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MYMAHDI Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker and LED Light Lamp with Quality Sound, Touch Light Sensor, MP3 Player, Micro TF SD Card, AUX, USB, 4000mAh Battery-Bamboo Design
MYMAHDI Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker and LED Light Lamp with Quality Sound, Touch Light Sensor, MP3 Player, Micro TF SD Card, AUX, USB, 4000mAh Battery-Bamboo Design
Offered by Mahdi205
Price: $109.99
2 used & new from $39.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Little Speaker/Light, August 27, 2016
Disclosure: the manufacturer contacted me and offered this product. I accepted, promising a fair and honest review in return.

This is an interesting little device, definitely a young person’s device. My 18-yo college freshman has latched onto it and has demanded if for his dorm room.

In the box you get the speaker/lamp, a USB-to-USB-B cord (approximately 60”), a wall plug/USB adapter for the cord, an extra, smaller plastic shade/dome, a small cleaning cloth, a small “instructions” pamphlet, and a warranty pamphlet. The wall plug adapter is 120-240V—nice.

The body is imitation wood grain; it is molded plastic.

You can run the speaker in Bluetooth wireless, from a micro memory card, or wired via a standard 3.5mm plug. As such, you can use this speaker in just about all modes, including using it for your computer speaker. The sound is surprisingly good from this speaker, clear and crisp, with a strong and distinct bass punch. There is a volume control nob on the speaker was well as next/skip/replay buttons. It puts out sound more than sufficient to fill a room, at decent volume.

It also has an internal battery, so you can go completely wireless with this item, which makes it nice n’ portable for things like camping.

The box has a little graphic that says “APP,” which implies you can get a phone app to run this thing, but there is no further information on this with the product. I did not go looking for this app.

The light toggles between white, rose, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and light blue. In the white mode, a tap rheostat gives you four separate levels of light. The colors are not dimmable. You get an extra (plastic) dome for the light, so you can go short- or high-profile. There are no instructions on how to change the dome, but it just pulls right off. There is a nice, wide O-ring seal for the dome, which is a nice addition to keep weather/debris out of the device.

The tap mode requires a significant tap on the body of the lamp, not on the plastic dome shade. The product image seems to indicate that a tap to the shade works; this is not the case.

The light has a hands-free voice mode, which I found to be more than a little quirky and unreliable in operation. Sometimes it worked and sometime it didn’t. I don’t think this is a manufacturing flaw; I think I just don’t quite know how to use the voice system, or to modulate my voice to make it work properly. The instructions do not provide details on how to make this function operate.

Documentation. There is a small, 8-panel instructions pamphlet, complete with two pretty well done diagrams, for the features on the front and back of the product. The English could be a lot better to make clear how the various functions of this device operate, such as the voice control. The warranty card offers a basic one-year warranty—pretty good—and contact information in the form of the factory address in China, and an email address.

Price. I figured a reasonable price for this item at about $40, and that’s just where it comes in. It’s a surprisingly good compact speaker that delivers some nice illumination options, so this seems to be a pretty good deal.

Bottom line: this is pretty cool little accessory for your digital life, a relatively easy to use and highly portable speaker and light, all in a small and versatile package.

Wellness Soft WellBites Natural Grain Free Dog Treats, Turkey & Duck, 6-Ounce Bag
Wellness Soft WellBites Natural Grain Free Dog Treats, Turkey & Duck, 6-Ounce Bag
Price: $8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars The Fig Newtons of Dog Treats, August 27, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
These are king of like doggie fig newtons. You get the soft cake on the outside with the squishy good stuff in the middle. And that's about where the comparison ends.

The dog loves these things, of course. I have yet to encounter a dog treat that Gurney the Dog won't eat. She knows the crinkle of the bag, and is up and ready for the treat, even doing the equivalent of doggie-sniveling to get some.

They've got a nice texture, and smell pretty good, with that artificial-smoky scent you get in a lot of pet products...and in human food, too.

These are small treats, about an inch square.

