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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - PC
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - PC
Price: $22.97
51 used & new from $16.99

22 of 24 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Controversial Yet Utterly Brilliant Shooter, December 1, 2015
Guys, look. The people leaving one star reviews knew coming into this they wouldn't like it, point blank. I'm a guy who did play the original Rainbow Six's, and I wasn't expecting that. I've played and enjoyed COD and Battlefield, and I wasn't expecting that.
What I WAS expecting is a tense, no bs shooter simulation, and that's exactly what I got. No shooter in recent memory has gotten my heart pounding quite like this.
All those tense moments that you were wanting for in COD, only to be thwarted by a 360 spinning sniper? They won't be found here. I was concerned about not having a mic, but so far I've only had one lobby that was anything but helpful and cool, everyone's been cool calm and collected that I've played with.
Now for probably the biggest realization I've had after playing about 8 hours of multiplayer: I have not once called bs on any of my deaths. Let that sink in for a second. An online shooter that I myself have been solely responsible for all my deaths. Not due to lag, hackers, glitches, nothing. If I died, I screwed up, I can't blame the game or anyone else.
One last point before I wrap it up. I haven't lost track of time while playing a game (shooter at that) quite like this since Skyrim. Even during Witcher 3 I was able to keep track of time. I looked up earlier and 3 and a half hours had passed and I was hungry for more. That says a lot in my opinion, again, especially about a shooter.
If you're looking for disciplined and realistic gunplay, tense close quarters combat, and a game that rewards you for approaching it the same way you would approach a real life situation (provided you had said skills) then this is for you. Like I say in most (if not all) my reviews, if you're this far into researching it and are actually reading this, you leaning towards this side of the fence anyway. Do yourself a favor and hit the back button and pick up your copy, it's more than worth it if anything in my review piqued your interest. Thanks for taking the time to read.

EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB FTW GAMING ACX 2.0, 26% Cooler and 36% Quieter Cooling Graphics Card 04G-P4-2978-KR
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB FTW GAMING ACX 2.0, 26% Cooler and 36% Quieter Cooling Graphics Card 04G-P4-2978-KR
Offered by OutletPC
Price: $367.68
21 used & new from $305.96

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, Do Yourself A Favor, June 26, 2015
This is for the FTW edition.

Absolutely incredible. Wife got it for me for Father's Day, finally got it in and fired up, and it screams. Witcher 3 smooth as silk for 2 hours straight with everything on ultra except hair works, post-processing effects all on, and E3 v7 sweetfx. Heaven benchmark normal tess and 4x anti 1860 before overclock. No coil whine and the fans only kicked in for 5 seconds when I OC'd. If you're looking in this price range, you will not find a better card. Myself as well as alot of other reviewers have done exhaustive research to make sure we got the best card, so now you don't have to! Just buy it, I promise you will be blown away.
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Dying Light - PlayStation 4
Dying Light - PlayStation 4
Offered by DAGI SALES
Price: $31.80
82 used & new from $21.98

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Dying Light: An Experience Not To Be Missed, April 29, 2015
I don't review games often, but I felt this one warranted it. Everyone's talked about mechanics and what not, so this will be pure opinion. (Though I reference other PC games, this is a review for the PS4 version)

If you are in the least bit interested in this game, buy it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. If you're even reading this review (being a later one) then you've already invested enough time in researching it. Just do yourself a solid a pick it up.

I played Dead Island, I loved Dead Island, I reviewed Dead Island. This is not Dead Island. This is something totally it's own. I find it difficult to compare it to anything out there. My wife and I are currently playing Far Cry 4 on PC together, and in my opinion this is nothing like that either.

What this game is, to me, is near perfection. This is coming from someone who almost returned it after 3 days, the reason being I was having trouble getting "into" it. The free running is definitely accessible, but was tedious for me at first. I just couldn't quite make the game "flow". It's insidious though. I found myself thinking about it at work, wanting to go home and turn all the lights out and try it again.

This game is not fun in the usual sense. It's not something I casually pop in for the hell of it. It's an experience. I've spent hundreds of hours modding Skyrim to try and get the immersion that's present in Dying Light. It does such an amazing job of making the world feel organic.

