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Far Gold (Fiction Treasures)
Far Gold (Fiction Treasures)
by Arthur Hunt Chute
Edition: Paperback
Price: $16.95
9 used & new from $8.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars I was delighted to read a work of historical significance and found ..., August 18, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
FAR GOLD by Arthur Hunt Chute is a TREASURE!

First, I must proffer my sincere thanks to the Authors grandson Robert Murray Burns. I must thank the FORMAC PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED and Canada's Book Publishing Industry Development Program for reprinting ARTHUR HUNT CHUTE's work.

In FAR GOLD, Mr. Chute has developed a company of complex characters, each with his/her own agenda. Captain Sprott Gabereau is a retired maritime Seal Hunter who has gained considerable wealth. Yvonne, a striking beauty with dark eyes and golden blonde hair is his adopted daughter, whom he rescued on the high seas, adrift in an open boat with her deceased mother. She came home one evening and showed Sprott a Gold Spanish doubloon. This sparked a long arrested dream of his, to find a missing Spanish treasure trove lost to the sea decades ago. He decides to revive his adventure and assembles an able bodied crew for one last Seal hunt, a ruse for his true mission. Readers are taken on board Captain Gabereau's ship, the ACADIAN on a sea voyage that is so vividly and colorfully described, I felt the real symptoms of sea sickness. The dangers of the Sea, the conflicts of personalities of the crew and the determination of Captain Gabereau in his secret quest combines in making this a fast paced adventurous novel.

I was delighted to read a work of historical significance and found excited by the way of life of the courageous men who faced an unrelenting and unforgiving Sea.

The Author lived an extraordinary and accomplished life, cut short in a tragic plane crash in northern Manitoba in September of 1929. He was only 41 years old. He served as a Captain in the Canadian forces in World War I. 'THE REAL FRONT' (1918) his first novel, described his experiences and the
horrors of war. Arthur Hunt Chute's other works revived by Formac Publishing include 'The Mutiny of the Flying Spray' (1927) and 'The Crested Seas; (1928). I look forward to reading them.

The Real Front
The Real Front
by Arthur Hunt Chute
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $26.95
17 used & new from $26.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars IN THE TRENCHES OF WORLD WAR ONE, July 7, 2016
This review is from: The Real Front (Hardcover)
I received a Hardcover copy of 'THE REAL FRONT' by Arthur Hunt Chute as a gift, delivered by Amazon. I spent most of my weekend mesmerized by the first-hand account of what it was like living and fighting in the 'Trenches' of France during WORLD WAR ONE. I felt I was living history!

The Author served with The First Canadian Division in France. He came home to Canada (he was born in Illinois) where he went on to a successful career as a Journalist and Author. 'THE REAL FRONT' was written NINETY-EIGHT YEARS AGO and published by HARPER & BROTHERS (New York) in March of 1918. At the time of publication, it was heralded as one of the six most important books chronicling World War One. ​ World War One resulted in the death of nine million soldiers, 21 million soldiers wounded and ten million civilian casualties. In just seventeen months from now, the world will celebrate one hundred years since the signing of the Armistice, 11 November 1918, which ended World War One, which claimed to have been "the War to end all wars!" In June of 1919, the Versailles Treaty was signed by Germany, Russia, Great Britain, France, Canada and the United States which reshaped Europe.

As an American, I am ashamed that those born after 1975 have little knowledge of this great war. Our schools and universities seem to have deleted courses to give our youth this important historical event. I am ashamed when I see our youth interviewed by Mr. Waters of 'Waters World' on Bill O'Reilly;'s The Factor (FOX News) who do not even know when or why and the nations engaged in World War One . . . most do not even know the nations involved in World War Two.

