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The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition
The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition
Offered by GoodGuy Consignments
Price: $22.99
118 used & new from $5.00

90 of 108 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Deep, intricate story that isn't for me., May 24, 2012
The Witcher 2 is a massive game. While it only contains 3 chapters to complete, the world is so full of lore that its overwhelming. I went through most of the game not knowing who was who or what the difference was between Redania and Kaedwen. It doesn't help that you never actually visit these places either. For those who hope to get lost in a deep, politically charged journey into the world of a Witcher, I advise you read this review before thinking you're getting the second coming of Mass Effect (in terms of being immersed in a game world of course).

I'll start with the good.

The world is beautifully crafted on the Xbox. While its obviously not running on a powerful rig, it can hold its own against PS3 exclusives almost reaching Uncharted's graphical status (not quite there, but almost). The lighting is some of the best on console and I believe the art direction is probably the best in any game I've ever seen. Visually this game is a remarkable achievement and puts to rest those "graphics don't matter" arguments. I felt like I was actually in a forbidden dungeon or a monster's lair. The ghostly battlefield is one of the best, most immersive sequences I've ever had as a gamer.

The dialogue is extremely believable and characters don't always explicitly state things. This is a game for the thinkers amongst us. The game gives you bits and pieces but you are expected to put everything together. You are involved in figuring things out as much as Geralt, and I really find that to be creative.

I've never seen sorceresses handled in the way that the Witcher 2 does. I can't say anything without spoiling, but CD Projekt Red takes a rather creative spin on what a sorcerer's role is in a fantasy story.

Thats really it for the pros. Other than that I'll tell you why the Witcher was not for me.

The game world was dropped on me like a ton of bricks. I don't know if I was expected to play the Witcher 1 or what, but early on there were references to places, people, and creatures that I'd never heard of, but was expected to care about and know. What puts me off this game the most is the dry story and characters. Including Geralt, there is not one character that I really cared about, besides Iorveth and the Scoiatel. There is characterization and plenty of dialogue, and twists, but it's so dry to me. Everyone else finds it amazing and "mature," but I find it quite dull at times. Most of the time you're talking about the state of the kingdoms and who did this or that. I purchased this game on how "amazing" the story is, and while its amazingly complex and unpredictable, I found it to be a little off-putting because something is always happening around Geralt, not to him. I want HIS story, not the kingdom's. For Geralt I just get cutscenes.

Also, if this is your first ever encounter with the Witcher, be prepared to read A LOT. There was so much to read in order to grasp the story, that I had to pause and read Geralt's journal after every event. As mentioned, Geralt and the other characters bring up tons of wars, races, and other things that I have NEVER heard of so I was lost most of the time. I still am in some aspects.

Unbelievably, while I found the story boring, the gameplay is what brought it down for me. It is not at all what I expected and took away any fun I could have had with the Witcher 2. This game is sluggish and the swordplay is downright awkward. Most of the time I choose the path of the mage, but even when the powers are leveled up to their max, they do little more than stun the challenging enemies. The Quen sign is the only one that felt like it had any real effect. Geralt doesn't feel like a Witcher. He feels like a human who rolls around doing stun attacks swinging a woefully underpowered sword. Can I swing a baton, or a magical whip? How about some electric fist carnage or more diverse special attacks! My point is that the swords get old fast and there isn't a whole lot of variety in the combat because of this. More creative boss fights and less general monster encounters would have negated this, but you're sure to have to slog through the same enemies with the same sword over and over.

Even though I played on normal, it was no easy feat. This game can be TOUGH. It doesn't help that it has a terrible checkpoint system either. Depending on what you're doing, if you don't manually save, you may have to replay up to an hour's worth of gameplay.

In conclusion I didn't have as much fun as I wanted with the Witcher 2. It was quite an impressive journey at times, but playing it was a chore at times and the story didn't pull me in because I had no ideas what was going on until I read afterward. I can't help but feel like Letho, Iorveth, or even a sorceress should have been the main character. Nothing happens to Geralt really. He almost feels out of place. Like I said, something is always happening in the distance somewhere, but never really to Geralt. For this reason, the immersion factor is not quite there story wise. There are WAY too many characters and things seem a little unfocused.
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Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3
Offered by NYC Electronics
Price: $11.95
259 used & new from $0.01

127 of 169 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Mediocre sendoff with great character interaction as usual (Extended Cut Update), March 14, 2012
This review is from: Mass Effect 3 (Video Game)
How bad does an ending have to be in order to ruin an entire series? Yeah, its that bad. Let me clarify a few things free of spoilers. First, I'll actually review the game rather than tell you ho bad the ending is and leave. Don't worry, I have more to say than, "it was good up until..."


There is still plenty of dialogue and character development. All the characters are interesting and usually say things you'll want to listen to. While ME3 tries to appeal to a mainstream audience with MP and the combat, this remains one of those games that you shut the door and pay attention to the deep story and characters. The characters can be found all over the ship for dialogue choices. You don't have to always go to their specific location in order to speak with them. They can also be found on the Citadel whenever you dock so sometimes you'll be caught in situations rather than dialog sequences. Some characters will make you think more to yourself than the series ever has before. This really is some of the best writing to date, no matter how heart-breakingly awful the series ended.

Deaths/outcomes are generally done very well. Depending on your choices and/or renegade/paragon score, some past characters can live or die. Most of mine died, but they were all masterfully killed off and one even brought me to tears. THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING.

The DLC character is a wonderful addition to the series. I can't complain about having to buy him because he came with my collector's edition, but I cannot imagine not having him in the game. He's no Mordin or Thane, but he reveals the truth about the revered Protheans as well as some VERY surprising things about the council races that I'm sure you would not have otherwise known without the DLC. In other words the DLC is ESSENTIAL. As much as I like Zaeed and Kasumi, this DLC trumps them both.


