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Caudabe The Veil iPhone 6 plus and 6S Plus Premium Ultra Thin Case Wisp Black Eco Friendly Retail Packaging
Caudabe The Veil iPhone 6 plus and 6S Plus Premium Ultra Thin Case Wisp Black Eco Friendly Retail Packaging
Offered by Caudabe
Price: $12.95
8 used & new from $11.01

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Caudabe is a 5-star company!, October 23, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Great case for my iPhone 6 Plus! VERY thin, which is what I wanted, almost like it doesn't have a cover at all. My plans for this case were for cosmetic reasons, preventing scratches, etc. Not to protect the phone from a drop or fall. This case fulfills my expectations. One downside to the case is the bottom, near the speaker holes, as it isn't a complete wraparound. At the time of purchase I didn't think it would be a problem, but it turned out to be one after 6 or so months of ownership. The case developed a small crack in the crease. And over time it got larger, would snag on my pocket, etc.

I went shopping for another case on Amazon and came across Caudabe again. I noticed the case had a 1 year warranty. Hhhhmmmm..... I doubt they'd stand by their warranty on such a small purchase, but deciding there was nothing to lose, I contacted them. To my big surprise, they responded promptly, honored their warranty, and sent me a replacement.

The product is 4 stars, but Caudabe is 5 stars in my book. Would buy from this company again!
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Sof Feet Callus Reducer
Sof Feet Callus Reducer
Offered by River Colony Trading
Price: $10.00
10 used & new from $7.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Stop looking, this is a commercial grade tool!, July 24, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As long as I can remember, I've had problems with calluses on my heels. I've tried all the tools including the PedEgg but found the tools that look like a metal nail file with plastic handle worked best. Unfortunately, they were throw-away items, lasting maybe a year. The metal was thin, they'd bend and I'd bent them flat again. But every single one, eventually, the plastic handle would crack and break. Big problem was that they weren't Full Tang (metal running the entire length thru the handle end). And it'd take me lots of time filing the calluses with it's skinny surface area.

So I was very hesitant to spend more money, yet again, on another callus reducer. Ideally, I wanted a full metal one that was structurally rigid. I came up on the Sof Feet searching thru Amazon and like what I read, but was not happy with the dreaded plastic handle, and kept searching off and on for days. All I could imagine was that it would flex, bend, and eventually break.

With much hesitation, I ordered the Sof Feet. I got the Sof Feet today, tried it out, and am sold on it. I believe it's the last callus reducer I'll have to buy. The handle is thick, much like plexiglass, heavy duty, no flex. I doubt it will ever break. In fact, with the screen they use for the abrasive being so effective, the amount of pressure needed to apply is MUCH LESS. With my unscientific analysis, I think my time has been cut down 10x to get the same results. That is a time saver!

The other thing that I really like is the refill system. Of course I didn't buy any refills as I wasn't sold on the quality of this product yet. But the best way to describe this tool is "commercial grade". Right after publishing this review, I'm spending more money with Sof Feet and ordering the refills so I have them on ready standby whenever the original one wears out.

Buy this tool, it's the best I've ever tried.

Stainless Flavorizer Bars, Model 7540, 24.5" Set of 5 (16 Ga.), Aftermarket
Stainless Flavorizer Bars, Model 7540, 24.5" Set of 5 (16 Ga.), Aftermarket
Offered by RiversEdge Products
Price: $41.11

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars These bars should have come with the original Weber grill!, May 11, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have a 6 year old Weber Genesis grill that has been the best grill I've ever owned. In those 6 years, averaging 1 cookout a week, the original metal Flavorizer bars lasted that entire time. I actually needed to replace these bars about 2 or 3 years ago, but I kept rotating them within the grill to get more miles out of them.

I was going to buy Weber Stainless Steel replacements, when I found these super thick stainless steel versions from RiversEdge. I've been so impressed with the quality of Weber products, I was very hesitant at replacing them with anything but genuine Weber products. But I'm so glad I bought these instead. I have no reference to compare these against the Weber version, but I am very impressed with the thickness and quality of these bars. Perfect fit too! I would be surprised if these Flavorizer bars don't outlast my grill.

iPhone 4 / 4S Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint - Matte Finishing Screen Protector
iPhone 4 / 4S Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint - Matte Finishing Screen Protector
Offered by YI wanda
Price: $1.09
71 used & new from $0.01

1,446 of 1,522 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Screen Protector, December 31, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I like to buy the best products out there, which normally means I buy the more expensive items. But come on, this is a piece of plastic to protect my iPhone 4 screen. I have only bought a screen protector once before, for my toddler's iTouch, and had bubbles all over the screen. So I thought these screen protectors were all garbage. But after getting a big scare by accidentally putting my iphone in my pocket with my car keys, and getting a very light scratch on my screen, I thought I'd give these screen protectors another try.

And again, I thought I'd try some of the cheapest at Amazon, because, well, it's just a piece of plastic. If I was wrong, I was only out a buck or so, and could then go and buy the expensive screen protectors. But this time, I researched around and read some blogs, and found out dust is the culprit for bubbles. Taking that advice, I followed the directions and was able to put the screen protectors on 2 iPhones bubble-free! Here's what I did:

1. I chose my desk as the place to do the application. I wiped it down with an all-purpose cleaner, then wiped it down with a damp wash-cloth. I also did this during the day, with bright sunlight coming into the room. Do not try this at night, I don't think it shows all the dust hitting the screen.
2. Turn off your iPhone. You want to make sure the screen stays black, it's much easier seeing dust.
3. I then used another damp wash-cloth (if you squeeze it and water comes out, it's too wet. It needs to be barely damp), and wiped down my iPhone, front and back.
4. Then I got the little piece of cloth that shipped with the screen protectors and wiped the screen down until it was as clean as I could get it.
5. The iPhone was laid down on the damp cloth so it wouldn't rock and slide as i was applying the screen protector.
6. Peel off "Side 1", and start by lining up the camera hole and the ear hole. Then slowly lay down the rest of the protector on the screen, making sure no bubbles form as you go. You will get some, but if you do it right, they will only be near the edges.
7. Once it's laid down, then take a fingernail and apply gentle pressure from the center of the screen towards the edge. Basically driving the bubble out from underneath the screen protector.
8. The last step, peel off "Side 2".
9. Done!