'THE REAL FRONT' is a dynamic book packed with vivid and graphic descriptions of the horrors of War, the camaraderie of the soldiers who risked life and limb in defense of freedom and democracy. It should be in every high school and college library. As a 12-year-old boy, I recall a neighbor who was an "old man" (in his sixties) who shared his stories of being a soldier in both World War One and World War Two. 'THE REAL FRONT' brought back to me in living color Mr. Whitt's stories. Arthur Hunt Chute's 'THE REAL FRONT' is an outstanding book, a testimony to the bravery, and sacrifices of the courageous men who fought and won this war.

I highly recommend 'THE REAL FRONT'.

The Donor
The Donor

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5.0 out of 5 stars "THE DONOR" GRABS YOU FROM THE OPENING LINE, January 15, 2016
This review is from: The Donor (Kindle Edition)
AUTHOR STEVIE TURNER is a novelist from "across the Pond", Great Britain. "THE DONOR" is my first read of her lengthy list of novels. Now,I am excited to read every novel she has written.

In "THE DONOR", Ms. Turner has crafted a novel with characters so well developed, you instantly visualize their physical appearances and through her real descriptions of their personalities, through "their" thoughts and words, you feel you KNOW them as living human beings. I found her writing style to be very unique. I have been a voracious reader for over sixty years and must confess I have never read any book that is outside the traditional "first persone" or "third person" point of view. I was immediately quite impressed that Ms. Turner has written "THE DONOR" with each character's individual point of view. I am amzaed at how Ms. Turner deftly switched between her characters to pen a very touching novel. "THE DONOR" opens in 1970 with the end of a three day Band Festival, sort of a British version of America's infamous "Woodstock" of 1969. The reader is introduced to "Claire Ronson", who at almost 19 had secreted away three days earlier with her best friend Ruth to attend the festival, unbeknownst to her father Donald and mother Marian. Her father, a doctor and her mother, a nurse are upper-middle class and devoted to Claire and her older sister, Isabel ("Izzy"), At the end of the festival, having been awake for three days and nights, she has her food stolen, and she is penniless. We then meet "Ross Tyler", a blond adonis, her "Knight in Shining Armor". He provides her with an apple. He wraps a protective arm around her and offers to take her to the Ferry Station and assure her safe passage home. They spend several hours together, hitching a ride with a farmer to the Ferry boat station. Claire instantly falls in love with Ross and is positive he will be her "soul mate". Ross invites her to a local Pub, where he and his band will be performing the following Saturday night. She agrees. She knows, however that her father will never approve of Ross, an art student and guitar player /singer in a rock band.. Once home, she finds her sister Izzy is home from the University, where she is a medical student. She tells Izzy all about the festival and her meeting Ross. She learns from Izzy that she has broken off her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Jeff. She invites Izzy to the pub to meet Ross and watch the band's performance. Izzy accepts and they tell their parents they are going to visit her friend Ruth. Events unfold from there, taking the reader through the next three decades with many twists and turns, incidents unfold which tears the family apart. The reader is gripped as each character describes the incidents through their individual point of view. The ending will blow your mind! "THE DONOR" is a love story that has all of the characters intertwined. Reading how each character views the evolving events in "real time" through the years is unique and makes "THE DONOR" one of the very BEST novels I have read in the last eighteen months. I LOVED it!

I give "THE DONOR" FIVE STARS, would give more if allowed. I highly recommend it. Ms. Turner is a true professional. Now, I will purchase every novel this extremely talented Author has written. A list of her novels appears in the front of "THE DONOR". Oh, did I mention that Ms. Turner has used a lot of true English slang, and I loved it.

[(TV Noir: The 20th Century)] [Author: Ray Starman] published on (August, 2010)
[(TV Noir: The 20th Century)] [Author: Ray Starman] published on (August, 2010)
4 used & new from $536.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars "TV Noir - The Twentieth Century" is a Solid journey into Television History, November 13, 2015
Having grown up in the 1950's and 1960's I recall our family getting our first Television in the Spring of 1952. I was nine years old. It was a Muntz (Black & White). Our family soon became glued to the set right after dinner It became our major medium for family entertainment. By the time I enlisted in the U. S. Air Force in 1959, we had been through a few Television sets and had "moved-up" to a Zenith TV, with several programs being broadcast in "Living Color".