The combat/cover system doesn't come close to the likes of Uncharted. The cover system will drive you crazy and you'll definitely roll when you wanted to snap to cover. A play through of this on insanity is going to result in a broken controller for sure. Shooting gets quite repetitive (I like shooters), and it make you wish some real space age blasters, beams, or lasers would be part of your arsenal rather than normal guns in futuristic clothing.

There is only ONE HUB WORLD. ME2 had Illium, the Citadel, Tuchanka, and Omega. You even had the Shadow Broker ship. Besides the Normandy, you are limited to only the Citadel to visit. THAT SUCKS.

You must procure heavy weapons on site. Gone are the days where you can simply equip the Cain, Arc Projector, Flamehrower, etc. You have to find them on the ground within a level in order to use them.

In Mass Effect 3 everyone eagerly anticipated how Earth would be. It was hyped up in the trailers and I even remember interviews saying you could go to Japan, somewhere in the US, and Vancouver. FORGET ALL THAT. You only go to London. A war-torn destroyed London that is only recognizable as a human settlement because there are actual streets with road paint rather than futuristic platforms or dirt. To say that Earth was underwhelming is an understatement. It downright sucked. The fights, the location, the atmosphere; everything about it was poorly executed and made for a terrible "final showdown."

*****THE AWFUL (spoiler-free)*****

As mentioned the ending completely ruined the entire series for me. I literally just switched my desktop background from Commander Shepard back to Big Boss (Kojima can get an ending right). Not only is it bad because it failed to satisfy me and bring closure to any of the characters we all know and love, but it rendered anything I did in the past games worthless. Had a romance with someone not on the ship? Who cares. Stopped Garrus from killing Sidonis? Who cares. Sidonis is not even in the game. Saved the Rachni queen? It was just a number on your galactic readiness.

I was looking forward to closing the book on my favorite franchise in gaming history....just like you were. To find out that my choices meant nothing in a series that boasts its element of choice above anything else is heartbreaking. Half a decade of the best game I've ever played ruined by the last 15 mins? They had to stumble from perfection somewhere, but they fumbled at the one yard line in the Super Bowl.

Metal Gear Solid takes back its title as the best story driven franchise. Bioware, you failed BIG TIME.



Casey Hudson was quoted as saying he wanted and ending that we all would talk about. I am still conflicted whether the ending was lazy and a massive disappointment, or if the entire final game in the trilogy was riddled with subtleties missed by all of us who hated HATED HATED the ending. Do yourself a favor and watch the indoctrination video. It contains truly COMPELLING evidence that this is not the end......I have changed my score for the time being because of the extremely convincing arguments throughout the vid.


After playing through again on insanity, this game is MUCH MUCH easier than Mass Effect 2's insanity. It has also been announced a few weeks ago that we'll be getting a "true" ending this summer as DLC. I'm hoping its worthwhile but I'm not holding my breath. I have a few other complaints after the game after being somewhat of an expert on it now (I got my galactic readiness to 100% and my assets to over 7000).

It seems like Bioware refused to think outside of the box. Before infiltrating the geth ship you are walking on a blown up ship with magnetic shoes. You are basically out in open space and its AWESOME. These types of moments are what I was hoping for throughout the game. I wanted Bioware to take advantage of the fact that we're in space. Throw in some zero gravity sections, or maybe even be joker for a mission piloting the Normandy. The possibilities are endless and while I still love the game, I would have like to do more than shooting.

And speaking of the shooting, there is too much of an emphasis on it. I know people who get through the whole game without using their powers. In ME2, it wasn't quite a full out shooter and choosing the right squadmates made a huge difference in your play style (at least on the harder difficulties). This time, it really
doesn't matter who you choose (except for Tali with the geth missions; it matters then). You can usually just mow everyone down with bullets ignoring powers.

With everything said, I don't think its as good as ME2. The dialogue and characterization are excellent as always, but it ends on a VERY low note.

***Extended Cut Update***
Prior to downloading the extended cut I tried my best to beat the game and load the ending in time for Tuesday the 26th and noticed something. The shooting is extremely dull and repetitive. ME3 is a mediocre shooter plain and simple. Ending aside, I must say that the new gameplay mechanics and the extreme emphasis on shooting bores me. This resulted in me looking up the extended cut on youtube rather than shoot my way through ME3. Maybe I should change classes or something. Anyways, let's get this over with.

The indoctrination theory was a clever attempt at rationalizing the ending and is now proved invalid. The endings are not changed or expanded on as much as they are EXPLAINED. We now have more closure and can see what Bioware was trying to get across. Across the internet you may find articles saying that the ending should not be tampered with as it goes against the studio's artisic vision, blah, blah, blah. Well, IT WASN'T. IT'S WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. The ending is now complete rather than extended.

Do I think the indoctrination theory is better that what Bioware tacked on to the end of the trilogy? Yes, far better in fact. Is Mass Effect 3 the stinker of the trilogy that could have used a couple more years in development? Definitely. The story, character interactions and everything were excellent, but the past crew were tacked on in missions (Jacob, Jack, Samara) and I still don't feel like my war assets affect anything at all. As for the Rachni, they may as well have never been in the series. Their buildup resulted in absolutely nothing. As you are reading this you probably can see that I think the series deserved a better sendoff. Where were the space battles, QTE's, interactions/conversations with the Reapers, Sidonis (Garrus' foe), and choices from the past (such as if I sided with the Illusive Man)? I can't think of a single way that ME3 built upon or improved on ME2.

Regarding the extended cut Bioware did a wonderful job patching up the misunderstood, vague ending. They listened to the fans and did something about it for free. I will always appreciate that and feel comfort in the fact that this is not the end for Mass Effect.

