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Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2008
How exciting to finally find a child bike seat that can fit onto my foldable adult trike. This seat is remarkably stable even on a bike like mine, which has no bar going from handles to seat. It only has the "female" style lower, angled bar for easier boarding. This child seat fits right onto the bar and supports itself without needing the bike to lean on at all. Also it somehow fits on just fine even with the big U shape handle bar. I worried the seat wouldn't possibly fit on a bike that was so different from the typical mountain bike style. What a thrill to make it fit (just barely). I wasn't able to get it on myself but my husband got it to fit by pushing a bit harder than I tried. This seat and adult trike combination lets me take my child bike riding with complete stability. We both feel totally safe. The chair and child really didn't seem to add any feeling of additional weight. My daughter took to it very well even from the first ride. She loves sitting in front. She loves holding the handle bars. She loves leaning back into me. Although I have to be aware of the seat, it doesn't interfere with my legs peddling to an inconvenient degree. It takes caution getting on the bike but once we are going, I feel totally comfortable with the seat and child. With the adult trike it is so stable that I can ride along with one hand on the handle bar and the other hand giving the child her juice cup. I never had this experience with my first child because I could never find a child bike seat that felt safe enough. The risk of accident always seemed too high to justify the fun of bike riding. I am so happy that after all these years, I finally found a combination of bike and child seat that lets me get out there on the trail with my kids. My first child is now 4 and learning to ride her own bike with training wheels. It is great for me to have such a stable bike and safe child seat to ride along with her and help her as needed. We get a lot of attention from people passing us on the bike trail as they admire our set up.
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