The only thing I can even loosely compare it to is P.T., solely based on the emotions that are evoked while playing. That same sense of dread is present, the same feeling of "I don't want to go down that hall". This is why I think this game is nearly perfect. It makes me pay attention, makes my heart pound, makes me second guess my actions in game. (By the way, I'm writing this with only day time experiences in mind. The night time is a whole 'nother level of this-is-insane.)

I may be rambling, but I sincerely want to try and get my point across. Dying Light absolutely shines in the new survival horror playground. It's everything I had hoped it would be and then a lot more. If you like adrenaline-inducing, legitimately creepy games, then this one is for you. If you don't, then you probably wouldn't be reading the reviews for this. Like I said, go pick it up. You won't be disappointed.
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BioShock Infinite - Playstation 3
BioShock Infinite - Playstation 3
Offered by Firecracker80
Price: $11.25
270 used & new from $0.03

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Too Good to Label With a Review Title, April 14, 2013
First of all, this game truly is for mature audiences only. I've read a few reviews saying how offensive the racism is. Here's the truth: it's classist. The negros, slant eyes, and potato eaters are all considered "lesset" citizens and are white, black, yellow, and any other color. This game relates closer to real life struggles than any game I've ever played and if that offends you, than you probably aren't mature enough to handle the brutal violence that accompanies the slurring. I personally am quite proud of my Irish heritage, and the oppression throughout the game only got me more involved.

Everyone's already covered the gameplay (which is fantastic) and the graphics and the music score. And there have been many words used to describe the overall feeling of the game. The one word I will use to sum it all up: humbling. I was teary eyed at the end of it all, partially because I could relate to it, partially because it was over seemingly so quickly. My wife loves Skyrim, but not fps's. She literally stood and watched the last two hours and we didn't say a word. When the credits rolled, you could hear a pin drop in the living room because it was so mesmerizing. There will not be another game of this caliber around for quite sometime that will move you the way this one will, guarenteed.

I had written a much longer review that had somehow been deleted, so I'll end this now in typical fashion: If you're still on the fence about this game, go on out and get it today, because if you've researched it this much then you obviously are going to get it anyway. I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt promise that you will not be deisappointed. This game is not only worth $60, but is truly worthy of a "GOTY Edition". I hope this has helped someone out there, and thank you for your time.

P.S. - I apologize for the somehwhat hurried nature of this review.Lke I said earlier, I had written one much longer (on my phone at that), but still hope you got something out of it.

Resident Evil 6 - Playstation 3
Resident Evil 6 - Playstation 3
Price: $12.58
242 used & new from $3.00

133 of 154 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Resident Evil 6 is a Great Third-Person Shooter, October 6, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Resident Evil 6 is not a survival horror game. Period. It's a top notch third-person shooter involving zombies, monsters, and biological weapons. The only reason I did not give this game five stars is because no matter how hard I try I cannot help but feel a little disappointed that it's nothing like the previous ones. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it's just my own personal opinion.

If you're reading this, then chances are you've already read much longer reviews outlining the pros and cons, the new innovations, and the gameplay mechanics. The only reason I'm writing this is so anyone who's still on the fence about buying this game can get a simple, calm review. A lot of reviews (good and bad) are so heated on this game that it's hard for me to read more than one or two at a time.

What eventually drove me to write this is going back and reading reviews of RE1 and 2. The complaints for those games are:
1. The camera
2. The aiming
3. The pacing (too slow)
4. The controls (move like a tank)
5. The "stupid" puzzles
6. Not enough ammo
7. Can't move and shoot

Now the complaints for RE6:

1. The camera
2. The aiming
3. The pacing (too fast)
4. The controls (move like an action hero)
5. The lack of puzzles
6. Too much ammo
7. Moving and shooting is lame
8. Zombies body parts fall off and can't shoot them in the same area anymore (someone actually complained about this)

I'll be the first to admit, RE6 is lacking big time as far as the "throw back" factor is concerned. However, I appreciate what they're doing here. I personally love the whole lay-on-your-back-and-frantically-shoot-enemies feature. I also like that I can actually melee instead of swipe the air in front of me with a knife hoping to make contact. I agree that having to wait for the zombies to move before I can shoot them is lame, and I had a bit of a struggle adapting to the assault rifle zombie (though he really just holds down the trigger in sporadic bursts that go all over, mostly hitting the ground). The J'Avo are NOT zombies. They are bio-weapons, superhumans if you will. They sometimes transform into other creatures. This I can accept. I had to adapt to RE6's gameplay. I do things like turn on a high difficulty and pace myself. Do I HAVE to walk down that hall with my gun drawn? Well, no. But I do because that creates more tension and I can take in the atmosphere more.