When I learned of a new book critiquing the "Golden Age" of Television titled "TV Noir - The Twentieth Century" by AUTHOR RAY STARMAN, it was a MUST READ for me. Of course, many of the television series, Variety Shows, etc. had been released on VHS and later with the advanced technology, on DVDs. With the davent of Cable Television channels, the beloved "re-runs". I recall in 1990, the A&E (Arts & Entertainment) channel broadcast the entire 120 episodes of "THE FUGITIVE", starring my friend, DAVID JANSSEN. I was blessed and privileged to become his friend and confidant over the last fifteen years of his life. His first wife, ELLIE JANSSEN and I were in the midst of co-writing her Memoir, "DAVID JANSSEN - MY FUGITIVE". "THE FUGITIVE" catapulted DAVID JANSSEN to International fame and became a true Classic of "Noir" TV.

AUTHOR RAY STARMAN has painstakingly penned an exceptional book with accurate revelations of a collection of some of the greatest TV series, Actors, Actresses, Writers, Directors and Producers of the "Golden Age" of television. To mention a few; "RACKET SQUAD" (CBS, 1951-1953), "DRAGNET" (NBC, 1952-1970), "THE NAKED CITY" (ABC, 1958-1963), and of course, "THE FUGITIVE" (ABC, 1963-1967).

Mr. Starman covers all the genres of TV NOIR and he does so in minute detail giving his Readers a taste of his skills and talents in his research of the Television industry. "TV Noir - The Twentieth Century" brings back many good memories of how GREAT Television USED to be, and the talented Actors and Actresses, Writers, Directors and Producers who brought all viewers lasting impressions and countless hours of entertainment. For the "younger" generations, "TV Noir - The Twentieth Century" will take you on a nicve journey into history. My personal opinion of television today is that rather than getting better, the quality has declined.

"TV Noir - The Twentieth Century" by AUTHOR RAY STARMAN deserves FIVE GOLD STARS and should be available in every high school and university.

Miami Fire (Manny Williams Series Book 8)
Miami Fire (Manny Williams Series Book 8)
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars RICK MURCER has done it again! Mr. Murcer's ..., November 13, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
RICK MURCER has done it again! Mr. Murcer's style of writing makes me feel as though I am walking in the shadows of his Protagonist, while keeping me in suspense of what will develop as he rounds the corner. Having lived in Miami for over forty years, I wanted to be Manny's "Invisible Guide" . . . I seemed to know where he was going before he got there. Exciting read.

This, as expected is a FIVE STARS gift to all his readers.

The Boss Always Sits In The Back: A Memoir
The Boss Always Sits In The Back: A Memoir
Price: $3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE BOSS SHOULD ALWAYS SIT IN THE BACK!, July 5, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)