Nutrition: flaxseed and carrots and apples and blueberries and sweet potatoes? Really? "Hey, I like all of this stuff, and it's good for me, so it's only logical that my dog will love it, and it'll be good for her, too! Hooray!" Really? Sure, I guess this stuff is good for her, and she loves it, but that's about it; I just don't care about all of the noise on the packaging about how incredibly free of this and that it is. She also eats grass and bark and rodents, so her diet is pretty well balanced, I figure.

Price. At about $9 for a package, I guess this is reasonable, although I was thinking more $7.50 before I checked the price. If I saw this in the store I might get some, but I doubt I'll make a special trip to pick some up.

Bottom line: another successful outing with doggie treats with this one. This owner isn't swayed by the hyperbole on the packaging, but the dog sure does loves these things.

BINGER Men's Date Discount Quartz Dress Watch Stainless Steel Water Resistant Formal Wrist Watches
BINGER Men's Date Discount Quartz Dress Watch Stainless Steel Water Resistant Formal Wrist Watches
Offered by Watches Home
Price: $65.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Budget Dress Watch, August 27, 2016
Disclosure: the manufacturer contacted me and offered this product. I accepted, promising a fair and honest review in return.

This is a nice budget watch. The styling is simple, classic, and attractive.

The watch comes in a nice presentation box. Out of the box there was a visible dent in the side of one of the watchband’s links. The watch came wrapped in clear plastic, to prevent scratching, and the watchband was wrapped as well. Upon arrival the watch was functioning; it appears the watch was activated upon manufacture. I don’t know when the watch was made, so I have to wonder how much battery time I have left.

The face comes in at about 31mm in width. That isn’t very big, given today’s fashion of the ultra-big watch face. As such, this watch is more suitable for a dress function, club-casual, suit and tie, etc. You get a simple analog date display, and simple, easy to read numerals at each hour (except for the 3, which is where the date display is). The Binger logo is a stylized “B,” which unfortunately looks just like a stylized 3, right under the 12 on the watch face. The movement is quartz, with a one-second tick. In this watch, the sweep hand was markedly off against the second indicators on the face. The hour and minute hands contain a modest illumination coating, which is very faint; the face has no illumination whatsoever.

Overall the watch is light in weight. Out of the box the fit was perfect. I note that there is no easy way to adjust the fit yourself, unless you are familiar with the spring-pins that hold the band links together, and have the precision tools to easily work them. This unfortunately means that if you need to adjust the fit of this budget watch you’re going to have to go to the mall or a jeweler and pay a fee to have them fit it for you. The clasp is simple to operate and holds strongly

The online product text mentions “waterproof” but then notes that it’s water-resistant, with a number of additional restrictions. As such, I probably wouldn’t test this watch too much with regards to water. It’s likely good for a walk in the rain or an accidental fall into the pool (and quickly out), but probably wouldn’t hold up to a shower or a swim.

Documentation. Sadly, there is none. Nothing. No user’s manual, instruction pamphlet, warranty card, nothing. So, if something goes wrong with your $30 Binger, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Price. Before I checked, I had this watch at about $35, so I was not too far off. The list price of approximately $30 seems a fair price for this item.

Bottom line: This is not a bad dress watch, for not a lot of money. It is short on bells and whistles, but offers a clear and classic style in a men’s dress watch. Its total lack of any documentation at all raises doubts regarding its overall quality and how long it may last.

ELEGANT MOMENT L9172 Leather choker
ELEGANT MOMENT L9172 Leather choker
Offered by Freedom Hill, LLC
Price: $11.50
5 used & new from $6.98

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Leather Choker, but Limited on Sizing, August 27, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a nice item, at a great price. The problem I have with it is the sizing.

I don't know why the manufacturer/vendor can't be this specific, so I'll help with your decision on this item. The product text says the choker is approximately 15" in length. Yes, that's approximately correct. But the closure is snaps, not Velcro, so you have to be pretty specific when it comes to the sizing. There are only two snaps. The measurements between the first set is 12 5/8". The measurement between the second set of snaps is 13 5/8". So, if you're looking for a choker to fit a neck 14" or larger, you're out of luck with this item. If you fitting a neck 12" or smaller, you don't have any other options as well.