I was skeptical at first about Wesker's son Jake. It seemed pretty cliche and silly to me. Then I remembered that the entire story of all of them is. Again, this is not to say I don't like all the others, I love them. But honestly, the dialogue and voice acting has always been pretty bad. That's just one of the things that I fell in love with back then (along with tank controls!). Jake's story even has a Nemsis theme throughout, but that still isn't enough for some folks. Also, by the time I got to the second chapter of Leon's campaign (three hours in) there was some extensive puzzle solving. However, they do baby you through them via pop ups and quest markers. My solution? Turn off the HUD. It clears the screen up and makes the game more approachable. I don't feel like I shouldn't have to do that, rather I appreciate the option to do so.

It's things like these that I think offend some old school RE fans. I downloaded all of the previous ones a few months ago, and even got Archives for Wii. Those games are great, but they're not RE6. I guarantee the last time 90% of the people complaining about the new gameplay mechanics played RE1, 2, or 3 was at least 3 years ago when they got upset about RE5, if not longer. The point I'm trying to make to you, the potential buyer, is that Resident Evil has changed. Not for better, not for worse. It's just different. If you're hoping for a survival horror experience, it won't be found here. If you're expecting an RE revival, forget about it. But if you're interested in a quality, A-list third-person game with some horror elements, a lot of gore, and a plethora of fight-for-your-life situations (which typically involve ACTION, regardless of the game) then go pick up a copy. If nothing else at least rent it, and draw your own conclusions. Like I said in my Dead Island review, if you're this far into researching it, you're probably going to get it anyways. Thanks for your time.
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Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil
Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil
Offered by MOST WANTED
Price: $17.89
65 used & new from $5.01

14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I was absolutely floored., June 17, 2012
After reading the one star reviews of this game I realized something. Resident Evil 4 was more than likely those reviewers first RE outing and thus (in my opinion) completely negates their reviews. I usually don't make jabs at others opinions, but for someone to give this a one star rating based on it being "exactly like the original" is ludicrous. The original was on Playstation, not Gamecube, and was actually quite different from the Wii and GC version.
In the Wii remake, everything that made RE one of the greatest games of all time is still here. The thing that blew me away was the graphics. I own a PS3 as well, and while this game is obviously not as crisp, it's still beautiful. So much so that it's actually pretty intense at times. In my opinion, RE games are not action based zombies-can-shoot-things-at-you-because-they're-actually-monsters-not-zombies type of games. They're tight corridor, dim-lit, fixed camera games. Please don't get me wrong, I love RE4 and RE5, and can't wait for RE6, but those are separate games from the first three.
While this game is incredibly familiar, they have added some things to it. There's a little more outside exploration, as well as new puzzles. For example in the original (on PS1) there's a room with knight statues that you must push over grates in the floor before pushing the switch. This room is still in the Wii version, only with a slightly different puzzle and completely different item. I've only played about 4 hours of it so far, and just killed the snake. Like I said , it's a little different, but for the most part the same game. I love how in the dialogue they will sometimes say the same thing in the same tone of voice as the original, even though back then the voice acting was laughable.
The camera is fixed, and it's amazing. I read somebody actually complaining that when walking down one hall the camera may go to 3 or 4 different views. I know which hall he's talking about and I have gone out of my way when back tracking just to see it again. The shadows, the way the angle will be cocked to the side sometimes, it's amazing. And there's nothing more intense in a game IMO than when you walk into a room and can only hear a scratching sound or a zombie moan and not be able to see them. Believe me, you won't be just rushing into that room with a laser scope attached.
The best update throughout the time I've played so far (other than the graphics of course) has got to be the greatest enhancement any game has received relative to its content of all time: The zombies can break through doors! That's right, if you go into a room full of zombies and run past them you'll only be safe for a little while in the next room. The first time this happened three zombies burst through the windows of one room, causing me to haul ass. When I got through the door, after about 5 - 10 seconds, I heard a slight rattle. As soon as I saw the door knob jiggle I thought "Impossible..." then the door flung open with a crash and they poured in. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY PUT THIS INTO THE GAME! This type of thing happens all the time in the new ones, but for that to happen in the mansion playing as Jill Valentine (before she went blonde)with fixed cameras in the room that you see the very first zombie of the entire series in was absolutely awesome beyond belief. One last thing, Rebecca's not in this one (so far that I've seen) and Jill played Moonlight Sonata. That statement alone should have players of the original rush to the store. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and do yourself a favor and go get it before the price is through the roof in a couple of years.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 15, 2013 9:17 PM PDT