If Bioware decided to build on ME3's indoctrination theory I could see another game with Shepard fighting the Reapers under impossible odds and finding a way to win with EVERYONE he had in his crew. Except Thane and Legion of course. Abandoned worlds devoid of life and Shepard and crew must fight their way through guerilla style as to avoid being caught. All characters evolve further and are pushed to their mental limits because they are the last in the universe. Then the might and wisdom of the Rachni come to the rescue because of my choice back in 2008 woo-hoo! 100% wishful thinking at this point but whatever, ME3 was OK.
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Samsung UN32EH5000 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2012 Model)
Samsung UN32EH5000 32-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV (2012 Model)
3 used & new from $320.00

1,357 of 1,438 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great TV after a lot of tweaking, February 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
If you're anything like me you see that this TV is labeled as LED; then you look at the picture and see a lot of fat for the usual Samsung LED depth. Make no mistake this is an LED TV. I got this for my bedroom to replace my 23 inch Samsung Syncmaster. I use this TV mostly for 1080 mp4 movies and blurays (I download what I want to watch instead of waiting for it on cable), and my Xbox and PS3.

I learned 2 things about the TV right off the bat. If you have Comcast, you cannot fully customize the TV's picture. An essential feature called HDMI black levels actually looks much better when its set to low. I have 2 different Comcast HD boxes and since neither of them broadcast at 1080, this feature is locked out. Long story short, Comcast had me thinking I purchased my first dud from Samsung. Seriously, the colors look washed out and none of the channels really had that crisp clear picture I was hoping for. If you plan to use this solely for Comcast, I can't really recommend it. In fact, I've always found blu ray quality to be so much better than cable that I've stopped using cable for anything but football and cartoons. Movies MUST be in my PS3's blu ray player or my own 1080p files.

The second thing I learned about is what the depth is for. Samsung didn't advertise this (or maybe its just my TV), but I have absolutely NO BACKLIGHT BLEED. When Black Ops goes to the loading screen on my Xbox, it gets so dark that I think the TV is off! The only indication that it is on is the Black Ops logo in the corner spinning. There isn't even the SLIGHTEST inkling of white anywhere! I'm not exaggerating. The obvious second reason why this TV is fat for an LED is that Samsung made an effort to improve the sound. When I turn on the HD surround coupled with the movie option, there is much more bass than I thought it would be. THe explosions in my games and the soundtracks in movies sound vastly better than I thought they would. Granted, I am not the type to go out and spend 600 on some Bose speakers, but the sound is NOT a con for me this time around.


As I said, I was not exactly thrilled with the picture RIGHT off the bat. It looked like my old 23 inch Syncmaster, just a lot bigger. Let me tell you, this is not one of those TV's that look great right out of the box. You have to toy around with the settings a bit to get the optimal picture. I wanted sharpness coupled with colors that pop like crazy.....and I got it. Dynamic is the brightest setting, but I coupled this with the HDMI black levels set to low (option not available for Comcast cable box) and voila, moving photographs! I'm not a pro but this is my setup:

Mode: Dynamic

Backlight: 18

Contrast: 85

Brightness: 50

Sharpness: 80

Color: 70

TInt: G/R 50/50

Standard color tone with screen fit in the additional options, with HDMI black level set to low.

My games and blurays look AMAZING. The picture is easily better than my mom's 46 inch Samsung up front. REMEMBER that some of the good options are cut off from Comcast and the use of component cables. In games, I do have to up the brightness or gamma a little, but it ends up looking BRILLIANT. I am going through my entire library of games and they feel like entirely new experiences! There is a 32 inch 720p option as well, but I just was not comfortable with 720p max. The new game consoles are gojng to have native 1080 so that's what I wanted. BTW did I mention I'm a big gamer?


Well I saw this TV up on Amazon before it was on Samsung's website. Yeah, WOW. Sometimes I wanted to see the TVs specs from Samsung directly before I made my buy. Make no mistake this is NOT a 120 HZ tv although it is labeled as one. I have no idea what clearmotion 120 is, but it makes my TV much darker. The feature is entirely useless and does nothing to the picture or add the "soap opera" effect like I had hoped (it looks great for games).

WITH A COMCAST CABLE BOX I could see no difference between HDMI and component. I kept switching back and fourth, but since the max output is 1080i, there were no differences in picture.

The last iteration of this TV had 4 HDMIs. What happened?


With a lot of tweaking, I got the picture to look beautiful. I will use my Comcast box sparingly, but I might move to FIOS if the support full 1080. Watching movies on my PS3 and playing games on my Xbox stopped me from returning the TV. I will not be surprised if this set gets bad reviews from Comcast users (even though Its not Samsung's fault). I'm a "videophile" and this passed my personal test with vibrant colors.

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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Playstation 3
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Playstation 3
Offered by deep_discount_dvd_cd
Price: $14.99
522 used & new from $0.49

31 of 42 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars OK gameplay and great setpieces in SP, but MP and terrible story bring it down, November 4, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)


In my U2 Amazon review I said that there is no one game worth buying a console for. While that still holds true, there is one franchise worth buying a PS3 for. Uncharted 1 and 2 IMO are the best TPS adventure shooters of all time. Nothing comes close to the balance between great SP and MP in 2 and the character development and charm in 1. What went wrong with 3? Read on to find out.

After going through Uncharted 2's campaign the night before in preparation for launch day, I booted up Uncharted 3's campaign on the 1st. I IMMEDIATELY noticed the input lag in the controls. Everyone who is complaining about the controls is not making it up. It feels similar to Killzone 2 where when you aim with the analog stick, Drake takes action a quarter second later. To give Uncharted vets an idea, I'd say a normal pistol feels like using a revolver in Uncharted 1. This makes precise aiming a pain in the beginning. After getting used to it, Drake still animates beautifully and realistically while maintaining somewhat precise control. Everything feels heavy and imprecise in Uncharted 3. The alternate control thing fixes it up a little, but the guns still sound bad and just feel weird. Oddly enough, the MP feels very responsive (after getting used to it from Uncharted 2's) and doesn't suffer from this problem. The aiming reticle is the worst in any TPS and the guns all feel unwieldy.