Bottom line: this is a nice leather product at a good price, but is rather limited in its sizing availability.

White Scottish Highland Jacobite Ghillie Kilt Shirt Size XXL
White Scottish Highland Jacobite Ghillie Kilt Shirt Size XXL
Offered by Tartanista USA
Price: $39.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, Soft Jacobite Shirt, August 20, 2016
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a really nice Jacobite shirt. It is not sheer or lightweight at all, with some good heft throughout, and very, very soft. The female part of this duo was very, very happy with the item, its fit, and its look.

It arrives packaged very nicely, with the leather thong separate; you lace it yourself.

The cuffs has two buttons to select your wrist fit. The bottom is fully hemmed, so you can wear this un-rucked. The side seams at the bottom are separated into a nice V (and hemmed, of course), about an inch or so. There is just the right amount of pouf to the sleeves, enough to make it a convincing and authentic period shirt, but not so much pouf that you are straying toward the ridiculous

The collar stands up well and spreads very nicely.

Bottom line: for the price, this is an excellent shirt, very well constructed, soft, and with a great fit. Well worth the investment.

Solid Gold Green Cow Holistic Grain Free Wet Dog Food, Green Beef Tripe, Adult Dogs, 13.2oz Can, 12 Count
Solid Gold Green Cow Holistic Grain Free Wet Dog Food, Green Beef Tripe, Adult Dogs, 13.2oz Can, 12 Count
Price: $35.88
6 used & new from $35.88

4.0 out of 5 stars A Stinky Canine Chow Smash Hit, August 17, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Before encountering this product I knew what tripe was (is), but didn't know there was such a thing as green tripe...and that it can be consumed...and that it's apparently good for you...or at least good for your dog. Now I know.

Well, Gurney the Dog loves all canned food, and like any little Pavlovian victim, she hears that pull tab top go, and she's in the kitchen, fully aware that some kind of can was just opened, and it may well be wet food. So you can't go wrong with canned food mixed in with her dry. Until I got to this stuff. Upon opening, the smell hit me. Now, this isn't quite durian in a confined space. Nor is it the unholy smell of an entire fridge full of liquefied food after the power has been out for a week. As stinky things go, this really isn't that bad, but it sure does not smell like most canned dog foods; it smells a lot worse. This got the dog's attention right away, and she was sampling the air actively and eagerly as I mixed the food for her. She was even doing a little doggie dance while awaiting it.

And she ate it in no time flat. Gone. And after a few minutes went back to the bowl to check for leftovers. And then did it again. And then again. Three returns to the bowl to look for some more of this wet dog food. That is a first for this consumer, and clearly demonstrates the dog's happiness with it.

Given the scent of this stuff, I highly recommend you invest in a pet food can lid and use it in your fridge. You do NOT want this stuff's scent to work its way into any of your other fridge-stored items.

It's a bit solid in the can, not like gravy or stew. You've got to spoon it out and then mush it into the dry food. There is a little bit of free liquid in there, so mine the squish-splashing along the edges.

Nutrition. Labels, numbers, percentages, blah blah blah.

Price: it's about what I figured for this, the 12-can price bringing this to about $3.00/can. That's about what I figured. That's not too expensive, and if you're going halfsies on the can, you're at roughly $1.50 per serving. Again, that's not too bad, for a food the dog clearly thought was the best.

Bottom line: the dog loves this stuff, absofreekinglutely loves it. She knows it, knows its scent, and goes nuts when the can opens. This is definitely a winner.

BUREI® Men's Date Classic Easy Reader Watch with Brown Strap, White Dial
BUREI® Men's Date Classic Easy Reader Watch with Brown Strap, White Dial
Offered by SJEhome
Price: $64.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Budget Casual Dress Watch, August 15, 2016
Disclosure: I was contacted by the manufacturer and offered this item. I accepted, promising a fair and honest review in return.

I have reviewed a number of Burei watches, and this continues in their line of nice budget fashion watches. All of their products have been well received by my teenage kids.

