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Noctua NH-U14S for Intel LGA 2011,1156,1155, 1150 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/3+,FM1/2 Sockets, U Type, 6 Heatpipe,140mm CPU Cooler Cooling
Noctua NH-U14S for Intel LGA 2011,1156,1155, 1150 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/3+,FM1/2 Sockets, U Type, 6 Heatpipe,140mm CPU Cooler Cooling
Offered by AmaMax (USA) Since 1993 l iMBAPrice® Authorized Distributor
Price: $69.95
45 used & new from $65.97

5.0 out of 5 stars ... and then do 45 jumping jacks out of pure joy. Colors are the only bad thing about this ..., December 16, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
If Noctua just made a simple black and white fan I would run 50 laps and then do 45 jumping jacks out of pure joy. Colors are the only bad thing about this product. (Of course this is only my opinion others may like it) it cools well and even my 4790k at 4.8ghz didn't pass 75c during stress test.

Noctua NM-I3 Mounting Kit for Noctua CPU Coolers
Noctua NM-I3 Mounting Kit for Noctua CPU Coolers

5.0 out of 5 stars Worked perfect for my 1366 motherboard and was super secure, December 16, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Worked perfect for my 1366 motherboard and was super secure. Noctua will ship you one for free but I didn't want to wait a couple weeks.

TP-Link 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter, Includes Low-Profile Bracket (TG-3468)
TP-Link 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit PCI Express Network Adapter, Includes Low-Profile Bracket (TG-3468)
Price: $11.99
119 used & new from $2.80

5.0 out of 5 stars I ran a speed test on this bad boy to server in my state and got 3 ..., November 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Took 10 minutes to install, including time to dissemble a side panel for my case, install hardware, and start up PC. I ran a speed test on this bad boy to server in my state and got 3 ping, and my full download and upload speeds. As long as it has no problems in the future, this product is awesome for $11.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Xbox One
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Xbox One
Offered by D2M Goods
Price: $17.99
196 used & new from $5.37

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Thinking about picking up Shadow of Mordor? DO IT., October 5, 2014
Thinking about picking up Shadow of Mordor? Do it. Many critics (people who haven't played the game probably) criticize that it seems too heavily inspired by games such as Assassin's Creed but I never thought this one time while playing it!! I've played every AC game on console and this game had it's own distinct identity. Speaking of AC, the combat on this game is 10x more satisfying and fun than any AC game. (this coming from a huge AC fan) I would just like to start by clearing the air and say this game is in no way a rip off of AC. But if you have enjoyed AC games in the past, chances are you will enjoy this game too.

The dialog on this game is fantastic. The enemies in the world really do have distinct personalities, and remember everything that happens around them. Interacting with the captains and warchiefs can be anything from extremely intense to downright hilarious. They all have different personalities and the way they interact in the world. If you are slaying them and they retreat & escape they will remember that next time you face them and mention it. If you run away, likewise they will remember it and mock you next time you meet. If you trigger one of their fears (such as fear of caragors) and you end up meeting them again at a later time, they will mention that as well. Their dialog adapts to everything around them and everything you do, I was very impressed by this because I have never seen a game ever that has done this. I expect this is something that will become standard in the future of gaming maybe over the course of the next few years more games will incorporate this.

I went really hard on this game and achieved 100% completion. Yes that means all main missions, side missions, miscellaneous quests, etc. (and all achievements) After completing all of this (which was a lot) I wrapped up at around 29 hours of total game play. I thought I'd mention this so you know how much game play you can expect to get out of this game. When I first started the game I mainly just played straight through the story with the occasional side mission. This gave me about 15 hours of game play for just the main story. In most games I typically mostly just enjoy the story, and am not huge into side quests. However on Shadow of Mordor I really had a good time playing through all the side missions and going for 100% completion. As you play Shadow of Mordor you get XP for everything you do, and after reaching a set amount of XP you earn an ability point. I didn't unlock all of the ability points until well after 20 hours of game play when you start finishing off the skill tree and unlocking the last abilities. This means that there is a lot of replay ability after you beat the story. There's still things to accomplish to further your character, upgrade your weapons, and complete your perk tree. (not the official name of it sorry) You purchase in game perks (such as +20 health) with the in game currently you earn by playing. This along with finishing up your ability point tree will take you quite some time so there is much to do in the open world of Mordor after the main story missions.