After playing the campaign for an hour or 2 I realized that it starts very slooooooow. As much as I hate to say it, I got bored playing Uncharted. Things picked up soon, but the campaign's slow start definitely hurts the overall experience, because I can see someone who has never played Uncharted getting bored at the beginning of the campaign.

For all of us Uncharted vets, playing Drake's Fortune was a very fun experience. Shooting an enemy made him fall back or stumble, giving us a precious advantage against hordes of pirates. In Uncharted 3, shooting an enemy has no effect on him. Actually I wasn't even sure that I was hitting the enemy until he dropped dead.
As of now I'm disappointed with Uncharted 3 because I hate having detail everywhere besides the shooting mechanics. Enemies literally don't stumble from shots like its multiplayer or something. It's quite noticeable considering how beautifully detailed everything else is and since Uncharted 1 still to this day has stumbling enemies when shot (oddly gone in U2 and 3).

MULTIPLAYER PROBLEMS (I'm a level 40, so I'm far from the best, but I'm experienced enough to speak about it.
Blind firing is outrageously overpowered. On a regular basis, players sprint right at me hip-firing. I aim at their chest and spray their whole body up. Not only does this not slow them down, but they manage to melee kill me in the process. Uncharted 3 makes it so that when you aim down the sights, you cannot effectively melee someone running around you in circles hip firing. Hipfire melee, hipfire melee. Noobs are having a ball with that. I have trained myself not to let anyone get close enough to exploit hip firing.

Hip firing is OK when you're trapped or have a gun dedicated to it, but I should have the advantage if I make the effort to aim at a hip firing exploiter. I was playing with a player by the name of RuggerDog27 and he uses the KAL-7 with blindfire accuracy. He was owning us level 45s like nothing and this noob NEVER AIMED and logged in a mere 6 hrs total! He runs in circles blindfiring and you'll die almost as quick as COD!

There is too much health. The addition of sprint is fine, but I don't like everyone having so much health that they can easily sprint or roll out of most situations. Don't make it COD, but don't make it Gears either.

Movement feels noticeably more stiff than U2 or even U3 SP. There is no doubt in my mind that U2 MP had smoother, more realistic animations and control in MP. I have played both extensively and dare anyone to argue. Its TRUE.

In short, I think Naughty Dog ruined a GREAT MP. I'll take bunny hopping and pistol exploits over this hipfiring/ extreme health/bad map mess. Even the aiming reticle was ruined for no reason.

Also, before 2 maps (airstrip and london) you're forced to play these AWFUL sequences for no reason. I guess ND thought forcing you to get frustrated before a match was the way to go. If aiming already wasn't hard enough because EVERYONE is bullet sponges,

I had my review at 5 stars, but the MP is not good because its TERRIBLY unbalanced and it takes WAY too many shots to kill someone. WHY DIDN'T ND JUST BUILD ON THE FUN MP OF U2! WHY!!!!!!! WHO IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO HAVE FUN DUMPING AN ENTIRE CLIP AT SOMEONE ROLLING AND SPRINTING!


OK. After finishing the campaign I have to say that the second half really blows the first half of the game out of the water in terms of setpieces and excitement. The gigantic set-pieces and Uncharted we all know and love reveals itself after the slow start.

Unfortunately there are some rough spots that cannot be overlooked. First, the story. Now I've always acknowledged that Uncharted is no Metal Gear Solid and values character development over a complex, twisting tale. This was true for Uncharted 1 and 2. Sadly in Uncharted 3, the main characters are not really personified in an interesting way. There is noticeably less humor and Elena isn't in the game as much as I would have hoped. On a side note, she looks asian for some reason and its driving me CRAZY.

Also, we've all seen Chloe in the trailers, but she was an afterthought in Uncharted 3. I love Chloe, but this time around she added nothing to the game. She's in for a chapter or 2 and is gone with no mention of her again.

However, a new character, Cutter is an extremely cool character. He has the Flynn accent, but complements Drake because he's as into exploring and history as Drake is. On top of that he's funny. The mature, witty humor in Uncharted is what really makes us love the characters, but as I said, humor is noticeably absent for the most part. Rather suddenly, Cutter disappears with Chloe never to me mentioned or seen again.

The story definitely did not live up to how it was built up in the beginning of the campaign or in the trailers. The villain is awful and there is really no story at all. Naughty Dog usually makes up for it with realistic, expertly voiced conversations between characters, but that's not the case here. The interaction between the characters is at its worst in the series with this game because Drake is a alone for 70% of the game.

Everything said, Uncharted 3 is still an OK title with an action-packed second half. In the future Naughty Dog either needs to bring back the humorous, interesting character interaction, or hire a story writer. Of the 3 campaigns, I feel that this without a doubt the worst. The lack of a real concrete story (besides searching for the usual treasure) might begin to wear thin, and the core shooting is not that satisfying. Drake and Sully's relationship should have been much more interesting and eventful than it was.
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Offered by NYC Electronics
Price: $13.20
185 used & new from $1.12

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great game with some flaws, September 4, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Admittedly this game is NOT the groundbreaking stealth-shooter-Mass Effect type dialog tree-deep character mashup I was hoping for. I don't even consider this game an all-time great after beating it. It seems to do most things well, but almost nothing exceptionally well. This game is still a very enjoyable experience with a few minor and major setbacks depending on your taste and what you are expecting out of this.