Should only take about 5-10 mins. But it's so worth it. I bought the matte version of these and it's a nice improvement.

So my initial assessment that screen protectors are garbage is wrong, my technique at applying the screen protectors was garbage. A little bit of homework on the Internet, dust control, and I got a quality result. I highly recommend these screen protectors from this seller. I'd buy them again!
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SOD Cream, Superoxide Dismutase (25,000 PIU per oz)
SOD Cream, Superoxide Dismutase (25,000 PIU per oz)

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Eczema relief, April 28, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I had very high hopes for this SOD Cream. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has suffered from Eczema since she was 3 mos old. I applied this on her most troublesome spot the past month and it appeared to help but then left her with an allergic reaction (red, raised bumps appeared). Skin got hard and scaly and 3 weeks later is still a problem.

Not to knock the product, I've tried many different creams, lotions, homeopathic products in a desperate attempt to control her eczema. And none have been completely successful yet. I think Eczema is a disease that has different causes for different people, so what works for one doesn't mean it will work for all.

Oh well, we will keep trying. This may have better results for others.
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The First Years 3 Pack Minnie Mouse Take & Toss Straw Cup
The First Years 3 Pack Minnie Mouse Take & Toss Straw Cup

19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great cups for a toddler, April 1, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As our baby has grown to a 20mos old, we've been on the search for new cups for her. She's moved on from sippy cups, but can't handle a regular cup without spilling most of the time. These cups are perfect. They don't leak, and the only place they do is a drop or two out of the straw area when flipped upside down. They say they're disposable, but they last and last and last. Best part is, if we lose one on-the-go or have to throw it away as its just more convenient while out, its fine, they're inexpensive. Great cups, right price, we've already ordered 2 more packs.

We've bought those other cups with the integrated straw into the lid, the ones you can flip-open the top and the straw pops up. For some reason we've bought some bad designs or bad ones. Some of them were so hard to suck, my daughter gave up on them. We didn't know it was a problem until we tried it. And we've tried all those brands, none of them worked well for us.

One thing to note, the first time you put the straw into the lid, it is very difficult to push thru. I take something else rigid to poke thru the straw area first, like a skewer we have in kitchen. Once this is done, the straw will go thru a little tough the first time, but after that its a tight but easy-to-insert fit.

The straw is also stiff but pliable. Which is good. On regular straws our daughter likes to chew on the end. Flattening them in one sitting. With these straws, I can see she is still trying to chew it, but it doesn't lose its shape nor flatten out, maybe making the end of the straw an oval but doesn't lose its shape much. The straw's are perfect.
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Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Swing in Red
Fisher-Price Infant To Toddler Swing in Red
26 used & new from $37.60

4.0 out of 5 stars Great swing, safe, and sturdy, April 1, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Very good swing, quality build. My 8mos old fits great in it. Hanging it from one of my oak tree's was easy, although I did have to buy additional rope. One reason why I didn't give it 5 stars was the tray is hard to disengage on both sides. Maybe it'll loosen up over time.


5.0 out of 5 stars Works great!, January 12, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought a new Pioneer headunit for my Jeep and it had a USB connector in the back for direct iPhone control. I could have used the USB cable that came with the iPhone, but routing the cable from behind the dash, under the carpeting, etc, required a longer cable. This is a long cable, flexible, and works great. Been using it for about 2-3 months and no problems.

Wright Products MLBUS26 Impressions Melody Privacy Knob, Chrome
Wright Products MLBUS26 Impressions Melody Privacy Knob, Chrome

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommend, September 18, 2008
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've been renovating my house built in 1980 and have finally gotten around to "getting the brass out". You know what I mean, brass bath fixtures, brass dining room lights, including brass door knobs. The door knobs still worked, they were decent builder-grade knobs, but being hollow some were dented, some had the brass finish peeling, and after 28 years it was just time to upgrade.

Doing a whole house of door knobs, I was surprised how many I had in the house. I really appreciate quality knobs, since its the kind of thing you'll touch everyday. But adding up all the knobs needed and multiplying that by the cost of the "high-end" knobs out there, it was several thousand dollars just to "get the brass out". So I went searching for an alternative, and solid knobs was a requirement. The only ones I could find at the price of the big-box stores were these Wright Products knobs. I bought one, installed it, tested it, and liked them so much I bought them for my entire house at a price cheaper than buying some of the big-box hollow knobs.

Highly recommend these knobs.

Wright Products MLSUS26 Impressions Melody Dummy Knob, Chrome
Wright Products MLSUS26 Impressions Melody Dummy Knob, Chrome

5.0 out of 5 stars Best value for the money, September 18, 2008
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought these knobs for my new bathroom doors and found them to be beautifully finished in chrome, high quality, and very heavy. Solid knobs, much better than the hollow knobs. To get comparable knobs the only thing I could find were Baldwin and the like costing 2x-5x the price of these. Highly recommend.

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