Overall the campaign was great and very enjoyable. There are some other game modes coming out for the game as DLC I think in the future as well as some story missions. I'll definitely be purchasing any story missions for this game. 5 stars on this title which I wouldn't give to a lot of games!!!

Atlas Sound AD-7B Long Microphone Tube
Atlas Sound AD-7B Long Microphone Tube
Offered by Parts Express
Price: $6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars I used this to attatch a Pop Filter to my Blue Yeti!, November 7, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
So I have the Blue Yeti USB microphone (great mic by the way!!) & I also own the pop filter made by the company Blue as well! However as many of you know.....the pop filter cannot fit anywhere on the stand for the Yeti! I screwed this tiny (about an inch & a half long) pole into the screw hole at the bottom of my Yeti. I attatched the pop filter to that, & it works great!

It's doesn't look great lol, but that's only because that's not what it's made for! So I don't blame it for that. But it's silver & so is my Yeti, so it's kind of blends in.

I know a lot of people have the issue of hooking the Blue pop filter up to the Blue Yeti, so I hope this helped! It worked for me & was very cheap.

Elgato Systems Game Capture HD High 1080p Definition Game Recorder
Elgato Systems Game Capture HD High 1080p Definition Game Recorder
Offered by Elgato
Price: $149.95
130 used & new from $100.00

11 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Elgato HD vs Hauppauge HD PVR 2, November 7, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My review is not only going to be about the Elgato HD, but also in comparison to the HD PVR 2. Most people looking at this product will probably have seen that product as well, both new on the market & HDMI external capture cards.

SIZE COMPARED TO THE HD PVR 2: The Elgato HD is very small,probably less than a fourth of the size of the HD PVR 2. There is not much to say on this. It's very small & can fit really anywhere, no need to clear any space for it at all. But don't underestimate its size, it packs all the HD punch you'll need.

SETUP COMPARED TO THE PVR 2: It's EXTREMELY SIMPLE to set up. I'm am a technical kinda guy, so I have no problem installing or going through troubleshooting for products, but I know for some easy setups are a big plus. Literally all I did to setup was plug in the HDMI from my Xbox to the Elgato HD, then another HDMI from my Elgato HD to my monitor (or TV for most of you), & I instantly had a picture on my screen (after the power of course). Then there is the USB to Mini USB cable that goes from the Elgato HD to my computer. That is for both the power to the product (a big plus, & a minus for some, I will explain below) & the USB also is the data transfer for the video files. For the PVR 2, it's not too hard to setup. Same setup with the HDMI in & out, & the USB for data transfer, but with the PVR 2 you have an extra cable for power which plugs into a wall socket, so that will take up a plug in your house, plus it's just another cord to add to the mess. Not too much of a difference, but the USB power for the Elgato is great......HOWEVER.......if you are using a laptop or similar device, this may be an issue. For me, I have a desktop computer & even when my computer is in sleep mode, or turned all the way off, the USB ports still receive power. This is amazing for me. I don't have to have an extra cord like the PVR 2 for a wall socket, it powers the elgato at all times since my USB ports have 24/7 power. However if you are using a laptop, or desktop that doesn't have USB power at all times like when it's turned off, this might be a hassle. I'm pretty sure that the majority of PC's now days have this feature, but I'm not sure about laptops, so you'll want to run a test on any USB product on your PC to see if it gives power at all times. If it doesn't give power at all times, it's not a big deal. However if your computer goes to sleep or turns off there will be no power for the Elgato, & so you'll recieve no image on your TV. You could always plug the USB into your Xbox/PS3 console for power so that would be a simple fix. However that would require plugging & re plugging, but for someone with a laptop out in the open that wouldn't be too big of a deal. But for me & my computer that gives off 24/7 USB power (test yours out) this is a great feature & I really like it more than any other capture card I have owned (4 of them over the years).