The story itself is pretty good. It's very creative and makes you think about the future of technology, which is a big plus. From the onset you are wondering what will happen next because conspiracies are all over the place, but some story choices are quite odd, and even stupid. I won't go into detail, but I felt that some things happened to fast and/or needed further development in order to have the lasting effect we all crave from an engaging story. One aspect where this REALLY sticks out is the character development.....there is none. I liked Jensen but it would have been nice to know the supporting characters on a more personal level. The story is NOT driven by the characters at all. I also thought the Hengsha city hub (Not Thai Yung Medical in the upper city, that was awesome) was simply awful. It was the low point of the game story and character wise. Sprawled throughout the game are scientific journals called "e-books" which contain info on where the world will supposedly go (China as the world power) as well as HIGHLY detailed info on the technology used in augmentations. The reading can become tedious after a while if you aren't REALLY interested in the tech and the events between now and 2027 that led the world to where it will be in 2027. There are A GAZILLION computer terminals to hack where email conversations that are meant to suck you into the universe, but ultimately become tiresome to read. I got sick of reading employee protocols and mostly uninteresting conversations. The game makes you wonder who Jensen really is and it has you wondering, but ultimately it didn't satisfy me like I wanted so the buildup seemed dumb. Overall the story is very interesting, but besides Jensen I didn't care for any of the characters. Pritchard and Malik had so much potential as strong characters! The bosses we've seen in all the trailers are not characterized. The Rihanna-looking one only says one sentence!

This is a stealth game that tries to accommodate to gunfights and succeeds....mostly. If you play it as a stealth game and have a hiccup every so often and get into a gunfight, then the gameplay will be great to you. You have to appreciate stealth and have fun not setting of alarms and taking all enemies down silently in order to enjoy it. If that doesn't sound like you, I'd suggest skipping this one. The shooting aspect is good, but not strong enough to play the whole game as such. If you're into stealth like me, then you will have tons of fun. Let me first mention the problems: 1) NOT ENOUGH ANIMATIONS. As cool as the KO and death animations are, there just aren't enough of them. I never killed anyone needlessly, so I used KO's mostly and I swear there are 4 animations. 2) WEAPONS The weapons are your standard fare: pistol, machine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle yawn. I'm not saying they're bad, but I would have expected the variety and creativity of the augments to carry on into the weapons. Only one weapon can be customized into a super cool weapon-the revolver. It can have explosive rounds like the one in Resistance. Speaking of Resistance, I expected some cool futuristic (but not as over the top) weapons or weapon augments that made it more than simply a normal assault rifle in futuristic clothing. I want to vaporize people. I want to have crazy ammo that lets me control their minds to walk to their allies and let me detonate a small bomb. You know, creative stuff. The weapons can be upgraded in terms of damage and reload speed, but never customized, which sucks. 3) CITY HUBS. Some of the side missions offer a nice little side story to investigate, sending you throughout the small city, but sadly the 2 city hubs don't have much purpose beyond that. I already mentioned that I hated Hengsha, so in my opinion, the city hub thing was poorly executed. The side missions actually became worse as the game went on. The game was at its absolute strongest when you were placed in huge mission-specific facilities, shipyards, etc. with tons of multiple floors and paths for you to choose. The cities bored me and I came close to trading this in when I was forced to walk back and forth in the big, boring yellow cities.

There's a point in the game where you go to Montreal and there is no yellow. Now before I say what I have to say, I have no beef with the color yellow, but it sure as hell doesn't remind me of the technological future; blue is for that. As I was saying, you get to Montreal and the yellow is gone. I saw how beautiful the game looked with natural colors! Actually each location had a different color that stood out and set the mood, but oddly enough, they decided to make the 2 city hubs VERY yellow. This made the two city hubs extremely boring to look at because the yellow at first may seem kinda cool, but it's overpowering and makes everything look the same. If you're extremely picky about lip sync then prepare to look at some of THE WORST facial animation and lip syncing on a current gen game. The character's bodies are fine, but the heads at times can be downright scary bad. On the bright side, all of the weapons are beautiful (except for the fugly heavy rifle). Jensen's character model and voice could not have been more perfect IMO. Some complain about the gruffness of his voice, but if you were OK with Infamous 1 Cole, then you'll be fine.

There are flashes of greatness in the variety and choice that the game lets you have. A VERY high point is where you must convince someone to give you, tell you, or do something you want. The dialog sequences are excellent but only happen a handful of times. Regarding the exploration, the reading can become extremely tedious. The e-books and or emails should have been voiced like the audio logs in Bioshock. The different pathways during a mission (Thai Young, Montreal, Singapore, derelict row) are amazing and let you choose how and where you want to approach the enemies. You CANNOT max every augment so everyone has a different experience and can even access different areas depending on what augment is chosen. Mission variety is the strong point.

Like I said, this is NOT the GOTY in my opinion, even though I thought it would be. The end is very satisfying and although I liked Jensen a lot (SERIOUSLY JENSEN IS AWESOME), I didn't care for any of the other characters, even thought they aren't bad. Deus Ex tells you its version of a futuristic conspiracy where man is trying to fight the forces of nature with augments. Not everyone feels like it should be done and the end of the game, while satisfying, never really brings a solid conclusion to the main anti-augment spokesperson. There are multiple outcomes and endings so I cannot say that firmly. This game is a good combination of a lot of things, but none great on its own besides the cool story and stealth gameplay. I CAN SAY FOR SURE that this is one of those games where a second playthrough makes the experience better. I'll update after I have a crack at it on a no-alarm-no kill-hard difficulty run.

Feel free ask me anything if you're on the fence about Deus Ex or just simply want to know something.

Little Big Planet - Sony PSP
Little Big Planet - Sony PSP
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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic!, November 11, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'm one of those people who played this game prior to owning the PS3 version. Actually, the reason I bought the original PS3 game is because of this. Alongside Chains of Olympus and Peace Walker, this is an essential PSP game to own. Either of the 3 can be argued to be the absolute best on the platform. In any case, I wouldn't be bothered by anyone who said that this is the best game for the PSP. I already reviewed LittleBigPlanet for the PS3 and mentioned that this game does certain things better than that version. With the lack of multiplayer, this game was forced to be an excellent single player experience, and it is.

The controls are very tight. On the PS3, I found myself sliding around a tad too much after making a long jump to a narrow platform, so I usually fell off and died. LBP PSP eliminates that problem completely. Jumping is more precise.

