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Professional Exercise Resistance Loop Bands with Workout Video - Get You Fast Safe Effective Results
Professional Exercise Resistance Loop Bands with Workout Video - Get You Fast Safe Effective Results

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3.0 out of 5 stars Resistance bands are great, but this is not a quality set, June 29, 2015
Resistance bands are a useful way to do a light workout if you don’t want to invest in a bunch of dumbbells that are expensive and annoying to store. I’m totally on-board with resistance bands as a thing. I have some problems with this particular video and these particular bands.

First, the workout video could be a lot better. The instructor does an adequate job explaining each motion, but she moves so quickly between them that you need to do the routine a number of times before you can get the bands positioned correctly in the amount of time that she does. I also don’t like how the instructors tempo doesn’t always match that of the music (or her counting!!!). There are at least a few instances where her motions are out of sync with her directions. This is very disconcerting, and I’ve never seen it happen before on a workout DVD (and I’ve seen at least 50).

As for the workout, it’s basically a light-weight/high-rep strength training routine that ends up being more of an aerobic workout than the anaerobic workout that you would expect from resistance training. Aerobic workouts are great for your cardiovascular system, but they don’t build much muscle (that’s not the point of that style). An anaerobic workout involves a lower heart rate while you concentrate on strength. Ideally, you should do some of each - build muscle and take care of your heart and lungs. This splits the middle and ends up being good at neither.

The lack of video quality isn’t a huge deal because you can find plenty of reasonable resistance band workouts for free on YouTube. That said, I think the longer band style with handles (not loops) are way better and more flexible. You can get a good set of longer resistance bands for $20-30 on Amazon and pair them with a vastly superior YouTube workout video. There are dozens available for free.

Overall, I cannot recommend this. It’s convenient, but there are way better options out there for about the same price.

Inventiv SP100 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Waterproof Portable Wireless, Suction Cup /Microphone / Control Buttons / Loud Sound w/ Bass Boost - Chrome
Inventiv SP100 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Waterproof Portable Wireless, Suction Cup /Microphone / Control Buttons / Loud Sound w/ Bass Boost - Chrome
Offered by Teton Webstores
Price: $19.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Mostly good with a couple issues, February 25, 2015
I have tried three bluetooth shower speakers in the last couple months, and this ranks in the middle of the pack. I’m not really taking sound quality into account because I think it’s irrelevant. It’s a tiny, waterproof speaker, and there’s only so much an audio engineer can do with those demands. Plus, you listen to it over the din of running water and an exhaust fan. The things I look for in a shower speaker are volume, bass presence, ease of use, and durability.

In terms of volume, this SP100 plays reasonably loud. The speaker fires out of the rear of the unit and uses the shower wall to gain an acoustical advantage over a front-firing speaker design. I have great water pressure, so the sound of the water itself is always pretty loud, and my exhaust fan is super-noisy. Happily, the SP100 plays loud enough to be heard over the noise. You would need to be in an extremely loud bathroom to bury the sound that the SP100 puts out.

The design is pretty intuitive if you have used other bluetooth speakers. You can play, pause, skip tracks, change the volume, and answer calls easily. Pairing is also very simple. If you hold the power button long enough, it automatically goes into pairing mode and a small LED flashes to let you know it’s ready. Once you’ve paired this with your phone, repairing is easy. Just turn it on, and if your phone is in range, it will connect automatically.

I have two complaints. The first concerns the plug that keeps water out of the AC charging port. A) It’s a tiny piece of plastic that requires a fingernail to pull out. The first time I did it, I couldn’t stop it plastic from wedging between my nail and my finger in a way that was super painful. B) After leaving the unit plugged into the charger for three days, the plastic plug had become so accustomed to being bent at an angle (to allow the plug to fit) that it would no longer stay closed. I have to tape it shut when it’s in the shower so that it doesn’t pop open.

My second complaint is that I cannot get this suction cup to stick to anything for more than about ten minutes. I’ve tried doing it dry, wet, very wet, slightly wet - everything. I’m sure it’s not my walls because I’ve had a different, heavier bluetooth speaker suctioned to the wall for three weeks. I’m not sure what the problem is. I’m not seeing other reviewers complain about this, so perhaps this is only a problem with my unit. It doesn’t render the speaker unusable because I can still just set it on one of the shelves in the shower, but it does make it less convenient.