SOFWARE COMPARED TO THE PVR 2: The software was REALLY simple, I was so surprised. Usually (with any software, not even gaming related) you have to sit for a bit while it installs, click OK a bunch of times etc. The Elgato doesn't even have a just gives you a web link in the box. You go to the link & click download (it's a link to their website) & the download is very quick & after that, you are all done! You may want to custimize your settings of course (I increased my bit rate & record in 720p as it is my preference) but there is no more setup required. After that, all you have to do is record. For the HD PVR 2 you have to install Drivers (step 1) then unplug your PVR & replug it. Then you have to install the software (step 2) & repeat the "power cycle" & un plug & re plug again. Then you are pretty much set. You will not get an image on your TV until you have completed the setup with all the drivers & software completed & ran the recording software at least once, then you're pretty much ready to go. Once again the Elgato is much simpler than the PVR. The Elgato install took me less than 5 minutes. The PVR probably took me 10-20, not too big of a deal though, but easier is nicer!

RECORDING SOFTWARE: Both programs are pretty simple with a handy Start & Stop record button. However I prefer the Elgato softare. On the Elgato software you can name the file before recording. For example, if you are recording a Call of Duty match, you can title it "Call of Duty TDM". There is even a space for the game you are playing you could type "Call of Duty", & a description as well if you really want to add detail. But you don't have to do those things if you don't want to, they are optional. I PREFER THIS OVER THE PVR. Why? This is what a typical PVR file will look like! "2012_10_23_19_7_49". It mashes the date, time, year, etc. all into a big number seperated by underscores, & that is your file name. This is not a big deal, because you can always go back & change the file name to whatever you want afterwards, so that's easy. me....(I used the PVR 1 component version for over a year, same output for file names)....when you get an entire folder full of files named that, there's no easy way to know what anything is. You basically have to sit down & watch everything. If you forgot to save a file & put it aside you'll have to look through all the random number files & find it. Using the PVR 1, I basically became a master at this lol, & could find what I needed fast, but for a new user it might be confusing. I like labeling my files before I record, that way there's no need to go back & rename things or try to find certain files, they are all already organized & named how I want them.

EDITING SOFTWARE: Unfortunately, I do not have a say in this. Both programs have a very simple editing program. When I say simple, I mean simple, like Windows Movie Maker simple, or even simpler. Don't get me wrong if you are new to editing, sure this will work just fine for you. There's nothing wrong with either editing program, just too simple for me. Personally, I've been using Sony Vegas for almost 3 years now. It's a complex program but once you learn how to use it it's amazing. But small talk aside, sorry I do not have too much of an input on them, because I just took a look & tested them out, I haven't really used either. Too simple for an experienced editor like myself. This however leads me to my main point..............