While the levels don't have 3 fields of depth and tons of things going on in the background, the creative themes and puzzles throughout the levels overshadows that. Each creator curator has a certain theme and 3 or 4 levels to correspond to that theme (Alps, Middle Eastern, Hollywood). On the PS3, each level seemed completely random and only a few had recognizable themes. The music in this portable version meshed better with the levels than the PS3 version. Overall, the levels offer more of a challenge, and there are twice as many puzzles as the PS3 version. You aren't always just running and jumping like Mario.

As far as the graphics go, of course they aren't PS3 caliber. But, it looks and plays so much like the PS3 version it's scary. I know people praise Ghost of Sparta and Peace Walker for their graphics, but IMO LBP PSP is the real graphical showcase for the PSP.

One downside to the game are the load times. There are some loooooooooooooong load times before each level. I've found that they vary in length. Sometimes they are 30 seconds. Other times they are around the 1 minute mark. It makes me wonder why some of the game data couldn't be installed like Peace Walker.

In conclusion, this game is a must have. If you don't like the PS3 version, you may like this more surprisingly. I know that sounds crazy, but at first I didn't like the PS3 version because I thought this was so much better compared to LBP PS3's single player levels. It's still true that I enjoy more levels on here than the PS3 original. If you need to know more about LBP ask me in the comments or read my review of the original. Thanks for reading!
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God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Sony PSP
God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Sony PSP
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3.0 out of 5 stars HONEST NO STORY SPOILERS REVIEW, November 8, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Honestly, I am not sure how to review this game. I'd like to review it upon its own merit, but its a prequel, so comparisons to the other games in the series (most notably Chains of Olympus) are inevitable. We are all PSP owners who most likely have played every game in the excellent series. I scoured the internet and looked up every written review of this game known to man as I desperately waited for my preordered copy to arrive. I was VERY surprised to see that some websites gave this game a 7 out of ten, and I dismissed these sites as the ones who just said "its the same blades again." After finishing the game a mere 4 hours ago, I'll tell you why those scores are justified.

To begin, the environments in this game suffer from the same problems as God of War 3 and Killzone 2. They are dull, grey, and dark for the most part. I played through the game just hoping, just waiting for a new environment to dazzle me, but it never really happened. Rocky cliffsides, deserted temples, and firey hell (hades has made an appearance in every game) are everything the environment has to offer. While I don't mind the dullness, its the cramped feel of the entire game that bothers me. I felt like instead of playing through different environments, I was playing from path to path. The problem is, this game was directed by a former lead level designer. I'd expect the level design to be the highlight of the game, but its one of the main problems. The game feels small, cramped and lifeless. There is no "building in the distance you'll get to later." Its a myraid of pathways.

As for the magic abilities and weapons, sadly I didn't like any of the new additions. Some if it has to do with the fact that you must press the d-pad to initiate an attack, which may be hard for a split second decision. All of the abilities seem underpowered and lack creativity. I found myself NEVER using magic. I was left with the blades. The same good old blades.....the same blades. In addition, you get a spear and shield combination, which is actually kinda cool. You can block while moving like a true Spartan warrior and throw your spear. Its fun to use against one or two enemies, but against 5 or 6, the blades are much more reliable. One again, I found myself never using the ability unless I was forced to throw my spear at an unreachable enemy or obstruction. The shield was only used in 2 instances against the natural environment. Long story short, this game has the worst magic abilities of any God of War, and the spear was used about as much by me as the spear in God of War 2 was. Almost never.

Reguarding the enemies and boss battles, there was some creativity. A new ability giving you the power to ignite your blades is essential against some enemies and obstacles, thus offering a new level of strategy to the fight. Boss battles are few and far between. Of the few, the final battle is the most memorable (obviously), but mainly by default. The final 20 mins of the game are great, and since I was only at the 6 hour mark (10 hours were promised) I was beginning to feel like the story, as well as Kratos' emotions were about to show something completely new, but it all ended 15 minutes later. I won't spoil it, but the final battle brings something new to the series we have never seen, although it was oddly executed. If you know the original, intended ending to God of War 3 (Stig's ending).....then you get the idea. The battle itself was underwhelming as a FINAL battle, but the emotional changes Kratos revealed overshadowed it completely. The other boss battles were completely forgettable.

While the series' story is no Metal Gear Solid, Kratos is an angry man on a quest to find his brother. After finding out why he is so angry, you see why he's so angry. Chains of Olympus really helped with that more than the console versions. This game, although it has been renowned for its great story in the reviews, is not much different from the console versions. Its simple and to the point. The bad thing about Ghost of Sparta is that there is little motivation to continue onward, besides knowing that Deimos is still alive. The story is almost too concise and to the point like God of War 2, but as opposed to God of War 2, there aren't tons of environments, boss fights, and cool abilities and magic to discover.

The God of War series is absolutely legendary in the gaming world. Its practically synonymous with the Sony PlayStation as a company and is the leader of its genre. This title is a lukewarm effort by Ready At Dawn in my opinion, given their impressive track record. I finished the game in 6 hrs, 20 mins; roughly the same play time as Chains of Olympus for me. Part of me believes that this game was made to fill in a few quick plot holes before ending the series, and another part of me feels like its a final effort to revive the dying PSP. I have no doubt in my mind when I say that this is THE WORST in the series. Chains of Olympus is superior in almost EVERY conceivable way. Ru Weerasuriya should have remained the director after his flawless work on Chains of Olympus.

This game is to God of War what Portable Ops was to Metal Gear Solid.

I will not just drop 3 stars and leave. I want to be as honest and as helpful as possible. Yes, I see that the 5 other reviewers have 100% helpful reviews and realize that I'm sacrificing my 90% helpful score by going against the norm. I'm here to answer any questions you may have about the game. ANYTHING. Thank you for reading with an open mind and hearing me out.