It is rare to read a book giving an insight into Organized Crime by someone who has LIVED through it, experienced it and is now 'OUT' of it. AUTHOR JON D'AMORE has opened the 'Back-room' of the Tailor's shop, the Pizzeria and taken his readers on a journey from Jersey City, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, California, and Las Vegas, with side trips to San Frqancisco and Chicago. This is NOT a fiction novel - this is REAL LIFE and it is more a Biography of JON D'AMORE. Mr. D'Amore had always known his family was 'CONNECTED' with the La Cosa Nostra that controlled Northern New Jersey. As a teen, Jon discovered MUSIC and he had a flair for being pretty darn good. He decided that would be his LIFE . . . not the MOB. All that changed . . . at least temportarily. His cousin and Godfather called him in Beverly Hills and wanted Jon to meet him in Las Vegas . . . to celebrate his 22nd. Birthday! Jon was excited and readilly agreed. His Godfather Jerry D'Amore, told him to place a fift dollar bet on the Roulette Wheel - "put it all on 22" - - - Jon did - and won. :Okay, your're 22 today - - - now put it all on 29!" Jerry said. Joh had seen 29 had come through before and no one one, so he figured it wasn't gouing to win. "DO IT!" His Godfather said. He did it.
Number 29 Black WON! August 29, 1965 Jon D'Amore was celebrating his 22nd. Birthday . . . with a winnings of $1,800 from a
$50 bet! His Godfather/Cousin treated him to a Royal evening of Champagne and gaming in Sin City. Soon, he would become an intregral part of a new MOB money making scheme . . . SCAMMING the fabulously rich Casinos . . . and no one was getting hurt. As the story unfolds, we meet a platoon of 'Wiseguy' characters . . . and we learn a 'Hit' has to happen . . . actually, a few 'Hits'! Jon feels safe , , , after all, he isn't really doing anything that hurts anyone . . . and his Godfather is the Number Two Boss!
Jon continues his work as a Session Musician, which requires his traveling between San Francisco, Los Angeles and the East Coast. He likes the extra income he is earning from his Godfather's little side business, and he's in for the long haul. There is just the right amount of beautiful ladies, lots of sex, weed . . . and a "Hit" here and there. 'THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK' is explained . . . and the ending will kill ya'! Not really, but you will get a kick out of it. This is a GREAT READ!!!! I had ordered a Paperback - very expensive! I NEVER got it, but I did get my money back. I did get the Kindle Edition - and could not stop reading it! FIVE STARS!!!!

From New York to the Smokies: A Collection of Sam Jenkins Mysteries (A Sam Jenkins Mystery)
From New York to the Smokies: A Collection of Sam Jenkins Mysteries (A Sam Jenkins Mystery)
Price: $3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars From fledgling, teenage 'detective' to Chief of Police, June 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have experienced the pleasure of reading four of AUTHOR WAYNE ZURL'S novels:
This is a collection of five short stories, In the first, 'THE BOAT TO PRISON', we are introduced to SAM JENKINS, a High School Junior. This is a facinating story and gives the reader a glance at how Sam becomes interested in police work. He is on a fishing boat with his father and two of his father's friends. He overhears one of his father's friends plotting what he is cartain would be a murder. Immediately, he is concerned and wants to prevent his Dad from taking part in the plot. When Investigators visit his home, asking to speak to his Dad, they learn he is divorced from Sam's mother and no longer lives there. Intrigued, Sam talks to the detectives, outside, and tells them of the conversation he overheard. He 'volunteers' to help prevent his Dad from participating in the murder plot. Although he is only 17, the detectives accept his offer. Here we meet his girlfriend Kate, and his best friend Pauly Greco. He devised a scheme to prevent his Dad from taking part in the plot. Author Wayne Zurl carefully crafted the story, provides vivid desctriptions of the characters and perfectly describes 1960's Long Island, New York.

Sam graduates high school and enlists in the United States Army, at the height of the Viet Nam war. Upon returning from his military service, he marries his high school sweetheart, Kate and joins the Suffolk County Police Department. He quickly advances in the ranks to become a Lieutenant in command of the Major Case Squad.

In 'FAVORS', Lieutenant Jenkins is concerned when a vary capable Community Service Aide, Elizabeth Lopez-Cruz, selected for promotion to certified police officer, fails a polygraph test. Lieutenant Jenkins calls in some favors from other police officers, a police psychologist and an Assistant District Attorney. What develops is a crime never reported, yet weighing on Liz's mind for years. The characters are so real; you feel their concern and their pain. The reader is held in suspense until the very last word of this captivating story.

After twenty years on the Suffolk County Police Department, Sam puts in his retirement papers. He and Kate take their precious dog Bitzie and retire to the Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tenneessee. He has dreams of spending his years fishing, hunting and plain relaxing. Soon, he is approached by the Mayor of the small town of Prospect. The police Chief had been fired amid a scandal. Sam is itching to get back to law enforcement and after consuting with Kate, accepts the job. After all, a small town, has to be pretty quiet, low crime, right? Retired Police Lieutenant becomes Chief Sam Jenkins.