WHAT KILLED THE PVR 2 FOR ME & MADE THE ELGATO HD: The PVR 2 had files that often came out corrupted. They would be viewable on your computer but once you import them into Sony Vegas sometimes they would just be a green screen, & there was no fixing it! I found out (I think) the solution to that problem. If you have a PVR 2, make sure to turn OFF "Hardware Acceleration", that cause the green screen issue as far as I know. I read some reviews & feedback & noticed someone having the same problem & someone suggesting that. After I unchecked it, I didn't have that problem any more. So.....that problem got solved. You may ask then what was the big issue? Hauppauge claims that the PVR's MP4 files will work great with Sony Vegas. See, I could be sympathetic if the files conveniently didn't work in my editing program of choice. However, Hauppauge lists as a feature for their product, that the PVR 2's files are made specifically to work cooperatively with Sony Vegas, & will work in the program just fine. This is not just some little quote I found out in the middle of no where, it is a big feature they list with the other features for their product. The files did not work well in Sony Vegas. After I fixed the green screen issue, my files had trouble rendering. I would render files (I tried about 4 different files types & about 10 different settings on each), the videos would have skippy frame rates. NOW, please note that I have been using this program for 3 years as I mentioned above. I know almost everything about the program, & have rendered thousands of times. As an experienced user of the program they claim works well with their files, I tried many things. Nothing worked. The rendered product (for the most part) would be very nice. However randomly during the video I would get skippy frame rate. Typically during a high action sequence, or really just any random time. The weird thing is the original playback on my PC was fine in those parts, it's just in Sony Vegas. So after trying everything I gave up. I have owned 3 other capture cards: Hauppauge HD PVR 1 component version, Black Magic Intensity Pro, & now the Elgato HD, none of which have given my any issues in Sony Vegas (besides an occasional freeze, but not an issue with the files or anything). I tried rendering & the skippy frames would always be in the same spots, & there was just no getting rid of them. I have a YouTube channel with 10 thousand + subscribers, so things like this make a big difference to me, & I don't want my viewers to have to see skippy frame rates 3-4 times in a 10 minute video. This may seem minor, & it's not like you can't tell what's going on, but it's skippy & choppy, unacceptable in my opinion. I purchased the Elgato because I really wanted a HDMI capture card (external) as I only use my internal HDMI cap (black magic) when I am live streaming. I have had no problems in Sony Vegas with this product, & am very satisfied for the most part, I really don't have any complaints. Now about the PVR 2, I thought, hey........even though I have a $2k personally customized computer with a six core processor, 16GB of ram, & a great graphics card....maybe it was an issue with my PC, & maybe after using Sony Vegas for 3 years & trying 30 test renders I just didn't get the right settings.......but my friends had this issue as well. They didn't mention the skippy frames, but other YouTubers that I am friends with who bought this product also switched to the Elgato, as they use Sony Vegas as well. It's one of the most used editing softwares out there. They also mentioned that the PVR files didn't work well in Sony Vegas at all (they didn't say specifics) but this confirmed in my head that I'm glad I don't feel like an idiot for doing something wrong, & this is an issue with compatibility with Sony Vegas. Sorry for the long winded review on this part, I just wanted to be clear on what made or breaked the PVR vs Elgato for me. They are very similar, & the Elgato usually outmatches the PVR in every category just by a little bit, but nothing made a big of a difference as this. So what is the PVR 2 has great quality....if it won't work in my editing program (the one they claim as a feature to be compatible with) I will not be able to use the product. I bought both off Amazon, I will be shipping back my PVR this week for a return.

IN CONCLUSION: The Elgato outmatches the PVR 2 in every category by just a little bit, but enough to make a difference. The make or break point was the fact that the PVR 2 often produces corrupted files, or files that are not usable in Sony Vegas. Maybe problems in other editing programs too? I just know the files didn't work well in my Sony Vegas, as well as a few of my friends as well. It may not be that way for everyone, but for me it was & made me return the PVR 2. (besides that, I actually really liked the PVR 2 though! But it was too big of an issue & it kept reoccurring, so I had to return =/) I have been using the Elgato for a few weeks no with no problems. I really like it! It comes with a PS3 cable & an HDMI cable, but I bough 2 of my own HDMI cables to use with the product from a good brand. It has been working great!

I give the Elgato an 8.5/10. PVR 2 more of a 6/10. The PVR 2 suffers in my book due to it's editing issues, which Hauppauge may solve, besides that issue with editing software (Sony Vegas), they would have been a pretty close match. I would have still said the Elgato was just a little bit better than the PVR 2. They are both about the same price, so I'de go with this one if I were you! This is just my opinion though, everyone is entitled to their own, but it's been working great with no problems for me.

I hope this helped somebody!

Hauppauge - HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition High Definition Game Capture Device
Hauppauge - HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition High Definition Game Capture Device
Price: $176.13
69 used & new from $90.00

5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Xbox 360 Recording - Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Review, October 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I would just like to say before my review I have good experience with Hauppauge products in the past. I not only have used them but for hundreds of hours, they are very reliable. My review is pretty long, but I think it will help you understand this product & if you want to buy it as I go into every detail.