I finished the game in 3 days, 2 weeks ago. All the challenges, unlocked the vids, costume, EVERYTHING. There are NO incentives to playing the challenges or playing on a harder difficulty because you win nothing for either. If you are a fan like me, you'll play them for the entertainment. Unfortunately, the challenges are so easy its insulting. No need to look at youtube walkthroughs this time around lol, but WARNING: for some reason, whatever setting you have the difficulty on in the combat arena, it will be the difficulty of the challenges. Set combat arena to normal if you wanna breeze through them. The only difficult challenge is the one where you can't get hit once. Those spider things spray green goo at you and kill you instantly!

Another disappointment is the lack of any type of Making of featurette. As a matter of fact, there is no videos of Ready At Dawn at all. The game directors live (with preorder) more than makes up for it though. Also, the videos that you purchase with the orbs in the temple of Zeus add NOTHING to the game. In fact, 2 of the 3 reiterate things that were already in the story! In short, those extra videos sucked.

For the cheaters, if you want to get a million orbs in 15 minutes, go to the combat arena, select infinite magic and life, and choose 2 minotaurs and a cyclops to fight. Set their attack to off, and MAKE SURE YOU ALLOW THEM TO HAVE INFINITE LIFE AS WELL. When you get to the arena spam the attack you get from Thanatos' daughter. In 15 mins, if you continually hit the left directional button, you'll have a million orbs.
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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Playstation 3
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Playstation 3
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5.0 out of 5 stars KILLER APP, October 18, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I usually don't tell people that one game is worth buying a PS3 for.......and that's still the case so don't get too excited. However if I were to tell you the top 3 games to pick up, this would be one of them.

Honestly, Uncharted 2 is the closest to all-around perfect for a third person shooter.........ever. Even MGS4 wasn't perfect in that it is an acquired taste with its heavy handed story telling (greatest series in videogame history) and stealth. The campaign is just incredible. Everyone knows by now that Uncharted 2 is the best looking game on the PS3. I have amazon verified purchases of Killzone 2, God of War 3, and MGS4. I'm not going to say those don't come close (GoW 3 actually is on par with it), but this is the most colorful, beautiful, and consistently detailed game available on consoles. Its really amazing and on my Samsung HDTV I pop this one in when I know guests are in our apartment. I leave my door open on purpose. I never had a game look so good that I flaunt it on my HDTV.

No one seems to notice the physics on display in the gameplay. If I BARELY make a jump over a gap it'll show in the animation. If I fall from a height and then try to dart off in another direction, Drake's legs will buckle, then he'll move. This isn't God of War 3 where Kratos' jumps are flawless. Drake seems more human because he will stumble, grunt (Kratos grunts too), and land imperfectly at times. All this platforming also helps to remind me that I'm alone. Drake has no army and (most of the time) no friends to back him up. As Drake, I'm an explorer on my own and will do what I can to achieve my goal if it means climbing up a mountain, on the side of a moving train, or jumping on loose ice on the edge of a cliff.

Another thing some people won't see are the times where you can use stealth. Some enemy soldiers have patrol routes and if you sit back and be patient, you can learn them. Sneaking up on an enemy will reward you with a stealth kill. There should have been more stealth kill animations...MUCH MORE. But the few there are very rewarding. The sneaking was so well suited to the game that I hope with U3 there are entire levels that require complete stealth. And please give us more silenced weaponry to get the job done.

People can really make the story seem like its groundbreaking, but its not. That's not to say that its bad, but coming from a hardcore MGS fan, its great, not superb. You, know the National Treasure type. What's groundbreaking is the voice acting. Nothing else even comes close. Uncharted is far and away the best voiced game in existence, period. The story is great. Its very focused and doesn't offer a whole lot of twists and turns, but its really like an action movie. The action and set pieces are also the best I've ever seen. Some parts can even rival God of War's awesome quicktime events. While the story is nowhere near MGS caliber, its a great action adventure with tons of set pieces and FLAWLESS FLAWLESS voice acting. Its an very entertaining story, unlike Killzone 2 where the story is kill everyone and come home.

MP is a blast. This and LBP are the only games that I play MP ALL THE TIME on. Its balanced, fun and the amount of modes is just staggering. While SP is worth the price tag alone, MP just takes this game to 11/10.

I have 3 problems with U2. First of all, the shooting in Uncharted 2 is entirely different from Uncharted 1. In U1, you could not see your bullet travel through the air and stream into the enemy. Wherever you aimed at on the enemy is where the bullet entered. In this game you can actually see the bullet flying through the air, which took a lot of getting used to for me, and to this day it still bothers me.

My second gripe, albeit minor, is that at times, you feel like there are too many locations in the game. This problem can be entirely ignored however, because the first Uncharted is focused on a single location-the jungle. In this wonderful game you will travel to the mountains, a (better) jungle, an arctic environment (and leave tracks and kick up the snow!), temples, and even a residential town in Nepal! If you were fresh off of beating U1, then this may seem a bit overwhelming:)

My third problem that I have with all shooting games besides MW2 is that in the campaign it takes too many shots to kill your enemy. Its not half as severe as Killzone 2 though. KZ2 requires almost half a clip!

Overall this is a buy. Don't rent it cause you won't want to give it back. KILLER APP! If you still aren't convinced, are there any games this gen on Amazon that have over 690 reviews with a 5 star average?


Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - Playstation 3
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - Playstation 3
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3.0 out of 5 stars Good arcadey action, October 7, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Motorstorm is a great arcade game. In my opinion it is offroad ACTION, and less of a racer. I know ACTION doesn't seem befitting of a game in which you drive, but there are too many problems to call it a real racer. Unless you are a big rig or a Monster truck, it feels as if the environment, the other vehicles, and YOUR OWN VEHICLE are all stacked up against you (not in the strategic good way). Let me bring you to a better understanding..........