In the box: the product arrives in a nicely internally padded cardboard box. Inside you have a Burei mini-collapsible heavyweight paper-w/-drawstrings presentation bag. You also get an envelope with a hard plastic Burei Watch warranty card, with contact info on the back and space to record your watch’s details. The watch comes inside a nice, hard-sided presentation case, wrapped around a little plastic pillow. The watch body comes wrapped in clear plastic for protection.

The watch comes with the crown pulled out, so you can quickly set your date and time. This also keeps the watch from running, which saves the battery. Smart.

The watch back states it is water-resistant to 50m (~150ft). I did not test this claim either in running water or with submersion. Given the leather band, I do not recommend water for this product.

The watch has a nice and simple face, numerals and a simple date/digit display; there is no month display. The watch face measures 42mm across, and is 8mm thick. The band is in a nice neutral brown leather, with seam sewing and is sealed on the sides.

There are no illuminated portions of this watch, nor are there any glow in the dark aspects. This watch isn’t going to help you tell time in the dark.

Price. Before checking, my take on this watch’s price was approximately $40. So, at approximately $60, I am hoping this reflects durability and mechanical reliability.

Documentation. You get the user’s manual, which is very well done, informative, well written, and with good graphics. It contains ample contact information for the Burei US Service Center, such as the address and telephone number, and a customer service telephone number. You also get the Burei corporate URL. The same info is on the plastic warranty card.

Bottom line: This is a nice budget dress watch, suitable for everyday wear and also sufficient to wear with suit and tie. It has simple and understated, elegant styling, and is not flashy.

Weiman 511D Wood Repair Kit For Furniture & Floors,
Weiman 511D Wood Repair Kit For Furniture & Floors,
Price: $20.19

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Basic Scratch Mitigation Set, August 15, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
First of all, I would not call this a “repair kit.” If your furniture is broken, nothing here is going to repair it. A much more fitting name would be something like “scratch/blemish cover.” This product does not repair gouges or scratches in wood; it camouflages them. There is some modest wax fill from the filler sticks, but one cannot honestly call this a “repair.”

I have an antique Gulbransen piano and matching bench that have been through a lot in the past 70 or so years, so this was an excellent test bed.

Markers. I’m not a big fan of the markers. Like anyone else, I have used permanent markers over the years to touch up clothing, car dings, marks in furniture, and more. It’s an easy and cheap fix, but the slightest inspection show what you’ve done. The big problem with permanent markers is that they dry very fast, and if you’re careless with your touch-up, the slightest change in viewing angle will show everywhere you have marked up your furniture. The finish with these markers is shiny, not glossy, and not even close to matte. So, be very careful and judicious in your use of the markers as it can be pretty easily seen; make sure you stick as close to the scratch itself, and don’t go outside the lines. If you do make a mistake, though, some good ol’ fashioned acetone will pull this ink out. Be careful, though, as this may do a number on your furniture’s finish as well.

Filler Sticks. AKA “crayon.” They look and feel and smell exactly like crayons, so I’m wondering why I need to pay for this Weiman product when I can go to the drug store and get the same thing…and a bunch of other colors, too. I liked the performance of these sticks the best. They fill well into scratches both deep and shallow, and the wax base allows you to work the wax and color deep into the grain with a push and smudge of a finger. Then just wipe it smooth/clean with a cloth, and the scratch is virtually gone. I made numerous such fixes to my piano, and all of them look fantastic, and have held up very well for more than three weeks now. The filler sticks are the best aspect of this product, and you even get a little cheapo sharpener to keep them functioning at peak pointy efficiency.

I found blending colors with the markers to be largely unworkable, as the ink dries so quickly. Blending the filler sticks was much easier and worked well. You cannot blend the ink from the markers with the wax/color from the sticks.

Documentation: There is no documentation other than what is on the front and the back of the package. You get a Weiman Products LLC address in Illinois as well as an 800 number and a URL.

Price: roughly $20 for four markers, four crayons and a little plastic sharpener…really? I was thinking more like $12 as I used this product. I guess $15 would be acceptable, but $20 seems a bit much.