Max Payne 3 - Playstation 3
Max Payne 3 - Playstation 3
Offered by BuddhaFlipsJungle
Price: $12.90
266 used & new from $1.20

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Read This If You Are Considering Max Payne 3, May 15, 2012
If you liked Red Dead Redemption (campaign or multiplayer) then you will more than likely like this. I'm 26 with 2 kids and 2 jobs, and video games are rapidly becoming obsolete in my life, especially since I've worn out Skyrim and COD/BF games.

That being said, thank god that Max Payne 3 came out when it did. It's fresh, exciting, and easy to pick up. The only thing that I cocked an eyebrow about was that they present tons of info to you before you can even unlock anything, so it's kind of confusing at first what Bursts are and what the symbols mean. But that will come after you level a couple of times.

The graphics are great, though the character models' appearances are ugly. However considering the setting that's not surprising and something that's actually grown on me. It makes the whole experience feel a little more 'dirty' in my opinion. Controls are amazingly solid EXCEPT when going from crouch to prone. Trust me, you will not use these as much as you think, especially since the cover system does it for you depending on the cover.

No, it's not like the first two, and I think that's a good thing. I loved them 10 years ago. However, going back and playing them now feels very dated and somewhat lacking in the environment, not to mention the way Max pivots while dodging. The animations in MP3 are top-notch, and there's been more than a few times where I've been reloading while diving, or dive one way and get blown in another direction from an explosion. These animations are very fluid and believable, and I do not often have to use "suspension of disbelief" while playing. As far as the reviews saying the bullet time doesn't work well in multiplayer, I'm happy to say that my experience has been incredible.

I'll close with this:
I was playing multiplayer on a map that reminded me a lot of the rooftop in Die Hard. I was at the very top on the edge of a helipad, surveying the action below. All at once three other players spotted me: One across from me on a catwalk, one a floor down on a smaller roof, and once through a hole in the main levels floor (about four stories down). They were all in my sight so with almost no life remaining I dove off the side in slow motion. After picking off the guy on the catwalk with a headshot and killing off the other on the roof, I aimed straight down as I fell and emptied the rest of my clip into the guy underneath me before crashing to the floor.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, pick this one up. If not, then that's fine too. This is all my opinion only and if you disagree and feel like you have to let me know that you disagree, please do so with some integrity. Thank you.
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Dead Island - Playstation 3
Dead Island - Playstation 3
Offered by Shopville USA
Price: $12.99
301 used & new from $0.17

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Spot on, October 10, 2011
I don't write many reviews, but I just had to make one on this. Dead Island is, for all intents and purposes, perfect. For anyone wondering, the loot/exploring system mirrors Fallout almost to a "T", just not quite as in depth. The gameplay has been flawless for me so far, no trouble with saving since the new patch. Another thing, and this is probably the biggest, is that I actually get an adrenaline rush from it. When I hear a zombie scream from somewhere close by but I'm not quite sure where it's coming from? You have to experience it for yourself. Also, it actually takes some thought to play. For instance, when one of the quicker zombies is rushing me, I usually plant a timed kick to the chest rather than side-stepping, since this knocks them back just long enough to do some quick melee attacks. I could go on and on. In closing, if you're looking for a great zombie game that doesn't feel like the same old thing yet keeps the survival horror roots intact, pick this one up.

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