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October 5, 2013
This manual by self-published author Chris McMullen has made it possible for me to do what I thought I'd need a pro designer to do--create a book cover! The instructions are lengthy, but clear, and I was able to follow them step by step. Now I'm gloating over my beautiful cover. McMullen has also helped me turn a Word manuscript into a print-ready PDF. That step is still in progress, because--as he advises--checking my PDF I see things that need work, and I can fix them before I submit the book. McMullen is so experienced with self-publishing and so good at explaining the nuts and bolts of the process that I'm eternally grateful to him for sharing his knowledge with us.

Like another reviewer here, I do miss an index in this book (the print version). Instruction manuals need indexes because we need them the way we need a search engine to find information online. An index would make this chatty, reader-friendly manual a perfect self-publisher's companion. Instead it's more like attending a good professor's lectures and hoping you remember all you need to know. Nevertheless, McMullen's manual is truly helpful and I eagerly await volume 2.
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