What I used to use:
I used the older version of the PVR released a few years ago (component cable version) & thought it was great. I never had any problems with it, & used it for over a year to record Xbox 360 gameplay. It always produced high quality recordings, & I never had a single problem with it or the recording results. High quality recordings 100% of the time. It was an amazing capture card, however I starting using a monitor while playing (as I'll discuss below), & there are no component options for monitors, so I bought an HDMI capture card (I'll discuss below). However, when I saw this product was released (I was happy to see the HDMI version), I instantly ordered it. There were many issues with the HDMI capture card I had replaced my old PVR with. NOTE: Keep in mind the only reason I replaced my old component PVR was because I was using a monitor & needed HDMI, for no other reason would I replace that capture card, it was great.

What I've been using for the past year:
I've been using a Black Magic Intensity Pro (internal HDMI capture card) for almost a year now. The Black Magic has HUGE files sizes & requires you to always have your computer running at all times (or you don't even get an image on your TV) & you always have to have the capture program running too. This was a pain in my ***, I didn't want to have my PC running 24/7 if I was playing Xbox & wasn't recording, it was a hassle. Not to mention it took me a whole day to get it installed & fix the software issues. However after I contacted customer support & got things settled, it was a great capture card. With the flaws I mentioned about though. I have a 2TB hardrive, & it filled it up fast believe it or not. An hour long recording was 35 GB.......I wanted a capture card that didn't require my PC on 24/7 to have an image on my TV(the biggest hassle of that capture card), & enjoy the great quality the old PVR (& this one too) gives with a very reasonable file size, I then ordered this.

My experience with the Hauppauge HD PVR 2:
Lucky for me, I got my PVR2 the same day I ordered it for only $8 shipping. I don't know how, but it was a great deal. I will be going over in detail the HD PVR 2:

Setup: The setup was VERY EASY. The PVR1 (component version) I previously owned was not as simple. There were tons of wires, & even thought it only took 5-10 minutes to setup, it was still a hassle. The HD PVR2 took me less than 5 minutes to setup. Plugged it into a power source, & wired the 2 HDMI cables (INCLUDED) from my Xbox to PVR, then from the PVR to my monitor (or TV for most of you). VERY EASY.

Setup Installation: I popped in the CD for the install (please keep reading, I recommend downloading off their site) & installed. First you install the drivers (takes about 2 minutes), then you install the capture program (5 minutes or less). Times may very for your computer, but for me it was very quick. The program is extremely simple to use so anyone who isn't a tech person will have 0 problems with it. You simply open it up, click "capture" it bring up a new window with a preview screen, you then click the "capture" record button to start recording, & click it again to end recording. You can choose where you would like your files to save to very easily. My PVR was setup, & my install was complete in probably about 15-20 minutes tops with no problems, & you can start recording right away.

Capture Quality: The capture quality was great. Just as I expected from a Hauppauge product. Full HD & very clear. In the settings of my PVR I increased my bit rate to 14 for highest quality. (It was 13.5 on the original PVR component) You can YouTube videos on settings if you need help with that. The quality was great so far (I've been recording for it for a few days), very clear. I've been recording in 720p, however I see you can play & record in 1080p, which is a great plus. Not very many capture cards have this ability, most only go up to 1080i (like to old PVR) & I wouldn't suggest playing in any "i" resolution, you can research that if you'de like to find out why. I haven't tried the 1080p but I'm sure it's great. I'll do an update later in my review when I get a chance to try it. I'll probably stick to 720p though, keep my file sizes a bit lower & I like playing in this resolution.