Bottom line: For basic touch-ups of your scratched wood items, this is a pretty good kit. The markers are acceptable but their utility is limited. The wax filler sticks are excellent, and do a good job of filling and are blendable.

ZOOYOO-Outdoor Inflatable Lounger(Orange),Convenient Nylon Fabric Beach Couch with Compression Air Bag,Portable Dream Chair Garden Cushion for Beach Pool.
ZOOYOO-Outdoor Inflatable Lounger(Orange),Convenient Nylon Fabric Beach Couch with Compression Air Bag,Portable Dream Chair Garden Cushion for Beach Pool.
Price: $64.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Cool Item, If I Could Just Get it to Inflate, August 10, 2016
Disclosure: I was contacted by the manufacturer, who offered me this product. I accepted, promising a fair and honest review in return.

The online product title says this is a “Outdoor Inflatable Lounger, Convenient Nylon Fabric Beach Couch with Compression Air Bag, Portable Dream Chair Garden Cushion for Beach Pool.” The instructions call it the “Sleeping Air Bag.”

I’ve seen these things around, and they look pretty cool. This is an interesting concept, and seems like it would be a great product…if I could only get it to work as described. Unfortunately, I could not get this item to fill with air properly, or hold the air. Not once.

With the package you get the sofa/chair, a nylon bag with a barrel-lock drawstring and adjustable shoulder strap, and a single-page instructions sheet.

At a two-day sports tournament, both days with good breezes, I tried numerous times to follow the instructions to inflate the two sections of this item. I managed some moderate inflation, but nothing that one could consider “full” or “inflated.” I even had a partner trail me, holding the back of the item like the tail of a kite, and we failed to inflate it fully. We switched positions, and failed once more. And, thinking that maybe the problem might be me and my approach, I turned over the instructions and the item to others, who attempted to get it to work…and they failed as well.

It took some time to suss out how to properly close the two main cells, and then fasten them together to secure the ends of the cells. For those familiar with fold-over waterproof bags, it’s the same concept, with heavy-mil clear plastic inside the cells to assist in the seal. The instructions are no help to show or explain this, and my attempts failed to properly seal both cells.

The first problem I encountered was that air would deflate from the cell very quickly, and you had to go from having the well opening wide open to inflate it, to absolutely closed and sealed and folded very quickly. I lost lots of air every time; not once did I get it right.

Then, once you have both cells properly inflated and sealed, you clip both folded-over ends together to secure the ends and their fold. When I lay on the item—and it was the same for others who tried it—the folded-over ends of the two cells gave way with an audible pop, leaving us lounging on an overly expensive orange plastic ground liner.

There is nothing in the documentation or the packaging to describe it, but can this item be used on the water? It seems that it would be an awesome pool or open-water float…if you could get it to work right. Or, maybe making the fabric wet would allow the air to escape—who knows.

The item is very lightweight and easy to carry, and it comes with its own bag, which has a shoulder strap and a barrel-locked drawstring closure. You also get a ground spike with a small carabiner to keep the item from drifting away in a strong breeze, which it most definitely will do…if it’s properly inflated.

Documentation. The instructions for this item are terrible. The Chinglish is quite bad: “Tie and roll the air inlets make it inflatable,” and “Lock it a botton.” The graphics are also poorly rendered and do not really assist in using the item. The documentation offers no contact information whatsoever to reach the good folks at Zooyoo.

Price. This is a pretty cool item, and I have no argument with its materials or construction. In fact, this thing is designed to take lying-upon/sitting-upon abuse, so it’s got to stand up to some punishment. We worked it pretty hard in trying to get it to perform, and it took the abuse. But at approximately $50, for an item we couldn’t get to work properly…I just don’t know. I say don’t shell out this kind of money on an item like this until you’re sure you know how to use it.

Bottom line. If you can figure out how to inflate its two cells, keep the air in, and keep it from deflating—I could not—this apparently is a pretty cool little outdoor seating item, at a somewhat expensive price.