The environments are beautiful and in motion they're the best graphics I've seen besides Gran Turismo 5. Littered throughout the environments are water, ramps, and fire. Fire/lava is a universal hazard to be avoided by all, water cools your engine, but sometimes deep water can swallow up an ATV/bike. I'm sure you know this stuff. Also sprinkled throughout the environments are rocks. BIG and small. These rocks are obviously placed there as a fun little obstacle, but they have the potential to flip over your vehicle if you roll over it on one side. There are also changes in elevation and tiny hills that will flip over any vehicle. This makes it very hard to master the course for reasons I will further explain. Each con of this game branches out into another con unfortunately.

These rocks are even more of a hazard when considering the OTHER RACERS. You'll be battered and beaten by larger vehicles, and sometimes even smaller ones. At times they even sacrifice their own vehicles to make sure you mess up. If you even TAP a monster truck's wheels or a big rig, the game will go into the slow mo crash sequence (that's why I never use a bike). The damage system while brilliant and extremely detailed is overly exaggerated. I had a rollover (from one of the rocks) while I was going pretty slow and my wheels popped off and all of the paneling and bumpers flew everywhere as well. If you roll over at all for any reason YOUR TIRES WILL FALL OFF. I dunno why, but almost every time I crash my tires fly off. 90% of the time the crash will be in slow mo, and oddly there is an explosion sound effect as if your engine blew up. Its EXTREMELY cool when you first buy the game, but after a month, it gets annoying. I wish there was an option to turn off the slow motion crash "movies." The amount of times you'll crash in the first day will be in the hundreds, I guarantee it. Still to this day, I strongly believe that the crash physics are the best I have EVER SEEN. Nothing else comes close albeit hugely exaggerated. Your car will look like a crushed beer can after certain crashes.

Which comes to my third con, YOUR VEHICLE. I've been playing Motorstorm for a good month now, and most of the time I crashed, I'd say 70 percent of the time is because of the vehicle's handling. I know this is an offroad game, but the vehicles slide around a lot more than they should. The guy even said it in the IGN review. They should call this game slidestorm. Seriously, you will slide all over the place and flip over easily while trying to avoid the Monster trucks and Big Rigs mowing you down. What's worse is that in a buggy you don't feel grounded. You feel like you're just going to fly into the air even if you go too fast. Simply racing becomes a burden, which is why many played the demo and just dismissed it as a stupid arcade racer. I can see why they did though unfortunately.

You never feel completely safe if you're not in a Big Rig or Monster truck. Even the Monster truck feels like paper when driving next to a big rig. The tracks offer many paths for you to take advantage of your vehicle's strengths, but all of this flies out the window after experiencing the "rubber-banding" that everyone was talking about. I've heard the term "rubber-banding" in almost every professional review I've come across, and believe them.....ITS TRUE. On lvl 8 (which I don't believe I'll ever be able to beat BTW) driving effectively becomes impossible. You'll turbo past a monster truck just to see it right behind you 3 seconds later. Its a broken difficulty and so brutally hard that I stopped trying. If I crash in first place, I'll remain in at most 4th for the remainder of the race. In short, you have to drive perfect with all the the listed problems above. Please. Its near impossible!

There is also no variety to the sounds for the vehicles. There are in total 8 engine sounds. 1 for EACH ENTIRE CLASS (atv, bike, bugg, big rig). My dirtbike sounded the same as by Harley-type motorcycle. Thst's just.......bad.......and sad.

A good side to this game is being able to pick it up every now and then put it on medium difficulty, choose a track and time of day, sit back, and look at the beautiful graphics as you drive. On the harder difficulties the game becomes unplayable and is no fun at all for me. I'll admit, I got this because of my long wait for the reason I bought my PS3. Gran Turismo 5.

One other HUGE asset to this game is eliminator mode. The true form of the game comes out in eliminator. You are basically fighting for your life to not be in last place as all of the cars around you are blowing up and crashing in the process of avoiding the dreaded last place. In this mode every 15 or so seconds the person in last place blows up. As you play this mode, you really get the feel for the "Lunatics" atmosphere the developers were trying to get across. The sense of urgency and the rush of adrenaline you get from this single mode really show the game's true colors................and wasted potential. I actually find this mode and the speed events (time trials) more strategic and fun than actually racing. Maybe its too many cars on the track, I dunno.

I've juggled with the possibility that there are far too many cars on the track at once and its TOO MUCH CHAOS. There should be only 7 or 8 cars on a track not 12. The graphics on the vehicle models are OUTSTANDING. FEEL FREE TO ASK ANYTHING ABUT THE GAME THAT WASN'T ADDRESSED IN MY REVIEW. ANYTHING! Thank you for reading my review. PSN: I-Am-theIRONMAN
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5.0 out of 5 stars ALBUM OF THE YEAR, September 22, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Tsol (Audio CD)
Shad is the best MC of our time. His witty wordplay, clever metaphors, and excellent subject matter make his 3 albums quite possibly the greatest of any rapper ever. This level of perfection has only been achieved by the likes of Train of Thought and Like Water For Chocolate.


-the beats on this album are more accessible than his first 2. None of them sound like Out of Love pt 1 from When This Is Over (awful beat, great lyrics).

-the lyricism on display is INSANE. Mos Def back in 1999, and Common from yesteryear have competition in Shad. Shad is the best conscious MC I've ever heard in MY ENTIRE LIFE along with those 2 and Talib Kweli.

I'm sorry there is not much to say. This album is sheer PERFECTION. Buy it NOW. If you like Common, J. cole, eLZhi, or Immortal Technique, then BUY TSOL NOW! I guarantee he is the best MC you have never heard of, over K-Rino. If you like Gucci Mane/Jeezy garbage with weeeeak lyricism and club beats then stick with that trash. If you love hip hop as an outlet, a learning experience, and a chance to hear beautifully crafted rhymes over raw beats, then don't hesitate. BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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