The only negative so far to the HD PVR2: (READ ALL THE WAY)

I have only had this product for a couple days now but have gotten probably at least 5 hours of use recording with it. All of my capture recordings were great for the most part. I did notice (on 2 of them out of probably like 20) the audio was off sync. I had never had this problem with the old PVR after using it for over a year, so I was surprised. The whole video was not off sync, it happened later on about half way down the video. It was about 1.5 seconds off, but that makes a difference. I do not want what I'm saying to sway anyone away from this product, so please keep reading. As I mentioned above I downloaded the program off the CD (which you can find an updated version with improvements & fixes on their website, as well as new drivers). I just installed from the included CD. ALSO, I didn't "power cycle" the PVR. As I re installed the software & drivers again tonight directly from their website, I noticed it said after you install the software, it asks you to restart your PC (which I had done) & unplug your PVR from the power source for 10 seconds & re plug it in. When you do that, it reboots it I guess & helps the drivers actually take place. It asks you to do this when you install the program, & when you install the drivers. I never unplugged my PVR at all. I did restart my PC but didn't do the power cycle (my fault for not reading all the way).

So I uninstalled the PVR software & drivers from my computer I had originally installed. I installed the NEWEST VERSION of the PVR installation CD software from their website. You can find it in the support section very easily. I noticed while reading through the notes on the software they said they had added not only a few new features to the software itself, but some improvements, & some "bug" fixes as well. So I installed the new PVR software from their site, once again very easy & quick install, just make sure when you buy this you download directly from their site (not using the CD included) & follow the directions given to you in the box as well. After I re installed the software, I restarted my PC (it asks you to) & did the "power cycle" & unplugged my PVR briefly & re plugged it back in. I then went to their homepage again & installed the latest drivers. It also asks you to power cycle on this as well, so I repeated that.

I had not done the power cycle when I first installed everything a few days ago. On the Hauppauge site it says:

NOTE: When finished running the update the HDPVR2 must be power cycled to load the new driver. (remove power from the unit for a few seconds and then plug it back in.)

I had never done this, so I'm not sure if my software updates or new driver updates even had an effect on the PVR? I'm not really sure, but this was a good way to start looking for the slight audio delay problem fix. I made sure to power cycle after the software & driver updates & so far everything has been ok. I'm assuming the problem was the I did not power cycle, therefore the new drivers couldn't actually load.

I ran 3-4 quality/audio tests with the new drivers/software. Everything went fine as I expected. But out of the 20+ recordings of the last 2 days (on the old drivers & CD software) I had only 1-2 files with a small amount of audio delay. So it's not 100% guaranteed that the problem if fixed (I'm just assuming it is because I didn't power cycle after the updates to load new drivers). I will update my review in about a few days to a week & let you know if there are any problems. So far so good I have not had any issues. Please make sure you follow all the directions & read everything, I'm sure this probably made the issue happen. I would also just like to say please don't let this sway you from not purchasing this product. I used the old Hauppauge PVR for over a year (after their latest drivers) & I literally had no problems with hundreds of hours of recordings. Through my experience with the old Hauppauge product, this is why I'm certain this was probably my fault for not power cycling, & that the issue will be fixed. However as I said I will update my review & let you know if I have any issues after the latest software & driver updates.

UPDATE: I have had no issues after fixing the software & drivers. Everything is working fine. However even more issues have come up. But not with the PVR. The company claims that it's made to work well with Sony Vegas (a video program I've been editing in for years) the new files do not work well in vegas AT ALL. The quality is great sure that turns out fine. Occasionally once you import it you get a green screen & there's no fixing it........that has happened to me twice. On the majority of the files (after rendering) the frame rate gets choppy. It'll be great like 90% of the video, then at times the frame rate lags, & really makes the video suck. I've been using this program for 3 years & am no "newbie" to it at all. I tried rendering in about 10 different settings & multiple different file formats. The videos still all have frame rate lag & all in the same spots. In the original file opening up on my PC the frame rate is fine, however once in vegas & rendered it lags.

Extremely disappointed by this. Downgraded my review to 3 starts until a fix is found for this. The files are great now but they don't work well in the editing program they claim they are made for. I read reviews, & I'm not the only one with this complaint.