Gydoy silicone g spot vibrator powerful 10 modes horseshoe personal massager for women
Gydoy silicone g spot vibrator powerful 10 modes horseshoe personal massager for women
Offered by Gydoy
Price: $19.99
2 used & new from $19.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Very Nice Personal, Ahem, Massage System, August 9, 2016
Disclosure: The manufacturer contacted me and offered this item. I accepted, promising a fair and honest review in return.

It struck me, when testing this item with a wonderful partner, how far the state of such sexual assistance devices has progressed, just in my mediocre lifetime. This item is made from great materials, is ergonomic in design, is user-friendly, very easy to use, and offers ten different settings, all for a highly reasonable price. Amazing.

Me, I’m a guy, so this isn’t really a device for my use (although the manufacturer likely would argue otherwise). Luckily, I have an enthusiastic and willing partner who subjected herself to rigorous testing of this device and its various features. The opinions expressed here stand for the both of us.

The item, made in China, arrives packed tightly in soft foam—very nice. In the box you also get a faux velvet drawstring pouch.

Assembly: no assembly required, but you do have to install your own 3 AAA batteries. We are still on our first set of batteries after a good two weeks of testing, so we’re happy with its use of battery power.

Color: Nice color, with a semi-lurid hot pink/purple for the business end/length, and a nice contrasting white for the control end. That’s smart design. There are two chromed plastic areas, one of which again highlights the control button.

Shape/Size: The shape is very good for both internal and external use. For internal use, the curve is great for going for G-spot stimulation; whether you find it or not, it’s good fun. The curve also very nicely fits her front parts, to achieve both close-in and wide-area stimulation at the same time. The size of the device is good in that it is not heavy and fits well in the hand. It is, though, heavy enough to denote a serious heft of material and inner workings, and also heavy enough that you don’t lose track of it. Its length and girth both equate closely with the standard statistical size of the average male appendage; if it’s size you’re after, you should look for a more enhanced model. Maybe this is what Godoy is getting at with their description of this item as “…for woman female beginners.”

Use. It’s pretty straightforward: push the power button and it turns on. Push it again and it simply toggles in sequence through the ten available vibration/pulse modes. Yes, some are surprisingly powerful, and the device does put out some noise. Others are considerably more quiet and softer in physical sensation. But, this is, after all, a vibrator, and it is not a silent device; it most definitely can be audibly detected in the quiet. There are steady vibrations as well as pulses to choose from. And to turn it off you just hold the power button down until it shuts off. Piece o’ cake. We found all settings to be enjoyable, with a couple of them to be quite nice and, ah, enthralling. Yes, this device does in fact deliver most consistently on its unspoken promise of arousal, excitement, and release.

With prolonged use it does get warm, but never got unpleasantly hot.

The product description says it is “completely waterproof.” I do note the presence of a clear silicon O-ring protecting the battery compartment, but still am not too sure of its imperviousness to water. We did not test it in a shower or tub environment.

We found it to be good visual fun to put it on a table and watch it dance.

Documentation. You get a nice little hard paper Godoy card, proclaiming their products as “Wonderful Practical Classical” [sic]. I agree with one and two, but am not too sure what three means. You get a four-panel “Instructions” pamphlet, which concentrates mostly on battery installation. This apparently is for all of the Godoy vibrator products, and is quite detailed in both instructions and graphics, with very intricate details on the placement of the batteries in each product. I like this attention to detail. As for the instructions on how to use this product, there are none. There is just a little oval graphic which gives a wave-based illustration of the ten available vibration/pulse modes of the device. I have to admit that I was a tad disappointed to discover that it does not deliver an SOS pattern.

Unfortunately, there is no contact information whatsoever included for the good folks at Godoy. No warranty information, either. So, if you have a problem with this device, you’re on your own. That’s a letdown, and keeps this item from receiving five stars.

Price. I figured this item would be about $30. I was surprised to see it come in at approximately $20. I believe this is a great deal for $20.

Bottom line: This is a versatile and well-designed adult diversion product at a very good price, but is lacking company contact information if you have problems.

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