In 'ANGEL OF THE LORD' a gay couple, quite successful stock brokers in nearby Knoxville are found murdered in their luxurious home. There is no forensic evidence. The only clues Chief Jankins finds is a series of numbers: '13 13' scratched in the top of an antique table. There is a Audi S7 and a Jaguar in the garage. Chief Jenkins notes an oil spot on the driveway. He doubts the new Audi and Jag are leaking oil. Six days later, another murder. The victim was recently convicted in a massive Ponzi scheme and was free on bond waiting to be sentenced. Again, Chief Jenkins finds a group of numbers scratched on the dead man's expensive desk: '22 22' . . . and an oil slick on the driveway. No forensics. Six days later, a woman is found bludgeoned to death by a lamp on her kitchen floor. Her elderly mother is rescued from the basement, where she apparently had been kept prisoner amid squalid conditions. Again, only a group of numbers: '20 20'. By now the town was buzzing and the Mayor calls Chief Jenkins in for answers; could a serial killer be on the lose in Prospect? What is the Chief and his officers doing to capture the killer? Six days later, a successful real estate agent is found murdered in her home, bludgeoned by a large rock. The numbers '20 10' were carved onto her coffee table. Chief Jenkins is convinced the numbers came from the Bible. He consults his friend, a Catholic Priest and his hunch is confirmed. There IS a serial killer roaming Prospect. The Chief sets out to compile a list of 'unusual suspects'. 'ANGEL OF THE LORD' is a tight, suspense filled story that will keep you truning the pages until the climatic end.

In 'MASSACRE AT BEAR CREEK' Chief Jenkins is called to the scene where six men are found in the woods, shot dead with multiple weapons. Is this the storied 'Hatfield & McCoys' type crime of the hills? Not the ordinary for Prospect. Another murder happens, as the Chief has narrowed in on several suspects. Yes, it appears this is an old fashioned dispute among the hills' folk . . . and over a dispute in the killing of a bear. This is a cold, calculating case that will end in more gunfire and another man dead.
This is not fiction . . . I am convinced it is based on a true story.

The final story, 'ODE TO WILLIE JOE', a highly decorated Viet Nam Veteran who credits Chif Jecnkins with saving his life in Viet Nam, has hit the bottom of far too many wine bottles over far too many yuears. He is arrested for public intoxication, not the first time either. This time, he pleads with the arresting officer to get Chief Jenkins, he has something to tell . . . only to the Chief. The officer calls the Chief at his home, as he and Kate are watching 'Blue Bloods'. The Chief, reluctantly goes to headquarters to hear Willie Joe's story. Willie tells Chief Jenkins he saw 'little glowing green men' in the woods . . . he is positive . . . he REALLY did see them. Chief Jenkins has a brotherly talk with him and dismisses his story. Two days later, an elderly man appears at Police Headquarters and tells the Chief he saw a 'green glowing flying saucer' in the same woods near where Willie Joe saw the 'glowing green men'. The next day, Chief Jenkins sees the elderly man on local TV News telling his story to the world. The Chief had already visited the area and found nothing out of the ordinary. Chief Jenkins dispatches two of his seasoned officers to the area that evening at 10 PM, the same time Willie Joe and the elderly man reported their sightings to see IF they could spot any 'flying saucers' or 'little green glowing men'. At 11:15 PM, Sergeant Rose calls the Chief. There were no signs of flying saucers or 'little green glowing men' . . . but they did find a freshly dug grave. A very well crafted story with a surprise ending.

