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Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2018
The device came in on time, had it charge overnight for the morning test run. The instructions are a bit vague, I had to look under the question/answer section here to find some helpful info.
I was skeptical and nervous purchasing this but Im glad I did. I do wish the remote was a a bit smaller, it can be bulky carrying and controlling a dog at the same time. I have 70lb bully rescue and this collar has been helping me control and train her along with positive reinforcement. Before she would lunge with full force at other dogs, humans and bikers. I am a short female so it doesn’t take much for her to knock me down (trust me).
This collar does make her think twice. I like the 3 functions. The vibrations does nothing for her lol, she’ll completley ignore it. The beep beep noise gets her attention when there’s no dogs around and I need her to walk next to me and not all over the place. Now the shocking part. I do love the rubber covers that go over the prongs. It’s not metal to skin which gives me a sense of relief. I did test out each shock level on my hand. I thought it would be only right to experience what pain she might be inflicted on. When I turned it on and figured it out, I accidentally shocked myself on 99. That’s the level it is set on when I received it. I was not prepared for it. Through the searching part I mentioned earlier I figured out how to control the levels. So after feeling 99 I wasn’t as scared as much, sense I got it out of the way But I did feel it all the way to my knee caps lol.
I’ve had to use the shock on her, it is a learning experience and you need to find a comfortable “medium”. For her 25 made her yelp and freak out and 22 really gets her to focus on me without the yelp. Under 22 the shock feeling is just a tingle.
I was really against shock collars at first but since I rescued her I needed to be a responsible bully owner. I don’t like the lunging or barking and she does come off scary and I don’t want people to be afraid of her because she is really sweet. I did have to do my own research with books and videos on how to use the collar properly. She is not afraid of it, when I grab the collar she gets excited because that means we’re going for a walk. The charge does last a long time. Almost a month, mostly because I only have it on her when we go for walks. Again I do use this with positive reinforcement.
Despite some of the struggles I went through at the beginning it gets 5 stars because it does the job. I also love the lock on the side. It prevents any accidental pushing of the buttons.
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