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Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2019
I'm a big Halloween fan, and I even liked the first Rob Zombie Halloween. However, while I liked the first Zombie Halloween, I could understand why many Halloween fans did not. To each their own. But this Halloween largely brings back a lot of what made the original great. And that quite simply is the philosophy that less is more. Gone is any known motive for why Michael Myers kills. Gone is any explanation for why he is so invincible and strong. Gone is any reason for who he kills (the brother-sister connection with Laurie Strode has been retconned). He's simply a mysterious killing machine that no one really knows anything about... it's not even known if he is truly human or if he is something else entirely.

Also, like the original Halloween, this movie relies more on situational and atmospheric horror rather than jump scares or the over-the-top gore and violence (shock horror) that was prevalent in the Zombie Halloween movies. This Halloween is truly back to form of the original. Even the movie itself, though it is a movie released in 2018, feels like a movie that was made in the 70s.

I personally loved this movie, but I will say that this Michael as mysterious as he is, somehow feels more human than the previous incarnations... mainly because he's been imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for 40 years... which just seems odd to me. I can't picture Michael Myers complying for 40 years, eating food, listening to order, etc. And he isn't as intimidating as Zombie's Halloween (after all, it's hard to overcome a 6' 8" Tyler Mane version of Michael).

And just one gripe that really doesn't have anything to do with the movie itself. I also found it weird that they simply called this movie "Halloween". This is essentially Halloween 2 (replacing the original Halloween 2)... and they should have called it that or given it a subtitle or something. Because I'd imagine it'd be a little confusing if someone is new to the series and they see two "Halloween" movies and wouldn't immediately know one is a sequel to the other.
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