AUTHOR WAYNE ZURL writes detective novels with authority. I believe his stories are based on HIS life and cases he has worked on and solved over the twenty years of his admirable career in Law Enforcement. His writing style is in-depth character development , very vivid scene settings and weaving just the right twists and turns to keep his readers captivated. Chief Jenkins reminds me of Author Robert B. Parker's 'Chief Jesse Stone'. He also reminds me of 'Francis Reagan, Police Commissioner of NYPD in 'Blue Bloods' for his quiet, thoughtful and analytical demeanor. In my humble opinion, any of Author Wayne Zurl's novels could easily be turned into Blockbuster Feature films or 'Made-for-Television' movies. I must also commend Chief Jenkins wife Kate, for her being such a loving wife. It is not an easy job, being the wife of a police officer.


I highly recommend it, and once you read just one of Award winning Author Wayne Zurl's novels, you will rush to his website, and buy them all.
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The Unseen Face
The Unseen Face
by Joannes Rhino
Edition: Paperback
Price: $8.70
13 used & new from $5.93

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars MYSTERIES of the MIND, November 26, 2014
This review is from: The Unseen Face (Paperback)
THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE lie within the mind of every man, woman and child.

I have always felt the practice of psychiatry to be a werid, imperfect science. How can one man actually get inside the mind of another and unravel the mysteries therein. Impossible.

Joannes Rhino is a genius of a Writer. How he conceived his Protagonist, JAMES MADDOX is a mystrery to me . . . unless THE UNSEEN FACE is possibly autobiographical, which I hope it is not. Mr. Rhino has developed a character in James Maddox who seems so real and vulnerable to a myriad of mental conflicts over the loss of his true love, Emila; the nightmares she induces into his fragile mind, his new girlfriend Jennifer and his best friend Richard. Maddox's nightmares become frequent and plays havoc with his ability to concentrate on his job in a bank, his new love interest and his friendship. He finally agrees to his friend Richard's pleas and sees Richard's brother-in-law, a Psychiatrist. This is after James' receiving an annoymous letter with a cryptic message. I found THE UNSEEN FACE to be a book that gripped my interest and attention. It is very well written and left me with admiration for the Author Joannes Rhino. I look forward to reading his other works.

Dark Canyons: A Young Adult Western Novel of Loss and Discovery
Dark Canyons: A Young Adult Western Novel of Loss and Discovery
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars FLIGHT FOR FREEDOM TO LEARN, November 11, 2014
DARK CANYONS by Author Bruce Blizzard is an indepth look back at the tough, determined men and women who took on great adventures in settling the Western states, Some settlers moved west across this great country with children in tow. Some started their families once they found a place to set their roots. DARK CANYONS is a story of a rugged father homesteading a ranch, his educated, supportive wife and their nine year old daughter. There was no school close by, so June was home-schooled by her mother. June is a birght young girl with a never-ending search for knowledge. Her mother taught her to read and books became her friends. When the local government steps in and seeks to remove June and place her in a school, she is adamantly opposed. She and her father map out a plan to escape from the imminent government intrusion into their family and set off on horseback into the deep, dark canyons of Washington State. This is a real page-turner, a fast and exciting read. To think how thing were 140 years ago, and see how they are today, personally I would rather HOME SCHOOL my children than to worry about their safety and whether or not they are really learning anything in todays' school systems.

The Wayward Spy
The Wayward Spy
Price: $9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars WORLD SECRETS EXPOSED, November 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Wayward Spy (Kindle Edition)
With Syria's Civil War erupting just over two years ago, the ermegence of ISIS (or ISIL), the threats of Terror aimed at the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, and all democratic nations, and anyone not of the Muslum faith I found Author Roger Croft's novel "THE WAYWARD SPY" is a novel of the times. This extremely wEll written novel with very believable characters is very much on point as what we see on Fox News, CNN and BBC. There is more than enough intrigue to hold you in suspense as the story unfolds. I found myself wondering if Mr. Croft has a secret line to Edward Snowden.

An outstanding Spy novel ripped from today's explosive headlines. I highly recommend this novel and personally look forward to Mr. Croft's next work.

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