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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine [Download]
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine [Download]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Killing machine.. the SPACE MARINE!, September 9, 2011
Review of the PC version. First off this is a steamworks title, so all games are activated through steam (A huge plus for me, keeping my library in one place).

This game runs extremely well and I must say it is very well optimized. I am playing at 1920x1080 on a GTX570 with i5-2500k and the GPU does not go above 55% usage. That's not to say there's not much going on in the game, as the graphics are beautiful and smooth at 60FPS all day. The game supports xbox 360 gamepad natively or customizable keyboard controls. I tried both and I must say since there is a ton of shooting to do, I like the kb/m combo a lot better than the 360 controller. I've read this game runs very well on laptops also that barely meet the minimum requirements. This game is straight up boss on PC and that's a testament to THQ and their Warhammer games that have been on the PC.

This game is VERY satisfying in terms of what it wants to accomplish, and that is killing orcs and making it fun. The gunplay is very tight and I'm halfway through but have experienced at least 8 different guns and there are so far 3-4 different melee weapons. The melee combos are simple but effective and the mix of gunplay and melee combat against hordes of greenskinz is executed very well. Simply it, this game is just FUN to play. There is a demo available on steam if anyone is curious how well it runs and you get a taste of the combat and jet pack. Now the JET pack, WOW you get this thing a few times throughout the campaign and you feel like a beast with it on. You can fly up, ground pound, shoot from the air and just become a murder machine. It is hard to truly share how the combat is in this game, but it really is a blast to just plow through the enemies and the game is no cakewalk either, if you are careless and just jump into the fray you will die. Executions are done after you stun enemies and this is the main way you regain life outside of a "limit break" bar that you go into a fury mode and you also regen health this way. This game has really surprised me on how fun it is. I say that because games need to be FUN and rewarding, not just work that you have to do so much stuff to get somewhere. Right off the bat you get what you expect and that's being a Space Marine that owns. The game is pretty much "hack n slash shooter with no RPG elements. Pure and simple.

Onto my main complaint, and it's not bad is the checkpoint save system. At times the checkpoint is unforgiving and you have to clear an entire large room again and then die in the next area and have to re do it all. This is just me complaining because I'm used to being able to just save anywhere on most PC games. At least the combat is so fun that this only becomes a pain if you are dying a ton, and/or just barely cleared one room only to die the next and it was kind of difficult.

I am newish to the Warhammer series, as I played the MMO for several months and really enjoy Dawn of War II with the RTS/RPG elements so the lore is pretty cool. The game has 17 chapters in 5 acts I believe, and I'm half way through. Rumor has it around 7 hours of single player.

Multiplayer: I only dabbled in this for a couple hours. Standard deathmatch stuff, but I bought this game for the campaign. I will say there are ranks to be had with upgrades etc ala Call of Duty and that will keep plenty of people playing. So far two modes are available, and that is a capture point type and Deathmatch. CO-OP missions will supposedly be added as DLC later on.

Razer Goliathus--Speed Edition Gaming Mouse Pad--Small Size
Razer Goliathus--Speed Edition Gaming Mouse Pad--Small Size

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5.0 out of 5 stars Razer makes no ordinary pad, May 1, 2009
I am using the Goliathus speed omega (smallest size) with my razer Deathadder. GREAT Combo. I used to be a high sensitivity player on my old wooden desktop or kitchen table or wherever (laptop gamer). Now I can turn down the sensitivity for more precise shots yet with the speed pad with a quick flip do a 180 or even 360 turn with ease. Also I use the highest 1800dpi setting w/ 1000polling rate for those who are curious.

Now about the pad itself. The pad is I guess considered a "cloth" pad yet is nothing like my desktop's cloth pad that was $8-9 bucks at Best Buy. The top is ultra smooth and weaved really tightly as if it was a film on top. The edges aren't the best though as some fraying or curling may occur which sucks. One of the first things I noticed when I pulled this pad out of it's box was how thick or hefty it was. It's great though, not a bad thing as I was thinking the small pad was also thinner. This was not the case as it's maybe a little thinner than 1/4" thick maybe closer to 1/6" or 1/8" (approximations) The overall footprint is perfect for me as a portable laptop gamer that likes to just use a kitchen or coffee table to game on. The other pads were HUGE! The Razer logos in the corners look to be in the cloth so no weird print peel should come off from them.

As for performance, wow. My Deathadder GLIDES on the surface of this mat. Seriously, big difference from a coffee/kitchen tabletop. I've been doing that way for months! Now I find myself turning down sensitivity and having to put less effort in wrist and hand motions to move my mouse. You really have to feel it - the mouse + mat combo of the speed pad. It truly is a speed pad. My other generic mousepad used for the desktop does not even compare. Don't let people tell you all cloth pads are equal. The engineering Razer put into the surface of this pad truly works. Top notch! Truly surprised and impressed as I figured I'd get a namebrand pad for a few bucks more at $15 and call it good. What a great buy this was. Just as important almost as my mouse I think!

overall very pleased. Sorry if this was long, it's my first amazon review!!

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