UPDATE: A commenter suggested that some of my problems may have been due to having "hardware acceleration" checked in the recording program. I have a great computer, so I checked it, assuming it would only help. If you want to see his explanation click the comments. So far everything is ok........I un checked that option & all of my videos have turned out good quality & without any issues. I will do an update further on (1-3 weeks) of recording & post if there are any problems. I'm really hoping that was the issue, & that my problems are finally gone, because besides the Sony Vegas issues, I really like the product.
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ASUS VH236H 23-Inch Full-HD 2ms LCD Monitor
ASUS VH236H 23-Inch Full-HD 2ms LCD Monitor

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars ASUS VH236H - Xbox 360 Review, July 7, 2012
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So I wish there were more reviews like this on amazon for monitors & XBOX. Although I know most people using this monitor will be looking for a great PC monitor for daily use or gaming, I am basing this review for the Xbox 360. Others may feel the same as me, but I really DON'T like the look of HD tv's on games, & most have HD response lag. My HD TVs look great on TV/Movies but on games not that great & trust me I've tried my best to get good settings. & others may be able to relate to me but I am not just a casual gamer. I play games on the 360 competitively & participate in tournaments and such. I heard this was a monitor that was going to be used at some LAN events so I picked it up to get used to it. I was hating my 27 inch Sylvania & felt like there was some HD delays that were affecting my gameplay. Anyways, I bought this monitor. Very cheap, about $160. This was my first monitor that I bought for gaming on the 360. When I got it it took my a day or 2 to get used to the size, but afterwords I love it. I really enjoy gaming on the 23 inch a lot more. Also I play all my games in 720P because I record my gameplay, many of you may know about that, there aren't very many 1080P capture cards out there, I have an HDMI capture card & record at 720P. That's a different topic though. My point in bringing this up is that 720P looks GREAT. Although I do play on it sometimes through 1080P & man is it sharp. This monitor has a very clear picture on both 720p & 1080p. I tweeked my settings quite a bit to make it to my liking. It looked pretty nice out of the box but as many would I went through all the settings to see what there were & checked them out. My picture has great color, clear picture, good response time, & is 10x better than my HD TV. About 3 months after playing on this monitor I hooked up my HD TV to see how playing on a 27 inch was again....I just about puked. Part of the problem is that I wasn't used to the bigger size (so that was understandable) but the picture was just not even close to as clear as it was on this monitor. This monitor is very cheap & high quality for such a great price, & I would recommend it to others.

In conclusion, like I said I use mine on my Xbox 360 for mainly FPS gaming. I'm more than a casual gamer so I take things like response time (this one has 2ms) very seriously as anyone that plays fast paced games seriously knows that it really makes a difference. The color on this monitor, picture, & response time are really great. I would really recomend this to others for such a great low price. Budget it not too big of a deal for myself as I work 5 days a week but for many young gamers or just somebody with a tight budget, or just not wanting to spend that much, this monitor will work for you. It'll be great for gaming & normal computer activities. I've had it for about half a year now & haven't had any trouble with it at all. It works great on my Xbox 360 & my computer. I hope this review helped some people out there & especially those who are maybe looking for a good monitor for your XBOX as many reviews never mention xbox only PC. It works great for both. I would never go back to gaming on my Xbox 360 on my old HD TV (even though it's a nice TV) it's nothing compared to the clarity & response time of this monitor. I will be looking into future Asus products as I really liked this one & once again at such a great price. That is all.
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Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Silver
Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Silver
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4.0 out of 5 stars Review for Yeti for at home Podcasts & voice overs., October 8, 2011
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I previously wrote a terrible review on how I hated this product. It seemed there was a problem with my computer is why the quality was bad. Anyways, I tried it out on my other PC & it works great. I haven't done much pod casting with it yet but the quality tests were very nice. It does pick up quite a bit of background noise if there is any around. If you are in a quite room it is usually pretty nice. I give the product a thumbs up 4/5 stars.

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