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Posting Official Comments on Reviews

What is an Official Comment?
Customers can post comments on any customer review on Amazon to ask and answer questions or to share their own views about products. A person officially associated with a product, such as the manufacturer, has the additional ability to add a highlighted comment that is always displayed immediately next to the review. Official comments from creators of the product can add to the review by answering customer queries or clarifying information about the product. Comments are highlighted only if we can verify that it comes from an authenticated creator of the product or from an official Amazon representative. Once authenticated, posters are given badges that show their relationship with the product.

Posting standard comments on reviews
You can learn more about comments and Customer Discussions here.

Official Comment pilot program
We are currently testing this new feature through a limited, invitation only pilot program. If you are a manufacturer or a vendor with a pre-existing account on Amazon Vendor Central, you can contact your Amazon account manager to request an invitation to this pilot program.

If you do not have a Vendor Central account, please sign up at

Participating in the pilot program
If your organization has already been invited to participate in the Official Comment pilot program, please ask your company administrator to grant the "Comment on customer reviews" right to your Vendor Central account. If you do not already have an account on Amazon Vendor Central you will be invited to create one. Please note this account will be separate from any existing personal account you may have on

Posting an Official Comment on a review
Once you have confirmed your Vendor Central account has been granted the "Comment on customer reviews" right, you can post Official Comments on reviews of products associated with your account. If you were recently invited to Amazon Vendor Central, please remember to sign-in with your new account information.

1. Set up a Pen Name: If this is your first time posting an Official Comment, please set up a name to identify your posts. Visit the Edit your Pen Name page and log in using the same account you used for signing up on the Vendor Central site.

Pick a name that clearly identifies your name, role, and, if appropriate, the name of your company. Here are some examples:

a. Pen Name: Jane Doe, VP, Acme Inc.
b. Pen Name: Community Support, Widgets Corporation
c. Pen Name: Bob Smith, Product Manager for Video Game X

2. Find a product review: Now, search for the product you wish to comment on and locate the specific review. Click the "Comment" link and on the subsequent page click the "Add a comment" button. Please make sure you click into the post text box. If you are commenting on a product associated with your account in Vendor Central, you will see an option to "Make this my Official Comment." Enabling that option before clicking "Post" will ensure that your comment is highlighted and appears below the review, wherever it is displayed.

If you do not see an option to make an Official Comment, please visit Vendor Central to ensure that the product is associated with your account.

Guidelines for Posting Official Comments on Reviews

Tips on writing great Official Comments
We want customers to get the information they need to make smart buying choices, and we'd love to have your help doing that. Official Comments are most effective when they follow these guidelines:

Be informative: The most helpful comments answer customer queries or clarify information about the product. Official Comments work best when they help multiple customers make informed buying decisions.
Be specific: Your comment should be tailored to the review. It is more helpful to personalize the comment to the experience of the reviewer and answer specific concerns than to provide a boiler-plate response.
Be respectful: Reviewers are entitled to their opinions about the product. An Official Comment should sincerely attempt to help the reviewer or other customers reading the review.

What's not allowed
Amazon is pleased to provide this feature for you to share your knowledge and expertise as the creator or representative of the product. To retain this privilege, all we ask is that you follow a few simple rules. While we appreciate your time and comments, please do not post:

• Comments that do not comply with our general posting guidelines.
• Messages that insult the reviewer or other customers in any way. Do not question the reviewer’s veracity or motivation in writing the review.
• Comments that impersonate another individual, manufacturer or business entity.
• Boiler-plate responses on multiple reviews. It is more helpful to tailor the comment to each review.
• Internet links obfuscated through a URL shortening or redirection service.

If you feel a review is inappropriate and does not conform to our guidelines, please contact us directly instead of posting an Official Comment.