $1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Good, but a little embellished, September 25, 2000
This review is from: Go The Distance (Audio CD)
I really enjoyed this CD, and was REALLY impressed with "That's Why We Praise Him". I am personally somebody that isn't really impressed with worship CDs where the musicians really embellish the songs. Why can't the CDs sound like the songs in concert?
The Maranatha Promise Band was a lot more fun in person at PK in Sacramento. That was an INCREDIBLE conference, and the music was the best part about it. Just got back, it was great.
I was REALLY blessed by the new rendition of "The Doxology". I go to a Presbyterian church, and we sing this song every Sunday, and LOVE the song. But, this version of it was really good.

Ten Thousand Days
Ten Thousand Days
Offered by Carlsen Enterprises Inc.
Price: $15.53
96 used & new from $0.01

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars If I could give it 100 stars, I would, September 25, 2000
This review is from: Ten Thousand Days (Audio CD)
It is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I am pretty critical of Christian music, and this is an INCREDIBLE CD. If you don't have it, go out and get it as quickly as you can.
I grew up as a non-Christian and graduated from high school in 1990, so I am pretty young. But, I loved listening to the music my dad listened to, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Fleetwood Mac. Until recently, I've been holding onto that secular music because there was no Christian music I knew of that had the character I was looking for...until now!
Bebo Norman is a part of an increasingly prominent and impressive section of Christian music that is really winning me over. More and more I am able to have a Christian alternative to the secular styles I used to listen to, and not have to give up any quality. Bebo Norman and others are showing that you don't have to be in rebellion against God to have quality music. As I would expect, the quality is MUCH BETTER than the non-Christian alternatives. I would much rather listen to Bebo Norman than James Taylor! Thank You God for the ways You are working in contemporary Christian music!
This CD is really good, have I mentioned that yet? *SMILE* He is a modern James Taylor singing about the depth of Christian experience. God gave us the ability to feel the depth of everything human, and Bebo sings about these things well.
If you are interested in something that is rocking, but expresses the same depth of emotion, check out "Kansas" by Jennifer Knapp.

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