Overall, it’s a decent speaker. There are some improvements that would make this a five-star speaker, but it will do the job pretty well.

enKo Products Car Radar Laser Detector with 360 Degree protection
enKo Products Car Radar Laser Detector with 360 Degree protection

4.0 out of 5 stars This will not help you avoid tickets, but it's well-made, February 7, 2015
If you’re hoping to protect yourself from getting speeding tickets, dream on. I’ve been in multiple cars with different styles of radar detectors, and being over confident, each of these drivers got speeding tickets because the radar detectors they used didn’t alert them until it was too late. Sure, it starts beeping like crazy, but by the time it realizes that there is a radar in use, the cops have already clocked your speed. I have no idea what the point of these things are, but they’re not going to help you avoid speeding tickets.

Although I’ve been in plenty of cars with radar detectors when the drivers received tickets, I’ve never actually used one myself. I don’t speed too horribly, so I’m rarely worried about tickets; however, if there is any chance that this alerts me to indiscriminate radar or laser monitoring, I think it’s at least interesting to know what’s going on.

I have no idea how well this works. I get a lot of false positives, or I at least detect lots of radar and lasers that are not cops. I do drive through a designated speed trap everyday where cameras are installed on all three freeway lanes so record your data and mail you tickets, and this did not detect any radar or laser monitoring. I’m not sure what that means. Either this failed to detect anything, or the cameras are not in operation. I’ve never been in a situation where this detector alerted me and then I drove past a cop immediately following. Maybe it works. I simply cannot tell.

What I will say in favor of the unit is that it’s very easy to install and operate. There is a control to stop long-range detection so that the unit doesn’t go crazy when you’re driving through the city. The volume control is easily accessible as well. It mounts with suction cups, so it’s easy to remove, if you desire. Overall, it’s well made, and having seen many radar detectors over the years, I can say that it’s as good as any name brand unit around.

Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet Card - Italian Leather - HUSKK - Men - Up to 8 Cards Plus Cash by HUSKK - [CSCT] - Tan
Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet Card - Italian Leather - HUSKK - Men - Up to 8 Cards Plus Cash by HUSKK - [CSCT] - Tan
Offered by HUSKK
Price: $79.99

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great quality and a slim design that is wonderful for dressy occasions., January 15, 2015
A month ago, I ordered a Huskk iPhone case that doubles as a sort of wallet/money clip. The quality was great and I loved the convenience of simply carrying my license and a couple credit cards instead of a whole wallet. Because of that experience, I decided to this mini wallet a try. It's a great size for carrying a few cards and a few bills. As before, the leather quality and the craftsmanship are outstanding. Yes, it's not the sort of buttery-soft leather that you might find on a luxury leather item, but when you factor in the price, I think the quality is great.

This sort of thing is especially useful for dressy occasions. Carrying a wallet in the back pocket of your jeans is no big deal, but when you're wearing dressier pants, a bulky wallet can really affect the fit and the line of your pants. You could stick your wallet in the interior pocket of your jacket, but this is even more noticeable. A small wallet like this is a great solution because when you stick this in your jacket pocket, it's virtually unnoticeable. Yes, you won't be able to carry as much. Maybe you'll have to leave your `frequent burrito eater' punch card at home. Then again, how many times do you go out for burritos while wearing a suit?

The wallet is a bit taller than a normal credit card, which keeps your cards from slipping out the top. When you want to retrieve them, you pull on a small elastic tab that raises everything up so that you can grab it (see the picture in the product listing). It's a nice design. There are a couple outer pockets for anything you use more frequently. These are fairly tight, and provided you don't stretch them out by over-filling them consistently, friction will keep your cards from slipping out.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this wallet. It's my go-to for any dressy occasion. It offers more protection than a money clip, but it does add a lot more bulk. Highly recommended.

* Also, I should note that I've written this review from a guy's perspective. I could also see this working well for a woman. Since women's jeans often seem to fit a lot tighter than men's, I could see this working as a solution for a woman who wishes to carry a wallet, but cannot do so because they are too bulky.

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