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May 22, 2018
Peas, pea protein, dried plain beet pulp? These are all fillers that provide no nutritional benefit to our mutts. Pea Protein is not considered a beneficial ingredient to be added to dog food. It is a by-product of pea processing and is the pure plant-based protein from Peas. A relatively small amount of Pea Protein can be used to inflate the overall proportion of protein within a dog food formula and is often one of the leading culprits of a technique called ingredient splitting.

Ingredient Splitting – Beware

Ingredient Splitting is a somewhat sinister technique employed many dog food brands including some which are considered high-quality or premium. The idea is as follows. If you split up an ingredient into some sub-ingredients, then those sub-ingredients will appear lower down on the ingredient list.

Consumers have been taught in recent years to pay attention to the top 5 or top 10 ingredients listed on dog food. This technique makes it appear as if less high-quality or nutritious ingredients such as grains, vegetables or plant-byproducts are less abundant. When in reality if all these sub-ingredients were combined they would very likely take a spot near the top of the ingredient list.

The splitting of Pea-Byproducts is one of the most common examples of this technique. Quite often a dog food formula will contain Peas, Pea Protein, and Pea Flour. This technique allows a manufacturer to vastly understate or mislead the consumer on the volume of peas present.
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