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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2018
Accurate readings, but the cuff is too rigid for an arm that has any extra skin or is less firm. It requires two hands to sort of stretch the ComFit cuff to a round shape that will go around the extra skin without pinching it. When my Mom tries to put this on herself, she cannot get an accurate fit due to the pinching nature of the rigid edge of the ComFit cuff. The rigid shape almost works against her ability to place it correctly with the tube aligned properly, at least without help. However, if I put it on for her, it reads well. The purpose of buying this product for its ComFit cuff was to give my Mom more independence in being able to take her own readings without cuff placement assistance. It doesn't serve that purpose, but it does give a consistent and accurate reading so we have decided to keep it. The cuff size does fit her well. For our home, we would love to have a second larger cuff so this would fit a larger range of arm sizes... but OMRON doesn't have any compatible cuffs that fit an arm over 17". A cuff that claims to be fairly universal in size should at least go up to 20". I am rating it a 3 (would have given it a 3.5 if there were half-ratings) for lack of range of size, and for the ComFit cuff which doesn't work as advertised for all arm types... beyond the ComFit cuff, this unit really doesn't have many useful features that make it unique from other monitors that are half this price... beyond including the AC adapter.
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